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Kristen Bell Covers 'Self' February 2012

Kristen Bell Covers 'Self' February 2012

Kristen Bell is all smiles on the cover of Self magazine’s February 2012 issue.

Here’s what the 31-year-old House of Lies star had to share:

On her idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day: “My perfect Valentine’s Day would definitely be sleeping in and not having a plan. I think there’s something really romantic about not planning and waking up and just being spontaneous.”

On a Veronica Mars movie: “They haven’t stopped pitching it. We’re not going to stop, even if I’m 80 and I’m Veronica Mars in an old folks home, I still think we’ll do it and I’m game.”

On The Hunger Games: “In my dreams, I’d play Johanna Mason. Whether that’s going to happen, I can’t tell you. I’m going to throw my hat in the ring, don’t get me wrong.”

Also pictured inside is Kristen at a Bing and Self celebration for her at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival on Sunday (January 22). 10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty, Self
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  • serena

    Wow, how many covers is she on this month?!? She’s super cute though!

  • Warren

    Hot and sexy woman!

  • morocco Careers

    very humble , unscandalous and beautiful women ;

    I wish her all the success ;)

  • fox mulder


  • sksksk

    i loved veronica mars. that was such a smart and well written show.

    It’d never last now and if it did there would be so many complaints from parents blabla – actually the bullsh*t equivalent would be pretty little liars.

  • Leenah

    Why do they use so much photoshop?The cover is sho photoshopped and they made her look thiner even though she’s perfectly fine without photoshop.It’s Self magazine and they don’t show their true selfs.

  • Mari

    wow gorgeous!!! love her

  • Everlark

    Kristen Bell is beautiful, but I can’t see her as Johanna Mason. In the books, I imagined Johanna as a bitchy type of girl. In my mind I was thinking Mila Kunis would be the perfect Johanna Mason. Good luck to the producers and director for Catching Fire to find new actors/actresses for Finnick, Johanna, Beetee, Wiress, Chaff, Brutus, Enobaria, Plutarch, and Mags! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

  • big.

    Kristen is so beautiful! She is also friends with Joe. I want Joe to end up with someone with a beautiful heart like her!

  • El

    The next letter of my name is i.

    Great choice! I wish Joe was with Kristen. She is a good woman. I know it sounds crazy but I have often wondered if Matt is Dax. I still think it is possible it is him watching out for his friend.

    Do we know if Joe ever dated CW? Someone on twitter said he took her to the tem llab 3 years ago. P on her. She is a little too tall for him at 5’11.

  • Naa

    Thanks. I agree with you. She even created a person today on her site to speak to her. She writes bad things about Matt but wants him to p there.

    I do not know if the dated CW. I want to see him with 35 or older. CW is 28. Joe needs a mature woman. Audra is a good choice. She is 35 in a month.I hope Bridjet is not 29. I hope she is at least 33.

  • ar

    Name begins with A. 29 is better then 21. I think Joe is in in AL or on island. If he does not have to work, I do not think he is on East Coast or in Europe.

  • enni

    You are full of it! Joe is NOT in love with Cok and huge nuse only loves herself. Cok loves AL? Good. Joe wants to buy an
    apt in NYC. He is waiting for Cok to move to AL and he’ll move to NY with Bridjet!

  • ria


    I agree, great story choice.


    The pic you posted is from the tem llab arrivals in 2009. I agree about the height thing. :)

  • hin

    My name begin with C and end with we.

    I think Matt is not as known as Dax. I don’t think Matt is Dax.

    Someone ask Cok on elevig yahoo if she likes NY too. They said Joe is looking at places in NY and she telling her friends she want to move to AL with elevig. Cok said not to believe magazines about Joe buy apt in NY . The info are not just in gossip mag. They are in serious mag too. Then she said, she was in NY a few times and love it too! Haha. She love it since Joe loves it. I always said she has no personality. Look like Joe did not even tell her he apt. shopping in NY! Hahahaha. If story not in news she not know. Elevig busy with trips and movie roles and Cok want to follow her to LA. Oh no! I hope she does not follow her there. I read lie on other JJ story and ask elevig friend on elevig preivate if she saw Joe with Cok this weekend in London. She said she saw Cok with no Joe. Hahahaha. I agree if Joe is here he flew out for work not to see her.Hahahahaha

  • ria

    This could be interesting:

    A new name is in talks to be in Joe’s movie in Haw. P


    One thing I’ve wondered, does Delevig even like Cok or does she just let Cok hang around because she feels sorry for her?

  • ric

    My name begins with E.
    Thanks for new story. Beautiful!

