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Zac Efron: Home Depot Supply Shopper!

Zac Efron: Home Depot Supply Shopper!

Zac Efron wheels his cart full of supplies back to his car after shopping at his local Home Depot on Saturday (January 21) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actor stocked up on fire logs, a portable heater, a lamp, some pots, and various other gardening items for his nighttime visit to the home improvement superstore.

Zac recently went out to dinner with his Dr. Suess’ The Lorax co-star Taylor Swift, according to Us Weekly.

While one diner told the mag the two were “deep in conversation and very giggly,” another source says the two are just pals! “They were in L.A. doing press stuff together, and after they were done, they decided to grab dinner.”

Bigger picture inside…

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zac efron home depot 01

Credit: Bryan Friolo; Photos: National Photo Group
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  • Lauren

    Here before all the hateful comments towards zac for no reason

  • gg

    i have to basis for this whatsoever but i feel like he wouldnt be into swift.

  • jessa

    tbh, it seems like zac has grown up more than vanessa and he would be more about dating someone maybe a couple of years older than him.

  • Lauren

    That’s because there not dating

  • Whatever

    Must be gettin’ ready for another disruptive house party. Poor neighbors can’t stand it.

  • Lauren

    Stop with the annoying comments and hater comments towards him. Whts with the hate towards him?

  • sjk

    Just gorgeous! Guess he’s getting ready for a chilly winter. **sigh

  • sam

    That dude is skinny. And it was LUNCH he supposedly had with TS after they did a Lorax promo for a TV show. Wonder who else he’s “dating” that he said “hi” to over the past year. Emma Roberts, Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato? Who are the other 40 girls I missed? Oh, wait, Michelle Pfiffer and Nicole Kidman. LOL

  • Martin


  • risa

    He’s growing on me. Don’ t know why.

  • wyrueti

    Oh I’d love to see Zac dating Taylor and after it ends then people will get to hear from her song what a db he is. She’s known for writing about exes.

  • wyrueti

    @sam: don’t forget mark salling.

  • Lyla

    They are not dating, and IMO have no chemistry together. But if they were to go out, she would be one very lucky woman.

  • Zzz

    and if i don’t stop what exactly are you going to do about it?
    if it wasn’t for him being a a poor excuse for a sex symbol no one would care about this pile of trash.

  • lauren

    if you got nothing nice to say then dont say it.
    what has zac ever done to you?

  • Claudia

    Ohh!!..i have seen those haters in OTHER post, so i really don’t care about it, i hope you have a happy day though :D

    Zac and Taylor are my two favorite american people, so it’d be nice to see them together. However, i don’t think they do a great couple, but i’m very happy those two are friends :D

  • wyrueti

    Exactly Zzzz. He is the most over-rated, talentless actor in Hollywood

  • Allison

    I have a lot of respect for Zac. He’s grown out of the teen idol that everyone knew him as and is starting to take advantage of adult roles. He doesn’t throw himself around or date everything in a mini skirt. Very respectable actor.

  • leave zac alone

    @Lauren you are the voice of reason here. He is not dating her. They and a couple of friends at the promo for The Lorax at TheFamily Channel, went out for a bite to eat , not Dinner. He could be helping a friend here. He is known to do that.

  • zacfan21

    Omg he is so beautiful swear to god I have mad props for him its hard to transition from a disney star to an adult film star and he has done it with plenty style and grace oh how i love him lol

  • wyrueti

    He might take that route coz his star is gone!!!!

  • Sasha

    He’s cute withtisdale.

  • zacfan21

    wow wyrueti such hatred for someone you don’t even know you’re quite pathetic and sad sorry if you’re probably a miserable fat loser who is stuck living in his mothers basement and will never amount to anything don’t take your frustrations out on zac that’s why there a such thing called a therapist :)

  • eat me

    @wyrueti his stars are gone? Well don’t be surprise if he got a star on walk fame someday!!! How sad to think that your parents raise a kid like you…..

  • yum2333

    ohh lalalala he is so cute so glad he finally don’t have slunessa all over him lol

  • eat me

    @sam you must be dreaming… you need an eye doctor how can you say that his skinny? And pls include betty white cuz he adores her so what? That’ doesn’t mean he would date them….

