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Charlize Theron Covers 'W' Magazine February 2012

Charlize Theron Covers 'W' Magazine February 2012

Charlize Theron takes the dual cover of W Magazine‘s February 2012 issue (Brad Pitt is on the other cover).

Here’s what the 36-year-old Young Adult actress opened up about:

On if she was always tall and blonde and beautiful growing up in South Africa: “For the first eight years of my life, I didn’t have front teeth. I was pretty sick as an infant, and antibiotics rotted them. But then I started to take dance classes, and I eventually got some teeth [laughs]. When I was 16, I went to Milan to model.”

On if she dreamed of being an actress: “I wanted to be a ballerina, but I was too tall, and I had too many injuries. What I loved as a ballerina was telling stories, and I could also do that with acting, so I eventually moved to L.A.”

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charlize theron w magazine cover 02

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  • brangelinafanatic

    I wish Brad & Angelina would be on a magazine cover together. Could you imagine?? :) But of course, they’d have to do another movie together first in order for that to happen and they probably won’t due to their working arrangement. Ugh.

  • tomro

    she is a beaty…:)

    Apple just laid off 2,000 people & to give back they are giving away iPads next 24hrs only

  • essie

    what the heck did they do to her nose????? doesn’t even look like her

  • Raichill

    Brad and Charlize would’ve had beautiful children together.

  • i aggree

    Brad and Charlize are more beautiful than Brad and Angelina.

  • fairplay

    Her cover looks terrible. over done. ugh

  • fairplay

    Her cover looks terrible. over done. ugh

  • Beauty Queen!!!

    Omg what a beauty!!! this is the first time i see a double covers…..don’t know why they put an other actor with her February cover

  • Fanny

    My goodness she is stunningly beautiful !!!! Guys she is on another cover of ELLE France january and the photoshoot is sublime ! she looked like the hottest Femme Fatale here it’s

  • Jennica Panettiere

    What the hell did they do to her face?!!! The cover looks so unnatural, like it;’s some computerized animation from some video game.

  • timothy

    Statuesque glamorous beauty, i want to see the rest of the pixxxxxxx

    PS i see some fanatics of other actors coming to creat some troubels, like jealous b!tches they better stay in there actors fanatic threads, it’s quite cool and peacful in Charlize’s threads there is a nice harmony.

  • teri

    Brad is so sexy, love him to pieces.

  • Cheery

    Both look hot :D but too much photoshop on Charlize’s cover.

    And agree with brangelinafanatic, Brad and Angelina need to do another cover/pictorial stat! I think the last time they appeared together was for W Magazine in 2005.

  • Adrian


  • AnnieisnotokayMichael

    She is gorgeous but she looks strange here

  • ellie

    Imagine how gorgeous Brad and Chariize’s children will be

  • Doll

    It’s an arty dramatic effect you idiots, but with who are we talking with..,,?

  • Leila

    Ok please can you just stop talking about Charlize and Mr Pitt, im a fan of hers and i don’t like this stupid stuffs no offence but just sound silly.. also can some of there fans let us enjoying this post of our favorite actress… there is i guess a thread for Mr Pitt about his cover so why they are not posting there!??

  • kate

    Who the F is this invaders grrrrrr

    Anyway, fabulous glamorous i like this blue color on her, she should wear it more often, and those earings and this face features hot, love you Charlize !

    Thanks to the poster who post the Elle France cover so class !

  • goldy

    Magnificent!!!!!!!! the destiny is incredible those injuries had probably changed her direction, glad that you’ve became an actress, and what a talented actress congrats to the nomination of the gg.

  • ab

    committed to the insane fan of aniston those are the losers who write and appear in the just jared brad Tell.

  • Emily

    One of the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen ! love her out of the tabloids spotlight, famous for her talented work, we see her only when it came to work, thats what i love about her and makes to me different from the rest.

  • linda

    Her life inspires me, you know the way she lost her father is dramatic, she also lost her brother a sibiling brother in a car accident..she is a real brave woman who handels her life very well she makes it a success, some people just see this astonishing gorgeous woman, but they don’t know the things she had been throught, i admire her courage really, she has choosen to love the life, and not get into any dark wild crazy things, like some celebrities we hear, she know the real value of the life, and is now giving back to people who suffers and live similar dramas. Good for all your success girl you deserve it, wish you all the best in this life.

  • Anne

    Some media h*es should take some notes from this private class act lady! she looks stunning actually too beautiful for words!!!

  • Tazla

    It looks like they airbrushed that ugly neck mole she has. She should get rid of that thing. That’s all I see when I look at her, the mole on her neck.

