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Kate Bosworth: Sundance Spotlight Initiative Award Honoree!

Kate Bosworth: Sundance Spotlight Initiative Award Honoree!

Kate Bosworth shares a sweet kiss with boyfriend Michael Polish during the Creative Coalition’s Annual Spotlight Initiative Awards Gala Dinner held at The Supper Club on Sunday (January 22) in Park City, Utah.

The 29-year-old actress hit the stage to accept her Spotlight Initiative Award – other recipients included Common, Tracy Morgan, and AnnaLynne McCord.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Earlier in the day, Kate and Michael attended Day 3 of the Stella Artois at T-Mobile Google Music Village, during the 2012 Sundance Film Festival at The Lift.

FYI: Kate is wearing head-to-toe Valentino and accessorized with Jewelmint jewelry.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at an awards gala dinner…

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kate bosworth sundance spotlight initiative award honoree 01
kate bosworth sundance spotlight initiative award honoree 02
kate bosworth sundance spotlight initiative award honoree 03
kate bosworth sundance spotlight initiative award honoree 04
kate bosworth sundance spotlight initiative award honoree 05
kate bosworth sundance spotlight initiative award honoree 06
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kate bosworth sundance spotlight initiative award honoree 12
kate bosworth sundance spotlight initiative award honoree 13

Credit: Todd Oren, Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Slu

    that guy looks like a serial killer

  • eww

    eww to both the kiss and that dress h3ll to her in general. She is well happy with his bought award, lol Common and Anna lol yeah stellar award for a stellar acttryress

  • Nice dude

    they look cute together! he seems really a nice guy and treat her with respect.
    that is good :)

  • wtf?

    oh, come on this girl has a pretty face and pretty clothes (sometimes, well not the dress apparently) but she’s doing everything else wrong. idk

  • Tanter

    Polish creeps me out here. He looks so gross, I second the eww.

    Also the photos has been so photoshopped that Kate looks like a robot.

  • Lou


  • tom

    She looks a lot better when her hair is down.

  • Go.Away

    People like her happen when you give them way too much than what they really deserve.

  • sienna

    how is that a “sweet” kiss?

  • Jeannie

    I have to agree with the eww. Does he ever smile?

  • sara

    this girl needs to eat…

    if you go on a Gabourey Sidibe thread you’ll see a lot of ignorant people calling her a disgusting slob, but people seem to be ok with this girl who is the poster child for anorexia? (I in no way think its good to be over weight or under/w.. both are un healthy etcetc)

    i just find it funny how the comments differ. But i’m sure the thinspo blogs are having a wet dream abt these pics right now.

  • commonsense

    Jeez, AnnaLynne McCord accept the same award, that should tell Kate something.

  • Amy

    What kind of throwaway award is this? LOL, Annalynn McCord, Tracy Morgan and Kate Bosworth. Pathetic.

  • ladybug

    What exactly has she done to ‘earn’ this award? In the same way she ‘earned’ her award at the Vail film fest last April?
    And she’s doing the )(*#$% pigeon-toed stance again. Agh!
    OTOH at least she’s finally found a willing partner in famewhoredom, one who touches her in public and exchanges boring tweets with her. So she’s got that going for her.

  • Hysterical!

    It looks like the award ceremony took place in somebody’s basement!?…In one photo, while she’s making her “acceptance” speech, you can see a table behind her with a bunch of the awards on it- do you just walk up and take one, like a door prize? Polish is in the background laughing with some people and not even listening to her speech-so classy!!! Yes, she’s livin’ the dream!

  • ladybug
  • Futurequeen

    She’s dumb and I’m going to prove it lol

  • fiona

    she’s too skinny.
    super skinny only looks right on runway models. and even then there’s a limit until it looks frightening.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    She never looks good anymore no matter what I can’t put my finger on it it ALL wrong :

    The hair

    the skin

    the body
    just to mention a few…

  • Glow

    These Hollywood types waste No Time in the relationship department. Wasn’t she just with Alexander Skarsgard not too long ago? You know it is OK to be by yourself for a while.

