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Brad Pitt: 'It's Nice When Everything Comes Together!'

Brad Pitt: 'It's Nice When Everything Comes Together!'

Brad Pitt walks with a cane as he arrives for a question and answer session for his film Moneyball on Monday (January 16) in Los Angeles.

The night before, the 48-year-old actor attended the 2012 Golden Globe Awards with his partner Angelina Jolie. They both looked stunning!

“It’s nice when everything comes together,” Brad said to Ryan Seacrest of his and Angie‘s nominations. “It’s a golden night for us!”

Angie also added what part of the night she was most looking forward to!

“Getting into bed with Brad!” she exclaimed!

FYI: Brad is wearing Dolce&Gabbana Vista DG3124 Eyeglasses.

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  • busted

    So many great video interviews of them last night

    Can’t wait for the PGA.

  • busted

    OH my.. first comment.. How did that happen. I guess the T**** forgot to send out smoke signals.

    the feed was terrible. kept cutting off. But the overall interview was nice. Brad looked cute and so did Jonah. it is so great that they really liked each other. Seems to have been a great collaboration. I hope Jonah gets to do other things. Terrible to be seen as only one way.

    he is very talented. and funny. And Brad is a great mentor. He always talks up the guys he works with. Cassey, Jonah, Michael Fassbender and so many other..

    really a solid nice and talented man.Brad Pitt.

  • teri

    Such a beautiful man inside and out just like Angelina.

  • busted

    Guess I’m here alone.


    Brad is hot

  • teri

    Love Brad!!

  • teri

    Love Brad!!

  • busted


    so glad the fans got here first..LOL

  • loser


  • teri

    Brad and Angelina are such a beautiful couple inside and out. Not sure but lately my comments aren’t appearing.

  • teri

    Best part Angelina was looking forward to………… Getting into bed with Brad……..AWWWWWW, love it. She won the best trophy of all.

  • awww

    He is so beautiful. Angelina is lucky.

  • pj

    Wonderful man I wish there were more like him.

  • Best part of the night Ang?

    purging and never bingeing

  • teri

    I’ve been hearing all day that Angelina and Brad won best dressed couple of the GG.

  • teri

    #13 unless you’ve witnessed Angelina puking her food then shuuud uuupppp. Dear heavens why do such heffers worry about her weight?

  • recap

    George Clooney Stole Brad’s milk money, ate his lunch, then smacked him in the back of the head.

  • teri

    I bet your bf and or husbands wish you’d stop worrying about Angelina and worry about your own twinkie butt.

  • teri

    Recap like the three others who also lost out or are you just referring to Brad who lost out to GC?

  • teri

    My husband said all GC has to do is show up stand there put his name on the movie and it wins. It’s all about who his parents where. Getting sick and tired of his crappy movies getting awards when there were better than his and no not only Brads. I had a feeling when Dern, Madonna and Winslet won that Brad and Angelina wouldn’t. :l

  • juju

    teri @ 01/16/2012 at 5:39 pm
    she doesnt worry
    she just a
    crazy stupid envy
    jealous fat b i t c h
    that hate that angelina
    is naturally skinyy
    w/ great boobs nd ass
    like nikki finke wrote last nigh
    angelina looks photoshoped
    angelina looked divine last nigh
    brad didnt look bad either

  • Lara

    What a handsome guy, love his oufit. Funny interview, well what we managed to see of it!

  • No ma’am

    Angelina was the most tweeted about celeb. Brad was the least tweeted about even behind the globes girl. George and brads agents are working overtime for these two overrated old men. But atleast clooney is aging without botox. Does clooney smoke like brad does? Now brad has Angie smoking again too. So sad

  • TeeHee

    Brad just made canes hot..

  • geez

    Why is he so pretty?

  • Lmao

    Go to twitter and type in “William H. Macy brad Pitt”

  • Pitty Party

    Angie and Brad arrives and make their way down the red carpet, with screaming fans and press fighting eachother for interviews, meanwhile Aniston and Huvane are frantically calling up more mens magazines asking for polls to be “conducted” with real “voters” so she can “win” another ‘Hot” award.

  • Alice

    Hope Brad wins SAG. I really wanna see the kiss Lainey talks about inside GG. It sounds so hot.

  • Kim

    I thought the same as someone on the last thread, that Angie’s dress was totally padded out and that the material helped to conceal it.

