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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Ocean Kisses!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Ocean Kisses!

Vanessa Hudgens plants a kiss on her beau Austin Butler as the two splash around in the ocean together on Thursday (January 19) on the beaches of Hawaii.

The 23-year-old bikini clad actress horsed around with a shirtless Austin in the ocean – the two jumped around, and Austin even lifted Vanessa over his head!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa recently returned from Australia, where she was busy promoting her upcoming film Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

She hit the red carpet in both Sydney and Melbourne to premiere her action flick!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Heather Gardner‘s “shark tooth” necklace.

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  • Mands

    Vanessa as usual with your famewhore ways. Getting old to be honest. This girl is worse than Ashley Greene, Ashley Tisdale, and the Kardashians combined. Bet she paid for Austin to go out there too. He’s feeding off her fame and that’s it.

  • lauren

    she’s getting her grove on.

  • Katie

    This guy AGAIN?! Just when I thought he was out of the picture.
    She was so much better in Australia.

    And seriously, what’s with all these vacations they’re having together? Weren’t they just in Miami? This guys not even working. He shouldn’t have a vacation. And what’s with all the PDA?! No one can get caught by the papperazzi this much. It’s insane. And his face is always sucking on hers. She looks great, but he needs to get out of the picture.

    An I can’t believe she took him to Hawaii! That’s her and Zacs place!

  • stacey

    she’s always making out in public? she’s so gross GET A ROOM GIRL!!! + she have NO TALENT, she’s just desperate 4 attention.. she’s soo nasty eww who remember her nude pics? or the picture of her vajayjay ewwwwwww

  • oj

    Every post of them is about kissing! lol

  • dasnjdkas

    Is it just me or does she always look so eager and desperate with this guy? You would think she just discovered men and sex with the pathetic way she acts!

  • jime

    I know actors need photo-ops sometimes, but how can you take a famewh*re seriously? It annoys me. When there are no more “acting” jobs left, she’ll do a reality.
    When the pda is so strong like in this case and it happens everywhere all the time, there’s something fishy behind. Probably a PR deal or a beard.

  • Haters Suck!

    Hell she looks sexy Austin is one lucky guy.

  • Asha

    I am so glad her and Zac broke up. He can do so much better than her and her famewhorish ways.

  • sam

    stop of thiis plz

  • Haters Suck!

    right zac doing this stuff with Ashley in front of her boyfriend was perfectly ok. But Vanessa doin this stuff with her boyfriend is wrong. Got it. What a upside down world.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh it’s so nice to see Vanessa happy and lovely in Hawaii with someone as sexy as Austin. He looks fit, not freaky bloated fit like some of Vanessa’s haters know!

  • Sam

    All I gotta say is YUCK!!!! They trying way to hard to prove something. Does she want us to know she’s in heat? Is that it? We already got the message when she was in Miami. No need for overkill.

  • Celestine

    @Haters Suck!: I don’t think she means it like that! It’s just that for a passerby who is not necessarily a fan of hers will think that she might be a fame-whore (I’m not saying she is) It’s just a little too much!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!

    @Asha: I bet Vanessa is more glad she broke up with him. Not after his strip club trips, Roxy encounters, and Pink Taco pick ups.

  • Jamie


    FYI Austin has a recurring role in ABC Family’s Switched At Birth.

  • Celestine

    @!!!!!!!!!!!: Stop! Don’t start a war! Please!

  • skskj

    @Mands: lol um vanessa actually has a career and became famous for her acting in HSM. She (or anyone for that matter) should EVER be compared to the Kardashians who sit around planning how to whore out any person in their family by any means possible. I hate Vanessa with this guy though, he shoves his tongue down her throat at the sight of any camera.

  • kami


    i’m always suspicious of couples who overdo the pda. leann rimes and her hubby come to mind.

    btw, does austin ever work on that tv show he’s doing? he must not have a very big part. or is vanessa supporting him? she’s gotta be making a thousand times more money than he does. i say when the hot s-e-x grows cold, they’ll part ways.

  • Celestine

    Gonna be hated for this but…At least with Zac it was subtle and cute, with Austin it’s a little too much and in your face!

  • sop

    Hawaii Promo tour, then Mexico, LA and New York!!!
    soo glad Austin is with her!!

  • sop

    and shiit vanessa has a HOT body!!!

  • sop

    zac who?

  • Celestine

    @sop: Not really! Now people are gonna be more interested in her relationship and not on her movie!

  • sop

    and Vanessa is really HAPPY now!

  • Celestine

    @sop: Zac Efron? The one she dated for 5 years? Don’t like him? It’s okay but don’t turn a blind eye that they once had a relationship!

