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Stacy Keibler Lands at LAX

Stacy Keibler Lands at LAX

Stacy Keibler arrives at LAX airport on Saturday (January 21) after a flight from New York City.

The 32-year-old girlfriend of George Clooney was picked up by one of George’s bodyguards.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Stacy Keibler

Earlier in the weekend, Stacy dropped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – check out her appearance below!

“I’m just so fortunate to be in the room with all these talented people – it’s a little overwhelming sometimes!” Stacy said of attending award shows with George.

Stacy Keibler on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
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  • Asha

    Her time as George’s other half is tick, tick, ticking away. He didn’t seem into her at all on on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. I give them a few more months before he has moved on to another exotic beauty.

  • speaktruth

    I know she’s technically on there to promote that fitness dvd. However, I think we all know the real reason she’s getting attention and maybe even on here is because she’s dating George Clooney.

  • kie

    So JJ is about to pimp her out like he did the last chick . Ohh whatever happened to her ?

  • mandy

    AGAIN, why is anybody talking about her? Mid-2011, nobody knew who she was except for some horny males who follow wrestling. Post-George she will only be known as one of his numerous former GFs.

  • Bo

    So she came back Saturday? Why wasn’t she with George at the Producers’ Guild Awards Saturday night?

  • Ouch!

    OMG, who cares about her AND her stupid old boyfriend?! Somebody please set them on fire, I beg you!!!

  • bobjusbob

    Nothing special about her besides the fact she “dates” (*cough*) George Clooney. She’s one of those generic “all-American” blondes that many American seem to love for some reason, yet they are as interesting and exotic as vanilla pudding.

  • Bo

    She reminded me of someone and I just figured out who it is. I think she looks like Jennifer Coolidge. I really like Jennifer – hope she’s not insulted.

  • Susan

    I just think Stacy is about as relevant as Pippa Middleton. They are both “famous,” cough, cough, spit, vomit, for being related to or dating someone who IS famous. Ah, the life of a secondhand a-lister.

  • Ingrid


  • gail

    Ah she’s pretty well known in Hollywood and sports circles so her relationship with Goerge is more understandable and seems more relatable.

    I know for a fact that another George has been wanted Stacy since they were on DWTS. He must be pissed because he does NOT like Clooney.

  • Bo

    It must be a slow gossip day if all you have is that Stacy Keibler landed in LAX and George’s body guard picked her up.

  • Gossipgirl

    Clooney (also known as the garden Gnome) and his rent a ho, simultaneously shilling for Oscars and monies. I wish Kibbles and bits would cover up her huge busted feet. Clooney is either shameless or clueless that people outside of Hollywood think he is a joke.

  • Please


    I think she is known before by the people who matter. She’s known George a while also. Didn’t you guys know about Stacy? Come on now. She is no stranger to the red carpet reporters and even news reporters so why people who are on gossip blogs all the time act like they don’t know who she is?

  • **shrugs**

    I think she’s just doing her thing. It’s the media who has stepped up their picture taking. She’s always been around.

  • Bo

    @Please “…known before by people who matter…” Who might those people be? I never saw her anywhere until she started dating Clooney and I have been on these sites for years. If she hung out with “people who matter” I think we might know her. Yes, she was previously irrelevant, and she is only relevant now because of him.

  • looker

    The lies have become beyond nauseating. Keibler is a rent-a-ho on a publicity contract, not George’s girlfriend. George has only one bodyguard, and he did not pick Keibler up at the airport, nor do any of George’s security people provide services to Keibler. Keibler’s real boyfriend is Stan Rosenfield, who is Clooney’s sleazebag publicist. As for the “exotic beauty” reference someone made, not by any stretch of the imagination. Keibler is just as homely and trashy as Canalis.

  • looker

    @bobjusbob: She’s not a real blond. Her roots are dark brunette. She’s just a complete fake in every way.

  • signage

    Interesting. In the video, Jimmy Fallon said “You’ve got YOUR dog there” and Keibler replied “Yes, he’s a good luck charm.” She didn’t deny that it’s her dog in the pic. She got an impostor dog that is similar to George’s dog so she could use it just for famewhoring purposes, just as people have been saying. She’s disgusting.