    Thanks. Cok is very selfish. Keep telling us about elevig private. Very interesting to get real deal on Cok. I don’t look at her sm anymore.

  • hin

    P article on Joe might get oscar with curly hairdo. Haha! I hope so. It took many hours to do.

    Cok is trying to be famous and not even invited to IT events. She only go to B level events like the British Airways. Big event on Thursday with AteOss and she not invited. Hahaha. Her friendEorgiaAgger and the girl thinks she is black RO were there. RO real singer not like Cok pretend singer even sang. Elevig invited too but in Brazil. The girls all work while Cok text Joe to find out when see him next. Haha. Very sad.

  • El

    Thanks for P. The new name will make it fun! Do you know if he dated CW or were they only in limxxxxss together?

    Hahahaha. You make me laugh. Thanks for the Ps. Cok or her sisters were spreading lies about RO on other thread.

  • anY

    Thanks. A talented cast. I notice the men are older and the women young. I hope they give roles to older actresses as well.
    Thank you. Let us know when you hear it is over.
    P. on screenings.

  • len

    Name begins with El. Gabriella in other story nice to look at but Kristen is beautiful. When you are a beautiful person you get beautiful comments. Bridjet sounds beautiful too. I don’t see Kristen, Bridjet or Audra with Joe. They are too sweet for him. He needs someone beautiful and tough like Sandra Bullock or an older JenLawr.

  • enni

    Joe is 6’1. Better if his women are 5’9 and below. Too tall with heels if above that.

    OMG!What a HUGE nused loser. Her whole useless life is around Joe now. She has nothing else going on. Men do not like women like her. She follows elevig and Joe. Of course, she was not invited to R invent. KM is a model and invited other models and singers NOT losers. I can’t wait to see Joe and Jenla hanging out again in November.:)

    Yeah! I bet Joe wishes Jenla was 10 years older too. Haha! Jenla is happy with her young man.

  • len

    El Ria Hin Any

    Thanks for p.

    I agree with author reviews from screening not reliable but they give a sense. People from screenings. like American H.

  • Hin

    Elevig is friends with her because they knew each other from before but she really likes EorgiaJagg, Ordadunn, Rihanna and RO. I don’t think Elevig will choose her as one of her friends if they did not know each other before.

    She is not even allowed to p pics of her and Joe or his dog on sm. He does not even go to her things. Miles went to her things. He spend more time with his ‘friend’ Bridjet. Is this love to you? Not to me.

    Cok does not want it to end. I will let you know when he ends it.

    Good night people!

  • ria

    Well that’s interesting.

    Big said that Pumice**** was given the link to the new thread but she didn’t post there. She DID post quite an earful on the beach pic thread. Did she want a bigger audience?

    On the old threads Pumice**** had a history of posting a lengthy comment once in a while and then disappearing the other 99% of the time. This time she has also included a lot of personal information about herself. I’m not sure why. She has also displayed the usual axe to grind about ZS. She still isn’t clearly explaining what Z did, only that she can’t stand Z and neither can Joe.

    She also says (again) that Cok is a “business arrangement” the same way Z was.

    It’s interesting that this time she is going on and on about how close she is to Joe’s family. She didn’t do that in previous comments.

    To be honest I’m not sure what to make of her comment. Previously she said she worked in the industry (no details) but now she’s saying she has just entered the industry. Hmmmm.

  • dot

    Waaoah! I tried to post right after Ria but I do not see it my 2 posts. Trying again

  • bat

    Dot I see your p. Write your message.

    Ria Daft is beyond crazy. She is mental. I emailed Big yesterday and Daft is the person they said she was. I guess she does not want Joe to know who she is if she needs to get tickets for movies or a signing?

  • dot.

    Waaaouh! Does anyone else wonder where Joe’s family is? We have not seen a pic of GC since the oscars. We usually see her every 3 months.

  • dot.

    Hahaha. Can you believe the whole discussion over there is about Matt, us and yahoo? We only talk about how they are talking about us. There is never any real info. there.

  • rah

    My name begins with Sa.

    I just posted on the other JJ. I agree with Big not to post there I have to when her lies get out of control. I am glad B***** is on there. She is accusing people from private of taking over names and they never do that. They post on there with their real names. V** is right the only person who p there from private is ister and she has not done it for a long time. I post on there with my name.

    I agree with everything you wrote. Daft wants the old JJ back and she wants followers.

  • bat

    Dot I don’t know where she is. I agree maybe NC or at her house in PA?

  • ijm

    Ria Rah
    Thanks for the news. I don’t even read those comments anymore. Too much recycling and name-calling.

