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Miranda Kerr & Flynn: Playdate Pair

Miranda Kerr & Flynn: Playdate Pair

Miranda Kerr carries her adorable son, Flynn, as they meet up with friends for a playdate on Tuesday (January 17) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 28-year-old Aussie model recently caught up with People and filled them in on Flynn‘s very first birthday party – he celebrated his first birthday on January 6.

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“It was the first cake he had ever seen or tasted. It was a gluten-free cake and organic, of course,” Miranda said. “He put his face in the cake. It was a healthy kick-start to his first birthday.”

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Flynn at a playdate…

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  • Lola

    She’s so thin that she looks like his older sister, not his mother.

  • A

    The baby looks a bit middle eastern

  • Ann Kerr

    Actually the baby looks Greek to me. And yes she looks so young now that Orlando looks like a pedophile next to her!

  • talo

    Love that she feels the need to say it was “gluten-free cake and organic – OF COURSE” As if eating anything other than that would kill you.

    There is no need to cut out gluten from your diet unless you have Coeliac disease – and it’s definitely not a good idea to cut out gluten from a child’s diet as they’ll probably be deficient in fibre and calcium and many other nutrients.

    She should really watch it with what she says. Just because something sounds healthy doesn’t mean it is.

  • BEAN

    He’s gorgeous. Sweet sweet boy

  • Jen

    He’s so adorable! But there’s something “wrong” with his eye? Strabismus, maybe? Anyways, he’s still cute as a button!

  • night owl

    I agree with Talo. When she said, “OF COURSE,” she seems so pretentious! Get off your high horse celebrities about organic crap. Stop acting like you are superior because your baby’s first cake was organic and gluten free. Whoppie friggin do. Want a golden medal for best parenting?

  • Stacey

    pretty mom, ugly kid.

  • bubbles

    I knew she had a big head obviously but didn’t realize she also had a five head.

  • Anonymous

    I’d say cute kid, ugly mom. If Orlando looks older, that is what someone who is not happy looks like.

  • Chanel

    OF COURSE, it was organic and gluten-free. Goodness, Miranda. Ugh.

  • reba

    @talo: Agreed.

  • Shawna

    Ah, the dreaded first time mother syndrome! With my first I was sure he would never watch tv, never eat sugar, etc, etc. He has an organic, sugar-free cake for his first birthday. Fast forward to kid number 3 and she was covered in sugary, frosty goodness on her birthday and is watching tv as we speak. First time mothers always think they wrote the book and that they know everything. Those of us with more kids just shake our heads and laugh.

  • zoe

    @Ann Kerr: Yeah she looks much younger than her real age. Like what I’ve said, i think O&M looks like father and daughter. Anyway. Miranda and Flynn makes such a beautiful mother son pair for sure! I just hope we can see their angelic face only. So tired of looking at the papa’s old fugly head. I truly hope Mr. Bloom would disappear forever!

  • tal

    Well since she is aware that she is well known for her endorsement of eating organic food whenever possible, the “of course” was IMO, added as a slight joke. As for the ‘gluten free’ bit, I think that the current fad. And no, Flynn’s intake of fiber and vitamins is not in danger. Fiber is not just found in wheat products, but also lots of fruits and vegetables. Of which, I’m sure that Flynn gets plenty. You can tell how healthy he is just by looking at him. You may call her pretentious about her stand on organics, but she’s right. Non-organic fruits and veggies can have high levels of pesticide residue. And non-organic milk can be full of growth hormones. Say what you want, but she seems to be taking very good care of that gorgeous little boy. Who seems to now be weaned, if he’s graduated to a ‘sippy cup’. He’s such a beautiful baby!

  • ha

    The baby looks just like his daddy. Who is neither Greek (waves at the delphidiot), nor Middle Eastern.
    He certainly has Orlando’s eyes, lashes and eyebrows. Can’t tell about the rest of his face, but he looks to have Miranda’s cleft chin.
    He’s such a gorgeous little boy!

  • longchamp

    organic – OK. w/rbgh & antibiotics in milk, gmos at every turn, frankensalmon and other man-made, high-profit wonders – i get the ‘organic’ bit. gluten-free tho? why? if the kid’s not a) celiac or b) gluten-intolerant, she’s just being obtuse.

