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David Furnish Explains Madonna Comments

David Furnish Explains Madonna Comments

David Furnish has taken to his Facebook account to clarify previous comments he had made about Madonna‘s win at the Golden Globes over the weekend.

“Wow! What a tempest in a teapot. My comments regarding The Golden Globes have been blown way out of proportion,” David wrote. “My passion for our film “Gnomeo & Juliet” and belief in Elton‘s song really got my emotional juices going. But I must say for the record that I do believe Madonna is a great artist, and that Elton and I wish her all the best for next week’s premiere of the film “W.E.”.”

Madonna won the award for Best Original Song for her work on “Masterpiece” from her film W.E., besting David‘s hubby Elton John‘s song “Hello, Hello” from Gnomeo & Juliet.

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  • Dina

    I didn’t know you could buy a Golden Globe these days. Hope you got a bargain Madonna, maybe an old lady special?

  • Paulo

    She doesn´t need to buy it Dina,she´s the queen of pop because she´s talented.

  • Azaelai

    Dina > Replace “Old lady” special by black woman or faggot and you’ll get my point of view on your comment…or maybe not cuz it takes a brain.




  • Dina

    Really guys, her song was better than Elton’s?
    I must be deaf so please just ignore me

  • Azaelai


    Dina > My comment was not about you not liking the song. It’s about the age diss. Replace “old lady” by gay or black to see how offensive it is.

  • real

    TRue, anybody can win an award for being a faux songwriter, artist, director now.

  • real

    I thought directors went to film school…jolie, madonna

  • LadyB

    What was taken out of context? Is initial facebook comment was crystal clear and made him sound like a bitter old lady….Either someone talked some sense into his head or the booze in his system finally wore off.

  • bonie

    Ha, it’s just another dig because he knows W.E. is awful and being panned by everyone!

  • stacey

    @Paulo: LOOOOL what’s the talent of that granny? she can’t sing nor dance, she DON’T write her OWN music, she doesn’t play ANY instrument, she’s ugly etc..

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care for her anymore and if you saw his show in Vegas, it was so bad people were leaving, but the look on his face when she got the award – well the hatred was just dripping so David Furnish’s so-called apology is a little too late.

  • pinata

    backpedaling is for f/a/g/s and not the fabulous flamboyant homosexual kind. (if you have never seen louis ck explain the difference between f/a/g/s and f/a/g/s, you should def watch it)

  • pinata

    @stacey: LOL she dances WAY better than lady gaga. the woman got her college scholarship from dance. if you know anything about dancing you will know madonna’s moves are a lot more precise and solid. lady gaga is cute but she looks like she needs to take a piss when she dances. it’s wobbly and flimsy.

  • stacey

    @pinata: Who’s talking about Gaga? obviously SHE’S wayyyy better then Oldonna cos’ she actually HAVE TALENT, but i’m talking about Madonna’s skills, she have NO talent, she’s only a 80′s icon.

  • ellie’

    Madonna is a super star..that’s why she won..she so talented always was..

  • elle

    Oh BULL Shit, david

  • facts

    Elton and his leash are hypocritical. I don’t think either song was very good. But these guys cry about every little thing. I can’t recall the last time Madonna said bad things in public about either of these two. And @Stacey , Lady Gaga has made a career stealing from Madonna and Britney.

  • emmaa

    He’s obviously backtracking. He was perfectly loud and clear about his feelings. Should just keep it that way. Stop with the bullshit coverups.

  • BEAN

    He’s such a tool lmao.

  • ian

    MAdonna is the Queen … Nd they are just a mean jealous faggots !!

  • Lona

    Funny. Your comments were not blown way out of proportion, they were rude and inappropriate to say the least. You owe Madonna an apology, not a confirmation of how great artist she is, cuz she does not need you to confirm that.