    2 P on GG. Although GG has officially wrapped it is very possible Joe is still working on his voice part from Europe and America.

  • aug

    aug aug aug aug Good job Rah! There are still many names but you posted many of them and shut her up. What a snake Daft is!

  • eliss

    The beast is up. She is telling lies like crazy and p under Daft too. Big said she
    sent her emails yesterday. Daft did not like the response. Haha

  • Rol


    Haha! She has lost it completely! I like how someone posted a detailed response and someone else brief to the point on daft.

  • anY

    P yesterday at 9:40am and 4pm with messages. I do not see them. I guess did not wait for it to go through on my phone. I hope this is not the 4th message you are getting from me. Articles on Joe and movies. The movie director said a week ago Joe began recording for JJ. I think he still is. He is also the main character in CC movie. Joe is busy.

  • aym

    You are online too!

    ZMT covering athlete on TV show + onlineon island getting some oil on his back from his sister and did not cover Joe and Cok on island.P LOL. They really don’t believe it!b Their last story of Joe is of his outfit in May. P

  • Eo fa

    I thought I was here on my own.
    My name begins with L. I have had nothing new
    on Joe. He has not been with Leo recently.
    When you compare pics, L is into T.
    L ain’t gonna marry T and Joe ain’t gonna marry Cok.
    Matt Are you sure Joe is having sex with Cok? I don’t think he is.
    Anyone else agree with me?

    zmt reports L and T on the regular.
    T is hot. Cok is not. They feel L likes T.
    They aren’t giving RP Joe and Cok the reporting they want.

  • enni

    Yawn. Time to move on to an adult Joe!

  • aym

    Daft copies our links and p on her site! Nothing going on there yesterday and today. That’s why she was p crap on JJ under many names.

    Time to show us Bridjet before he loses all of us.

  • enni

    Nothing going on there for weeks and last few days it is dead. Whacko has nothing to say and cannot get to the emails we got.:) Bet Joe and Bridjet had fun this weekend in AL or on island. Yeah!!P old pic on island.
    I can’t wait for pics of Jenl,Nic, Joe and Brdjet hangin’ together.

  • ose

    With her female child in NC? I do not want to use d word.

    Is Gloria C okay?

    Did you know ER was in American H. She is so sexy. P.

  • ric.

    My name begins with E. On imdb, Jay B’s star
    meter is above Joe.

  • big

    Ric’s message is about the guy acting with Joe in CC movie. It took me 5 min to figure out who he was talking about.

    I am sending you an email with messages from Matt and posters. We are getting more requests to join from new names. Matt says Pumi****** is making things up. I have not heard back from pumi— since I sent her the link for the other story. Everyone got a link for this story except the same 2 people. I’ll tell you who in email. Char
    has sent us more personal information to join. She says she is not a troll.

    You’ll get an email soon.

  • big

    We do not want personal information and do not ask for it. Cha
    just sent it.
    Cok is really desperate. You will laugh when you get email.

  • ria


    I’m not surprised Matt said that about Pumi*******.

    In previous comments from months ago she sounded like she might be legit.

    In her new comment on the other thread she sounded like an attention seeker making a LOT of things up. Ironically, the other posters were so busy fighting about Daft’s fake names they didn’t seem to even notice what Pumi***** posted.

    So much for attention seeking!

  • big


    Some from private also think someone took over pum****** ‘s name. P’s previous posts were fine. They think it might be someone from Cok’s team or daft. If pum*****
    responds to email, we might find out. The poster who said pum**** was more against Dna is right. Cok talk about JJ on aol so might even be her.

  • ria


    Thanks for the message.

    It’s NO surprise Cok is not getting many offers. She’s too plain, boring, and average for anyone to be interested in her.

    There’s nothing Joe can do to change the fact SHE has nothing to offer. More awkward silly pics aren’t going to change anyone’s mind about Cok.

    They’ve already made up their minds and made it clear they’re not interested in her. What more can Joe possibly do?

  • eli

    Name begins with M

    Matt Hin

    Thanks. Your messages show how pathetic Cok is. She is really living in her imaginary world. Will we have more stories about a wedding with Joe sold to the MD and other mags? She has no talent. Her friend Elevig is not with an A lister but she is getting all the photo shoots and movie offers because of talent. I still don’t understand why Joe is still in?\

    It might be her. She got very upset when the poster talked about her taking her drugs. lol.

  • bat

    Matt + posters. Thanks. This girl shows she has an 8 year old brain. If he is having sex with her, he has to protect himself. She will try to get pregnant. She will.