  • Lois

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Twilight “stars” Anna Kendricks and Ashley Green got this “award” last year….that tells you how “prestigious” it is. I just feel bad that the very talented William H. Macy got his name besmirched by being mentioned with them. Having someone like him included doesn’t make it legitimate, it only taints him.Seriously, the film industry gives away “awards” like candy and has festivals every other week yet wonders why most people no longer watch the big award shows(Oscars, GGs, Emmys, etc). KB should have stayed home and worked on a Jewelmint version of this (it would of been more dignified):

    Maybe she kept the receipt so she can return her “award” within 30 days and get her money back.

  • Macy

    OMG she looks like a total bobble head here! It’s pretty bad when someone thinks you’re skinnier than Angelina Jolie, because she’s pretty damn skinny but Bosworth must take the cake. That kiss is creepy looking but she must be so happy that her new bf will actually touch her in public, let alone kiss her! What a step up. LOL I particularly enjoy the big *ss fire extinguisher in the background. Classy.

  • ladybug

    @Lois: At least Anna Kendrick is an Oscar nominee. But Ashley Greene? And this year’s ‘winners’? What was the criteria for this award.
    Bless her, she really looks happy but I hope she doesn’t stick this one her resume.
    @Macy, usually she somehow looks less skinny in black (against all reason and perhaps to only me) but she is looking thinner the last 2 months or so. She’s not into 2006 territory but it’s still very skinny.

  • donnadew

    He has to have an anorexic GF because his little short arms won’t make it around the waist of a normal-sized one.

  • Lois

    Does anyone else feel nauseous looking at that kiss? JJ should provide all of us with airsick bags.

  • donnadew

    I also like all the exposed pipes, danging wires and air conditioning ducts at this classy venue. Obviously they went all out to honor these stellar recipients.

  • Jeannie

    Lainey’s post is up about her. I’d post, but I’m tech challenged. It’s good :)

  • Lois

    Lainey :
    It snowed all day here on Saturday. Like blizzardy. And this is coming from a Canadian, not a weak ass LA douche spending the weekend in Park City for sh-ts and giggles. Have I mentioned? I don’t love Sundance. Because the Hollywood gets too concentrated in such a small space, it’s almost infuriating.

    Anyway, back to the weather – these were straight up WINTER conditions. There was over a foot of fresh snow on the ground. The ploughs couldn’t get to everything in time. What to wear if you’re a celebrity promoting your film? You want to look stylish but, you’d think, you also want to be warm, practical, right?

    Check out Rebecca Hall at the premiere of Lay The Favourite. The pictures really don’t show how great she looked that night. That’s a Tod’s coat. It was amazing. It was perfect. On her and for the occasion. Also note – BOOTS. Because that’s how most people walk around in the snow.

    Unless of course you’re Kate Bosworth.

    Bosworth’s film Black Rock was a late screening. As in midnight. At that hour the wind was dramatic. I mean, we were waiting to interview the Black Rock cast in a media tent outside the venue and at times it felt like it would blow away.

    And THIS is what Kate Bosworth showed up in. With Lake Bell, also super appropriately attired.

    I mean…


    In person Bosworth’s thinness is even more jarring than you expect. So much so that both Dylan, camera, and Josh, producer, mentioned it first. Boys aren’t supposed to be so judgy and observational about this kind of thing. In this case, it’s because whatever it is that they’re judging walked up to them and punched them in the face with its obviousness.

    There were times when Bosworth would move behind Lake and completely disappear. And Lake is pretty slender too. Next to Bosworth though, seriously, even Lake looked round. For those of you who still want to argue that she doesn’t actively maintain this standard, google Blue Crush. Josh thought that she might fall over from the cold and her fragility.

