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Alexander Skarsgard: HBO Golden Globes After Party

Alexander Skarsgard: HBO Golden Globes After Party

Alexander Skarsgard suits up for HBO’s 2012 Golden Globes Awards Party held at Circa 55 Restaurant on Sunday (January 15) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Before ending the night at the exclusive Chateau Marmont, the 35-year-old Swedish actor hit up the Weinstein party and CAA talent agency’s soiree at Sunset Tower.

On Friday, Alex and his dad Stellan kicked off the awards show festivities by attending the ‘W’ Magazine Pre-Golden Globes party.

Next up for Alexander is the boardgame to movie adaption of Battleship which is expected to hit theaters in May. He’ll be starring opposite Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna, and Liam Neeson.

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347 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: HBO Golden Globes After Party”

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  1. 76
    ok Says:

    @insiders lol:

    Yeah because he isnt allready married. Good try, but she and viking dude is ******** silly right this moment.

  2. 77
    ladybug Says:

    @texas swede: HBO would never do that!

  3. 78
    Canuck Says:

    @texas swede: Just someone looking to stir up trouble, ignore them

  4. 79
    texas swede Says:

    @ladybug: @Canuck: I know on both counts….lol. I am sorry for the foreign post. I have been conversing with some overseas friends this morning in chat room and forgot to write in English again. We were talking about the same subject.
    IMO This was a PR night for TB. She does not look like she is enjoying herself at all. And he has never been known for seeing married women. I think too many people need something to talk about so they spread ideas and see how big they grow. I hope he finds a way to get involved with someone and keep them out of the public eye altogether. He deserves his privacy away from working. But human nature being the beast it is will always hound him and demand to know all the aspects of his life. Every detail of every second anywhere and everywhere he goes. Can you imagine living your life in a giant bubble with every detail on display? Any mistake being hashed and rehashed by thousands of people who don’t know you except for the characters you have played and interviews they have read seen? I know I could not stand up to it. I wonder if any of the haters could?

  5. 80
    ladybug Says:

    @texas swede: It’s also possible that HBO was just ferrying them around and had no intent of starting any rumors. The paps/websites however, especially since the original pics were cropped, may have had every intent of doing so.
    I think I’m reverting to my original impression of the pic, which is similar to yours, is that she looks bored and this is just a duty that she felt she should do.
    Though I do hope their management has informed that per website rumors they’re dating/engaged/secretly married. :)

  6. 81
    Annika Says:

    @texas swede:
    That is not real Swedish, it’s “Google Swedish” or from some other online translator. I know what I’m talking about since I’m Swedish myself.

  7. 82
    Canuck Says:

    @texas swede: I was going to answer you in French, just to confuse the trolls. ;)

  8. 83
    Canuck Says:

    @Annika: Who cares where it’s from. The whole point is to be understood.

  9. 84
    chelle Says:

    Hey Annika, Texas Swede just thinks he is smarter then everyone else. And his supporters like Canuck will support him no matter how ridiculous he writes his post.

  10. 85
    Zola24 Says:

    Yeah, tend to agree with most of you, looks purely professional to me too. But hey who knows? Oh wait I was forgetting we have “insider info”. Just so glad that the sane amongst us are agreeing that as long as the extremely talented and handsome Mr Skarsgard is happy we’re happy.

  11. 86
    chelle Says:

    @ladybug: I responded on last thread. Lucy Griffiths is married to her former costar Jonas Armstrong and has been for a while …I read it somewhere but don’t remember where.

  12. 87
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: Thanks. It wasn’t even that she’s most likely married, it’s that they didn’t really look like they were ‘together’, despite some tumblr sites going happily into speculation that he was possibly holding hands with her.

  13. 88
    chelle Says:

    BTW #84 is not me

  14. 89
    J.A. fan Says:

    Totally not true! Jonas and Lucy Griffiths are not married. They’re not even a couple.

