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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Beach Babes!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Beach Babes!

Vanessa Hudgens shows off some leg as she walks the beach with her shirtless beau Austin Butler on Friday (January 20) in Hawaii.

The 23-year-old actress and her man lunched together on the sandy shore before Austin hit the waves on a paddleboard. They were joined by Vanessa‘s Journey 2: The Mysterious Island co-star Josh Hutcherson!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

The day before, a bikini clad Vanessa and Austin shared a steamy kiss in the ocean!

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler on the beach in Hawaii…

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vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 01
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 02
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 03
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 04
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 05
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 06
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 07
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 08
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 09
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 10

Credit: Zeus/Appollo; Photos: FameFlynet
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# 1

Vanessa must’ve had an official appointment prior to their lunch date. Like her long dress. Great that Austin, Josh and her all get along.

# 3


# 4


Oh please if it was zanessa you’d be all over it.

Don’ytyou get tired of trying to live another persons life get one of you own.

Read other posts, get a job, find a lover, do charity

# 5

She looks gorgeous! Can’t wait for pics of the whole cast. Sounds like they had dinner with Luis Guzman the other night too. Who wouldn’t love to be in Hawaii right about now? It’s brrrrrrr and snowing in Boston!

# 6
Haters Suck! @ 01/21/2012 at 9:44 am

It is nice to see Vanessa austin and Josh getting along and enjoying themselves it’s fun to see. Also saw The Rock is on the island aswell. Now that’s the pic I want one with Vanessa and The rock two of my all time favorite people. That makes Vanessa part of Team Bring It. Boots to asses baby.

# 8

Here we go again. She must not have anymore nude pics to release so she is making new ones. She is one big piece of trash.

# 9

Gorgeous love her her hair even with the extensions to it grows back from when she cut for movie role

She’s so beautiful!

Haters Suck! @ 01/21/2012 at 9:53 am

well least she don’t live in the trash like you and your mother.

so good to see them hang out together.very cute!

They’re not kissing? :O

Them again?We get it,they’re famewhores…what else is new?

No man no cry @ 01/21/2012 at 10:07 am

Does she REALLY need extensions to the beach? =_=

Don’t blame them, blame it on the paps and peeps like us who can’t get enough of Vanessa. If peeps like you stop fretting whenever her thread comes on, then perhaps maybe JJ will stop posting threads of her. I reckon she’s a fav of JJ and I’m not complaining.

@Leenah: So why don’t you just go tell the paps to stop taking the pics, and tell all these sites to stop buying them?? It’s not her fault that people are so interested in her, one way or another.

aww cute josh is with them

JOSH!! Can’t for more interviews with him and Vanessa.
She looks great! Would love to be in hawaii or anywhere warm right now, it’s freaking freezing here lol

@thetis: LOL, that’s ironic.


I do find the (kind of) matching outfits kind of adorable though.

does he only have one pair of shorts. Poor Boy but i guess his GF will buy him some new one< why not she probably pays for her kisses.

maybe Zac can brough him a pair of shorts! :)

Sure she’s paying everything to him and actually he doesn’t have many clothes, she just adopted this kid to help and food

OMG!!!there are just so many mean people here….trying to belittle others!Just want to know, are you rich huh?

he’s not poor. He’s an actor on switched at birth.

She looks super cute! And I love her hair!

Josh, and Austin? Where’s Zac?

It looks like this guy doesn’t even have enough money to buy a pair of trunks. Oh wait, he doesn’t. Vanessa bought those for him. And it seems to be the only pair he has. How sad.

SEE people they have some respect for others. Josh is with them so Vanessa is being respectful towards him, and doesn’t make out or anything with Austin!!!

Vanessa’s there to promote Journey 2. She gets paid for that plus per diem and free hotel and food expenses. Warner Bros is paying for everything except Austin’s plane ticket.
Also, the same was true at the Miami nightclub they stayed-all on expenses on the hotel. They probably payed for Kim Hidalgo and her boyfriend as well. Vanessa once said the best part of fame was all the free stuff and she wasn’t kidding!

i just can’t get over how adorable Austin is. Vanessa is beautiful but i think he is actually prettier. :)

She looks like she's on set... @ 01/21/2012 at 2:46 pm

She looks great for her photo op. Seriously, she may as well take advantage of her popularity now, because these days they are here and gone tomorrow unless they have serious talent (and looks help if they age well.)

