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Stacy Keibler Promotes Her Fitness Video Game!

Stacy Keibler Promotes Her Fitness Video Game!

Stacy Keibler looks stunning while visiting the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show held at Rockefeller Center on Friday (January 20) in New York City.

The 32-year-old former WWE wrestling diva, who wore a McQ dress and Jimmy Choo shoes, went on the show to promote her new fitness video game “Your Shape Fitness Evolved.”

Earlier in the day, Stacy made an appearance on Good Day NY, where she demonstrated the work-out interactive game with the two hosts!

Stacy also addressed the rumors that Angelina Jolie does not like her. “That is completely false. She [Angelina] has been nothing but great and nice to me!”

Check out her appearance on the show below.

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Credit: Theo Wargo, Mr. Blue; Photos: Getty, Wenn, INF Events
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    this chick is so desperate.You can tell that she would sell a kidney to be famous.

  • Dina

    Who is this person?

  • Bognor Regis – Definitely

    awkward Stacy

  • Roxy

    I give that “relationship” another 6 months…so she better milk it now while she can

  • Bella Coola

    I am not sure why this beotch thinks being George Clooney’s latest accessory means people care about her.

    Dear beotch, Most women look down at you.

    They see you as pitiful, desperate and pathetic and would never buy anything you put out.

    I don’t think this latest generic girlfriend will complete her two-year contract as Clooney’s beard.

  • taissa

    lol she wishes angelina gave 2 cents about her.


    Convenient. Georgy dumped his last “girlfriend” and signed Keibler up just in time to promote his film during award season. Oh, she also just got a new agent – hence, new gigs ($$$) coming her way. It is good to be George’s girlfriend/BEARD.

    Is he for real??? Dude should just be the dude that he is. What is he so worried about that he will do anything to cover it up?

    These two are a joke. She is a pretty girl, but come on. A WWE wrestler? This is such a sham.

  • Gossipgirl

    Ugh……..Clooney’s rent a ho shilling for monies. Clooney has single handedly set back the feminist movement by at least 60 years. He really needs to just STFU already.

  • me

    Who cares? and did we really need the closeup of her huge feet..

  • alexandra

    omg tv hosts are so stupid.
    i would kill myself if i had to do interviews like these.

  • annie

    Former wrestler, third place Dancing With the Stars, a few tiny parts in a few TV shows, and parts in a few really bad movies. Somebody explain to me again why anybody is even talking about her? Oh right, she’s Clooney’s current flavor of the month. I actually feel sorry for her. Surely she has to know that nobody is interested in her. They only want to interview her because she might say something about Clooney. Don’t they know she’s not going to detail her gravy train by talking about him?

  • Paulie

    Some of her former wrestling colleagues have commented in the past that she was just in the wrestling business to get on TV and be famous. She didn’t actually want to learn to wrestle and never showed much dedication to improving in the ring.

  • lola_uk

    @Alexandra, I know what you mean. She was on Jimmy Fallon last night and when he said something about “beautiful, talented actress…” I had to change the channel.

  • jerri

    32 years old and she is already botoxing her face to the point it looks painful when she smiles. Now for the feet – Stacy, please do not let them ever do a close-up of your feet again. You can’t help it that your big toes are straight-up wonky, but don’t accentuate them by wearing sandals and letting anyone publish a close-up. This is coming from someone else who has large unattractive feet. Sandals are not my friend and they’re not yours either.

  • laura

    @alexandra: id kill myself if i had to do their job..

  • Lily

    “I play a girl, who had desires to be a model, but it didn’t quote work for her, so she becomes sort of golddigger” really?? is it a reality show?)

  • Guest

    Of course ,she said Angie is nice to me, what is she going to say Angie snubs me because I am just a piece of arm-candy. It is nice all these doors are opening for her because of Clooney, because most of them will close after they break-up.

  • annie

    I meant “derail” her gravy train.

  • Tazla

    Oh so what! If she’s trying to be famous that’s her business. She’s friendly and harmless. Why are you so hateful towards her? Jealous of her 42 inch legs or that she’s banging Clooney every night? Either way, you sound vindictive and nasty.

  • ja

    i think she is sweet, she did not belong in the wwe but she was something different. She didn’t have fake breast like most of the girls there and was not as trashy as they were. she had the girl next door look instead of the girl swinging on the pole look. I just wish she was not dating Clooney because it really makes her look desperate but I guess there is no other way for 3 more seconds of fame.

