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Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen: Movie Mates

Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen: Movie Mates

Adam Lambert and his boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen, head home after catching a movie on Sunday (January 22) at the Arclight in Hollywood.

The 29-year-old entertainer and his sweetheart shared a laugh on the way out.

Adam recently dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to chat about his new single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” and addressed the fight he and Sauli had in Finland.

“Relationships are work and I’m so lucky to have fallen in love with a great partner,” Adam said. “Everybody has their ups and downs, things happen.”

FYI: Adam will celebrate his 30th birthday on Sunday (January 29)!

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Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • c

    they always look cute, fights or not. ty jared!

  • Joanna

    “The 29-year-old entertainer and his sweetheart…” Jared I love you, you are the best! :) Adam and Sauli look so happy.

  • Gloria

    Adam looked gorgeous as always.

    What does his boyfriend do for a living, again? This guy totally lives off Adam’s money.

    Happy 30th Birthday, Adam.

  • hello

    they are a cute couple.

  • poppy more


    Google him if you’re so interested.

  • poppy more

    They are such a cute couple! :))

  • Ceric

    Is boyfriend is gross looking, gives off fame whore vibes. Adam has gotten lazy since he got a boyfriend. How’s that new single doing, Adam?

  • Andi

    All he does anymore is talk about is boyfriend, we are not interested in him. What happened to keeping your private life private?

  • lena

    Awww. They’re adorable. To those complaining about the bf: Adam was never dating his guitarist, and he’s not going to start dating his guitarist because your fantasies require him to. Please stop the bitterness, thank you.

  • Meep

    They’re so cute. Great to see also Adam wearing something else than black.

  • J. Taylor

    aww “and his sweetheart” ♥

  • Bing

    Dear Adam,

    You are hot. I would like to hear more about your album and your performances, and less and less about your personal life. Please do more shows and inspire the citizens of the world of your views and music, and keep your personal life to the minimum (because it’s secondary and I don’t think everyone except your die-hard fans would care where you go for dates and what you drink). Your die-hard fans are crazy for you – and knows things about you more than people who love your music and videos.

    I think they think they know you better than you know yourself.

    It’s time for the music and the album to speak, I reckon?

    Regards, me.

  • Kari


    ITA. Glad Adam is happy and all but really? His boyfriend is a nobody. WHY do all the paps namecheck him? You can’t see Adam anymore where he doesn’t have this guy with him. It’s annoying.

  • akak

    @Bing: Have you seen any of his interviews? What he talks about is music, and yes, he talks about love cause that’s what has been inspirising him for making it. Sorry he isn’t in love with Tommy.

  • Bernadine

    These adommy shippers are rediculous, LOL< why would they even want Adam to date his guitarist? I seen him on Ellen and the guy looks like the bride of Frankenstein crossed with the wicked witch of the west! hahhahahah Now Sauli on the ohter hand, DAMN< that boy is HOT, perfect for that Hot Sexy Adam Lambert!!! A lot of eyecandy in that picture right there…….uhhuh…..")

  • ysh

    Cute! I like that Adam has been wearing more color lately.

  • musicfan


    Thank you for the pics, Jared! I love seeing pics of this beautiful, happy couple! and also with Danielle, Adam’s bff.

    LOL @ you people saying he needs to keep his private life private – HELLO he went out with his boyfriend & best friend to the movies – HE IS ALLOWED TO DO THAT. Sorry that your crazy fantasy that he’s with Tommy or Kris or some other straight dude of your cray minds isn’t true … it’s time you just accepted the reality that Adam is IN LOVE with Sauli & they’re a perfect match – you should be HAPPY for ADAM having found someone REAL to love who LOVES HIM and MAKES HIM HAPPY rather than focusing on your perverted crazy fan fiction fantasies. It’s hard enough for Adam to be in any kind of relationship in the public eye, how about you think about HIM, if you’re a real fan, you would be very happy for him & stop whining on these sites about Sauli. Put some positive comments out there for once, there’s enough hate in this world, especially this beautiful couple who are nothing but kind, sweet, and awesome to the fans & everyone.

  • poppy more

    LOL @ Tommyberts whining about Sauli wearing “Tommy’s scarf”. I really hope this type of delusion is not contagious. XD

  • Lissy

    Awww Adam looks so happy, he’s practically glowing!

  • Allison

    I adore this couple, I swear they look more gorgeous every time we see them! Adam is radiating happiness and anyone who can’t see that is a blind fool.