Oh how sweet hope they do kuippo. I guess since warner bros is taking care of her expenses, she can afford to take care of his, aww how sweet. Lucky guy to have such a generous gf. And three of them look nice, vanessa and her younger guys. At least they are not making out, kudos to them.

@maria: She tips off the paps herself. The paps don’t follow her around and stalk her ass. She isn’t interesting or important. She isn’t Britney Spears for God’s sake. She calls them and arranges a photo op herself by giving a time and location, you idiot.

Ok facts show me facts. I want call logs phone records witnesses statements and all the physical evidence you have that back up your claims. Show me proof, real proof and not just your word for it. Until u have all that shut up

I may be weird, but when I go to the beach I don’t worry about getting 2 different swim suits for 2 different days. Do you people really have a different suit for every day?

Haha, you are the idiot here. You know absolutely nothing about the entertainment industry or what it’s like to be hounded by paps. You can tell by their faces that they can’t stand the intrusion. The only time they are smiling is when the photogs are so far away that they don’t know they are being snapped.

!!!!!!!!!!! @ 01/21/2012 at 4:19 pm

Zac is trash compared to either Austin or Josh. It’s very evident!

@!!!!!!!!!!!: It depends on what you use as comparative argument

Don’t please don’t start

@Marsha: Can’t you just give it a rest and step off. Vanessa looks beautiful…she is just living her life, working and enjoying a little down time on her own terms. So sorry, her rightful choices don’t mesh with your code of ethics. You must live one boring, uneventful , and not to mention self-righteous and judgmental life. Hawaii is a stopover to Australia, so it’s great that she can spend some time there with Austin. And what a cutie Josh Hutcherson is. He is such an articulate interviewee and just so talented. Can’t wait for The Hunger Games!!Loved the books.

@thetis: @!!!!!!!!!!!:
You guys are supposed to be Vanessa fans. Why are you bringing that guy into this? His name should not be mentioned.

????????? @ 01/21/2012 at 5:30 pm


well you see they really can’t help themselves because this thread would be boring without them stirring the pot a little. LOL

Maybe its because wee have to put up with constant harssment from his fans like ???????. Funny how u ddont blame them its always the. Vanessa fans who get the blame. I like zac well enough but his fans make it really hard

suckefron @ 01/21/2012 at 5:58 pm

Guess who is referred to as Jackie Bouffant in another blog?

Finally, a picture of these two lovebirds without them all over each other. See, you CAN be seen out without it getting to be too uncomfortable. And I love Josh!

Because it appears that it is them who do it first. I still say that if we ignore the posts with his name, and continue to say good things about Vanessa, they will grow tired of it all and go away.

Haters Suck @ 01/21/2012 at 6:20 pm

Bs. And u believe that huh. Do u still believe in the tooth fairy too?

????????? @ 01/21/2012 at 6:20 pm


actually if you check your FACTS you will notice the Vanessa fans bring zac’s name first in one way or another so stop blaming them for you lot being idiots.

I blame you for causing most of these problems and starting most of these fights

????????? @ 01/21/2012 at 6:25 pm

@thetis and @ ooh were the first to bring him into this not sure who’s fans they are??

I don’t know about @ooh, but @Thetis is a Vanessa fan. Thetis was first. There were a couple after that and I wasn’t sure about them, and then it was YOU.

They are starting to look like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Something does not fit in here… and he’s way hotter than her lol

I can’t believe the shallow people who are criticizing Austin’s swim trunks. Seriously?? No kissy pictures, and you STILL have to find something wrong. You people have serious hate issues or are truly sociopathic. Picking on a young guy, who so far, has not made a ton of money, but is building his career, is just plain vicious. You people need to find some spiritual help for yourselves.

suckefron @ 01/21/2012 at 8:04 pm

Do you know Jackie Bouffant ????????????

suckefron @ 01/21/2012 at 8:46 pm

LoveNessa that’s a lost cause. So much water has passed under the bridge, in Vanessa’s case a new guy; for Zac, so much tequila and wine consumed, and plenty of lap dances, maybe! They are better apart, at least with Vanessa, she’s so much better off without him!!!!!