  • coupons

    Her talent is that she reps butt brushburn gel for CVS. Being truly talented is over-rated anymore.

  • dizzy

    She should pretend that she’s dating Arnold Schwarzenegger. They’d actually make a nice “real” couple. In nearly every advanced civilization, “really dating” and being Clooney’s “hired contract escort” are NOT the same thing.

  • wtf?

    well i like her…….she reminds me of grace kelly a bit….purdy…better than that elizabeth gal Clooney ran around with…at least she has talent and a job……

  • dizzy

    Rubbin her butt all over a rope, you call that talent?? Lol! Sorry for you that you lost your mind along the way. She looks as much like Grace Kelly as Charlie Brown does.

    And yes. At least hookers have “jobs”.

  • signage

    @wtf?: Grace Kelly? ROFLOL!!! There is no way you aren’t either Keibler or one of her publicity drones. They tried to make the same comparison of Canalis to Grace Kelly. The fact is that Keibler has mediocre looks and talent and no class whatsoever. She’s trash both in appearance and character.

  • signage

    @dizzy: I completely agree with you. These publicity posters are worse than used car salesmen.

  • Lurch

    Integrity doesn’t matter. Decency doesn’t matter. Famewhoring, golddigging and dancing…. matters!!! LOL

  • Annie

    @wtf – If I was Grace Kelly’s family I would sue anyone who compared this one to her, especially after I saw one of the many WWE videos of her that are all over the web. In addition to her trashy past, Keibler’s looks are nothing more than mediocre.


    So this is George and company’s idea of a tighter oscar campaign? Blocking people’s equipment for phone, internet, setting up “work” opportunities to enhance/keep an eye on certain people, following people detail, and listening on personal calls, and having spies posing as other? Gee! Anna is so impressed. Impressed indeed from what I have been told. By George you truly have outdone yourself this time! I say we all vote Republican instead of Democrat next election. Lol!

    Just when you thought George hits a new low, it get lower. If Stacy was so well known then why is it a known fact that she could not get into the high end clubs of LA till she became associated with Clooney? Matter of fact why wasn’t she signed onto WME until she became associated with Clooney? Guys talking out of your a*s*s* is creating a lack of clarity and thought for your brains. Lol!

  • Best Actress Nominee

    No wonder William Morris signed her on. She’s just another shallow famewhore who will do anything for $$$$ and fame. Talent is no longer required in Hollywood. George must be really proud of his contract with this fake-date escort and for providing the world with another talentless fameho.

  • Cleanse Degradation to Women

    If you’re a decent intelligent talented woman with class……Buttcott Clooney!!!!! He promotes famewhores likes Canalis and Keibler in order to spite intelligent women with genuine talent.Take a stand against trashy women like Keibler and Hollywood for OBJECTIFYING AND EXPLOITING WOMEN in the name of GREED and PATHETIC PERVERT “entertainment.”

  • Red Carpet Secret

    1. Cleanse women from red carpets who exploit the sanctity of womanhood for fame and $$$
    2. Cleanse women from red carpets who promote perversion and consider the physical assault of other women….”entertainment.”
    3. Cleanse women from red carpets who sign publicity “escort” contracts because they’re so desparate for fame they’ll do “anything” for $$$ & attention.
    4. Cleanse women from red carpets who promote psychic rape by sticking their butthole in the air for perverts to “enjoy.”
    5. Cleanse women from red carpets who wear phony smiles by designer Goddess eau de’ SelfLuv….. there isn’t anything respectful about simulating assault on another woman so why wear a plastered on phony smile?

    For that matter, why smile at all on the red carpet if you’re nothing more than another pawn who is “paid” to make a total FOOL out of a good man and his hard-earned career?

  • LMAO

    @ Red Carpet Secret, you forgot …….

    6. Cleanse all the gossip sites of this nutbag who thinks she’s in a “psychic sexual relationship” with George Clooney, so she stops posting her delusional garbage on every gossip site known to man. ahahahaha

    7. and that goes for the delusional one who thinks she’s being “followed and harrassed” by an A-list celebrity because “she’s so important”….ahahahahaha

  • Katie D.