  • Sheila

    I’m not a big fan of Madonna the person, to me she is better heard in music than seen or heard in interviews, but she is talented in music (her movies not so much). I like Elton John’s music too but he should learn to be a better loser. How can David now say that tweeting F**K off was blown out of proportion, F**k off is pretty to the point what it means!! Total backpeddling, I would respect celebs more if they said “yeah I said it, and I meant it” sometimes, because it just looks like their PR team told them to backtrack. F**k off is F**k off and there is no misinterepretation of that!!!!

  • Michelle

    Some people just don’t know how to lose with grace.

  • blah

    bitches, just bow to the queen…

  • Pheobe

    Madonna is extremely talented and has proven it time and time again. You don’t need to enjoy her music to give her credit for what she has accomplished. She has paved the way for a lot of female artists including Lady Gaga. Elton is a great talent as well. You win some you lose some. Try and be a good sport. Mocking Madonna and the Globes just make you look like a bad sport. You meant what you said and no PR move is going to change that. Next time try and keep your childish remarks behind closed doors and respect others. Enough said.

  • lton old day rocks

    I am sure many ppl agree Madge is a narcac isstic bi@tch and are not crazy about her old lady like dancing on stage but to each her own.

    I havn’t paid attention to Elton John in years but have always liked his style.

    So what his b/f or husband made comments about the snot face madge
    no big effen deal.. MEH.

  • Dee

    @stacey: How deluded are you! Your ageism is pretty gross too. Madonna earned multiple dance scholarships at a major university and dance studios. She’s a talented dancer. She also plays the guitar, piano, drums, and violin. She writes her music and produces it. She’s also written and produced music for other artists such as Kylie and Ricky Martin. Look it up!

  • Dee

    David Furnish also attacked William Orbit without provocation. David should own up to what he did. Both him and Elton are horrible, two-faced people. Those calling Madonna old and narcissistic, while she’s almost two decades younger than Elton and hasn’t attacked others for winning instead of her are stupid.

  • White


    Madonna is using Gaga’s name in order to promote her album. She has no shame. What kind of “Queen of Pop” has to resort to such low tatics? I guess she is not confident enough in her own talent, because, guess what, it’s not that Madonna is a real musician. Since she was a teenager she wanted to be a DANCER, and the an ACTRESS, she just ended up being a musician by chance. She got people to write songs for her, like William Orbit, Madonna never discusses her songwriting process because she doesn’t do any of it. Elton is right, Madonna didn’t deserve to win, and her song is nothing special.

  • White


    Elton John and David are saying the correct thing. Madonna is a person who is always seeking attention for herself. She can’t stand that someone else, specially a female, shines more than her. And, Madonna pays big bucks to people like William Orbit to give song credits to her. Madonna was never a musician, her goal in life was to be FAMOUS, because she needs adoration from people. She just ended up being a musican by chance. She is not a real musician. She does not deserve the award or any other for this matter.

  • White


    Lady Gaga is much superior than Madonna and Britney combined. She is a real musician. These other two are just fabricated pop stars. At least Britney does not pay to have her name on the credits of something she didn’t create. Shame on Madonna.

  • White


    Madonna is only talented with her money. She buys the song credits, don’t believe in this fraud. Madonna never was a musician, look it up. Watch some video about her life, or read her biography. Madonna only wanted to be FAMOUS no matter what. Be it being a dancer, an actress, or msusician. But she never really was a musician, it just happened to be something that she had an opportunity to do. She has no songwriting skills, she wont talk about it, other people do it for her.

  • White


    She plays the guitar, but it is very basic, nothing impressive. She does play the guitar poorly according to her own band member, and she does not play the violin, where did you see her performing live with a violin?? I also never saw her perform the piano live. I can also say I play lots of instruments, and never play them live, see? Madonna does not write her own music, she pays for the credits. See that David Furnish just called out William Orbit for taking money in exchange for credits of his songs. That’s the way it works. Face it, Madonna is a fabricated pop star. She never was a real musician, she just wanted to be FAMOUS no matter what.

  • White

    She does play the DRUMS*** poorly according to her own band member. — Correction.