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Heidi Klum & Seal To Divorce?

Heidi Klum & Seal To Divorce?

Heidi Klum is reportedly ending her marriage to Seal, TMZ reports.

A source has apparently confirmed to TMZ that Heidi will file papers with the L.A. County Superior Court sometime next week, citing irreconcilable differences on the documents.

Heidi and Seal were married in May of 2005 and have three biological children together: Henry, Johan, and Lou. Seal also adopted Heidi‘s daughter Leni.

The couple was last seen together over the holidays when the family took a ski vacation together in Colorado.

Heidi attended the 2012 Golden Globe Awards solo this past weekend in Beverly Hills.

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# 2

never saw this one coming, seemed happy………

# 3

Wow. I really didn’t see this one coming. They’re always so lovey dovey. :(

# 4

ncncn hollywood obviously, not surprised, not surprised people!

# 5

Wow like what’s the point of marriage in Hollywood….i mean really, just have a wedding and don’t sign any papers…it would make things so much easier

# 6
Gossipgirl @ 01/21/2012 at 11:23 am

They are always loved up all over the place……what happened.

# 7

Wow they looked promising. This just shows, you never know what’s really going on.

# 8

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :(

# 9

I so hope it’s not true! They seemed like the only couple which won’t separete ever.

so much for renewing their vows every year…

He has a temper and can lash out; he tours a lot; he isn’t as involved with the kids as Heidi is. He’s quite a bit older than Heidi. It all adds up.

BTW there is “A RAT” in the word “separate” – think of that and you will always spell it correctly.

my guess is she cheated

just a guess

So all those renewing of vows….??? I hope it’s not true.

Wowww another divorce in Hollywood–shocker. Celebrities are so spoiled that at the tiniest sign of a fight or things not going their way, they are ready to give up, because everything else comes so easily to them. Just look at Kim K: she didn’t like how he threw clothes on the floor!

Get over it, honey. Many wives can complain about that, but they don’t just divorce. It’s called working on it and compromising. Of course in severe cases like if your husband is abusive or cheats on you, divorce him! But it is so annoying to me that celebs just throw in the towel, ESPECIALLY if there are kids involved. Look at J.Lo: she divorces her husband and goes out with some guy half her age…does she not care how that will affect her kids in the future?

Really sad.

7 years jinx strikes again.


The more a couple talks about how in love they are and how much sex they have then you know the opposite is the case. They talk like that to compensate for the lack of all those things.


Totally agree. So many women these days just think about their wedding day and get lost in all the hoopla. Newsflash: a wedding lasts a day, a marriage is SUPPOSED to last a lifetime. Celebs make a mockery out of marriage. What did Brad Pitt once say about his marriage to Jennifer Aniston: “Oh if it works out great, if not, then that’s life.” Really? That’s great to know people still take the union of marriage sooooo seriously!

Poor kids…

Marriages end in any place not only in Hollywood, at least on this planet!

I feel sorry for them!

what a bummer. their one of the only Hollywood couples that legitimately seemed happy

@S@n: Yeah, but it’s more common in Hollywood, more temptations, more money..

Don’t marry in May ppl. It’s a bad luck month to start marriages. Not saying that you won’t get divorced if you marry in june, etc, but May isn’t a good start.

Click Here! Celebrities don’t worry about financial security after divorce but real people do. Protect yourself like I did!

I really detest the voting system here….

I had a feeling something was up when she wasn’t seen wearing her engagement ring for a long time. I’ve noticed that whenever celebrity women start wearing only their wedding bands a divorce announcement soon follows. It started with Jessica Simpson. I also thought it was odd that Seal wasn’t at the Golden Globes with her.

That’s pretty shocking. Feel bad for the kids.

Oh my god, this is soooooooo not interesting.

I’m in shock, I thought they renewed their vows every year on their anniversary. They seemed so much in love. WOW I guess no celeb marriage is safe anymore

@pup: My husband and I got married May 10, 2000 we will be celebrating our 12th anniversary this year so the month you get married in has nothing to do with it! Instead of planning weddings every year they needed to work on their relationship. It’s not gonna always be easy but you can’t up and run at the first sign of trouble. Marriage is like a job your gonna have good times and bad but if you truely love that person you will deal with it all and work it out!

It is surprising but then again its not….Most showy ccouples who appear on every single red carpet together,do photoshoots together all the time,talking about their bedroom lives in interviews (as Heidi often did..) never seem to last. They were the opposite of private TBH. so going with the record of the most showy couples,…I’m not surprised.