  • kami


    yep. i agree. this is gaggy.

  • Haters Suck!

    yeah because people weren’t intrested in her relationship with zac at all and lord knows she was never asked about it. Right.

  • yets

    vanessa is really in love austin now.

  • sop
  • Celestine

    @Haters Suck!: I get what you mean! But being known as Zac Efron’s girlfriend or “Yea she’s Zac’s girl!” is better than being known as the girl who makes out everywhere with her new boy toy! I say boy toy because I see no passion between them just plain ol’ lust!

  • amber

    @Katie: right i agree completely

  • Celestine

    @yets: I think it’s more of lust than love!

  • sop

    lol i thought you were talking about one of V´s friends or something, lol this is a Vanessa post, why should anyone bring his name here, he is not even relevant in Vanessas life anymore…
    She is there, with her movie cast, doing promo and enjoing some free time with her BOYFRIEND, theres nothing wrong!

  • yets

    to those hater keep coming to this tread and let the paparatzi know that you really interested to her everyday life…ha ha thats why Vanessa is the top celeb here in w/ it

  • Celestine

    @yets: LOL! Angelina Jolie is the top celeb here lol!

  • charlene

    when and where will the NY promos stuff be? i would love to attend thanks

  • !!!!!!!!!!!

    @Celestine: Don’t bring ZAC-ombie! That relationship is dead. Vanessa has a hotter bf. Zac has his potato-head gf. He is happy, too. He and his new gf can make french fries and we won’t give a daymmmmm!

  • Celestine

    @sop: Like I said they once had a relationship and as long as no one say any negative thing about either of them does it matter?

  • sop

    oh and there’s nothing wrong with Zac, he is an actor and has his own life, im not his fan, but i dont hate him or even care about him, he was a part of Vanessa´s life, she was happy with him like 3 years ago, but thats her past… but his fans and the zanessa one are pretty stupiiids TBH hahaha
    Zanessa was cute, but they are over, and the fans just cant get over the fact they are not together anymore!
    i love to see Vanessa smile!

  • Celestine

    @!!!!!!!!!!!: C’mon stop it! And Zac’s still single! It’s kinda obvious! And with comments like that you are gonna start a war!

  • Celestine

    @sop: I wouldn’t say his fans are stupid tbh! I think sometimes they just held onto something that for once might have made them happy! And lol! Be careful other Zac fans might attack you for that comment!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!

    What war? I know he plays a marine in his next movie. But like what someone said in previous posts, he looks better holding a hairspray can.

  • suckefron

    Oh I’d love to see they make an HSM Reunion Movie. Gabriela is married to a hot guy named Austin. Sharpay is still Sharpay. Sharpay’s brother just won an Oscar Award. And Troy’s got Bolt-ons!

  • Celestine

    @!!!!!!!!!!!: WTF your comment makes no sense! And see the movie before judging!

  • sop

    but when she was with her ex, all the promo was about “How´s Zac?! “What Zac think about that?” and blah.. and now the one who bring Austin and Vanessa´s private life was Josh, he was the one saying “im in love with Austin, my boo” and Vanessa didnt even talked about Austin, she just said one time “my boyfriend”… She is not using her relationship to sell the movie, at least not in property promo time…

  • sop

    i hope we get Vanessa, Josh and Austin pictures hahaha

  • zacfan21

    I use to love this girl but i’m sorry she is slowly starting to lose my respect like i did love her and zac together i was sad when they broke up but i still loved her but now she just seems like such a hypocrite everytime you see her she’s basically dry humping this loser like what happen to the girl who liked to keep her personal life private when her and zac were caught in positions like this you can tell it wasn’t intentional with this attention whore he looks like he loves the attention i’m sorry but i think he is straight up using her to get more attention honestly no one heard of him before he started dating her and fyi last i heard zac doesn’t have a girlfriend he’s single and focusing on his career and i’m starting to become more of a zac fan because he seems like the same person but she has completely changed maybe that relationship did keep her grounded idk but i hope she changes because she use to be a huge role model of mine

  • BOJI

    Just as I’d expected, Austin missed V like crazy and had to meet up with her in Hawaii. Good for him, they’re just enjoying each other’s company oblivious to everyone. I just love their obvious PDA. Frankly some of you condemning V as trashy are just secretly envious of her and Austin. V looks hot in her red bikini and Austin just as hot in his swimming trunks.

  • Celestine

    @suckefron: You have made this comment like a million times, it has lost it’s funny! And can we just leave Troy/Zac alone? If you wanna bring him in. don’t say negative stuff! This is how the whole fandom war starts!