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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Nobu Lovers!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Nobu Lovers!

LeAnn Rimes and husband Eddie Cibrian step out for a dinner at Japanese restaurant, Nobu, on Monday (January 16) in Malibu, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer made sure to pose for a photograph with an awaiting fan on her way back to her car after their meal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“Date night…..I’ve got a super cutie I’m hanging with :),” LeAnn tweeted.

“Beautiful night at Nobu! Now night night,” she added.

Earlier this month, LeAnn showed off her bikini bod while vacationing in Hawaii with Eddie.

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  • Kristina

    GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • apple

    Has she done anything? over the past 2 years?

  • Love the shoes

    I’ve been keeping up with Eddie Cibrian since forever and I never ever EVER saw him be this happy. I think people are hypocrites. They have no problem with some couples who they know left other people to be together but then want to act like LeeAnn invented it! What about The men? The men never EVER bear your hate but you have no problem dogging the women. I don’t care what you say, he and his ex would still have split LeeAnn or not becuause they weren’t happy. They were just going through the moves. Same with Tori Spelling. Look at her now! She and Dean have something so solid and loving and yet she’s still getting villified for not staying unhappy!

  • BEAN

    Lol she looks asian… and actually looks good for once. Yes you don’t need to show us your scraggly body Leann.

  • Ana

    she’ll go away when you stop clicking on her links. Jared loves the attention obviosuly. Celebs who do not get posted on about anymore is because they probably only can get a few hits. leann gets many,.its not rocket science

  • yep

    they are growing on me…. (don’t care for her tweets however she seems to be good to the children)

  • anonymous

    And Eddie has a super ugly he’s hanging with.

  • Jackie

    @BEAN: What’s wrong with looking Asian?

  • sasha

    Eddie the Cowardly monkey, and his wife… horse face…. tah dah

  • Jackie

    OMG, did anyone see “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” last night? Brandi, Eddie’s ex-wife, was at a restaurant opening and one of the waitresses was an ex mistress of his! She apparently went on TV sobbing when he left her for LeAnn and mind you, he was doing all this WHILE married to Brandi. LeAnn is in for some major heartache.

  • Roxy

    There is absolutely nothing beautiful, or attractive about this woman. Everything about her is so fcuking annoying. I wonder how much she paid this “fan” to stand there and take a pic with her. She lives through her life to tweet.

  • karma

    @Love the shoes:
    Difference is that Eddie is a SERIAL cheater..he lied to his first mistress cheated on Brandi and cheated on Leann..he was sleeoing with Brandi, Scheana, and LeAnn at the same time..while dating leann he slept with Brandi again and also tried to get back with you honestly think a man like this will be faithful..he has no job and leann is his only way f making money

  • BEAN

    @Jackie: you tell me. what in ‘she looks asian’ would make you think I think that? unless of course the idea is coming from yourself

  • CO Gal

    She is obnoxious and funny looking. – go away

  • Jackie

    @BEAN: Because everything else you wrote was nasty, so it was a fair assumption on my part to think that you were also insulting Asians. Duh…

  • katie

    She either needs to get an actual career, or just stop being posted about. Is there anything that she does beside go on vacation, be in a bikini or out to dinner?

  • Jackie

    @katie: I’m jealous! I wish I had her life, but with MY husband.

  • siennagold

    It’s strange to see her fully clothed. I always see her prancing around in a bikini. lol

  • sandra

    whats wrong with looking Asian? theyre prettier and more exotic than plain jane white chicks alot of the times. and no she does not look asian AT ALL.

  • Cubby68

    She is still an ugly human. She has to twitter where she goes so that the papo can get ugly pics of her and that cheating vain shidde. And her only ONE fan what a LMAO moment! The fan is just happy to see skanky fame she’ll dive into a pic with. Please save her! Go crawl under a rock both you! Always will be cheating whores!!!!

  • Lily

    I seriously have no idea who thisLeann lady is or why she is famous/ I have some vague idea that she married some gay guy and got divorced and then had an affair and now married some other guy whose ex is a reality lady with lots of botox and implants- and the Leann got implants but who the heck is she? She is very ugly and looks like a loser.

  • Helen

    Omg she’s not wearing bikini LOL

  • d

    The paps hang out at Nobu. Everyone in HOllywood knows if you want to be photographed–eat at Nobu.

  • Jane

    Eddie looks totally wasted in the third picture. I wonder how much he had to drink. If he drank and drove, he’s a stupid idiot. I also heard that Nobu is a very CLASSY restaurant. Geez, did WEWE sell all of her decent clothes for such an occasion so she could buy more bikinis? I dress better than her when I go out to eat.

  • ESP

    Yep. Saw that Brandi was at Lisa Vanderpumps’ new restaurant/bar caled Sur n Bev Hills and a wait staff memeber was a girl named Schanae.
    Schanae was Eddie ‘s girlfriend while he was married to Brandi. He dumped Schanae to be with and marry LeAnn.

    So you got that everybody.
    Schanae , Brandi said was on tv at that time upset because her married boyfriend dumped to be with LeAnn.