I remember the frightened look on Heidi’s face when Seal got into it with some paps a while back.
She seemed scared to death that Seal would publicly lose it.

At that moment I knew that their ‘romantic’ life was a sham. She was afraid of him and his temper.
Hate to think what really happened behind closed doors in their marriage.

they look like brother and sister in that pic..except one is black one white..Heidi lost her looks and it’s only downhill from here..she’ll never find better than Seal. Wrong move.

How very sad for the children. I have heard through work that Seal has a temper/ anger management issues. Sad if this is true.

Hm whats with the tattoo now :D

well , I didn’t see that one coming at all . I thought they were so in looove and passionate and … Anyway .

I guess she’s tired of being smothered to death by Seal.

Did not see that coming. Wow.

biker mike @ 01/21/2012 at 1:00 pm

of course they are,, he aint making any money anymore

not happy @ 01/21/2012 at 1:11 pm

this is a surprise. i liked this couple, they seemed to have a happy family and seemed so in love. it’s too bad things are not working out.

Sammy2001 @ 01/21/2012 at 1:15 pm


It is not more common in Hollywood, celebrities only make up 10% of the population the reaon why you think its more common with celebrities is because every time they breack up it make the news, We don’t get report every time a regular person gets divorce or breaks up just think if we did.

Sammy2001 @ 01/21/2012 at 1:18 pm


Not true look at johnny depp and vanessa paradis very privet and thier supposed to be splitting.

Don’t understand why couples that show up together on a RC to support each other are always knocked. I don’t live in hollywood. But when something happens at work my husband comes with me and I him. If there were cameras there we would get photographed together. Nothing wrong with accompanying you partner to their work events. And like it or not RC appearances are part of the job.

Look at Susan/Tim Sam/Jessica.. couples very seldom seen together or talked about..and they broke up this year.

Who knows what went wrong. Talking about you partner has nothing to do with it. People love to make sweeping statements about these things.

If its not the 7-year itch it’s the 10 year take it all divorce

giuseppe sallo @ 01/21/2012 at 1:59 pm

Another hollywood couples bites the dust… something in the water over there. Keep strong for the kids! The KIDS are the ones who need strength.

Gosh, no.
Not them!

Seal has been very lazy while Heid has been working so hard. The German girls don’t like if the men are sitting around.

What retarded idiots are giving me negative rep? Blonde German girls are very demanding – this has always been the case. If you would live in Germany, you would know that the office nerds usually have to settle for foreign girls. There’s no way for them to get a German blonde girl !!!

@Sammy2001: Yeah but don’t you think they have more temptations? I mean part of their job basically consists of getting half naked and make out with their co workers on camera. And all the money they have. Money complicates things. Obviously I don’t know the percentages and facts that you seem to know, but you can’t tell me that those two factors can’t hinder a relationship.


You8 sound so stupid its frighteneing and there is little chanceb you know anythinhg AND IF YOU ARE FOING TO LIE AT LEAST USE ONES THAT CAN’T BE CHECKED hE’S 48 SHE’S 38 HARDLY A HUGE DIFFERENCE


Another ignorant person heard from Seal tours quite a bit – so much for smothering. If you don’t know what you are talking about simply shut up

not asian @ 01/21/2012 at 2:58 pm

@Dieter: Excuse me, German girls are usually as big as wardrobes. Guys are cute.

It’s up to you SMG and Freddie…you’re the last two left.

@Sara: That’s so true! This goes for everyone, whether you’re a celebrity or not. I noticed that when I opened much more about my relationship to others, it was soon to crumble and we broke up. It’s like a curse. I don’t know if it’s a compensation mechanism or if I’m even aware of it or just a curse. Lesson learned folks: please keep your relationships private. When nosy people ask, “how are you and your boyfriend/girlfriend doing?” Just reply “Good, thank you.” That’s it. No one else has the right to know what “romantic” things you’ve said or done to each other. Whew! Sorry to go off there but just a friendly reminder :)

Isis Lara @ 01/21/2012 at 3:27 pm

Seal must have cheated on her. She’ll put up with his temper but not the infidelity.

Someone actually said Heidi lost her looks! Are you kidding me? She’s as beautiful as ever. I just don’t know if being with one person “forever” is realistic for anyone. People change. Kids and work put stress on relationships and take the romance out of it.

she’s probably tired of getting pregnant every other year

I can honestly say that Heidi and Seal were the LAST people I thought would get a divorce. Sad. :(

:( i really like them together

Elizabeth @ 01/21/2012 at 6:59 pm


That was THE first thought that entered my mind! I t-h-i-n-k Buff and Freddie can hold it together. It’s been 12 years now. If they do split, it may be a 20-yr. one or so maybe. Sarah and Freddie, you are are only hope.

