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George Clooney: Golden Globes with Stacy Keibler!

George Clooney: Golden Globes with Stacy Keibler!

George Clooney looks dapper as he arrives with his girlfriend Stacy Keibler at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 15) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 50-year-old actor is up for a few awards tonight, including best screenplay for Ides of March, Best Motion Picture Drama for The Descendants, and Best Actor for his role in The Descendants.

The 2012 Golden Globes airs live TONIGHT at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT on NBC. Ricky Gervais hosts for the third time!

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler arriving at the Golden Globes

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Credit: Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Michele

    She looks like a beauty pageant contestant.

  • Lila

    Her dress is, well, boring. But still pretty.
    And Clooney, no offense, but I hope you don’t win tonight. ;/ (there are actors way better who deserve to win)

  • tara

    Yes yes George you have very nice arm candy…we’ve all seen it already.

  • Haley

    @Lila: @Lila: It’s not like she’s nominated, there’s no point in going all out when you’re only there to support

  • Marieme

    Well, well…don’t we looked more polished, Stacy! A thousand dollars says he demanded she finally get a real stylist and stop dressing herself.

  • Kevin

    So sick of George and his temporary, beyond d-list arm candy. It’s beyond old and now I’m just annoyed by him. I sound bitter but jeeze, enough already!

  • http://buzznet anne

    So far, so good. As soon as Gervais takes the stage, I’ll turn it off.

  • Lisa

    Does he ever get sick of hiring beards? It’s not even believable anymore since he has a new “gf” literally every couple months

  • laurie

    They look ridiculous together, Georgie should be wearing the heels..

  • tabletop

    Seem like an odd pair. Seacrest totally ignored her when she made a comment.

  • mary


    George has taken over from where Warren Beatty left off. Like Warren, he loves his women. But the thing is that George doesn’t want to live with one for very long; doesn’t want to marry again and does not children. so as long as she’s a good little girl; keeps her mouth shut and never, ever brings up the subject of marriage and/or children George will the girl around for awhile. Break any of the rules and he finds another girl friend. Twenty years from now when he’s 70 George will still be doing this.


    So sick of this guy! Not sure why Hollywood kisses his a*s so much. I think it’s time for him to switch whor………. oops I mean girl friends again.

  • GG

    Yeah! George won! He got his mojo back and is going to be okay. Mission accomplished. Good job George. You go!

  • Cinnamon

    How embarrassing for George.

  • Really?!

    Gag me! The Hollywood Foreign Press has gone crazy! Didn’t any of them see J Edgar at all?! How can they pick Clooney over DiCaprio? Seriously??! I wonder how much Clooney had to bribe them with to get their votes?

  • Argh! So sick of this guy!

    Have the Hollywood Foreign Press gone crazy? I wonder how much Clooney had to bribe the voters with. There were clearly better actors up for the award. Didn’t any of them really see J Edgar? I suggest the press give it a second viewing. One of Leonardo DiCaprio’s finest performances in my opinion. I just wanna cry everytime he is beaten out by these mediocure actors.

  • RentaHo on a leash

    She forgot to say woof woof on the red carpet. The quote would have matched her invisible leash.

  • Ringling Bros. Circus

    Stacy & George should audition for the circus. They both look like idiots errrrr, make that clowns,,, performing their HIRED ESCORT extravaganza. LOL

  • Saph

    Stacy, stacy did you learn nothing from the Italian Queen? Walking the red carpet and acting like your the star is annoying. George was nominated and he won you had NOTHING to do with it. It would have happened without you. The dress was fugly the back bow looked like someone had been trying out their oragami skills and Stacy’s hair seems to have a life off it’s own. Once again a big fail both in attitude and style or lack of it. Running around tweeting pictures of yourself at an awards show where you are just a prop is pathetic. George can’t look at you and if you read the tweets going around most can see this as nothing else but a low class showmance. George should go single to the Oscars or start allowing Stacy to do what she really wants and is dying to do tweet a private picture to try and prove this relationship isn’t fake. Problem is we all know once the oscars are done so is Stacy and her big forehead can go back to hiding itself in it’s very large corner.