    The people here who are saying Adam should shut up about his private life are revolting. How dare you suggest that an out and proud gay man not speak about his relationship with another out and proud gay man? There aren’t a whole lot of out gay celebrities and maybe you can’t think outside of your little fantasy world, but Adam living his life and being in love with his partner openly like this is never, ever a bad thing.

    People have been obsessed with celebrity culture for decades, this isn’t anything new, and it’s always magnified whenever it concerns romance. I for one am thrilled to see pics of Adam and Sauli just as much as I am to see pics of Brad and Angelina. Anyone who doesn’t like that has a hidden agenda and it’s an ugly one.

    Thanks for the wonderful pics Jared! You’re a good guy :D

  • Jenna

    He always reminds me of this other dude…what’s his name? Ah yes, Bill from Tokio Hotel!

  • J. Taylor

    All of you delusional TJR fans wanting Adam to never say a word about his relationship w/ Sauli seem to not realize how moronic you sound. Even if you pretend that the reason is bcuz “it should be all about the music” :::major eye-rolling::: Adam has talked about his music a lot, if you were actually listening.

    Besides the fact people should be celebrating that an actual gay couple is being positively recognized in mainstream publications.

  • jordon

    It looks like not many radio stations will have added his single this week, despite to big tv appearances. I think people have forgotten Adam Lambert the singer he is now Adam Lambert the new Kardashian clone with throw away boyfriend in tow. What a pity such a waste of a good talent.

  • Anton

    This guy gives off majorly bad vibes. Adam can do so much better.

  • Leo

    I see they brought a referee this time, always a good thing.

  • Sara

    Love to see Adam happy with his sweetheart, thanks Jared ;), and Danielle.

  • bob

    Jared never stop uploading these two, I p*ss myself laughing at the comments from both sides. This is always what happens when a celebrity dates a wannabe who isn’t camera shy. Love it!!!!

  • Daisy

    Lovely to see Adam so happy! Jared, I love reading your articles, you are a great blogger! :))

  • micki

    @jordon: lololollll

    c- effort

  • Riley

    Geez Jared, do you think the happy couple story has been stuffed down our throats enough? We get it. Happy couple. Fight? What fight? Never happened? Look ma, no scars. Talk about overkill.

  • scc

    they are adorable, haters need to get over it. :)

  • andy

    Some people have nothing else better to do than go to sites featuring people they don’t like so they can unload all of their hate on them!

    Adam is amazing and if Sauli makes him happy then so be it. He has the right to live his life and love who ever he wants. If you don’t like it don’t read about it!

  • atomom

    Those of you who condemn Adam and Sauli are pictured together going to the movies with Adam’s best friend as not “keeping private things private” are being asinine and homophobic. Adam should be applauded for not having to conform to your idea of a gay personality, which is to avoid being seen with your love, and when spotted, act like you didn’t know the person; or to sequester yourselves at home; and to lurk the alleys to meet in some obscure venues. Adam is the one fresh breath of honest, true, bold, and courageous gay man, an example not just for the LBGT community, but for all of humanity, as he knows how to be a true, loving, compassionate human being. You haters are either hypocrites or cretins for not recognizing Adam for the admirable man that he is

  • ciara

    I hope Adam’s album sells well, It looks like he may have to buy hairplugs for his boyfriend soon unless he likes bald men

  • kc

    Get a grip. Adam is an out & proud gay man with an out & proud gay partner. You Adommy folks need to get over it. Why would Adam flaunt a “relationship” on stage & hide it in reality? If you can’t support Adam & his real life partner, get out of the fandom. This is Adam’s reality, not your fantasy. Adam’s true fans love & respect Sauli & have accepted him into the family. He is a cutie & a sweetie. Anyone that can make Adam glow like he does is #1 in my book. So accept it, support it, shut up or move on!! I for one hope we never see Adommy action on stage again. I love Adam & realness :) This senseless hate & jealousy needs to stop because guess what? He ain’t sleeping with Tommy.

  • adam lambert

    beautiful boy


    hey shipper’s here’s a tip.

    Go F*** yourselves.

    This is the real world, and Adam is a happy gay man, with his boyfriend Sauli.

    Not anyone else, not a band member, not a former Idol, not any of you.

    So get a life, and look at the crap you spew.

    Adam is happy, I am happy.

    Sauli is the best thing that has happened, Adam is glowing, he is happy.