Sure to divorce in 2012-
Will and Jada
Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart
Gwyneth and Chris

Elizabeth @ 01/21/2012 at 7:00 pm

PS Sorry, I meant CK not RK!

only 2005?? 7 years? thats not long at all… but incredibly sad.
celebrities are weird about marriage, i mean in the ‘real world’ being married for only 3 months wld cause a lot of sh*t.. but in celeb land its the norm….

eric dane? if he and his wife can survive a threesome than they’re set for life.. aha! im surprised patrick dempsey isnt divorced.. altho ive seen him and his wife with this brunette, drunk off their face, so im thinking that wont last long.

I agree with Cora and Ava.

May I ad, too sad with four sweet little cute kids, they semed like an idlean couple, power couple.

That’s Hollywood!!!

Also, Seal makes money in Europe, not as hot now in the states.
Heiedi is all over the place here.
These celeb people are self self centered like you all said.

@pup: Where did you hear this?

offtheproperty @ 01/21/2012 at 8:52 pm

This is disgusting, just like it always has been.
Isn’t Leni’s father alive?
She has a father, right?
Why has she been adopted by… THAT?
My heart really breaks for that sweet innocent girl.
Heidi has completely sold out her own daughter.

@offtheproperty: Leni’s father didn’t want her. He said it openly (hes a selfish billionaire) then he found a 20 yr old? and had a baby boy – - – i think seal is a great man for adopting her.

Seal + Heidi (or – now lol), Johnny Depp and Vanessa, both couples were very unlikely to divorce is what I thought…I think Jessica Alba is next..She never looks happy with her man. Also, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

Hey let’s get married and have some kids and then split up! We wonder why we have no values anymore.

Love the shoes @ 01/21/2012 at 10:41 pm

Something major heavy had to have gone down. There is too much family structure and foundation that has been given those kids since day one and to up end that or “irreconsolible (sp?)” differences is not making sense. If they are splitting for real, someone cheated and I bet it was her because he seems beyond devoted to his family and her while she can be aloof and cool.

Aliah G. Heitz @ 01/21/2012 at 11:23 pm

Honestly, this one breaks my heart. They seemed so genuinely in love and I thought they’d be one of those power couples to set a good example for Hollywood marriages that so often end in a bust. It seems there’s absolutely no HOPE for Hollywood couples. It’s just a big joke. I live in the Philippines where marriage is treated as sacred and eternal and I wish people would do the same.

Ok, i’ll take them off the list and add Alba. I don’t think she will stick around now that she has her 2 kids.

They seem like well-grounded, sensible people, so whatever it is that led them to separate must have been pretty serious. Good luck to both of them, divorce can never be easy!

Andamentothat @ 01/22/2012 at 1:46 am

That’s sad news for Heidi and Seal. Guess The Beckhams deserve credit for holding it together.

Noooooooo. It’s sad when marriages with kids end, you wish some could last at least.

adrianabe @ 01/22/2012 at 1:55 pm

wow shocked but not. More often times than not celebs who fame(hore on every red carpet together never seem to last, sorry but its true. Yes their are some cases defying the odds but for the most part I think all the PDA they did,Heidi talking about Seal’s package in his gym shorts and what lingerie she wears for him in almost every interview she’s ever given is TMI and almost shows that things aren’t as perfect as they seem. I know Heidi is seen as such a nice person by many people and that smiley thing gets ya, but if you visit models/fashion forums where people meet and greet models all the time at events, I’ve heard horror stories about her. Then the models who get bad raps in the press you hear how nice they were in person. I don’t know but she always seemed quite fake to me. red arrow me all you want. How nice someone is perceived in the press vs. how people who meet models all the time are two different things.\ I hear he is getting his own gig now in Australia and she can’t take it. He supported her all this time while he pretty much was only a dad and following her all around and now he wants to get back to work and the reality tv star/ D list model can’t take it…

@Dieter: ‘settle’ for foreigners? So you’re saying that Germans are better than other nationalities? What are you, some kind of nazi idiot?

I believe he just said that about Angie..not so long afo..

I can’t believe it..Heidi and seal marry every year on the anniversary..How sad…

These 2 should really consider getting back together , love is deep , it is not somehing to throw out of the door at he tiniest problem , please guys i dont think i will believe in soulmate and eternal love if you dont get back together …. yoy have kids yours rich beautiful famous and love eachother what more can you ask for in a relationship, dont leave it at that because supposedly it doesn work every coupe have their moments ,

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