    Got that. Let me put it this way. Eddie wa married to Brandi and cheated on her left and right.
    One top girlfriend was this Schanae creature.
    Eddie bumped that jump off when he found LeAnnRime$.

    Poor Schanae…she became a wait staff member at a BEvHills fine estbalishment but she is not BevlHills eatablish.
    She was serving the ex wife of the man who was her married boyfriend.
    Schanae needs to go abck home whereever that is. Hollywood has always been temp home for 1000′s of youn g pretty girls trying to an actress or singer or, if they get lucky and hit it big, girlfriend of a rich married guy. Not my type of job, but for them being a rich , married guys’ pretty , young, secret girlfriend is about best they do and that is short term job.
    Jackie ,I you have I have that , I was replying to the others.

    Brandi is so much better , way better than being married to no good Eddie.
    Least BRandi was areal modle adn she Eddie were starting out together in their careers , money wise , and age, same thing.
    Least BRandi, thanks to Eddie and Leann, has BevHills Housewives for some cash$$ and exposure.

    Yes, LeAnn is realy going top get it from this guy one guy. He aint’ worth a shet. Pretty boy an d that is about it.

    LeAnn forgot to say in that tweet that she paid for dinner at Nobu. His clothes. Her clothes. The car. The gas in the car and car insurance.
    She owns the house they were going home to.
    Did I leave anything out?

  • Jane

    @Jackie: TIVO’d it and watched it just now. Amazing! At least Lisa asked the wait staff girl who had the affair with Eddie to leave and there wasn’t any drama with that. Good for her to stick up for Brandi. Lordy-did Eddie sleep with everyone in Hollywood? Seriously, I asked a bunch of my women friends if they would have anything to do with him and they all said he is gross and not that good looking. Actually so many of them hated his dimples and his squinty smile. Very untrustworthy and slimy looking. He is NOT that much to look at, not built very well, not that sexy and doesn’t have a job. There so many more men in Hollywood who are 100 times sexier than Eddie will ever be. He is used goods.

  • John

    OMG!!…she look like Mrs.Pig from the Muppet!!

  • Michael

    @Roxy: Its undeniable unless one has a “tin ear” that LeAnn , whatever people do or don’t like about her, has a truly great voice. For instance, a Madonna or in country genre a Shania (who i was crazy about) are not even close to LeAnnes amazing ability. She was (is) one of the greatest child prodigy vocalists known.


    Yes Michael, she WAS a CHILD prodigy and NOW an UNDERACHIEVER vocalist. So much hope and promise not ever realized, peaked at 13 years of age and downhill ever since. LeAnn IS an ADULT, liar, cheating, evil, adulteress slvt that I and others will never patronize for the rest of her disgusting existence that is her life.

  • Jane

    If she has such a GREAT voice:
    1) Why isn’t she at the top of the charts?
    2) Why doesn’t she have a slew of #1 singles now?
    3) Why doesn’t she have a slew of Grammy Nominations now like Adele?
    4) Why isn’t she high in demand in MAJOR concert arenas?
    5) Why isn’t she making top music videos?
    6) Why isn’t she on the cover of Rolling Stone or another major music industry magazine praising her for massive talent?
    7) Why is she playing casinos and low class SMALL theaters?
    8) Why aren’t major artists clamoring to have a chance to work with her?
    9) Why isn’t she nominated and winning VH1 awards, Billboard Music Chart Awards, MTV Awards?
    10) Why isn’t she the top singer mentioned on the People’s Choice Awards?
    11) Why isn’t she mentioned on the World Music Awards?
    12) Why are her CDs tanking?
    13) Why was there DEAD silence when she appeared on the Ellen Show and now one was screaming their heads off in support of her “Voice”?
    14) Why aren’t major record producers such as Timberland etc. vying for her attention so they could produce her next great CD?
    The answer is simple. NOT TOO MANY PEOPLE KNOW HER FOR HER VOICE ANYMORE. She is simply known as an adulteress who is screwing around with a man who probably still cheats and she struts…and I do mean STRUTS all around God’s creation in a bikini screaming on top of her lungs how HOT she is and how sexy she is. She is damaged goods with a bad reputation and some serious issues.
    Enough said.

  • ginger

    Team Glanville.

  • josie

    Mr Rimes has an extra long nose, squinty eyes ans not much in the package department. Ms Rimes must store snacks in those nostrils that are so flaring, think they got that way from all her nose=picking. still pics of her on the web digging around for snacks, go to LEANN RIMES NOSE=PICKING . truly a disgusting adultress and he is even worse,for cheating on his pregnant wife with a waitress and then with Leann and the waitress.The waitress actually cried on T.V. when she found out that her married boyfriend was cheating on HER with his own wife and Leann. Only in Hollywood, folks

  • Josie

    I think LeAnn is bisexual.

  • Josie

    Team Emma Willis! Kicked Brandi to da curb!!

  • Jane

    @Josie: I wouldn’t be surprised with those recent bikini on the beach shots with her friend.

  • Josie


    Exactly Jane.

  • Cat

    Your right ESP! Does Leann really think that Eddie pulls out his card to pay for dinner? If he does pay then its a card from Leanns bank account. He is basically a male ho.