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Brad Pitt: AFI Awards with Clint Eastwood!

Brad Pitt: AFI Awards with Clint Eastwood!

Brad Pitt rubs shoulders with director Clint Eastwood at the 2012 AFI Awards held at the Four Seasons Hotel on Friday (January 13) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

The 48-year-old actor and Moneyball co-star Jonah Hill will be doing a very special live Q&A this Monday, Jan. 16, at 1 p.m. PST (4 p.m. EST). Head over to for the livestream!

Both Brad and Angelina Jolie are expected to present separately tomorrow at the 2012 Golden Globes.

FYI: Brad is suited up in blue Tom Ford.

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158 Responses to “Brad Pitt: AFI Awards with Clint Eastwood!”

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  1. 1
    busted Says:

    I love the company Brad and Angie keep

  2. 2
    Lucky Charm Says:

    All those beautiful blue eyes are making me melt! Both Brad and Clint look so good here.

  3. 3
    Nancy Says:

    Mr. Pitt and Mr. Eastwood. They need to do a movie together.

  4. 4
    Nancy Says:

    Mr. Pitt and Mr. Eastwood. They need to do a movie together.

  5. 5
    Nancy Says:

    Mr. Pitt and Mr. Eastwood. They need to do a movie together.

  6. 6
    Lucky Charm Says:


    I agree. They have great friends and are setting a wonderful example for the kinds of people their children should make friends with.

  7. 7
    Nancy Says:


  8. 8
    Love B&A Says:

    Thanks Jared!
    Brad, Angie & Clint what an amazingly talented trio & great friends!

  9. 9
    soopx1 Says:

    Thanks Jared for All the Great Threads.Love The JPs and I Love Clint Eastwood.Thanks to All the JP Fans for All the Updates.Also To My Sweet Little Neleh @ AB+6 Thanks For All Your Info.

  10. 10
    Lara Says:

    Love Brad and love clint. Fab pics, thanks Jared.

  11. 11
    Katrina Says:

    Brad is looking so hot.

  12. 12
    Jane Says:

    @brad stole jolie’s blush:

    poor child, calm down.

    Clint and Brad are awesome!

  13. 13
    spongebob ( :p) Says:

    The Best of the Best, Angie, Brad and Clint Eastwood!!!!!

  14. 14
    Richard P Says:

    I want Clint and Angie doing a movie together again . I love Changeling

  15. 15
    Nancy Says:

    Sorry!!!!! for the tripple posting.

  16. 16
    Love B&A Says:

    Another ITLOBAH review.

    Movie Blog: Angelina Jolie’s ‘Blood And Honey’ Bosnian War
    January 13, 2012 3:32 PM

    (credit: GK Films)

    Reporting Jonathon Sharp

    Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut – In the Land of Blood and Honey – fails to start strong despite doing so with a bang.

    The year is 1992; the place is Bosnia-Herzegovina; and the Bosnian War is about to begin. We see Ajla (Zana Marjanovic), a Bosnian Muslim and painter, who lives in an apartment with her sister and infant nephew. Dressed in blue and with painted red lips, Ajla makes her way (sidewalk, summer) to a club, where she meets Danijel (Goran Kostic), a Bosnian Serb dressed in military garb.

    The two appear to be dating: Danijel stands so close to Ajla that his nose brushes her hair. The couple begins dancing to some awful music while the rest of the crowd – a mix of shapes, shades and ages – just bobs about, clapping to the beat and eyeing the band. (If this description reads lame, try watching it.) Luckily, a bomb goes off, killing a few and placing the movie on a tragic trajectory.

    I’m happy to report that In the Land of Blood and Honey gets better as it goes on. Now look at this tangle of thorns.

    Shortly after the bombing, the Bosnian Serb Army rips Ajla and her neighbors from their apartment complex. The Muslim men are then machine-gunned down off screen and the young women, including Ajla, are put onto buses so as to service the Serbian army. And what services do the young officers require? That question is made clear as soon as the trip ends and the women are asked if they can (1) cook and (2) perform in bed.

    As soon as the second question is put to one young woman, an officer brutally rapes her before the terror-stricken eyes of the other women. Next up on what appears to be a barbaric assembly line is our lovely Ajla – dark hair, dark eyes and features reflecting the shape of something classical, carved in marble. Just as she is about to be raped, Danijel, who is a commanding officer of this particular regiment, saves her (sort of).

    He takes Ajla for his own, so as to protect her. In secret, their newly-forbidden love blossoms into an affair of fear and kisses before turning into something monstrous and self-devouring. But it is through this relationship, in which Marjanovic and Kostic play excellently, that Jolie makes something worth watching.