  • @17

    Maybe gluten upsets his tummy, or he has allergies. How do you know that he ISN’T gluten-intolerant?
    Don’t judge unless you know the facts.
    But back OT.
    That baby is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Marie.Devereux

    The majority of the time, when I see her, she has Flynn on her right hands. From what I’ve read, when you carry your baby on your right, it’s because you’re stressed out. When it’s on your left, you hold the baby closer to your heart. Not that I’m saying she’s not close to her baby, but I do hope that she’s not überly stressed out. Then again, she was at a few parties, she could be tired. Eh, I wouldn’t know, but I do hope she is doing well.

  • @19

    That’s silly. You carry your baby in whatever way that is the most comfortable. Most of the time people carry their baby with the non-dominant arm, leaving your dominant hand free to work. But since Flynn is such a big boy, Miranda may just be carrying him with her stronger arm, since she is right handed. Don’t over analyze everything.

  • @21

    “…Not that I’m saying she’s not close to her baby..”
    “… but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am saying that she isn’t connected to her son..”
    But you sure were trying to infer just that.
    Miranda has almost always carried Flynn with her right arm. It’s just her choice. Nothing needs to be read into it at all. But you sure seem to be trying.

  • Marie.Devereux

    Why are you over analyzing everything that I’m saying? You’re taking everything that I’m saying out of context. I know how close she is to her son. I’ve always seen her carrying him. I always see her doting upon him. Do you think that I would really paint her as a bad mom. Oops, now you’re going to quote that. She’s a lovely mom. Are you going to take that out of context as well? Why would I want to paint her in a negative light for? I have no reason to do so. There are a few pictures where I have seen her carrying him with her left arm, but in this one, she is carrying him with her right arm. You’re attacking me for what reason? Because I said that I thought she was stressed, and then I put that I hope she was doing well, AND not stressed out? Does that make me a bad person to hope that she wasn’t stressed out? Does it make me a bad person to wonder for a celebrity I like? Is that bad? Are you going to continue quoting me to make me feel inferior to your supposed superiority? Does Miranda really read these and wonder: “Holy Crap, that 20 & 22 person is right! 19 & 21 is a cynic who is portraying me as a stressed out mother because I’m carrying my son on my right arm?” Excuse me, but it was just an observation. I have a little brother, who was on the heavy side, and I always carried him on my left arm. I’m right handed. I preferred my left, because I felt more connected with him. Why do you think that I’m condoning her for not holding him on her left side? You really think that I’m that low? I believe Miranda is incredible. Trying being less insensitive. She is doing a fantastic job with Flynn, and just because little old me decided to wonder about her stress, and if she had

    “…no connection to her son…”

    You’re vapid. I respect her. I think her son is beautiful, and she is a great mother, who has a wonderful connection to her son. I believe you shouldn’t make people think you’re far superior because you take things out of context. I hope you have actually read this, and not skimmed through it, trying to find the

    “…Miranda is a bad mom…” quotes.
    “…her son isn’t Orlando…” quotes that so many other people post. Miranda is a lovely woman. I would never say anything bad about her. Another thing you can quote me on.

  • because

    Love that adorable baby.

  • @Marie

    First you admit that you were wondering is she felt connected to her son. Now you are saying that you respect her, and that she has a wonderful connection with him. You can’t play on both sides of the field without people questioning your motives. And if you feel inferior because people question you, that’s your fault, not theirs.
    BTW, I agree with the other poster. Claiming that people who carry their children in their right arms must not feel connected with them has to be one of the most ridiculous theories that I have read in a while. It’s a matter of convenience or habit. Nothing more.

  • oOoOo

    cutest baby EVER

  • sara

    Flynn is such a beautiful boy. And Miranda looks fresh and lovely. Looks like a fun day!

  • eeee

    go away Brangelina loons !

    Flynn is twice as cute and adorable as all 6 brats from Brangelina !

  • @eeee

    That’s not nice.
    But not nice.

  • Sandy

    Flynn is so cute. Miranda looks beautiful.

  • Jenna

    Whoopee – what a tasty suprise for little Flynn! He gets to have his first piece of cake at 1 year old (why so late??) and then it OF COURSE must be gluten-free and organic. Wow, I bet his little taste buds exploded! *sarcasm off*

  • @30

    So now she’s a bad mother because she limits his sugar and pesticide intake?
    And you wonder why we call you losers delph-IDIOTS?

  • 837

    “gluten-free cake and organic, of course” *rolleyes* As If parents that don’t feed their babys “organic” things would be bad parents….

