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Alexander Skarsgard: HBO Golden Globes After Party

Alexander Skarsgard: HBO Golden Globes After Party

Alexander Skarsgard suits up for HBO’s 2012 Golden Globes Awards Party held at Circa 55 Restaurant on Sunday (January 15) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Before ending the night at the exclusive Chateau Marmont, the 35-year-old Swedish actor hit up the Weinstein party and CAA talent agency’s soiree at Sunset Tower.

On Friday, Alex and his dad Stellan kicked off the awards show festivities by attending the ‘W’ Magazine Pre-Golden Globes party.

Next up for Alexander is the boardgame to movie adaption of Battleship which is expected to hit theaters in May. He’ll be starring opposite Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna, and Liam Neeson.

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347 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: HBO Golden Globes After Party”

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  1. 126
    ladybug Says:

    @Rachel(): Not even Charlie, they were really following Coach. In November Penn State fired football coach Joe Paterno and students rioted. My friend, a former college football and basketball player tried to explain to me that many, many players (and sometimes fans) view athletic coaches as a parent (even if they have a healthy family dynamic) and that athletes can be very devoted to their coach, even when they shouldn’t be. That’s the only explanation that even made sense to me, they were supporting Coach and then they’d gone to far to go back. But Lurie never really explained anything, it just ‘was’. And it hurt the movie.

  2. 127
    Rachel() Says:

    @ladybug: True. At least this coach didn’t allow the sodomy of young boys to take place for years. They did talk about Alex’s crew being football players, so it’s assumed that the coach was their coach. And he lead them to small town “stardom”, so it makes sense that they would feel a strong sense of loyalty. They highlighted Charlie’s relationship with the coach more. What didn’t make sense was KB’s character not mentioning the rapes. I could see a woman being ashamed or afraid to mention it, but Lurie should have had her do something… I don’t know, I liked Amy a lot better than I thought I would, but I couldn’t empathize with her. I still don’t understand Charlie letting his friend rape her too, or why he wouldn’t let him rape her a second time. Why did he decide to protect her later, but not before? Too many holes in this story, and not enough character development.

  3. 128
    Camille Says:

    I love Alex in cardigans. I think he looks great. I’m glad he’s getting out and about without being hounded by paps. I like the fan pics much more anyway because he’s relaxed in them and not scowling.

  4. 129
    Camille Says:

    I also think he looks cute in that ball cap.

  5. 130
    Alexander Skarsgard is balding Says:

    If you are right that would make is this ho an adultress. Poor Jonas Armstrong. It’s nice to know Hollywood is so accepting of married people fooling around with other people that are not their spouses.

  6. 131
    Not sure Says:

    I really don’t think Lucy is married to jonas why was he not with Lucy at the after party.there is nothing out there to support it apart from that one website famous hook ups. How legit and updated is it?

    Ihave no idea what happened in that video whether they were holding hands? Or she grabbed his wrist, or whether the guy in front of her grabbed his wrist. I would not like to think that Alexander would be messing around with someone else’s wife?in public view of cameras.

    Only time will tell if we see any further sightings

  7. 132
    ladybug Says:

    @Not sure: There’s nothing out else out there on the web-not IMBD or Wiki especially-that indicates that Lucy and Jonas Armstrong are in a relationship, never mind married.
    As already mentioned by others Sunday’s outings were most likely professional HBO/TB obligations, and not personal/professional.
    @Rachel(), I didn’t mind KB in this as much as I thought I was going to. The only reason I can think of for her not telling David about the rapes is because she had decided she wanted to go back to LA now and perhaps would tell him later what happened, and that telling him now would perhaps make him want to stay and seek ‘justice’. I’m trying to remember whether Amy told David in the original version. Once again, no character development or explanation. From my recollection the only character that was given even a little more depth/background was Charlie’s and that wasn’t much.

  8. 133
    Rachel() Says:

    @ladybug: See that’s the thing. Lurie gives no indication in any way why she didn’t tell him. The viewer just has to speculate, and it’s stupid.

  9. 134
    ladybug Says:

    @Rachel(): Make up our own plot line and contemplate the fact that he makes Marsden look like a Munchkin.

  10. 135
    I think they r a couple Says:

    @Not sure:

    I agree Lucy isn’t married, but I do think they were holding hands in the video,he also touched her back it was a split second I think they r a couple and Alex wants to keep it out of the public eye
    I knew when I saw a picture of her they were going to hookup/ date whether Alex confirms it and takes her to Sweden remains to be seen.
    I bet we will get sightings over the weekend coachella is coming up maybe he will take Lucy.also I remember a fan pic surfaced with alex where the person was leaning away not to get into there picture fans were trying to decide was it male or female arm could it have been Lucy?

  11. 136
    ladybug Says:

    This sounds like a fun summer course:
    “The summer school “Vampires and vampirism” will explore the vampire as anthropological and folkloric being who subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood). Although vampirism as a mythical and folklore phenomenon, have been recorded in many cultures, the term vampire become especially popular in Europe.”

  12. 137
    Cafélady Says:

    Sorry, guys that my post #123 makes no sense, but I’ve seen it just now – for any reason JJ deleted my earlier post before it. I don’t why, because I haven’t wrote anything insulting in it or something…yesterday I hadn’t any problems to post it…weird.
    But since a while I have a bit technological problems already with JJ’s site in general…no idea why.