    The most poignant images, for me, had to do with the movie’s use of contrast. The brutality war — mass rape, random, pop shot murder, using women as human shields, ethic cleansing – is shown in chiaroscuro against the individual, tender landscape – white hills, white thighs – of Ajla’s nude in the act of love. She is no Barbie or Kardashian; she’s exquisitely human. Jolie, despite having played Lara Croft, has shown she is quite capable of using the female nude in an artful and humanistic way.

    Lovemaking, however, is no answer to war. And as Ajla and Denijel’s affair continues, it grows increasingly desperate and deadly. Ajla is torn by feelings of guilt for sleeping with a soldier of the army responsible for wiping her people from he country; Danijel is distraught with his inability to choose between love and tradition.

    If you haven’t gotten the impression already, In the Land of Blood and Honey is not exactly easy viewing. In fact, some scenes are likely designed to upset you. Jolie, who also wrote the movie, puts her characters through situations of intense, dehumanizing anguish. You get the impression the movie is just made to make you think: How did such atrocities happen in the 1990s?

    Aside from some sloppy scenes, some slightly awkward plot maneuvers and a tone that drones on a bit too long, the movie plays like a polemic focused on getting humanity to respond, despite politics, to the crimes being committed against it.

    To my sweet surprise, Jolie has shown herself capable of both writing and executing an intriguing and brutal story without it coming off as too preachy or melodramatic.

    If you’re a fan of Jolie, you may certainly want to check this out.

    I should say, however, that I’m not sure about the historical context. The movie’s website offers some help, but when I decided to do some reading and documentary watching about the war, I found it got messy and complicated quick. Just so you know, Jolie’s movie probably shouldn’t be taken as historical fact. This does not, I think, discount the movie’s merits; just be careful how you take it.

  17. 17
    Dakota Says:

    Brad Pitt on the cover of W magazine is so much sexier than People’s covers recently of the sexiest man alive!!!!!! I like Bradley Cooper & Ryan Reynolds, but PLEASE…they do not even come close to Brad Pitt! Maybe someone can bring the cover of W magazine over from the previous thread in case someone missed it!! Cllnt Eastwood is still a sexy man also, glad to see he & Brad having a nice time together.

  18. 18
    ab Says:

    hopefully brad angie you give to the award as best actor in gold golden want to see the reaction of George and those who stayed at the hotel would pay for it.

  19. 19
    a lurker Says:

    Brad and Octavia Spencer. at AFI.

  20. 20
    Love B&A Says:

    @Love B&A:

    BTW this review is extremely biased and probably from the likes of Bakira ,the blind folded woman who was accused of embezzling money in the name of supposedly being “savior & the spoke person” of the women who lived through this awful war & NOW almost all of these women disagree with her! She had one agenda when it comes to ITLOBAH, to promote herself and her corrupt ways! Thank God mosst of the Bosnians saw through her “agenda” and called her out on it! Bye pathetic Bakira!

  21. 21
    Passing Through Says:

    Brad and Clint make an odd couple. Mr. Republican and Mr. As Liberal As They Come. Can you just imagine the dinner convo with the Jolie-Pitts and the Eastwoods?

  22. 22
    bdj Says:

    Video at site

    It has been reported that Michael Fassbender will be starring opposite Brad Pitt in the U.S. period drama 12 Years a Slave. The film will tell the true story of an educated black man abducted into slavery in 1841.

    Nothing is firmly set in stone, but Fassbender told me he expects shooting will be starting in May or early summer.

    Fassbender was reluctant to offer up details on the project, but he’s clearly thrilled at the prospect of working with Pitt: “He’s fantastic at what he does, and he’s been at the top for such a long time. And he’s a great guy on top of it, so yeah, I really look forward to that.”

    The two actors worked together in Inglourious ******** — and Fassbender is a huge fan: “Absolutely, having had the opportunity to work with him on Inglourious was just a real dream — and at that point he was very, very supportive to me.”

    At the time, Fassbender was a virtual unknown: “Nobody knew who I was, and [Brad] was just really very, very generous in his acting but also with word of mouth. He was coming back to L.A. and speaking about me.”

    12 Years A Slave will also mark Michael Fassbender’s third collaboration with British director Steve McQueen. The two worked together very effectively on Hunger and, more recently, in Shame.

    Before shooting on 12 Years A Slave gets underway Fassbender and Pitt could find themselves in a friendly face-off at the Oscars. Both are possible Best Actor nominees: Pitt for his role in Moneyball or Tree of Life and Fassbender for Shame.

    When I asked Michael Fassbender about the prospect of getting nominated, he said, “Of course it would be amazing, just the fact that we’re having this conversation, it’s amazing, so we’ll see what happens.”

  23. 23
    Jp fan Says:

    Read a tweet Brad and Fincher were talking at AFI. I’d love to see their pictures. Mr. Pitt looks great in everything and every color.

