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Megan Fox: Brazilian Language School Ad with Mike Tyson!

Megan Fox: Brazilian Language School Ad with Mike Tyson!

Megan Fox turns up the heat in a new commercial for CCAA, a Brazilian based language school.

The 25-year-old Friends with Kids actress welcomes two non-English speakers to a distant land called Megan Fox Island in the ad, which was shot in Oxnard, California back in September.

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Be sure to check out the entire video to see Mike Tyson terrify the stars of the commercial – ha!

Megan Fox for CCAA

Click inside to see a behind-the-scenes video of the CCAA shoot…

Behind the Scenes of Megan Fox’s CCAA Ad
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    she’s only doing commercials these days. her career is so over!

  • laura

    lol funny commercial :)

  • Rose

    there’s no such thing as “brazilian language” it’s called portuguese. Brazilian people speak portuguese. Geese get your facts right Jared!

  • Monica

    Brazilian language??? How dumb are you? There’s no such thing as a brazilian language. In Brazil they speak PORTUGUESE!!!!! For over 500 years. Can’t you check a simple fact like that before you post it? Dumbass.

  • jessa

    @Rose: do not expect facts from Jared. ever.

  • keeley

    i think Jared has gotten too caught up in Hollywood to be informed about much anything else. So many of his posts have such glaringly wrong information. It’s really quite sad.
    U shouldve stayed in college Jared.

  • Koa Baker

    I really like her, but I wish she would focus on her acting more than her looks. You may be beautiful now but trust me it won’t last forever. She has such potential don’t waste it.

  •!/planyour_escape Jill


  •!/planyour_escape Jill

    p.s. shame on you, Jared, for not knowing there’s no *Brazilian* language…

  • vick

    Whoever wrote this -> YOU ARE SO DUMB! kill yourself. =)

  • Jennica Panettiere

    The commercial might be funny, but it’s a gimmick. With each commercial venture, she is seen less seriously as an actress, not that she really was in the first place. She’s capitalizing on her sex appeal too much.

  • keeley

    @Jennica Panettiere: i agree that she should focus more on getting good parts. but a lot of “serious” actors do commercials abroad. they all do them, seriously.

  • Jess

    She’s looking hot!


    it’s a language school in brasil. so it’s a brazilian language school, dumbasses

  • Tomasa

    wow she stole my ad!!!

  • Kat

    lol Brazilian language

  • vdsm

    He’s not saying that it’s a school where you learn Portuguese it’s a language school (in the commercial they say learn spanish and english) in Brazil, MORONS. Don’t criticize if you can’t even get YOUR facts straight, damnn.

  • EU

    Hey people, I’am from Brazil so I can say JJ headline is right, it’s a Brazilian Language School. Even that I’am not a fan of Megan Fox but the commercial is funny anyway.

    BEIJOS PARA VOCÊS, In portuguese!

  • Tomasa

    Herself at 0:24

  • sighs

    Glad of not being a Fox

  • Jones

    Pessoal, é Brazilian LANGUAGE SCHOOL, ou seja, ESCOLA DE LÍNGUAS brasileira.


  • Brit

    wow…make-up does make wonders…

  • the last flower of Latium

    This is the continuation of the commercial with Bruce Willis in 2011
    (it only makes sense for those who understand the portuguese words “chutar” and “gol”)

    Rose, Monica and Jill, read correctly : ” Brazilian Language SCHOOL”,
    there is nothing wrong with the phrase” since CCAA (the school) is Brazilian.
    Of course some Americans don’t even know what language is spoken in Brazil and many think we speak Spanish

    Língua portuguesa

    Olavo Bilac

    Última flor do Lácio, inculta e bela,
    És, a um tempo, esplendor e sepultura:
    Ouro nativo, que na ganga impura
    A bruta mina entre os cascalhos vela…

    Amo-te assim, desconhecida e obscura.
    Tuba de alto clangor, lira singela,
    Que tens o trom e o silvo da procela,
    E o arrolo da saudade e da ternura!

    Amo o teu viço agreste e o teu aroma
    De virgens selvas e de oceano largo!
    Amo-te, ó rude e doloroso idioma,

    em que da voz materna ouvi: “meu filho!”,
    E em que Camões chorou, no exílio amargo,
    O gênio sem ventura e o amor sem brilho!

  • S@n


  • steffy

    Why does she say ‘welcome to Megan Vox island’? I don’t really like her voice too..

  • gina


  • LadyB

    You guys make me laugh. There’s no such thing as Brazilian language. Yes there is and it is called “Portuguese”. What is the American Language? English. What is the Canadian Language? English and Fresh. What you should complain about is Jared could not be specific about the language, but saying “there is no such thing as Brazilian language” is wrong. Every country has a language.

  • LadyB

    Typo…I meant French not Fresh.

  • vish

    wow guys, u’re really stupid! JJ is right, it’s a brazilian language school that teaches english, not a portuguese school that teaches portuguese! you’re really not able to read a damn line correctly!

  • the last flower of Latium

    Pessoal que acha que sabem inglês mas nao sabe e por isso ficam ridicularizando a notícia, não tem nada de errado escrito, pois o ADJETIVO brazilian refere-se ao SUBSTANTIVO escola, não à LANGUAGE, LANGUAGE neste caso também é um adjetivo. Vá lá que que está cheio de gente mundo afora que pensa coisas descabidas sobre o Brasil, do tipo: vivemos numa selva cercados por cobras, macacos e etc,, falamos espanhol, todo brasileiro sabe sambar, vivemos em clima de Carnaval o ano inteiro, a capital do Brasil é Buenos Aires ou o Rio de Janeiro, andamos seminus pelas ruas, enfim…. um monte de absurdos, mas AQUI e AGORA não tem nada de errado.
    Assunto morto e enterrado…..
    E Viva a Lingua Portuguesa!!!! A última flor do Lácio

    Nosso céu tem mais estrelas,
    Nossas várzeas têm mais flores,
    Nossos bosques têm mais vida,
    Nossa vida mais amores.

  • Me

    Que confusão. kkkkk
    O site está certo.

  • Yasmin

    When he says brazilian language school, he is refering to a language school in brazil, there are a bunch of those, this one teaches english

  • Jacqueline

    Brazil definately needs to speak English! Even India does and they are way poorer. Megan’s career has fallen way down.

    Beijos para a galera ai no Brasil! Beijos para Valadares MG.

  • Pawel

    this film isn’t awailable in your country:))) hurray… greetings from Poland