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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Snowy Sundance Stroll!

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Snowy Sundance Stroll!

Kate Bosworth snuggles up to her boyfriend Michael Polish as they take a romantic stroll through the snowy streets during the 2012 Sundance Film Festival on Saturday (January 21) in Park City, Utah.

Earlier in the day, the 29-year-old actress did some press for her film Black Rock, which is premiering at the festival, with her co-star Lake Bell.

Black Rock is about three childhood friends who set aside their personal issues and reunite for a girls’ weekend on a remote island off the coast of Maine. One wrong move turns their weekend getaway into a deadly fight for survival.

After their snowy stroll, Michael and Kate made their way to the Variety studio, where Kate hopped into the Emergen-C photo booth!

FYI: Kate is wearing Burberry boots.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish strolling in the snow…

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kate bosworth michael polish snowy sundance stroll 01
kate bosworth michael polish snowy sundance stroll 02
kate bosworth michael polish snowy sundance stroll 03
kate bosworth michael polish snowy sundance stroll 04
kate bosworth michael polish snowy sundance stroll 05
kate bosworth michael polish snowy sundance stroll 06
kate bosworth michael polish snowy sundance stroll 07
kate bosworth michael polish snowy sundance stroll 08
kate bosworth michael polish snowy sundance stroll 09
kate bosworth michael polish snowy sundance stroll 10
kate bosworth michael polish snowy sundance stroll 11
kate bosworth michael polish snowy sundance stroll 12

Photos: GSI Media, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • bobbyweiner

    More Kate, Great way to start the day! :) Oscar buzz for Kate!

  • Lois

    I imagine we will be getting more pointless posts about this Z list never really was and the movie that no one will see. Seriously, slasher D list straight to video movies are for unknown actors or people whose careers are in the toilet.

  • Lois

    JJ will no doubt be posting about the award that was bought for her that two Twilight “stars” (Ashley Green and Anna Kendricks) received last year. Too bad that excellent actor William H Macy was put into the same category as this talentless hack.

  • Peanut Gallery

    Ack! Another one……really?

  • Hat

    That hat hobbit what’s up with that are you like 100 or something. Gosh so Lame. But I am sure the fashion icon thinks it’s cool.

  • Hat

    Oh KB don’t look into the camera people are goingto think you are posing or you wanted this. But of course they are wrong, you don’t, you are an actress not a fameho.

  • Lois

    Must be great for her to have a bf with the same amount of free time that is able to follow her to these events and show PDA. It’s even better than he has the same amount of desperation as she does that famewhoring doesn’t bother him. They’re well matched.

  • Sur

    So what about Big Sur shouldn’t it be there too, what’s happening with that?

  • Lois


    I’m sure Big Sur will be just as good as Straw Dogs that’s why it’s not at Sundance.

  • Sur

    hahaha I agree, this movie is going to suffer the same fate as happy day goes nowhere but sales bin.

  • Annie

    Ugh, this chick is done. I tried to give her acting an unbiased look but she’s just annoying in everything she is in, even Blue Crush was only good because it had good screenwriting, Kate is so irritating and as stiff as a Barbie doll in it. I think they only gave her the part because they wanted to make a modern Gidget and Kate happens to resemble Sandra Dee (who was also an anorexic boozehound).

  • Lois

    Why does she persist in standing pigeon toed like a cutesy child?

    Everything is so lame and contrived about her. She must either have some serious pro-ho tricks or these men really have major esteem/ maturity issues to stick around.

  • Another post.

    Now I now why Kate posed with JJ she has another post on here. He didn’t look to happy to pose with her anyway.

  • Lois


    What ever happened to Little Birds that was shown at Sundance last year? It seems to be on the shelf just like all her recent movies (Warrior’s Way, Straw Dogs and Life Happens). I think Another Happy Day only got picked up because Sam Levinson’s father is famous director Barry Levinson and that bombed big time even for an indie movie. I think KB’s presence even in a McDonald’s commercial would put people off…might be just what people need to lose a few pounds.

  • Sur

    @Another post.:
    haha she is on twitter this is going to be good, so she going to be like jlo and retweet bs from her love this is going to be priceless the idiot will make a fool of herself him too. Great!

  • Lois

    The twit is officially on Twitter:
    katebosworth Kate Bosworth
    hello my love @michael_polish
    20 Jan

    This gem was retweeted by her director Katie Aselton :

    duplaselton KatieAseltonDuplass
    by katebosworth
    u have blacked out, u have rocked out…but tonight’s the night to black rock out! @lakebell @katebosworth #BLACKROCK
    11 hours ago

    Polish tweeted this:

    michael_polish Michael Polish
    Let’s shoot our way out of this “@markpolish: Butch & #Sundance2012”
    6 hours ago


    They’re just so….not. Lame is just too lame to describe them. Wow. Just wow! Alex must be boring and bland as hell unless boozed up to have been with her for that length of time.

  • Dieter

    Instant hard-on !!!!!

  • Sur

    @Lois: Bwahahaha! bwahahahaha · bwahahahaha I just can’t, see what did I say. Priceless stupidity

  • ladybug

    @Lois: Hah!
    Kate’s Evil Twin is much more Twitter fun:
    I’m surprised that there aren’t any pics from the big premiere, but I’m sure JJ is holding on to those for later today. Plus the inevitable shopping/more strolling/spa-ing pics.

  • Lois


    Just makes me more diligent to stay away from the harmful rays of stupidity. Stupid, like Ebola, is very contagious and Bosho seems to be a carrier, infecting all she touches.

