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Erin Heatherton: Miami Modeling

Erin Heatherton: Miami Modeling

Erin Heatherton leaves her hotel and heads to a waiting car in Miami, Florida on Thursday (January 12).

The 22-year-old model is currently in town shooting Victoria’s Secret’s latest swimsuit catalog.

Erin has reportedly been dating Leonardo DiCaprio for over a month.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Erin Heatherton

While Erin was busy shooting in Miami, Leo was spotted in Beverly Hills where he attended the AFI Awards.

The couple reportedly met while shooting Baz Lurhmann‘s The Great Gatsby in Sydney.

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Credit: Johnny Louis; Photos: WENN, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Helen

    She’s fresh and young and ordinary look

  • BEAN

    These girls are SO ordinary looking. Heck maybe I should be a model

  • ooh

    Are Leo and Erin dating or couple which one weird

  • Layla

    I think the shooting is over in Miami… isn’t she back in New York?

  • Sally&Jack

    Leonardo is crazy.

  • Dieter

    Hottest VS model and best butt in the world. I love how she is having a smoke after the hard work. She smokes two cigarettes a day: one noon and one in the evening – which is actually good for your health !!!

  • Kenn

    So boring looking. Where are the exotic chicks. I see women at the mall hotter than this nothing.

  • Dieter

    Blonde girls must not have more smokes that 2 to 3 a day and dark haired girls can have 3 to 4. Erin is from Smoky Illinois !!! She has an IQ of 145 !!! I have heard !!! She is Leos best looking girldriend ever !!

  • Dummy=Dieter

    Um, the only thing you are smoking is CRACK, idiot.
    No cigarettes are ‘good’ for your health, you a** crack.
    Stop spreading fake truths and go smoke some more, fool.

  • chris in WA

    Go away. Were you molested by an uncle?
    This chick is ugly. Sorry. Blondes age too fast IMO.

  • AmberWaves

    I think it’s gross that Leo is supposed to be hitting a 22 year old. I think this will not last or turn into a serious couple.
    Modelling looks glamorous and maybe it is when you’re 22, but I bet all the traveling and the hotel rooms gets old. Most of these girls want to end like Heidi Kum, or Gisele, or Cindy Crawford, and become successful business women, or get a lot of product endorsement deals, and make a good transition and settle down. The easiest path to do that and make a lot of money while you can, is to date someone who is really famous and it will make you more famous.

  • Dieter

    I had asthma and than I started smoking 2 – 3 light first class filter cigarettes a day and the asthma went away !!!

  • chris in WA

    Oh, I get it…you are FOREIGN *shudders*
    Uh….do you have a bathroom actually IN your house?

  • Dan

    I agree. He’s a pedo and the girl isn’t anything special. NEXT.

  • Dieter

    Erins will open next years victoria fashion show . They made her an Angel because she is working so hard !!!

  • Giuliana Rancid

    Maybe because the CANCER STICKS caused you to lose some weight off your FAT A**. That makes more sense. Now your breath will stink – although you won’t think it does, non-smokers will run when they see you coming. Have fun!

  • Frammmolammdu

    Ew…Erin is not attractive. Makeup is needed, Boring face stumpy legs and wide hips. Gross.

  • Kell

    VS angel? Oh please, she is ugly.

  • Frammmolammdu

    Ew…Erin is not attractive. Makeup is needed, Boring face stumpy legs and wide hips. Gross..

  • CarlçƒçLardonez

    Not a fan of this one. At all. I thought women had to actually be attractive to be models??

  • CarlçƒçLardonez

    Not a fan of this one. At all. I thought women had to actually be attractive to be models??

  • Dieter


  • @Dieter

    OK now… we know you are a fan of that ugly stick. You made your point. Now, please get lost.

  • YUCK

    So she’s heading to the car with a cigarette? With the intention of smoking INSIDE the car, right? YUCK. No class and no respect.

  • Model Fan

    How in the world is she dressed? Cute girls with toned legs can afford to wear these leggins, not a model with skinny canes.
    And yes, I’m also disgusted with disrespectful chicks who smoke inside cars.

  • Dieter

    She has beautiful green eyes and best butt of all VS modells

  • Orbe

    You guys are too much LMAO !

  • @Dieter #31

    What butt? You have to be kidding.

  • Dieter

    It is an electronic filter cigarette – there is no smoke. You can even use it insied buildings !!!

  • Jared

    Thanks, but first these were taken 3 days ago and I think she’s in NY, now.

  • OlivM

    Her face is cute, but she definitely needs to workout and tone those skinny legs.