  • jojo

    The most beautiful actress hands down !!!

  • love her

    I love her too ! she is down to earth and private, she lives quite simple life in comparison to some hollyweirds, she doesn’t own yaghts and private jets…she is still in touch with some of her friends of her high school, her co stars says that she is one lovely funny cool girl, she doesn’t take her self seriously, i mean she is an A list international Oscar Winner a UN Messenger of Peace, a Dior icon face, her name is marked on the walk of fame, she’s been honored by Nelson Mandela who called personally, who btw says she’s put South Africa in the map…i mean all that and she doesn’t play im too important than thou…that’s what’s so refreshing about her.

  • roxanne

    Holy crap! They photoshopped her face to hell.

  • amy

    Sublime !

    Thanks to the poster Fanny for posting the link of the Elle France cover ! she looked like an elegant sexy femme fatal love this pic

  • Ella

    Love Charlize but who else feels as though the more pretty and popular you are, the more dramatic and horrific you have to make your childhood seem? Just an observation.

  • mary


    I don’t see the connection with Charlize from what you are saying, do you know the story of Charlize Theron? or you are just putting everyone in the same case, Charlize Theron witnesses the death of her father in front of her when she was 14, more horrific than this i don’t know what could be, i think this kind of observation is insensive, since you haven’t lived that nightmare ( and i don’t wish it to you) you have no clue, that is not an imagination thing if you are trying to make it sound like that, she hates talking about this episode when journalists ask her that, she is not one of those spoiled celebrities born in LA who cries and want commit suicide for whatever stupid things, she is against those things she says she doesn’t want to be a victime and has learnd growing to not be reduced to that.

  • ruth

    airbrushed much????????????

  • christy

    She is the only women i could turn bi for, im a straight girl but damn she is pure hotness…..

  • Kimberly

    Hotter than ever !!!! VOGUE+W+ ELLE you rock Charlize !

  • Sean

    Now THESE two would make a GREAT couple. Much better than that attention seeking hag

  • Sanaa

    She has the beauty of the golden age, i loved her Dior J’adore commercial with Kelly, Monoroe ..she fits it well ! she is the total package, it’s really nice that we have nowadays such a talented actress beauty who is class and private, that change us from the Kardashians !

  • Elodie

    Charlize est l’une des plus belle, glamour, talenteuse actrice au monde ! C’est la classe ! je l’adoooooooooooooore ! Ravie de l’avoir dans ELLE !!

  • hp

    Drop Dead Gorgeous !!!!!!!

  • NYC

    Re: Brad Pitt
    Oh Lordy! Gorgeous man.
    I think Angie should give a day away with Brad Pitt.
    It would be charitable.

  • Bleh

    Oh, whoa. What a goddess!!! There may be too much photoshop, but even without make-up she is beautiful. Charlize Theron is the MOST beautiful woman in Hollywood! Nobody can compete with her! Nobody! Period!

  • I’m buying a ticket

    Brad and Charlize in a movie together.

    Directed by Adrian Lyne. would’ve been great if 9 1/2 weeks had not already been done (or Indecent Proposal)!

    I’m buying a ticket (a few).

    Movie Gods: Please MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • Sofia

    The Epitome of glamour and class ! Her place is with actresses of 40′s 50′s not the media wh-res of today….

  • lily

    I prefer Jude Law, Charlize and Jude Law in a black and white film now i’ll buy the ticket!

  • http://computer kip

    @mary: Watching your Mother shoot your Father, would be tough on any child no matter what age.

  • julie

    charlize, ..she looks beautiful, also brad is so hot, brad makes every one look good, well, angie does not need help, but everyone else.

  • http://yahoo LOL

    Charlize, Angelina, Nicole, Natalie, etc. A first-class beautiful actress is in HW.
    Although Maniston is regrettable, it is not beautiful and first-class.
    He is not an actress but a comedian.
    Since trolls accepts it, it is attacking to Aj.

  • Helen

    WOW for W cover and editorial. Charlize Theron looks amazing.
    But why they airbushed her cover photo so much?! Theron’s face does NOT need that much airbrush, save it for those who do! But either way, can she vamp it up or what! Another fantastic cover.

  • Carl

    This has been wonderful week for all Charlize Theron’s fans. And hopefully this will culminate with her winning an Golden Globe Award!!

  • Diego

    There is nothing strange in the nose of Charlize! Just click the photo to see the right size to realize that her nose is nothing strange. We pay more attention before any criticism, huh? =)

  • charlie abltimore

    Now this is a glamourous couple – come on Brad drop that miserable twig and go for charlize!!!