  • Lona

    Love him! He’s the best… And haters just go to your daily feed of vanessa, it’s always there on the homepage so you don’t get lost lol

  • Rachel

    Aww he’s beautiful! How I love this guy:D And he has soo many movies coming out! GO ZAC!

  • merlin’s mum

    Looking forward to all his forthcoming movies. It is just a shame that he is not allowed to have female friends without people claiming he is dating. I’m still waiting for the day some idiot sees him with his mother and claims he is dating her!!

  • wicked wench

    He’s such a man’s man, shopping at home depo and doing his own physical labor. I’m waiting for him to buy tools and lumber and start an addition to his house. (-;

    Can’t wait for his new movies to premiere. I’m tired of waiting to see him on the big screen…

  • Marsha

    @Zzz: You should not be talking about V Hudgens on this thread. Go trash her on her own thread.

  • Kelsie

    He looks…off.

  • lauren

    how does he look off?

  • kc

    Homo Depot if he is there

  • kaca95

    i love you zac!<3

  • merlin’s mum

    @kc: just explain something to me please? Even if Zac IS gay, not saying that he is, he is far to flirty with females in my opinion to be completely gay, but if he is, why do you talk about it like it is a bad thing to be? it doesn’t make you a bad person if you aren’t of ‘normal’ sexuality.

  • Kelsie


    Like not his usual self…

  • Savannah

    Hottie! Creepy that three guys were just standing still, watching him while he was putting the things in his car o.o

  • Jenna

    He looks like a homeless person in these pics. The clothes – check, the shopping cart – check…

  • Derpina

    @Jenna: I would love help this homeless, bring to my home, give him food, make him take a bath etc

  • Nicky

    @Jenna: Hmm to call him homeless is pretty impudent. I don’t think you live in a better area than him. I’m sure you don’t have enough money to buy a house for about 2.5 million $, or enough money to buy such clothes. And to go shopping in a tailored Giorgio Armani or Calvin Klein tux would be a little bit overdressed. He’s wearing jeans and a shirt, what’s so wrong with that? Hmmm?

  • facts

    Too many immature kids on this site with nothing to do but obsess over celebrities and fight with each other over the internet. You guys have made loving and hating Zac Efron such an important part of your lives, what about your own families? Your own friends? You guys can’t all be single (although it sure looks like it). What about your own careers you’re working towards? All this attention on Zac proves to me you guys got none of those things going on. You are all the followers of the next generation, not leaders.

  • merlin’s mum

    @facts: I am a carer to my sister, I barely have anytime to myself aside from on the computer cos I can’t leave her, therefore I cannot interact with my friends anymore. The other members of my family don’t seem to give a toss about me. They are afraid I might ask them for help. Therefore I obsess over a celebrity who brings happiness into my life whether he knows it or not. Yeah I’d love to have a life outside of the computer, but sadly I can’t, so this is the best I can do to stop me topping myself :(

  • wicked wench

    @Jenna: HAH! If homeless men were this hot, I’d be hanging out under the overpass in Pensacola right now!

    I WISH!

  • try me

    @facts: because they are deranged…and he’s not even important anymore…his movies suck and absolute failure. it’s not like he knows how to act either.

  • Truth or Consequences

    @merlin’s mum: Bless your heart for doing something that is probably the hardest thing in this entire world. I’m sorry that you don’t have help unfortunately there are many in your perdictament, but I promise you will be rewarded one day. I don’t think you should have to defend your motives on why you comment here. Your a fan and as you said if Zac Efron is your guilty pleasure then I’m so happy he exists so that he may bring a smile to your face. I think he would be honored to have you as a fan. I love that we don’t know if he has a girlfriend or 20. I love that he is focusing on his career and keeping his personal life personal. I honestly don’t want to see him with a girlfriend in the news everyday with everyone criticizing the girl and him. I can wait until he announces he’s getting married one day until then let him live his life in peace.

  • Blah

    @Lauren: They’re, not there.

  • ZacFan

    The movie Liberal Arts received a standing ovation in Sundance, Zac made a cameo in this movie, so glad and proud of him

  • try me


  • LMAO

    @wicked wench: You have got to be kidding me”…….he is FAR from being a “man’s man”. That would mean he is all guy, and one that all men like. LMAO guys HATE Efron!!! Buying lanterns and fire logs do NOT make him a man’s man!!!!!!