  • balloon boy

    They look like a circus act standin next to each other’

  • donnie

    It was embarassing he kissed his fake GF on the cheek versus on her lips when he went to get his award. .

  • marilyn

    well, George won! don’t ask me why though. So, I guess this means he’ll be nominated for an Oscar and what’s her name will show up with him. just a suggestion here; get that girl a good stylist today.

  • marilyn

    well, George won! don’t ask me why though. So, I guess this means he’ll be nominated for an Oscar and what’s her name will show up with him. just a suggestion here; get that girl a good stylist today.

  • signage

    @donnie: I actually count that as being at least one honest and decent thing in the midst of this fake relationship show. It would have been more honest and decent if he hadn’t kissed her at all, and still more honest and decent if he had gone to the event alone or with a family member, but we don’t know the full story about why or when this contract was done. Anyway as the saying goes, this too shall pass, as all earthly things will pass away.
    “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.”

  • xploxite

    He’s a brilliant actor and they know it too , I’m so happy he won.He’s an original and very down to earth.


    He kept leaving her at the table socializing. If he was that bored with her, then why bother? She at certain times looked bored a bit too. That hair look like a oversized pillow top. Lol!


    Well George you provided Anna with some deep seated laughs from what I hear. Apparently when Stacy decide to play “Photograph me, I AM THE MOVIE STAR!”, and you had to pull her away, that just tickled her funny bone. That explains why Ol’ George was socializing away from Stacy, and Stacy looked bored. Tsk, tsk… Lol!

    also I guess Anna would like for you to tell us the difference between Stacy, and Canalis. Why? They both kill themselves for the camera, and Stacy is being hyped on local news like she was nominated. Well I guess that would fuel the stammering you did in your award speech tonight. Lol! You brought all of this upon yourself. Oscars should be real interesting.

  • Pari

    George has been dating Stacy!! It is in the news everywhere… Covered extensively, across the world and yes, I receive the news here in India as well!! George has acknowledged Stacy as his date, his girlfriend / partner / whatever, as someone he is with… and for all the world to see… PERIOD!!! So STOP this backend thugging, your games, as you did with Elisabetta Canalis!!! He was dating her then… and you spun stories… Most probably to buffer your Harem Anna… for your “entertainment package”!!! Whatever… BUT STOP that now… for heaven’s sake, STOP!!! How many “Anna”s exist??? How many are you putting through pain and misery with your imagination??? Because you believe you hold “the authority over truth”??? True Lies???

    I came across this video clip as I browsed through youtube today… NO, not that anything would matter to you folks (or as it seems anyways)… but if you really did study the nuances through this speech (link attached)… AND if you really understood, what they were/are going through with all that you folks put out as “part of your daily episodes” … then hopefully, you will in your humane kindness… and in total Christian sincerity, STOP all the muck that you throw around misleading souls… (George Clooney’s Father- Nick Clooney’s Inspiring Speech to Film
    NO… I don’t believe you will fully understand, what MATTERS to people, who believe… in what must be believed… or what one must “hope” / ought, to believe…

    You bet signage… I would’ve missed your post IF I wasn’t browsing through today… “this too shall pass” … Oh YES!!! How predictable your imposting can get!!! and YES, more games to follow you mean, with your concealing/disclosing whatever??? Haaaaa!!!

    Anyways… I don’t think I can do this again… come over and say the same things… over and over again… as I said before, I know it sure will not matter to you… or anyone… never did… never will anytime, anymore :) So yea, peace… and love… and yes, I mean it… Take care… Cheers all!! Ta…

  • Pari

    I said “Christian sincerity” only because you use that for examples… not that that “sincerity” is any different from “sincerity” itself… “_

  • Register

    @TIMEKEEPER: If it is good designer explain why all these dresses are copies of Annas dresses, only these are cheaper than those that Anna wears. At first I thought maybe it seems to me or something, but especially that red dress with a bow behind, I remembered Anna also had scarlet shoes.

