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LeAnn Rimes: Williams-Sonoma Shopper

LeAnn Rimes: Williams-Sonoma Shopper

LeAnn Rimes picks up some produce from a local farmers market on Saturday (January 21) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer dropped by Williams-Sonoma later in the day to pick up a gift basket before attending a friend’s birthday party on the beach.

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“I love days when you just KNOW….you are about to have a dang good time!” LeAnn wrote on her Twitter account.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes running errands and doing a little shopping on Saturday…

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leann rimes farmers market 01
leann rimes farmers market 02
leann rimes farmers market 03
leann rimes farmers market 04
leann rimes farmers market 05
leann rimes farmers market 06
leann rimes farmers market 07
leann rimes farmers market 08
leann rimes farmers market 09
leann rimes farmers market 10
leann rimes farmers market 11
leann rimes farmers market 12
leann rimes farmers market 13
leann rimes farmers market 14
leann rimes farmers market 15
leann rimes farmers market 16

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Bell

    Why are her breasts lopsided and in her armpits?

  • Hugo

    love her!

  • asher

    what is wrong with her boobs?

  • Winter

    Wow, I’m suprise she didn’t wear a bikini while shopping.

  • Segovia Banderhander

    Make sure those (make it that “one”) fake boobie is front and center skinny alien.

  • Justine

    Although Le-Ann looks great in this outfit, LOL at Winter’s comment @ 01/22/2012 at 9:35 pm #4

  • TexasLovin

    Barf. Ugly inside & out

  • risa

    She looks like a drag queen. A very, very ugly drag queen. The thought of het naked makes me gag. He is an Ediot douce bag looosah!

  • Dd

    Tomes and Kate Gosselin should take a long long vacation!!!

  • Gossipgirl

    Who in gd hell wears 4 inch heels to go shopping. She is just too ridiculous for words.

  • Josie

    She looks so stylish!

  • Dd

    Rimes and Gosselin

  • ali

    i cant belive she is actually dressed , usually all she wears is
    a skimpy bikinis .

  • noob

    I acually have such a hatred for this woman. Everytime I see her I just wanna punch her

  • Lou

    Nice uniboob.

  • Lana

    I don’t understand why everyone hates her so much?? Yes, it seems like she parades around in her bikini most of the time but that is not her fault, it is the media. They only photograph her when she’s at the beach in order to question her health and weight.
    People need to let it go, leave her alone, she obviously likes the way she looks and thats great, considering that most people have an issue with heir body.

  • dobbi

    Yee haw Leann is a Beverly hillbilly.

  • Ingrid

    Who dresses like that to go shopping? It seems like she’s afraid to dress down because Eddie will probably ogle some other woman. She’s pathetic.

  • d


    Actually that is not true. She has her own personal pap. She calls, he comes and photographs. And I believe she gets 50 percent of the gross sale of the pictures. There is an entire blog devoted to this and they evidently have ‘proof.’ I’m sure if anyone with the link is reading this they will provide it. And if not, you can find it by going back several threads about her. That is why people don’t like her. First she has a blatant affair with a married man (didn’t bother to hide it) and then she capitalizes on it by tweeting, giving interviews, and calling the paps everywhere she goes. That is why people can’t stand her.

  • Barbara

    Many celebrities are constantly harassed by paparazzi. Sharing private moments in life with fans, the public, and even the haters, is a gift. Without this gift, you wouldn’t be on this site sharing your wonderful thoughts. The wonderful magazines and websites you visit to learn about these celebrities lives would have nothing without these pictures. I have no idea what she does, but it is common practice for celebrities to have a photographer to release special moments and to vent the pressure of constantly being harassed. Many paparazzi agencies will remove their photographers from a hot story if they see that a great set of pictures has been released from another agency. This is actually a very responsible way for celebrities to protect their families and the public from dangerous car chases and overly aggressive paparazzi. As for profiting from pictures, are you actually arguing that it is better for a paparazzi agency to make 100% of the profits from a celebrities image, while creating great discomfort for the celeb? I’m not sure who would agree with that approach, other than a paparazzi agency. It’s pretty clear that a jealous paparazzi agency is responsible for many of these ridiculous comments.

  • b

    Um, fashionista she is not. That looks ridiculous. And seriously, does it not bother her that her boobs are under her armpits? I would be making a doctor’s appt., not out wearing skimpy clothes pretending to be sexy. I just really don’t get how she sees that, there must be some body dysmorphic thing going on there.

  • Kelly

    @Lana: Are you for real? She calls paps whenever she goes out. if “Big Head” pap Mike Kamara from GSI is busy, then she’s on speed dial with “Coco” at x17…She’s photographed from every angle in every situation, not just bikini stuff. Get real, you’re as fake as Horsey LeAnn Rimes boobs.

  • Barbara

    Why doesn’t she call your paparazzi agency? Try waking up one day, looking in the mirror, and saying…It’s a beautiful day and I am going to do something nice for someone; anyone. It’s much more powerful than what you are doing. I know it’s raining in your trailer park right now, but go to the top where the lookout is and take in the view. Breath in the fresh air from the rain and choose to make a difference for your life. Good things will happen when you make them happen. No one want’s you to stay like you are. No one wants any of the haters to stay like they are. We believe in you! Start believing in yourself!

  • Barbara

    You might need some ideas on how to get started creating an amazing life for yourself. These are just some ideas… I’m not sure that any of them will protect you from a slander and defamation lawsuit but you will definitely feel better about yourself.

    1. Take down your hateful blog that you’ve dedicated your life to. Having negative thoughts towards LeAnn or a Paparazzo is one thing, but to dedicate your life to an online journal of everything you think they do is really, truly, very pathetic.

    2. Realize that no one cares about your negativity or how gracefully you share your negativity. It just makes people not want to help you or be around you.