  • umm

    Is George Clooney obsessed with Brad? The dude can’t shut up about Brad. He talks about Brad on and off stage, everywhere and every time. We got it, George, you are in love with Brad. LOL.

  • http://n/a angierocks

    Angie and Brad were the talk of the town even if they did’nt win.The haters are fuming because they know Brad and Angie are King and Queen.Hens should stop with their whining,really.

  • shoes4life

    I see nothing but Shiloh in the third photo.

  • http://n/a angierocks

    re:those hot kisses between angie and brad to be an eye inside the event sighs….Hot!

  • Brad Caught Staring

    ha- JP fans weren’t the only ones who noticed lusty Brad looking at his precious Angie (of course, we fans have seen Brad do this to Angie MANY time before!):
    Hey chaps! Eyes front! Men should be careful of where they’re looking. One rogue glance and you could find yourself in the caught starring hall of shame, like Brad here…They’ve been together for seven years but it’s nice to see the magic is hasn’t faded. Brad was caught admiring Angelina’s famous assets at this year’s Golden Globes awards ceremony.

  • still they left empty handed


  • all that PR for nothing

    have we heard about the author of the book she stole the movie story from?? somehow I think he got some hush hush $ and is now enjoying it in vacationing in some tropical island.
    Good for him but shame on her.
    And the padding of her dress yesterday was hysterical, couple more of layers and she would of looked like freaking Beyonce!! = )

  • fyi

    Next event for Brad and Angie is PGA awards

    Jan. 21 — PGA awards: Angie will get Stanley Kramer Award for ITLOBAH. Brad’s Moneyball is one of PGA best film nominees.

  • http://n/a angierocks

    The hens are fuming because we all know even w/o those wins Brad and Angie are the talk of the town,King and Queen indeed!

  • Roxy

    @ Kim obviously you know nothing about dress design and construction. It bother’s you that she looked so beautiful right. Anyways, I really really wanted Brad to win, or atleast anyone other than George. I don’t see all the hype about George Cloony. Honestly, I never found him to be that handsome, he’s overrated, and his attempt to be funny is very off putting. He comes off as being pompous. I saw all the pics of Brad & Angie on Lainey…they make such a beautiful couple, and da*N Angie is ridiculously, crazy BEAUTIFUL!!! Her skin is flawless. Check out the pics on lainy if you haven’t already done so.

  • denise

    @still they left empty handed:
    It’s because of peole like you who are so jealous of Angelina and want so badly for her to fail or lose at anything that you come on here and gloat and clap for her not winning a golden globe. By the way she already has three. Im glad that she was nominated for her first that she wrote and directed. What an amazing lady. She undoubtly has won several awards for the film. I hope she gets an Oscar nod for her hard work. Just the sound of Oscar nominated director Angelina Jolie sounds good to me. I looking forward to her next project in which I hope is a lighter subject. It is inevitable that she will win an oscar for her directorial efforts in the coming years. Even though the critics say that the subject matter was a little intense the direction was almost perfection. That in itself proves that this woman has no boundaries and she has nothing to be sad about because being nom for her first was an award in itself. The next one will be even greater. I hope she does one more serious role to quarantee her another oscar in the near future also. Way to go Ange.
    Even though I’m not his biggest fan I still think he may have done a better job in Tree of Life than Moneyball and defintely deserves an award before GC. But Clooney is likable and the backlash he received for that Parade interview may have damaged his chances this year esp at the SAG’s. GC gloats at him for not winning and he still calls him a friend that is so sad.
    The shame here is that all the hatred at this couple because a man was miserable in his marriage to a self absorbed nitwit. Fell in love with another woman and decided to start a family with her. People judge and make decisions about other people without even knowing them or trying to learn the truth. It is a bad thing but it has hurt him in the awards arena but not so much on popularity. He’s getting older and is turning to other things because it is almost over and I think he has a good movie left. His acting has gotten a lot better and he can pull a good one off.

  • Roxy

    @still they left empty handed: YOU’RE JUST A JEALOUS JACKA**!!! Atleast they were there supporting each other, both nominated for their work, and looking beautiful in the process. Guess who wasn’t there? chinchin and what’s his name…the one with the girly skinny jeans and receeding hair line. :-)

  • Angie IS anorexic

    so tell us all about dress construction Roxytheretard?