    As for the boyfriend, he is devoted to her in a way that Alexander Skarsgard could never be. Held her coat during interviews, waiting patiently, didn’t mind when a photographer had no idea of his name, divulging it politely, posed happily with her when requested to, very willing to participate in her game. I guess that’s the answer.

    Am also attaching photos of Bosworth walking around town in cute casual, weather-workable clothing which, to me, given the environment, would have met all style requirements, in addition to practicality ones.

  • ladybug

    @Lois: “As for the boyfriend, he is devoted to her in a way that Alexander Skarsgard could never be. Held her coat during interviews, waiting patiently, didn’t mind when a photographer had no idea of his name, divulging it politely, posed happily with her when requested to, very willing to participate in her game. I guess that’s the answer.”
    I have no doubt that AS liked her very much, especially in the beginning. But he was never truly going to pimp himself out to her famewhoring the way that she wanted him to. And MP seems more than willing to do that. So for her, an upgrade, someone who doesn’t mind her neediness and clingyness.

  • eww

    I saw her a few times and yes she is scary skinny in person like O my god how are you even still alive reaction. I really don’t understand why people don’t intervene on her put her in a clinic. Just to be clear I agree with Lainey she is doing this on purpose just for the attention she gets from it. I seriously believe she has deep rooted issues, both body and otherwise. I am not tryig to be mean but so she will just evaporate into the air and we are all watching it happen.
    But what’s worst she has Ana fans that think this is how you should be. I can’t believe her lady function works correctly most of the time when you are so Ana so long it messes up your body.

  • eww

    oh one more thing if she is so happy has everyone is saying why is she so thin again? Didn’t she say she gets thin when stress, she has a man who acknowledges her and what not shouldn’t she be over the moon and have gain at least 5- 6lbs. Just saying something is so wrong with these pictures and to be honest it disturbs me if I stare too long.

  • Abby

    My bet is she thinks that she looks great and is proud of her body. I wouldn’t be surprised if she even ate “lite” a few days before going to Sundance to achieve this look. Thank goodness most normal people understand this is not ideal or healthy. I think the attention to her weight and questions from the media and gossip columnists only perpetuate her behavior. Stop paying attention to her and maybe she’ll go away, eat something, and take some acting classes.

  • ladybug

    @Abby: “I really don’t understand why people don’t intervene on her put her in a clinic.” Considering that it doesn’t look they intervened in 2006 when she looked like this:
    they’re probably not going to do anything now. I have no idea what her actual health is, but since she’s not an obvious danger to herself or others there is little anyone can force her to do.
    Do I think she’s lost weight again and looks even more unnaturally slender? Yep. But unless she herself comes to the conclusion she might actually look better with a few extra pounds of healthy weight not much anyone can do.

  • Abby

    @ladybug: I promise you, that picture is a fake. Her acting is stiff and wooden, her face is pretty, but not stunning, and we all now she can’t sing; yet, she still wants to be famous, talked about, and photographed. I know! She can be super skinny and waif-ish! Her current figure got Lainey talking about her …. we’re talking about her …. and I’m sure other gossip sites are discussing her sharp edges.

  • Yess

    She seriously has THE BIGGEST HEAD i have seen on a person it wont matter how much she weighs her head still looks big poor women

  • wtf?

    wow! comparing to those pics she looks fat today! (sarcasm)

  • Abby

    @Abby: The first picture in the orange and jeans that is. Not sure about the others …

  • Lois


    Pretty sure the one with OB was photographed to make her look deader but these aren’t:,,20060626,00.html

  • Lois
  • Bella

    I love her dress! She looks beautiful and happy. She’s really stunning. I can understand why she got this award as did Ellen Barkin last year. Kate has done great work in independent films. Has anyone seen Wonderland, The Girl In The Park, Another Happy Day, Beyond the Sea, or Rules of Attraction? She’s very talented. I know this isn’t an indie but she was adorable in Win A Date With Tad Hamilton and comedy is hard!