  24. 24
    Love B&A Says:

    Inside Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Movie Premiere Party

    The stars hosted a party to premiere Jolie’s new movie, “In the Land of Blood and Honey.”

    By Carol Ross Joynt

    Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie at last night’s screening for “In The Land of Blood and Honey” at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Photo by Erik Eucke.

    Slideshow: “In The Land of Blood and Honey” Screening

    Here’s the thing. Having had no pre-premiere drinks or snacks, you sit through two hours and ten minutes of a film that is in Serbo-Croatian with subtitles, okay but not great, and above all unrelentingly dark and brutal, and the expectation is to maybe slip out of the after-party as quickly as possible. After all, both the screening and the party for In the Land of Blood and Honey are in the Holocaust Museum. How rockin’ can they be? And the featured attractions, director Angelina Jolie and her partner, Brad Pitt, are off at Charlie Palmer Steak having dinner. Jolie introduced the film and then they left, and they’re not back. It’s late. There’s a lot of looking at watches in the milling crowd, parked in a room that feels like Treblinka with candlelight and canapes. The ample buffet tables are laid with sweets and fruit. But there’s no sign of Brangelina.

    But then there they are, side by side, positioned in the corner of the room. It’s 10:30 PM, and for the next hour or more two of the most famous movie stars in the world make themselves utterly available to every guest, every camera, every dopey accolade, inquiry, and comment. At one point Jolie is surrounded by such a thick swarm of men (and a few women) that only the top of her head appears above the pinstriped shoulders of her admirers. Boyden Gray inches his way to her and then hovers. Georgetown University president Jack DeGioia poses for a picture, thoughtfully including his wife.

    On the other side of the well-stocked bar—Maker’s Mark, Grey Goose, Tanqueray—Brad Pitt comes and goes and returns again. We think maybe a smoke break is involved, and who can blame him? The man is hobbled, walking with a cane, which he demurely explains is the result of a snow mishap with his daughter. He doesn’t say which one (there are three, at last count).

    For a moment he is practically alone, and so we approach, first to commend him for Moneyball and then to ask if our eyes were seeing clearly and we’d actually spotted him in Jolie’s film. Pitt lights up, a big smile. “Yes, that was me,” he says. “You noticed. I got killed. I worked it for all I could. I went down twice. I wanted more blood, but no, the director. . . .” He slaps me five for recognizing his so-far secret 15 seconds on screen. And then he drifts off, because maybe he doesn’t want to criticize the director for not allowing him to spill more blood. Maybe there are limits to how much of her lover’s fictional death Jolie wanted to enact on film. Brad shot? Too awful to think about.

    Pitt seems comfortable and happy to be at the party. Like almost every movie star, he’s slighter of build, not so tall, yet still oozing good looks and Midwestern charm. He’s polite. He listens to questions and replies with thoughtful answers and his own questions, not blank stares. He actually engages in conversation. He’s curious about the people he is meeting. Jolie, too, is slight. As a pair they are fine-boned, porcelain, smaller in scale as physical specimens—even her landmark lips look normal in person—and that’s perhaps the magic ingredient that allows photos and film to make them look so much bigger and better than life.

    This being a Washington crowd, no one acts really stupid around them. In fact, the bodyguards stay at a distance, even though they look like they’re enacting a scene from a Secret Service movie. One young woman keeps yammering something about, but Pitt ignores her. He’s more focused on another person with a cane, an older woman, whom he pulls close and poses with, side by side, cane by cane, beaming.

    Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn stand nearby, talking with a friend. White House spokesman Jay Carney and his wife, Claire Shipman, lean against a brick wall, probably making the most of precious time together. Former Bush Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff and his wife, Meryl, give mini reviews of the film. He calls it “important.” But is it entertaining? She says, “Well, it’s not Avatar.” No, it’s not.

    continued at link.

  25. 25
    bdj Says:

    AFI Awards Citations: Movies of the Year, 2011

    MONEYBALL scores with a winning combination of sports and smarts. There’s nothing by-the-numbers in this ultimate inside-baseball movie, a story driven home by Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin’s classic underdog script with a fresh, statistical twist. MVP performances by Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill and controlled direction by Bennett Miller celebrate the spirit of a maverick manager who believes that how we play the game of our lives is as important as winning.

    THE TREE OF LIFE is an awe-inspiring, cinematic miracle. Terrence Malick’s meditation on mortality is testament to the motion picture’s deep roots in poetry — that images and words together can embody life. Emmanuel Lubezki’s stunning visuals and compelling performances by Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain and young Hunter McCracken embrace humanity in this tale of the cosmic and the microscopic. Ultimately, Malick forges a path between nature and grace, and generations will be held spellbound under the watch of his creation.

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