  15. 90
    Fab Says:

    @Texas Swede…are you for real? GTFO what an obnoxious post!. Are you trying to boost your own ego by posting in Swedish?. Yes, dear we all have access to Google.

    As someone who can actually speak and write the language, your claim of being a Swedish speaker is truly ridiculous lady.

    You forgot to write in English. Oh yes, its easy to do that!?! Especially when you come here and see everyone else speaking in English. Do you think people are blind.

    Your commentary about everyone else wanting to know everything about his life was HILARIOUS as you are on EVERY post yourself!!! Pot Kettle Black. ROFLMAO.

  16. 91
    ladybug Says:

    @J.A. fan: You mean the site linked to in comment 76 made something up!? I’m shocked!
    There doesn’t seem to be anything else out there to support the marriage/couple thing for Griffiths and Armstrong.

  17. 92
    Emma Says:

    LOL, I totally agree! I’m Swedish too and I can tell you with 100% certainty that the post written by Texas Swede was NOT written by a real Swede or by someone who knows how to speak Swedish. As someone else her pointed out, it’s definitely taken from a English – Swedish translator. So lame, lol.

  18. 93
    @Fab Says:

    @Fab: Lol, great post! :)

  19. 94
    Macy Says:

    Sooo pretty!

  20. 95
    Blackcat99 Says:

    @Fab: Ever heard of COPY and PASTE? DUH!

  21. 96
    mforman Says:

    Guys, all you have to do is go on the various gossip sites and they were all talking about how the cast of TB: AS, Sam T, Ryan K, Joe M, and new comer Lucy Griffiths. The only two they mentioned missing was SM and AP, but the rest of the cast and I know I am forgetting alot and crew were all at the Golden Globes HBO Afterparty.

    That is what HBO does they throw their usual GG party, and made sure all the TB cast and crew were there. They also wanted to introduce new cast members.

    Not one site made any mention of any of the dating nonesense. Grow up Stans, men and women can be friends, especially if the guy is like AS and would hate for her to feel left out.

    You Stans keep making up this nonesene, the rest of us well just wait for the new TB season to start and in the mean time just enjoy the photos and videos we get of AS.

  22. 97
    Not interested Says:

    How about you get your own forum Texas Swede & then you can write pages of blog on your life. Not interested. This is about Alex. You always make it about YOU.

    MForman:; Good post. I agree, HBO puts on these functions to introduce new cast members.

  23. 98
    Rachel() Says:

    @texas swede: Wow. I don’t even know what to think about that….you do actually seem kind of upset with them. You don’t write a post like that out of pity, generally…

    As for Alex’s new “girlfriend”- I’m just picturing KB sitting at home watching those clips over and over, analyzing them like we are…stalkerish rage boiling, searching the web for the girl’s new LA address, eventually cruising by Alex’s place to see if they pulled an all-nighter.

  24. 99
    texas swede Says:

    BTW I never said I was not interested in his life. So how was I hypocritical? Why not reply to me in actual Swedish? Since you speak and write it properly?

  25. 100
    image Says:

    so let’s get this straight Alex is suppose to be with this girl they went on a date. They both work for HBO how them being there the same time be considered a date. If he had brought her to the other after party with his dad then yeah I would say there is something there. Last year that swedish girl hang with him after they met up at a drink thing and they were said to be together too. I am just saying there is no smoke there, Alex has said numerous time that he doesn’t get to work with some of his cast mate and tehy are on the same show lucy just started so Alex might have been the only cast member she has worked with so that’s why they hang together. There was no reports of them being together or him chatting up a woman or nothing like that from E and a woman that was there they didn’t see him engage in a woman’s company so if they were on a date wouldn’t she be at the bar with him etc. Plus now a days the paps put caption with their pictures that picture of her in the car if there was something ike holding hands or whatever the paps would have seen and said it and made more money for the picture.
    I will wait on them being a couple till I see more pictures or videos of it.

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