The Truthful Truth @ 01/21/2012 at 9:08 pm

@maria: Vanessa haters will find any reason to hate and criticize her and everyone around her, maybe isn’t difficult to understand if you consider that it is the same you (and a lot of lunatic fans here) do with Zac, this is just the way stalkers and lunatic fans act

@The Truthful Truth: I may have criticized his behavior in the past, that I felt was insensitive on his part that was not respectful to a woman he supposedly loved, but I would never criticize the damn shorts his date is wearing. I do not go on his posts anymore, cause he is not in her life, and I just don’t care. If I bring him up in a comment, it’s because of some hypocritical comment made by a fan of his. Some Zac fans have sunk to new lows on the PDA posts. And THAT is the sad truth.

Mein Gott! How did that greasy little troll get such a fine specimen?

@61 wrong, I don’t have any hate for Zachary as a matter of fact. As said no one knows what went down between him and Vanessa. It is the extreme fans on either side that keep the hate going. It is when they come on Vanessa’s thread and say horrible things about her and those close to her that gets me going anal if you please. Hahaha.
I know for a fact that when she was with her ex, she got a lot of hate saying that she was arm candy and that he could do better and that she was only recognised for her hsm role and her association with him. Now that she’s on her own and getting her own recognition, she still gets the hate because they feel that she broke poor zac’s heart. We don’t know that do we? A lot of the hate is also racial laced sad to say.

@maria, I am totally with you. You say it so well.

Austin Fan @ 01/21/2012 at 9:49 pm

Oh don’t they look so good together? Austin and Vanessa’s pics are sweeter and cuter than the old Zanessa pics in Hawaii!

Enough vanessa we get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! get over yourself, your so fake and pathetic

She is desperate for attention , she so stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Truthful Truth @ 01/21/2012 at 10:53 pm

@maria: Maybe you don’t but a lot of people do, say Zac is short, junkie, fat, alcoholic, gay (in a bad way) sexual perverted, but it’s funny how everything is lie and everyone knows it hahahaha

How do you know it’s not a lie? Well he is short, that’s not a lie. But he is not fat for sure. He drinks a lot though but being called an alcoholic is presumption. He does talk how he likes the sex scenes in his movies as if that’s the only thing he can talk about, and if people perceive him as such it’s his fault. And gay? well that issue is still on the fence. You never know. But it’s ok if he is. And that’s the truth. But the honest truth though is, it is always the Zac fans like lauren, ??????????, and merlin’s mum.

The truth is, when Vanessa has a thread it is always one of Zac’s crazy fans who bring up his name and trash Vanessa first. The truth is, this is a Vanessa thread where her fans can comment about her and exchange stories about her. The truth is, it is understandable that her fans will rally to her defense and TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE LIES, INSULTS, AND ACCUSATIONS THROWN AT VANESSA.

He’s wearing the same swim pants as yesterday.

Vanessa Austin & Josh
The new Vanessa Zac and Ashley?
I dont think sooooo.

Jeez, do they not do anything else besides go to the beach and bum around all day and expose too much PDA?
It’s getting old…

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ 01/22/2012 at 12:09 am

Ashley: If you are not stupid enough you know why they go to the beach all day: THEY ARE IN HAWAII. your stupidity is getting old! Even my dog learns a new trick every day.

LoveNessa @ 01/22/2012 at 1:01 am

You know, I love V, but I am so tired of you saying those things about Zac. He does not drink a lot and he certainly isn’t out getting drunk all of the time. He also isn’t out scre wing every girl out there or getting lap dances. You have no right to keep saying those awful things about him, so cut it out.

Sure Vanessa bugs the hell out of me, but what i wouldnt do to have a body like hers, slim but you know, not skeletal

@The Truthful Truth: I agree, those comments ARE vicious as well, but I can’t speak for those kind of fans. I have no problem speaking out when something is a lie or unfair (I’m a Libra), but I can’t understand vile, drive by, vicious comments about looks, bodies, clothes, race, etc. what makes people think they’re so perfect that they can crucify others like that? So I do agree with you on that.

Vanessa looks great and I saw that she will be on Jay Leno Show Fabruary 1:

Wednesday, February 1 – Guests include Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter, The Woman in Black), Vanessa Hudgens and musical guest Evanescence

Dan, Vanessa and Evanescence, what a fantastic line-up, can’t wait to see that one.