  • Mirror

    Last time with Elisabetta, before with Sarah, now with Stacy. So ridiculous and embarrassing. AND he looked like Hugh Hefner with one of his bunnies, JMO

  • XoXo

    AHAHAHAA Red Shoe Diaries

  • Beav

    Gee Wally, how comes you’re so desparate to keep the charades going? Gosh I can’t help wonder what’s in it for you personally then?Shucks you just seem so desparate to try to keep the fake relationship fake, i mean real, even though it’s actually really fake, I mean not real….

    Since spying’s illegal it’s bringing out the worst in you Beav.

  • june

    The reverse psychology playbook needs a rest already. In Christian sincerity, stop with the mucked up deception and spying!People in America don’t contract to date. The more you defend the deception Ward, the more you give yourself away…and yes, God means it. He’s watching you spying so you’re not as mighty as you think you are…. God is mightier than you. Burning incense doesn’t mean the house is on fire,,,,,but if the house is on fire, stop trying to deceive people into believing the smoke is nothing more than incense. Perhaps we should all meditate on why you think truth isn’t more valuable as $$$$$$ is…… that is made off of….. deception……not that truth matters….. that is….if money is all that matters to you…by all means, then meditate on that deception ….as your personal truth. But stop it with the soap box to those of us that believe truth matters more than money. Yes, yes, peace here there and everywhere peace. Yet peace is not peaceful when you continue to spy Ward.

  • Register
  • anon

    Who is ANNA????

  • Chiqui

    I just read some of the comments on celebitchy. There are the usual PR people comments, but they are in the minority. The most commonly used adjective to describe Keibler is “vapid,” and people don’t like how she behaves as if she is nominated. Also I thought it was very tacky of her to follow George into the press room and pose with him holding his award. That was truly very off-putting, but what was George going to do, kick her out of the press room in front of everyone? I’m sure she planned it that way all along, as she knew George would be stuck posing with her if she walked up there next to him. Looks like Kaiser of celebitchy had Keibler pegged right from the start, when Keibler was dubbed Cray Cray. Class and dignity are foreign concepts to Cray Cray as much as they were to Canalis..

  • Pari

    Dear June, Register and team here :) I was stating what I saw… what I read from the “news” columns / internet websites… I take that as “truth”.. as “real”… because it comes from THE “George Clooney” / THE “Team George”… from reputed News Agency/s… I am NOT here to decipher who is lying / who is not… ALL the “same” news across the world must mean “real” / “truth” na??? :)

    I keep getting assaulted about the “spying” and the “deception” blah blah blah… Well… come on out then people, put your name, and send in your accusation… I’ll handle that in truth, through the right channels… YES, through the courts if needed… Hiding behind a bunch of IDs I believe is cowardice!!! YOU have a case, put that across… I’ll take it from there… :)

    I do fire up about the “Anna business” / previously “REAL Girlfriend business”… simply because, I find that simply UNJUST to so many of George’s fans… IF there is an “Anna” somewhere, I have to be praying much more for her then… she must be the most anguished, tormented, torn and butchered soul on earth!!! BUT for a “humanitarian” as George, and for his sweet parents and strong friends, besides a downright efficient team, as in Team George, to ALLOW such an “attrocity” as “Anna” is just way out of character / demeanor, don’t you think??? Is what I think+believe :)

    IT is possible though, for “Anna” to be a “tool” / “ploy” / “mascot” / “scapegoat” / “an excuse” / whatever… to make GAMING go on… Yes, that is possible surely!!! And IF that is the case then, it becomes EVEN MORE UNJUST, for George included!!! Dangerous for Brand George Clooney as well!!! Does not signal for blessings for a whole bunch of people surely… And that will be real sad indeed…

    So yes, I was tired yesterday… reading the same things over and over again… and I did have to go gung-ho with my rant… for that I am sorry… BUT, the truth remains, that does not change… And that is that George is / has been dating Stacy!!! He was dating Elisabetta / Sarah / Lisa / etc… and now he is dating Stacy… And he will do so for as long as he wants her with him… That is the simple truth… Took me a long while to understand the way thing work, since Sarah’s time onto Elisabetta’s time and through… but now I think I do understand a wee bit… and I so wanted to share that with you… :) That this whole “trying to understand the partnership” is muck-masala… and the easiest is to accept it… and move on… :) Nothing that needs blatant pondering really :D