    3. Get rid of people in your life who support your negativity. They are enablers who are keeping you from having what you want in life.

    4. Most important. Try to do something nice every day for someone; anyone. I promise you that this will change your life and open many rewarding doors.

    5. You know where to find me. Stop by and say thank you, some day.

  • Barbara

    A thumb up is a positive thing. A thumb down is a negative thing. Every time you click a thumb down, at least realize that you are a negative person. The first step is being honest with your self.

  • Barbara

    You can hide the comments on JJ with your negativity, but you can’t hide from yourself.

  • georgie

    Can you go away “Barbara”? No one really cares about you trying to self help everyone….

  • Jane

    So…any bets on how drunk she got on beer before getting dressed in this silly getup only to go shopping for food that she probably doesn’t eat? I swear, if she shopped in the very exclusive center in my town outside of Chicago, she would be seriously laughed at and stared at all for the wrong reasons. Not fashion forward, not stunning and totally silly. Is she trying to be a chic bag lady or what? Please WEWE. Be a bear. It is winter for heaven sake. HIBERNATE for a few months! WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOU! GO AWAY!!!!.

  • Barbara

    Didn’t you gals get the memo? Brandi has given up harassing LeAnn and Eddie and has asked for you to stop also. Your leader has seen the light and wants to start the new year without all this negativity. She has asked for people to stop posting about “LR and EC.” Realize that your leader has abandoned you and move on with your lives. She has a life now on RHOBH and doesn’t need you anymore. I know you are searching for something to do with your lives because she has kept you consumed for the past three years, but please get help and move on. Get help if you can’t do this on your own. There are people out there who can help you. It’s not too late. Get help!

  • jack

    think she looks like a woman who would have a stinky T.W.A.T.true ugly duckling who thinks she has become a swan but all the surgery in the world cannot help that unfortunate face, stringy hair, horse veneers, lipo scars and young mannish body..

  • Jane

    @Barbara: So Barb…hon….why don’t YOU move on?

  • calla

    Barbara – what planet do you live on in which the story has been that Brandi has been harassing LR and EC? I mean, srsly, when you start out spouting nonsense, people are going to gloss right over what you said.

    Newsflash: people don’t like LRimes. By her own doing. it’s not just a few on this site. People think her personality is vile, narcissistic, entitled and delusional. it’s not just a few BG supporters on twitter. Did you see what happened when David Spade dissed LR on twitter? Within minutes, HUNDREDS of people replied to his tweet, dissing her back. Not just BG fans. Just regular old people who don’t even engage in the “sides” on twitter.

    Go to a country music forum. Look at gossip blogs. Read stepmom forums. Time after time you will see negativity being spoken about LR. From people totally out of the twitter scene. Disgusted former fans. People who see her in gossip mags and think her actions are classless and her “blessings” tweets are a joke. Hell, I’ve even seen her getting dissed in a freaking ScrapBooking forum! wth??

    Pushing your agenda that people on here are losers is a waste of time. You have thousands of others who feel the same way. That’s gonna keep you busy!!

  • Jane

    @calla: A’men!

  • Barbara

    Calla, As far as we’ve discovered, Earth is the only planet which can support human life, thus I live here. It doesn’t appear that you glossed over my spouting, as you have drafted a counter argument. People do like LeAnn Rimes, and people love her music. That’s why her pictures show up on JJ and many other sites and people fill stadiums to hear her amazing voice. I would conjure that Brandi has a handful of haters who are responsible for the harassment not thousands. Yes, many women can relate with her pain and what happens when you abuse and take a beautiful family for granted. Attacking the source of the pain, is different than attacking the source of the problem. Brandi will end up in the exact same predicament with any future relationship should she not learn from her past issues. Just because one can go out and read comments from people who relate with Brandi doesn’t mean they are correct comments, but more likely, they are comments from people who suffer the same existence as their hero. Slashing tires wont make Brandi a better person. Building an army of haters wont make Brandi a happier person. Brandi Glanville is a beautiful woman who needs to find a positive bearing and head that direction. It is clear that she was desperate and needed a source of income and in the town she lives what she did worked. Casting couches, hotdog shop owners, other celebrities wives; she allegedly did what she had to do in her town to make a living. One can’t really argue with her success as she now is making a living; but is she happy? I would imagine that she’s just about as happy as you and the others who get enjoyment our of bullying and tearing others down to make you perceive that you are a few inches higher.

  • Barbara

    Hater Nation, Certain things can’t be stopped and you soon you will find out the full truth about your leader. I’m not asking that you apply your cheater hating principles fairly to everyone and attack her the way you’ve attacked LeAnn and Eddie. I’m asking that you make a difference in each of your lives that will make the world a nicer place. Every time you want to blast someone for making a human mistake, or you want to demean someone for the way they look; learn to take a different road. Develop a switch which instead triggers you to do or say something nice about someone. We all have our flaws and our problems but we must evolve from tearing others down. Building up another person is so much more rewarding than trying to tear someone down. In the end you make the person stronger and you destroy your own self worth. None of us were ever asked what color we wanted to be, or what kind of hair we wanted to have, or how cute or ugly we wanted to be. We came to this earth and we work with what we have. None of us are qualified to judge another person’s choices and we certainly are not qualified to judge a person for what they have no choice in. Be nice or be nothing.

  • Josie

    LeAnn is completely lost. She’ll find that out one day when she can’t buy her cheating husband anymore.

  • Jane

    @Barbara: Strange that you are preaching not judging people and yet…you are doing it right now. Please go play in someone else’s sandbox and let the grownups do the real talking here.

  • Roque

    I do have a feeling Barbara is LeAnn herself or her agent. seems way too defensive, don’t you think?