    @LMAO- It’s clear that you’re running an “agenda” of your own. Why else would you or anyone for that matter (other than a nutcracker who has an agenda) DEFEND…..ANY PERSON….. that enacts assaulting women as pleasurable. “entertainment”. Only a SCARY “delusional” “nutcracker” running an “agenda” would “easily” and IMMEDIATELY DEFEND and dismiss FACT that there are countless obscene video’s of the FACTS. Whenever anyone states the FACTS, it’s “scary” to read who is “first” to defend this girls appalling behaviour. It is also scary to read who is “first” to “hurry up” and try to denigrate “fans” because they have an opinion about what society considers “trashy” women to be, versus what society, in general, does not consider a “trashy” woman to be, whether the woman is a GF or not is beside the point, but then, you and your $$agenda$$ co-horts know that.

    I understand why anyone running an $$agenda$$ would “whitewash” a reputation of ill repute,defend it as much as possible etc… but it is crazy silliness to then denigrate and mock “fans” or persons who express their wanton disdain of women with ill repute, GF or no GF. It’s about $$agenda$$ versus integrity IMO.

    Many women are appalled by ANYONE that thinks assaulting women is entertaining. Many women AND MEN are appalled by ANYONE who exploits women, let alone by anyone willingly sticking their rearend in the air for fame and $$$. It’s scary that your personal $$agenda$$ tries to silence, mock, then dismiss anyone whose opinions don’t agree with your $$agenda$$. Maybe you’re better suited to operate your $agenda$ out of China where freedom of speech is readily dismissed, silenced and clearly not respected. I wish you well but IMO you are the scary one if you think you’re so important that your $$agenda$$ is the law of the land. I appreciate reading what all posters have to say in their opinions whether I agree or not. At least we live in a society where we can learn from one another’s differing opinions. It’s VERY SCARY however that there are nutcrackers that are only out to $$promote$$ what satisfies their $$agenda$$. They are easily spotted. They’re the first ones out of the gate defending SMUT and appalling behaviour then trying to “whitewash” over smutty behaviour because $$$$ is at stake. I’m sorry for them, but I appreciate that I live in a nation where each of us is entitled to our opposing opinions about such matters. IMO, ANYONE who tries to silence warranted opinions of others are self-seeking, self-important, money-grazers… Under the command of a communist regime, that is acceptable behaviour, in our current society, it is not.

  • LMAO

    and there you have it…the nutbag in action, all a twitter because I nailed her and all her silliness. ahahahaha

  • lou

    to Red Carpet Secret @ 01/23/2012 at 9:08 pm

    i see you’re still at it. but his is good; I now have more of your hilarious posts to show the people I work with. the 4th one on ‘psychic rape” is almost too funny.


    LMAO- Funny you would post your dribble. Paranoid much? Go back to your coven warlock!


    Another LMAO thank you for starting your dribble so quickly. I was given the heads up that once the Oscar noms were announced this was the next order of action. Also nice to know who ferrets information for you idiots as well. Paranoia over a hunk of metal on a piece of wood. You idiots are not fooling no one. No one at all. We all know who are crazy here now don’t we? You are scared as you should be. Lot on the line and your a*s*s*e*s* are in a huge s*h*i*t*f*e*s*t* if anything goes wrong.

    Instead of playing this tired old game of trying to portray some as “crazy” ha ha ha. (What a f*u*c*k*i*n*g* STUPID line! Well what can one expect from Team Clooney). Concentrate on actual being people of character, integrity, and show some self worth. It is clear to everyone none of you have it. Also instruct Clooney that his p*en*is joke was low class, and normal do not “get it” like all you Hollyweirdo’s. You idiots are the crazy ones. Understand? Well from what I heard, Anna says that is Way above yourpaygrades. That is obvious. There is nothing else I care to say to someone the likes of you. How do you say it? Ha ha ha? Putz!