  • Lois


    She’s a sucktress, get over it and stop trying to make her happen. This is a giveaway award and nothing more. I feel bad that William H. Macy or other legitimately talented people get tainted by being mentioned in any category she’s in.

  • ladybug

    @Lois: Thanks, it’s can be hard to tell what’s Photoshopped and what’s not.

  • mforman

    That award has to be the biggest joke of the year. I can imagine they had a snack table with bowels of chips and dip, with punch and paper cups, since it took place in a basement. Just look at who else got the award, oh my goodness what a laugh.
    The famewhore looks absolutely horrible. We know she reads this site and probably didn’t like when we all wrote that she looked good putting on some weight a while back, she probably flipped out; look at her legs, she isn’t shaped normally that is how, I know she was wearing a butt pad in that red dress, like she did at the TWW premiere.
    The kiss is just creepy looking and isn’t it wonderful, since they are both unemployed now he can follow her around and famewhore himself, it just brings them closer together.
    The twitter accounts are just so disgusting, isn’t nice how she doesn’t want to talk about her personal life anymore because it was a “minefield”, and she went through that once and never wants to do it again, but there they go on twitter together. That shows us just how disgusting they both are behaving.
    I just saw the JM commercial in Morocco, they posted it on the JM Facebook page, what a joke that was, no wonder why JM didn’t pay for it, they were probably in shock.
    We all know why Black Rock got picked up, it is about women in the woods and is a horror movie, what I loved was not one good review. In fact it has gotten the worst reviews of any movie I have read in quite a while. My favorite is was the one that said that the director said it took her 18hrs to write and the reviewer said that was so obvious, the other classic was the one that said, “this is a movie to skip”. Another one of her classics, it is like she is going backwards in her career.
    Also can someone please tell me why her people let her wear her hair pulled back that way, it just makes her face look worse than it usually does, but I guess if they don’t care she is starving herself, why care about her hair.

  • Witch costume.

    Nice halloween costume Kate all you need is the pointed witch hate to match but halloween is not until 31st October so your a bit early
    Nice try!!!!

  • Actually..

    @Bella: I have seen all those movies with the exception to Another Happy day and in my opinion she was average at best in all of them. She does do better when she’s not trying to look good (like when she was a drug addict in Wonderland and the Girl in the Park), but she still doesn’t quite pull it off. I give her a pass on not quite going all the way in Wonderland because she was 18 when it was shot and it was a difficult part. The only that I liked her in in Beyond the Sea was when her mom was lecturing her about how she should be careful about her facial expressions on camera, and Bosworth had her mouth hanging open the whole time. (I’m assuming/hoping that was intentional.)

  • HA HA….

    Believe it or not the “life partner” is cheating on Kate. Yes he is !!!!!!

  • Rachel()

    Gee, what a classy event. If someone gets irritated at her smugness and sets the poor “starlett” on fire, Kate’s good to go!

  • Rachel()

    @ladybug: Yeah, I like Anna Kendrick. She’s the only Twilight person who I see doing quality work in the future, and they gave her a tiny part in those films, too. Morons.

  • Macy

    At least Anna Kendrick was in an Oscar nominated movie (Up in the Air). More than you can say for KB.

  • Rachel()

    @Macy: The day Kate Bosworth is nominated for an Oscar, is the day I renounce all of Hollywood, and never watch the awards again.
    @mforman: I am just saddened by this, too pathetic. That award is like one of those participation trophies they give 7 year old soccer players, just for showing up to games.
    I’ll admit, I have this weird Stolckhom-syndromy type thing going on with KB. I kind of want her to succeed(at the Katherine Hiegel, Jessica Alba level) just so I have more opportunities to laugh at her.
    Is that too much to ask Kate Bosworth? You can’t even do god-awful rom-coms to stay relevant? You can’t nail one of the cast members of the Jersey Shore or something? ….Selfish b!tch. = (