  • anna

    You really should take a good look at yourself and get a life, Sauli makes Adam happy and the fact that he is not a celebrity in your eyes is no business of yours. Being a celebrity does not ensure a happy relationship, Sauli is known in his own country , comes from a good family and is well loved there, the fact that he made sacrifice to leave his country to be with adam should be commended. Why don’t you focus on your life, your contribution to society and pray that someone may “love ‘ you the way Adam and Sauli love each other. I will bet your bitterness stems from your low self esteem and attractiveness both external and internal. , BTW, their relationship needs no endorsement from you or any of the haters posturing on this blog, you guys are pathetic low life- GTFO

  • Dela

    No, he doesn’t live off Adam’s money. He has his own money that he lives off. If Adam invites him to live in the house he’s renting, that’s none of your business anyway. You know nothing about their financial arrangements. Sauli has said he lives off his owwn money, not Adam’s.

  • Dela

    No, Adam has given several interviews in the last few days where he has talked about his music, and NOT his BF. Often, the subject matter covered in an interview is up to the interviewer and the questions he or she asks. Adam is not in complete control of what topics are discussed.
    Not everyone is uninterested in Adam’s love life. Many are happy to hear about it and are very happy for Adam that he has found happiness in his relationship with Sauli.

  • Dela

    @jordan In no way is sauli a “thow away boyfriend”. Adam and Sauli are IN LOVE with each other. A person does NOT throw that away. Certainly Adam is not the kind of person who does. He has wanted to bw in love for a long time and is super happy he has found Sauli and that they have a good relationship. He is NOT going to leave Sauli for Tommy. Not ever. Time to accept the reality that Adam and Tommy have never been in love or had a romantic relationship.

  • dela

    @Kari You say it’s “annoying” that Adam is always with Sauli??? What?? How does it have any bearing whatsoever on YOUR life? Adam can choose for himself who he wants to spend time with. And he’s got every right to do so. He need not consider that some of his crazier fans can’t distinguish fantasy from reality and stupidly believe he is hiding a romantic relationship with Tommy. He’s told you over and over again that what you saw on stage during the GN Tour was just “fan service”. Tommy Joe has also told you – that Adam is like a “brother” to him, not a lover. The on-stage kisses happened because fans appeared to want and like it. Adam and Tommy are not in a relationship and it is annoying to them and most of Adam’s fans that a few naive Tommyberts think they are and write negative comments about Adam and Sauli on articles like this one and on Twitter. Please GIVE IT UP, Adommyberts, for the sake of peace and love in the fandom and a better image for Adam’s fans in the wider world. Your idiocy just makes people think all Adam’s fans are nuts. We are not and we are tiredof your sad and delusional obsession. Give it up and face reality. Please.

  • jacki

    WOW! Personally, the lovely Adam out with his cute boyfriend isn’t a hugely exciting thing for me – I just love Adam’s voice and his music. But what in the hell is wrong with all these idiots whining about Adam having a partner? I’m told you write this stuff because you’re all stuck in some wierd fantasy world where you think Adam should be (or even secretly IS) with his guitarist Tommy Jo. Well guess what morons. This is REAL LIFE and it’s Adam’s life – not yours. You people need a huge reality check. The guitarist is STRAIGHT and has a girlfriend. Adam has never been interested in Tommy – it was all theatrics for the stage show. Adam has every right to be in love with whoever he chooses, to go to movies, dinner etc with him and to show him to the world instead of hiding him away. Your “Adommy shipping” behavior is scarey and sick.

  • http://Mamagail48 Gail

    I am a senior citizen and so many relationships in my lifetime have failed regardless of lifestyle choices. I am a widow and seeing Adam and Sauli together, I can see the love radiating around them. Boy, do I wish hubby was here again. It’s not how you look on the outside but what u have on the inside and Adam has a heart of gold and it seems so does Sauli. I have seen so much hatred in my lifetime, I really enjoy seeing them and hearing about them being together. Learn to pass the love and forget the hate and this world would be a better place, but that won’t happen in my lifetime. Love Adam and Sauli and thank them for bringing beauty and music back into my lonely life.

  • Anon


    I don’t think he has any control over how much media attention his relationship gets… he has the right to take his boyfriend out on dates like the rest of us… please don’t complain about knowing about his personal life. I’m sure he doesn’t have too much control over that. His happiness is probably the most important thing to him, as it should be.

  • Marina

    Can’t wait for adam’s new album !!!!

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the pics, Jared! I love seeing Adam out and about, and he looks amaaaaazing!

    March 20 can’t get here soon enough!!!!!

  • Selena


    I think the boyfriend mainly blogs and does a bit of modelling. Probably doesn’t make much but he is definitely not a gold digger either.

  • 1truth


    Why are you addressing Adam with your issues? The paps follow and photograph them where ever they go, whatever they do and say. And um, I don’t think he can tour until his album is OFFICIALLY released.

  • Anna

    thank you all the cameraman!