  • LM

    @ ja
    She did belong perfectly in the wwe, just watch this video:

    and if girls next your door do that please tell me where you live!
    The only thing she should do is wear short skirts to show those legs of her and STFU instead of trying to look smart and classy because she is not!

  • Sean

    This chick would be nowhere if she wasn’t banging Clooney. So sad

  • susan

    i don’t know what the truth is or isn’t about this relationship i just know that it’s a strange one. It’s also obvious that George is so desperate to avoid getting married again that he keeps jumping from girl to girl to girl in order to avoid it.

    honestly, someone should tell him that he can remain in a committed relationship with a woman without getting married. others in Hollywood do; Jon Hamm & Jennifer Westfeldt, Michelle Triola Marvin & Dick Van Dyke, Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell, Sam Shepard and Jessica Lange, and not all of these couples have children together. as for protecting his assets; California is a community property state.

  • Saph

    Stacy just wants attention and being with George gives it too her. She doesn’t actually have any talent, can’t act even on the red carpet she can’t even pretend to be George’s girlfriend. No one believes these two are a real couple and the countdown is on once the Oscars are over so is she. That is why she working it so hard, who goes on a tv talkshow to promote a video game you aren’t even in? If it wasn’t for George she wouldn’t have gotten her new management or any of these gigs. All Stacy proves is that sleeping your way to the top can payoff. Her folks must be so proud. Her fake smile is dimming she must have worked out by now everyone is laughing at her. She is a fool to think anyone wants anything to do with her if it wasn’t for George. She has stopped talking about him guess that clause in her contract has kicked in. No more he loves me B.S cause everyone knows he can barely stand her!

  • Dayana

    Very hot woman.

  • Romeo

    Exactly, #19.

  • meeeeeee

    @Bella Coola: I don’t look down to her. She’s pretty and a go-getter; doing whatever she has to do to be successful.

    Go on, Stacy. Do you no matter what the haters are sayin’.

  • meeeeeee

    @Sean: Doubt that.

  • meeeeeee

    @Dina: Stacy Keibler, I guess you can’t read.

  • yep

    Stacy is gorgeous!

  • pattygirl

    Don’t know why you say it’s her fitness video. It is an ZBOX Kinnect video and she does not appear in it. She is just promoting it and that’s mainly because she’s a video game geek and George Clooney’s girlfriend. It isn’t her video at all.

  • xploxite

    She’s Beautiful and seems very Nice. I’m a George Clooney’s Fan and I like them together.

  • Bo

    Just Jared must be on Stacy’s speed dial. You are constantly covering every move she makes. Who cares that she is promoting anything,but I do like her dress,

  • simon

    All the nasty comments above must be made by Elizabeta, or what her stupid name was, the ugly cokehead Clooney’s ex that nobody cares. Stacy is smart and genuine, and she can dance too. You go girl.

  • Sabrina

    High-end but sweet looking hooker.

  • mandy

    @simon “…Stacy is smart and genuine..” That was an attempt at humor, right?

  • dog n’ pony show

    what she goina twit rep next, room freshner for wavin her butt hole in the air??

  • Juliet

    Thou pursuest $$$ in place of decency Romeo, hence forth your “requirement” to lie.

  • Amber

    OMG lol some comments on here are so judgemental and hilarious. I say good on her..and really people, if you want to judge others relationships throw your dirty laundry out here for all to see first. She looks great and I’m just an ordinary woman who would love to look like her! Oh and dating George Clooney for however long would be a plus.

    I am sure people as blessed as she is would not even read your comments so show your face and then air your opinions then celebrities whoever they are, might notice and defend themselves. Fair? Let’s play fair.

  • grizzley101

    i couldn´t care less about her…she is just the next elisabetta soandso..i already forgot about the italian the wrestler chick will disapear in 1-2years,than a stripper or former pornstar or waitress..etc will take on her place.
    clooney is so boring and predictable..and so are his women.
    but of course she is hot..very hot(and i´m female)..but she isn´t attractive…she might be nice ,sweet,constantly smiling etc..but she doesn´t sound intersting enough.
    btw.i totally believe the angelina story..not the plane story..but i believe that angie is snubbing her.
    clearly clooney doesn´t like angie…his speech at the gg proved that.
    the way he pronounced”i´m so happy to see brad again”–and the way he totally dissed angie,while she was presenting..its obvious.
    so something happened.
    i feel sorry for stacy..imo angelina jolie is not better or more intelligent,interesting than stacy..she is just more succesfull.

    btw..nice shoes!