    However, IF Stacy is a “deception” as most of you seem to vouch for in your notes… then I strongly believe that it is IMPOSSIBLE for George to actually allow it… neither would his parents, his friends, his team or anyone close to him… because then… they will ALL have to look like “pimps” … na??? All PART of the “deception plan”??? It will very surely feel like George has a STRONG team of people, family and friends, whose task/goal is to put together for him his “sex life”… his “love life”… and that his different Team/s, do nothing other than fanning it, because they would need it for their daily bread :) You think that that is possible??? For a man who is George??? As in THE “George Clooney”??? Hard for me to accept… and so I stated what I saw… and I have come to accept and believe what I see… what is fed to me, through the public channels :)

    Love is too sacred to game with… Since God lives in it, grows with it, doing anything to it means, doing the same to God… And I don’t believe there is anyone who has survived gaming with God… I surely wish, there won’t be any dreaming to, further on… :)

    Hope I have explained myself… Am just an ordinary poster, a simple wanderer, thinking out loud… no hard feelings folks… Love to you all, prayers continue, as always… Peace hugs too… Ta


    Pari, yes love is a sacred and serious game, but yet “Team Clooney” as you put, has p*i*s*s*e*d* ALL OVER IT! At least Stacy, and Elisabetta have made it far more overt in their true objectives. Sunday was funny. Seeing Stacy prancing like she was the one up for the Oscar. Trust me, I have been told Anna is far from a “tormented soul”. The “tormented souls” are the fans who yet again see one of their”favorite stars” w*h+*r*r*e* himself out for the sake of a Hollywood career, his “gang”, and his latest paid puppet are definitely far more tortured. People are lushes, and drink like a fish to the extent they do are NOT HAPPY PEOPLE. Stacy desperately touting herself as a health and wellness spokesperson, doing all those cleanses because of her cray cray habits? Anna has a health and wellness business and knows that is NOT the image to promote. So why are you so “fired up”? Team George threaten you?


    Awwww Pari the only ones that “playing emotions or head games” (PATHOLOGICALLY) is TEAM GEORGE, and have been for a very, very, very, very, very,very, very long time! People who are EFFICIENT AND CAPABLE as you say do not ever, ever engage in the tomfoolery of Team George. Men and women who truly capable, and a true balanced sense of mind do not engage in “pr fueled and strategized” relationships. Everybody can see s*h*i*t* from this bull 500 miles away. Also not to mention the fact they are well I am going to say it alcoholics, and addiction fueled people and behaviour. Not putting the man down, but people who indulge as it has been shown, develop the taste in the opposite sex, and hang out with people that low vibrational energy, they wallow in what they are exposed to on a consistent basis. They lose all sense of reality, and logic. It is time for everyone to face these truths. Hollywood is way to busy adhering their lips on a certain part of the anatomy to really set the tone, not show kids or the world anything different for that matter. George is getting slammed simply George has/is delusional, addictive personality. This is so far from what anyone would have envision for him. His works of humanity is killing the causes he is striving for. He is disconnected in mind, body, soul, and spirit. He is broadcasting he is going sober for awhile. From what I heard, Anna thinks that is utter bulls*h*i*t*. Like or not he is an addict, and very few addicts clean up their acts. She has had her heart torn out helping those that are addicts. They are pathological liars, and not capable of ethic, or conscious of what they say or do. This is not intentional, they say what you want to hear. They are on the straight and narrow, but slip more often than not. Who is going to keep him on the straight and narrow? Sure in the h*e*l*l* not peanut knees, gold digging Keibler. These are harsh words, but it is time for reality. This is a foreign concept to TEAM COONEY and MR. CLOONEY himself. This is obvious reality has been shoved in our faces, and clear up the nostrils.

  • Register

    I saw video, Nick Clooney does it but seen that he is honest person and he does not make it easy and arrogantly. It’s very nice that there are still people of conscience in our world.
    Today I’m going to analyze all Anna’s videos and then I’ll tell you what she was thinking and feeling. In the creative work we can always find the truth about person.