    Yeeah Miranda YOU are the BEST mother on this planet …OMFG

  • Sir CR

    Overprotective parents = dependent children

  • Hanna

    i don’t care about what Miranda said, i just want to look at Flynn’s super cute face!! He’s got a mohawk!! haha

  • Lindsdd

    Miranda is doing nothing wrong for wanting to teach her child healthy eating habits at a young age! Just goes to show you how out of synch alot of Americans are with health. Look at kids and the obesity epidemic at an all time high for children! You NEVER saw obese kids back in the day. Mums once said no you cant have that eat your broccoli right now. now mums are saying please dont throw your toy at me little suzie, ok you can have a lollipop for lunch…

    I grew up on wheat bread and when I tasted white bread at my friends houses I wanted to puke. It tasted like sticky yeast. YUck! I thank my mom for teaching me good eating habits because now I do not even crave junk. It doesnt even taste good to me….Go Miranda!

  • lyla

    she looks like a chipmunk with a broken nose ugly!!! take a good look at some of he close up pix that were not photoshoped. She is not a natural beauty at all! good body though, thats it!!

  • livvyloo

    That baby is the cutest baby ever, no doubt about that. And I too think she was probably be a bit sarcastic about her healthy lifestlye. That said, cake is still cake, and is not healthy any way you cook it. :) But it sure is good!

  • Jenna

    It’s ridiculous!! I grew up eating healthy food but normal food. Nothing eco, organic or free of anything that’s supposed to be bad these days. And I grew up a healthy, slim woman!! I was allowed to eat candy and cake as long as I can remember and so are my kids – in a limited way. That’s the key to today’s eating disorders and overweight. You can eat anything as long as you don’t overdo it. IMHO all these health nuts cause their children to be hypersensitiv to just about anything. Believe me, I have friends who grew up like this and they’re constantly sick and allergic to tons of stuff.

  • Rae

    It’s actually very healthy to not eat gluten, most people have sensitivities to it in this day and age. You will not at all be deficient in fiber (unless you just rely on bread products and not the veggies and fruits you should be eating to get it). And calcium in bread?? Sorry but bread is acidic (especially wheat products), which actually leaches calcium from bones. Green leafy vegetables are the way to go for calcium.
    Maybe you should take a nutrition class before saying Miranda Kerr, who is a registered nutritionist, that she doesn’t know what she is talking about.


    flynn is too fat for his age. I bet he eats cake every day.

  • gte

    Maybe it bothers some moms with guilty conscious….

  • claudia

    Awww … Flynn is so cute! The ladies are gonna love him one day, I’m sure.

  • .

    I think Miranda is exaggerating a little. I think it’s terrible to give a kid cakes and candy every time he wants, but once a year?
    On the other hand, she never said that anyone who doesn’t feed organic food to their children are bad parents, she isn’t giving lessons to anyone.
    In conclusion, each parent should do what they think it’s appropriate, as long as they don’t have an obese child at the age of 5.

  • LOL!

    Gotta love the idiot haters.
    Now they are condemning her for feeding Flynn *gasp* HEALTHY FOOD!!!!
    They are actually complaining that he isn’t eating candy?
    They think that organic foods AREN’T halthy?
    Really people???
    Desperate much?

  • @43

    I don’t really think that he will have cake only once a year. It’s just the ‘first’ time that he has had it. Remember, he has just been weaned off of breast milk, and has started to eat ‘real’ food. There’s been no reason to give him anything but mashed fruits and vegetables before.

  •!/myms95 M.

    That baby makes me smile every time I see a picture of him! He’s gonna be so successful with girls…

  • .

    @45 Yes I think you’re right. I don’t agree with giving kids cakes or candy on a regular basis, but I think that in the occasion that you give the kid some, it should be a “full blown” cake or candy, you know what I mean? Not this or that-free, but a cake, candy or chocolate with all the things that make them a sin LOL
    IMO a cake is not supposed to be healthy, just a “reward” you get from time to time.

  • @47

    Food should NEVER be a reward. Relating emotions or achievements to food, especially sweets, can lead to eating disorders such as obesity or anorexia.
    And if the cake that is served is NOT loaded with sugar and fats, then maybe the child won’t crave it as often. That’s a good thing, IMO.

  • kami

    he is such a cute baby. the fact that he always looks so relaxed and happy say a lot for his parents.

  • Sal

    @Shawna: Not so much the ‘first time mother thing’ but rather her organic/holistic outlook on life. Not necessarily the best for her child, unfortunately.