    So I try it again;
    I’ve said; that I found your word-creation ‘Black Cardigan of Inconspiciousness’ almost as good as ladybug’s ‘Black Beanie of Invisibility’….lol
    And that I thought, it would be may be an good title for an alex-post from JJ with a pic in which he wears perhaps exactly one like this. lol

    @texas swede:
    I’m sorry to hear, that you plan to stop a while with your posts. I appreciate your comments always and I liked the little conversations with you very much too. (Of course with some of the others here too, except the trolls)
    In my book there was nothing, for what you had to explain yourself to anyone else. So I hope you will still change your mind.

    Canuck is right, just ignore such people.

  13. 138
    Cafélady Says:

    Interesting site and offer. I heard earlier too of it already, about several scientists and other interested people which obviously examine the emergence of these legends too. Obviously in the whole world. Isn’t it interesting that so much different countries have their own vampire tales and figures?
    I think it’s a bit too much, just to explain it with the emergence of only one legend and then it was spread over the world…

    I could imagine that this would be interesting too for authors who are writing such stories. But like I said, it’s an interesting topic in general.

  14. 139
    image Says:

    @I think they r a couple:
    I don’t think so there is a picture of him this week of in his cardigan and cap wouldn’t she be out on lunch with him. Considering all she got now is TB and it was at lunch time it’s the second time someone seen him there and the first time the lady said she saw Alex at Alove if he was there with company she would say so also this girl too. Women notices other women especially with a hot guy around. He has been back a while now and people have seen him alot since the last two weeks by himself. I am not saying he is celibate (maybe he is) but I am saying if he was with her, he would have taken her to lunch with him or stay in his house and have lunch with her, especially if they are new in the relationship and want to keep it quiet. So I don’t think they are a couple.

  15. 140
    Simone Says:

    Someone on Twitter posted about an Alex sighting at the Chateau Marmont on Sunday. She said Alex was there with a couple of male friends and an unidentified brunette. The unidentified brunette is of course Lucy. Now this makes me think that they must be a couple after all. I mean, why would Lucy hang out alone with Alex and his Swedish buddies? Hmm…

  16. 141
    Kerry duggan Says:

    @I think they r a couple:

    Were you watching the same video as everyone else I did not see any back rubbing, Alex is a touchy, feely guy there are numerous of pics out there.
    And what makes you so certain that Lucy and Alex are a couple?
    As for sightings over the weekend do you have INSIDER knowledge of this.
    And your going just a little bit far in the future with Lucy going to the music festival and his home country of Sweden.
    And that fan picture that arm could be anybody for all we know. Why does it have to be Lucy all of a sudden? I would lean away if I did not want my face in a fan pic and then plastered all over the net, bravo to the
    person for leaning away it’s a fan picture with alex not his pals.

    I thought this Lucy and Alex dating debate was done and dusted until we
    see further evidence so far ZERO based on 1 car picture and some video

  17. 142
    image Says:

    Well we all know that now there is a video and photos. Why?! She was hanging with them because they are fun, they are swedish they know how to have a good time. Plus the same could be said about the swedish girl at comic con that hang with Alex and his other male friends that night and they even pick up more females along the way, obviously this was not that kind of party. It was more networking and Alex name probably got her into more parties than if she went by herself.

  18. 143
    Kerry duggan Says:


    I total agree with all your comments, by now there would have been reports coming out and more outings of them if anything more happened between them,
    and lucy is an unknown actress with alex she gets exposure and more contacts in the industry
    I think thats why he takes is swedish pals to help them to network he is a very nice friend to do that
    and I think the Swedish girl your referring to is Alicia vikander she worked with his brother bill.

  19. 144
    image Says:

    @Kerry duggan:
    Oh thank you Kerry sorry I always forget her name I don’t know why it was around for a long while last year when people said that they too were together. It got bad to he point where her mother had to step in. I know he is single but it gets ridiculous sometimes.
    Yes, he is great to his friends and even his country he talks about them and his family alot and he brings his struggling friends along because he knows they would get talked about too. I pretty sure Lucy name got alot of hits this week from fans and other people so he does help with people profile.

  20. 145
    Elle Says:

    You’re all in denial. They are dating.

  21. 146
    Elle Says:

    Yeah, bring on the thumbs down, I don’t care. I know what I know. It will get out soon anyway.

  22. 147
    @Elle Says:

    And what do you know do tell?

  23. 148
    Elle Says:

    Well, I know what I saw. I was one of the fans on the sidewalk and I saw them standing there talking and holding hands. I’m not an Alex fan, I was waiting with other fans to see Gerard Butler, but I recognized Skarsgard immediately since I’m a TB fan. Watching Alex and the brunette you could see right away that they were more than just friends. Maybe it’s nothing serious but it’s definitely *something*.

  24. 149
    ?!?@*& Says:

    so you saw all that and the pap video not, okay great reveal and for someone not a fan, you sure did find this thread that has been dead since sunday. Sorry I don’t buy your story.

  25. 150
    GET A F'ING GRIP Says:

    Who cares if they are dating or not? I just wanna know if she can act well enough to pull off the scenes with Alex. Maybe they are trying to get to know each other to make the Brother/Sister dynamic more believable. Maybe they are madly in lust with each other. I don’t care!!!!!!!!! I just want his performance to keep growing.

    Now can we just talk bout him?

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