  • Register

    This is obvious reality has been shoved in our faces, and clear up the nostrils. – Strong said!

  • Pari

    I don’t understand just WHY these notes of mine got deleted??? I posted them this afternoon… Strange…

    NOTE 1:

    NO, love is NOT a sacred/serious “GAME”!!! It has GOD in it, so it cannot be gamed with, is what I attempted to say… :)

    Kudos to your Anna, if she isn’t a “tormented soul” :) I honestly salute her then, Timekeeper :) Was catching up on some videos and that is where I noticed the one with George’s parents that I posted… Watching them… watching George… cannot keep anyone who really cares, NOT tormented for George’s sake… :) anyways… My belief system says, leave people who are / who want to be a “couple in spousal love” ALONE, they have a relationship to work on… :) NO, NOT going into the “FAKE / PR / real / unreal relationship” battle anymore… that will be waste of time and energy :D Besides, I have come to realize that there really is NO “FAKE” relationship ideally speaking… :)

    As I explained earlier, I was “fired up” because of the “misleading” provocations all the “Anna tales” churn up… Behind every non-PR fan ID, is a soul, a person, a thinking mind, an emotions hub, a vessel of feelings… that gets “played on” / “worked on”… with all that is written… And so, everything and everyone matters… I wouldn’t be writing in, if them, the “persons” did not matter to me… NO, not for Team George’s sake or even George’s sake… for they are more than efficient+capable of taking care of themselves and the entire world put together :D

    Anyways… anymore of my writing here will lead to more zilch??? :))))) So yes, once again, my heartfelt, happy CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and for many more to come :) to George especially, and YUP… Stacy or Anna or who ever it is… wishing everyone THE BESTEST always and with/in/by God may true love reign forever… Khuda Hafiz / Shalom / Namaste / Cheers!!! Ta… :)

    NOTE 2:

    Oh NO!!!
    From my previous comment: “NO, not for Team George’s sake or even George’s sake… for they are more than efficient+capable of taking care of themselves and the entire world put together :D” …. does not mean that George’s fans are NOT!!!

    Just that, I find that there could be some who are “vulnerable” / “innocent” … although I do admit… that I have come to understand George/Team George better through his fans… and that ultimately, they are ALL a wise, generous and enriching people :)
    Love… Ta :)

  • leave them alone

    Can you hear them
    They talk about us
    Telling lies
    Well that’s no surprise

    Can you see them
    See right through them
    They have no shield
    No secrets to reveal

    It doesn’t matter what they say
    In the jealous games people play
    Our lips are sealed

    Careless talk
    Through paper walls
    We can’t stop them
    Only laugh at them

    Spreading rumors
    So far from true
    Dragged up from the underworld
    Just like some precious pearl

    It doesn’t matter what they say
    In the jealous games people play
    Our lips are sealed
    Pay no mind to what they say
    It doesn’t matter anyway
    Our lips are sealed

    There’s a weapon
    We must use
    In our defense

    When you look at them
    Look right through them
    That’s when they’ll disappear
    That’s when you’ll be feared

    Hush, my darling
    Don’t you cry
    Quiet, angel
    Forget their lies

  • leave them alone

    George and Anna for ever!

  • shawn

    It becomes obvious that Keibler’s real boyfriend, Stan Rosenfield, is who wrote that press release “interview” that included the climbing rope story. Keibler straddled wrestling ropes as a wrestler. That rope climbing story was actually a fantasy about Keibler that Rosenfield wrote.

  • Register

    Anna with her latest video dedicated to Kirstie Alley led me to the confusion, she’s got very complicated way of thinking, even for me it’s hard to read her. But I think they key in this video

  • looker

    @Register: She changed the featured video on her channel. I think this is the one you’re talking about

  • Who’s the coward?

    Stop sending me messages, I do not want to have anything to do with you. We have reached the point where I am ashamed of you.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    @Argh! So sick of this guy!: Leonardo is a terrible actor. George gave a more nuanced performance. Brad, Michael and Ryan were also better.