@vanessafan: There are some lovely pics in there. Thanks! But again, can’t the damn paps just give it a rest? Can’t these two have a romantic sunset in a beautiful place like Hawaii without having to worry about paps? And this doesn’t just apply to these two. Actors are people too, entitled to a personal life, and honestly, feel like a voyeur when these pics are taken without their permission. We do NOT need all these photos. Ok, said my piece.

Maria,again I agree. But those pics with the flower in her hair reminds me of her exotic beauty. And those 2 pics of her and Austin looking off into the distance is absolutely romantic. The best yet.

BloodbuzzOhio @ 01/22/2012 at 9:29 am

Do they do much other than go on holiday? As for Vanessa, anyone who has hair extensions is tacky in my eyes.

They are lovely, Boji. I feel such a sense of freedom for her, and though the ex’s fans hate it, I also believe this is the girl she always was. Love her or hate her for it, but she throws herself fully into everything in her life, whether it be a movie role, a relationship, or just enjoying her free time. I wish every young woman had her love for life, her loyalty, and her zest. It’s what I like best about her…….she’s not some prissy starlet being driven by some studio, who cares about what people think so much, that it affects her joy of life. She won’t let that happen. There will always be this child-like joy in her, she will always be positive, and will always be a woman to enjoy being with, in work or play. I have a friend like her, and her positive energy is wonderful to be around. So, to hell with the naysayers. It’s the best part of Vanessa! But I know some hate to see others happy, so whatever.


Oh wow, just wow, talk about talking about something you don’t know anything about. Vanessa is in Hawaii for the same reason she was in Australia, to do pr for her new movie ‘Journey 2 The Mysterious Island’ which was filmed in Hawaii, she is there with some of her costars and have been spending the day doing interviews and meeting the press and then she takes the afternoon/eveing of hanging out with her boyfriend, I don’t get the big deal, heck, if I worked in Hawaii this is how I would spend my of time as well. In a few weeks Vanessa will start filming her new movie where she plays oposite James Franco and then she will yet again not have much time of. And the hair extension comment was just to dumb to even really adress other then the usual, it’s her choice, I think in this case she just wants to give an illusion so that the pics for the press events of this movie will look similar to how she looked when she actually filmed it and as her charcater looked like in the movie, but no matter what, it’s her choice how she wants to look and what she wants to do with her own hair and it’s really no one elses buisness.

@BloodbuzzOhio: Oh my, then you probably think half of Hollywood is tacky. I’ll give her a pass on this, because she cut it ALL off for a gritty movie role, and THAT shows dedication. She’s allowed to have any kind of extension she wants, in my book.

kelly martineau @ 01/22/2012 at 9:54 am

Is vanessa and josh in Hawaii promoting there movie? are just have fun. How does Austin pay for these trips Florida and know Hawaii.

BloodbuzzOhio @ 01/22/2012 at 10:21 am

@maria: Dedication? LOL. She ended up putting her tacky hair extensions back in after she finished. At least grow it out naturally like Carey Mulligan.

@BloodbuzzOhio: She had another movie to film after that, so I don’t think short hair would have worked for that. Her hair has always been long, and it’s just a part of her that she missed. Carey Mulligan has had short hair for as long as she’s been around films, so she’s growing it out as a change. Big difference. And what is it to you? I have more issues with silicone lips, silicone boobs, nose jobs, etc. Hair can change from day to day, from coloring, to curls, long, to short. Who cares? Vanessa is all natural in every other way. Good for her. She’s not perfect, but she’s beautiful just the way she is, and comfortable in her own skin.


No, it’s generally one of Vanessa’s fans that mentions Zac or Zanessa first. That is the case on this thread too. Thetis first mentioned Zanessa.

Thanks for posting that link to the other pics. One of my favorite things about her has always been that she does not have this super skinny see her ribs and all her other bones kind of body. She has a beautiful figure, with meat on it, that has curves where there should be curves. It is a good body image for young teen/tween girls should aspire to.

@VanFan: Agreed! Again, she’s not perfect, but she is beautiful just as she is. You can have all the fake Megan Fox bodies……I think it’s amazing to love what God gave you, and make the best of it. That’s what makes us all unique.

“….she walks the beach with her shirtless beau….”
Why, Jared! He was SHIRTLESS???? On the BEACH???? Why, I have never in my life heard of such a disgusting thing! On the beach without a shirt! OMG. Disgraceful.

nicesmile @ 01/24/2012 at 2:07 am

she so pretty !! . I like her smile.

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