  • Charlie

    @chris in WA: What does being ‘foreign’ have to do anything? And what does that even mean? You think everyone else who is not American is foreign? You think all Americans know how to take care of themselves. That person you replied to is an idiot and probably a troll, but you’re even a bigger idiot, cause you choose to be ignorant.

  • meong

    why leo not dating kate???

  • Alanis

    Definitely pretty but not extraordinary. She reminds me of the girls in college (and shes the same age as a senior) who hung out at the local bar all the time in a leather jacket with a cig in hand trying to looking sophisticated but hiding insecurities. Seems kind of like your typical 22 year old waitress type—thinks she’s cool but there is an encyclopedia out there titled “What Miss Erin Heatherton Doesnt KNow Yet Especially About MaleSex Addicted A-list actors” she needs a litlte mileage.

    I keep thinking Dieter is her-seems to know a little too much inside information. “Dieter” was on the Rosie-Jason thread saying he’d rather see Erin and Leo—arent they friends-rosie and erin?

    I think she’s busted a la Bar Ratbelly and Tzipi Levine, aka Mike, Sarah Rose, Tal, Fan of Beauty, and god knows who else.

    Erin honey, you seem calm and nice enough. But deal—he cheated non stop on Gisele and Bar for 10 years—he’s gonna change for YOU? I know women love to think they are special and they can do this (its a high for low self-esteem types) but really we cant. But enjoy your silly cheap necklace and such while you can. Will be worth a bundle in modelling terms later, too.

    Pretty but needs makeup outdoors if she wants to be seen as a “supermodel.”

  • Alanis

    Also honey, I worked in a cancer unit. Cigarettes make you sick. You get your voice box taken out and you have to have one of those funny voice boxes, have a lobectomy or die a long, horrible death. Even moderate use and secondhand smoke can do it.

    As for asthma, the NIH lists secondhand smoke as being a major contributor to childhood asthma, so try again.

    Lets see if “Dieter” comes back again.

    Its not against Erin per se, she hasnt dodged the draft or insulted people yet. I’m just saying what I see.

    BTW “Kevin” was on one of the BR threads saying what a lousy personality she has. Funny eh?

  • bella

    The day you see him with a brunette age over 25 years old you will be looking at his wife.
    Mark my words! :)

  • Dieter

    Does anybody whether Erins a lefty or a righty ????

  • sammie

    its kind of disturbing how people are talking about this girl. Not one of us know her – i feel like women are gonna be kinda screwed if we keep hating on each other..

  • anonym

    @bella: Well said.
    Without Leo these boring photos wouldn`t have been posted and without the Leo fans a post like this wouldn`t generate over 40 comments. So far this girl barely ( if ever ) had her own posts. She seems to be the sidekick to that other VS models. The Leo magic still works…

  • mailey

    @meong: because kate w is over 25 and has talent.

  • Dieter

    The folks in the no have long spotted Erin as the new star of VS and first real 21st centery supermodel (and she also has various fashion campaigns). She had been promoted to angel status long before Leo arrived

  • Annie

    She’s a lingerie model, the main criteria for that seem to be the perfect body type before the face. Even so, her face is really VERY plain compared to most other lingerie/swimsuit models – just look at Alexandria, Miranda Kerr, Heidi Klum, Candice etc.

  • sunrise

    I’m fed up with the blondie or eastern looking type. Where are brunette models? Why aren’t they on top? I suppose you must have lots of sex with different people to get there.

  • @Annie #47

    I thought lingerie models had some flesh to show off. Catwalk models do need to look like hangers but not lingerie ones.

  • Sessie

    None of the new angels measure up to the old girls (Heidi, Tyra, KK) the only REAL supermodels left there are Ale and Adriana.
    I don’t even like Candice that much and she’s the best of the bunch.
    Erin is so forgettable

  • THans

    Jared, I just want to say thank you for pushing this lame, unattractive cigarette smoking (yuck!) chick on us the way you did with Bar.
    A tip of the hat to you, Jared.

  • Joannie

    She’s ok and rather pretty, but isn’t she supposed to be in LA where all the award parties are going on right now? If she wants to meet all famous actors through DiCaprio, that’s the time of year. Jared, try to find out if she’s on her way or if she’s already in LA for the GG tonight.

  • @Yuck

    Models smoke instead of eating.

  • jealousme

    She’s got an extraterrestial giraffe neck. Super.

  • Annie

    Yes, lingerie models are less “coathanger” like than fashion models, although still certainly what most would think of as “skinny” (think Ambrosio) unless they are specifically plus size. This girl has flesh on her by model standards (Bar was a bit heavier but what does she model? Never ever seen any of her work) but nothing about her stands out for me. I only noticed her body because I was trying to work out why the heck she was a model.