  • Tanter

    @Lois: I think boozed up is the answer. Both seem to like boozing, but only one is interesting when sober. IMO of course :)

  • lafamepoma

    I think she lost pounds again, look at her legs, and by the way, wearing jeans while snowing!! what a joke, it’s cold outside girl

  • ladybug

    @Lois: Little Birds actually has a release date for June 2012. So only 18 months after Sundance.
    @Tanter, booze helped him. And as mentioned in multiple previous threads she seems to adjust her likes/style to whomever she’s pursuing/with and so it was ‘hey she likes many of the same things I like!’. Except that even if she were really into the same things he was (aside from booze) she still isn’t that interesting. But MP seems to really like her, so good for her.

  • Ria

    Random, but didn’t she date Ian somerhalder??? Wow, dude glad he moved on from her…………

  • ladybug

    @lafamepoma: I don’t mind the jeans, and I actually like the boots. But the sunglasses and open coat while snowing confuse me. I can seen sunglasses if there seemed to be glare from the snow, but there doesn’t seem to be any glare.

  • Lois
  • ladybug

    @Lois: I like the color and cut of her dress, but the sparkly things are distracting and ugly. And I know that she did the lipstick to match the dress but it’s not attractive-I’m not fond of the Joker lipstick look on women.

  • Lois

    Black Rock Twitter reviews:

    “‘Black Rock’ was great b-movie fun. Nothing more, nothing less. “#Sundance

    “Black Rock fell flat for me. Conventional slasher, no spin. I don’t get the riff. Who enjoyed this one? Curious what jazzed ya.” #Sundance

    “Black Rock is intense and felt realistic in that “well what would u do?” kinda way. Yay Katie Aselton!” :#Sundance

    “BLACK ROCK: pretty fun when it’s 3 ladies camping, talking, bickering; less effective when it turns into survival/suspense. Just like life.”

    “Redeeming film for the night. Incredible thriller by Katie Aselton “Black Rock” Adrenaline the whole film. That makes 9 1/2.” #Sundance

    “I quite enjoyed BLACK ROCK. @misterpatches won’t quit complaining about it, but I think it’s because he hates women.”

    “If you want a really good chick kicking ass in a horror/thriller flick, pass over Black Rock (should it find release) & check out Severance

    A great movie day ended on a sour note. Black Rock’s Katie Aselton said the script was written in 18 hours. Yep, sure felt like it.”
    Eric Vespe

    “BLACK ROCK was kick ass women going primal even tasteful moonlit nudity, totally essential.Thank you Katie Aselton & @LakeBell
    Fred Topel

    “If BLACK ROCK wasn’t from mumblecore royalty it would be an Anchor Bay filler DTV movie.”

    BLACK ROCK is rote garbage that shows enormous condescension to horror. “Oh, we can make one of THOSE movies.” #Sundance2012
    Devin Faraci

  • Macy

    But the open coat shows off her super ugly sweater! You can’t show off your “awesome” chunky knit sweater your “super stylist” picked out for you if you do up your jacket. LOL. She and Cher are apparently going to design denim for Beachmint now. Ugh, I hope her jeans look better than her sh*tty jewelry.

  • Bella

    Kate’s so beautiful and seems to be quite happy. I’m happy for her!

  • Tanter

    @ladybug: True, she seems *very* adaptbable (is that a proper word in English?) And he’s a nice man – I guess that combination worked well for her – for a while at least.. Polish seems to be more at the same place as she is. Good for her – if it really works better for her. She looks terribly thin to me – I wonder how happy she can really be looking that.

  • @13
  • ladybug

    @@13: No, not really, he’s sort of normal person posing, not arching his back and being all pigeon-toed.
    @Tanter, Ted C, in a rare coherent post, points out that in person Kate does actually have charm: “Unless you’ve met Bosworth (as I have), you could not possibly see her charm, which actually does exist. In person, she has an earthy, nonvixen-type, dimpled charm. But on camera? Wood and ice and not much more. I do see what Orlando and Skars saw in her, but what I’ve never gotten is why Kate always treated her men like her career: with no spice whatsoever.”
    As you said, MP seems more in the same space as she is. He doesn’t seem to do projects all the time, and she’s not had a movie to shoot since July. So they’ve got plenty of time to hang out and go on all these vacations together and shoot JewelMint commercials (sorry, I mean ‘small films’!). He doesn’t seem to mind going on pap walks with her, or be seen touching her in public.
    I know that she’s naturally small and slender, but she’s not that naturally small and slender. She’s not really aging well for someone who’s only just turned 29. Go to the site linked in comment 26 and look at the last photo, her skin/makeup don’t look that good up close.

  • Tanter

    @ladybug: Quite shocking with Ted making sense, lol :D But yeah, I’m sure she can be charming and sweet. Alex certainly seemed to be very charmed and Orlando was also with her for a good while (I think?). It’s a shame that her actions seems to ruin her charm – the famewhoring, the stalking, the gameplaying.. Lainey thinks Kate’s a total nutcase. So I guess the charm only takes her that far.

  • ladybug

    @Tanter: She seems to have no problems getting a man, it’s keeping him that causes her problems. As you said, the stalking, the gameplaying, the famewhoring, the clinging do cause stress in a relationship.

  • Rachel()

    @Annie: My mind is still reeling at the “Blue Crush had good screen writing” part. You had me up until then. The script of that film read like one of KB’s interviews. Falling in love with someone you’ve known for a day(life partner!), cliches about trying hard! and BFFs! All that film had was pretty surfing shots, and Kate Bosworth’s half naked body, before she got all used up and decrepit.

  • Bella

    @Ladybug: I wouldn’t say Kate’s had trouble keeping a man. She was with Orlando for 4 years and Alex for 1 1l2 years and nobody really knows if she or AS did the breaking up. I’d call those long lasting relationships.