  • Funny Tweet & Fox

    went to the twitter feed of the SAG Moneyball chat host- saw this:
    jenelleriley Whatever, George Clooney. You still lost 3 tonight. #goldenglobes
    Troll trying to start Angie “b*ttagate” needs to go watch Wanted- she was just as skinny if not a few pounds SKINNIER* and, when she (as Fox) dropped the towel, she still has an AMAZING behind- all the fan boys couldn’t stop drooling. So, time to move to the next insult.
    *and clearly strong- Fox kicks b*tt AND is EXTREMELY flexible

  • Roxy

    @Angie IS anorexic: Why don’t you tell us all since you know so much about PADDING you miserable piece of SHiT…Which part of your trailor is padded the windows or the doors. Maybe you took a look at your over inflated a**, and the first word that came to your under developed brain was padded.

  • truth

    I can not believe how thesehens can be so jealous of Angelina. There was never a chance in heck that hey ever had a chance with Brad. Supposedly their idol Ticky has moved on and yet they cry because Angie talks about looking forward to getting in to bed with Brad. LOL You hens including Bonnie Fuller at HL are ridiculous. Angie can say whatever she wants about or to her man. How do you think they made their kids you idiots.

  • Roxy the re-padded-tard

    thanks for the laughs. My advice: take some Xanax.

  • Roxy

    @Roxy the re-padded-tard: I see you know about xanax also…LMAOOO!!! try not to drink any alcohol with those pills and overdose, your peanut brain might not be able to handle it…muah!!

  • Wonderbust

    parade interview has nothing to do with Brad not winning..they have been snubbing him throughout his career..ticky has no power in hollywood for their to be a backlash..if Roman Polaski can win an Oscar Brad should have no issues because of a Parade interview..the problem is that Clooney is campaiging his but off and a##licking and for some reason ppl are falling for it..and to the empyhanded poster..Angelina has won 6 major awards in her life by the time she was 24..3 GGs, 2 SAGs, 1 Oscar, i cant even think of another person her age(36) that has that many bigtime awards..your idol has never even been nominated for a GG for her comedic movies, even JLO has a nomination at least

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Good Evening Neleh here.
    Good evening 2 All JP+6 Fans On Board & Lurking Now..
    Last Night Angelina had her A Game On..A bit of others..a collective-zzz..
    Hello NAN.Gracie.Bdj.Anustin Miss your posts girlfriend.Mrs.Lenny.Mrs.Chancelor.QueenJolie.Jaye.Pt.QQQQ.
    Observer2.FALP.Tlol.Trt.Alice.Ginger.Jaye.AngieRocks.WBPfan.Premalee.Phool.Niko.MAMS.Mongo.Clinqua.Beremy Girl.Woman SpanishO.Sonia.TRMariaFT.BijouxVoe.Lylian.Orchid.FrenchyMediaWM.Ozzie.OV.AndAmen2that…Soo many We miss.& Shouting out 2.

    Ot addessing the Stalker Idjit.
    #22 No ma’am
    No Ma’am is Incorrect 4 you, as you dont give Respect & dont deserve it.Cough-No ma’am- worry about Cleaning Your Own House, Instead of Always Tying 2 Control/Clean Some1 else’s..Comprendre..
    Worry about the Kajillion faux Trollop Names & Faux Names you Use On Jareds–365….you think fool fans& you cant keep straight.
    Jareds Fans Are Intelligent.Savy, Im Absolutely Sure they Appreciate A Friendly Site- 2 View& Post ect…if they feel the need..
    Where Pic/s.Videos.Articles.Are Available.
    Without Static or A Control Maniac Grandmere Drama..
    Whether its 1-3-100 fans Posting.Comprendre..
    You dont contribute & want it Close down.As If thats not known.
    Stop your Maddness & Holler At Me at JJB..
    Jared Fans dont wont or need your Self hate- which you try & Project on Me & Others…Bitter woman that you are.
    Take a look at yourself-You are the Common Denominator of your Problems.Youve hurt/ridicule ect..Its ALL YOU.

    Its 2012 Buy A Conscience, Invest In Therapy.Volunteer.
    Do Something Worthy..You dont FOOL any1…
    Im heading Home..
    Pardon Fans..that she & her Minions-consistently brings her Maddness here..Muaah 2 You All Neleh..
    Oh Jaye Great Luck on your Book…
    I think you writing a book is Exciting..even with all the ends & outs you may face..

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Hello & Happy 2012 2 Elizabeth & LYNN,Muaah..
    Later much Neleh

  • XIII

    Damn Mr Pitt ! You are so HOOOTTT!!