  • Perspective

    @TIMEKEEPER: It would be nice if George had a grounding influence, someone not a Hollyweirdo. I’m not saying it will ever happen, but it would be nice. Stan and company are so delusional and insular that it seems like they actually have come to believe their own bullshite. Normal, non-delusional people look at the bullshite and see it for what it is. Actually it’s kind of funny because it occurred to me that what they do is similar to how superstitions develop, and being that they are into darkness, I guess that makes sense. It’s like they think if they pray to certain demons and do certain spells and believe it’s all going to work, then it will, but the reality is that they are delusional in their evil endeavors. If Clooney wins something, then they attribute it to their dark actions, and if he doesn’t win, then they assume they didn’t do their rituals just right. They’re straight up crazy. I guess the best director and best picture nomination rituals didn’t go off quite right, maybe they prayed to the wrong demons, or didn’t kill a baby goat exactly as a spell said to, as these are the sorts of things they will try to blame their failures on instead of accepting the reality that they have absolutely no control over anything or anyone.

  • Shawn

    I bet George would have gotten a best director nomination and Ides of March would have gotten a best picture nomination if it weren’t for the rent-a-ho sideshow. I guess it’s more difficult for Stan and company to bribe the entire Academy with money and hooker sex than to bribe the small Hollywood Foreign Press that vote on the golden globes. So now that golden globe win will work against George, as people did not like being subjected to the hooker sideshow and Rosenfield’s sleazy dealings. Two years since the Canalis hooker sideshow, and nothing has changed.


    Perspective I believe karma has played a certain part. Shawn I believed karma has played a certain part here as well too. Speaking of karma, someone contacted me about Anna, and stated a grey large suv was trailing her today. The plates I believe were something like JTJ M971. Why would anyone be trailing Anna? Oh! That’s right. Paranoia, fear, and she is not into being watched 24-7, her personal and private business being fed to outside parties by spies. Oh! I guess that would be considered nutty right LMAO? Yeah it is nutty. I agree, but you idiots also ran a sl*u*tt*y Oscar campaign too. Now that is nutty if you ask me. Lol! Listening Team Clooney?


    Just watch the video from her Jimmy Fallon appearance. Any excuse to include drinking when she plays games. Loves playing games. Well that is good she confessed to that. She is one big pr game that is paying banging big bucks, and she confessed on television pretty much she drinks like a fish. Yep, perfect match made in hell with the Cloonster. I wonder if she has an honorary membership in the coven as well? I could see it. She is da*m*n desperate for fame, money, and attention. George you got a live one here. Lol!

  • signage

    @TIMEKEEPER: “George you got a live one here. Lol!”
    I disagree. Keibler is a big boring fake. Everything about her is fake. She’s not healthy, she’s not in her thirties, she’s not George’s girlfriend, she’s not a nice person. George is also a big boring fake for promoting her and participating in the rent-a-ho sideshow.

  • signage

    I haven’t seen any of the nominated performances, but I don’t think that someone who runs a rent-a-ho sideshow of a campaign that does great harm to women in the entertainment business and all over the world should be eligible to win an Oscar. There should be some minimal standards of integrity. If a dog belonging to a contestant dies during the Iditarod sled dog race, then that contestant is automatically disqualified. If an Oscar campaign results in an actress being raped in a director’s office and being told that no one will believe her because thanks to Clooney, the perception is that women volunteer for the casting couch all the time, then the person running that Oscar campaign should be disqualified from the awards. Clooney will not be disqualified, though, because Hollywood is largely run by sleazebags. What a contrast it is that Angelina Jolie made a movie that realistically shows the brutal violence done to women during war, while Clooney made an Oscar campaign that mocks violence towards women.


    I am being sarcastic.

  • signage

    @TIMEKEEPER: Oh, sorry. I should have realized from the rest of your post.

  • signage

    George could always give his Oscar away, that is, if he wins. For example, he could auction it off with the proceeds benefiting a charity that helps female refugees.


    It’s okay. Sometimes my sarcasm is not always so obvious.


    Sure she want
    Beautiful old George
    She loves this type of man full of protein which has invested in providing counterfeit V i a g r a + D H E A + B r e it l in g


    Someone is a lying pathological sack of s*h*i*t*. Which one could it be? Is it Stacy?? Is it George?? Is it both?? Regardless, Einstein is the victim in this situation. This beautiful creature is nothing more but a pr tool used ruthlessly, and that is wrong just wrong! Anna is disgusted by what is going on. How low will these two will go? Of course Hollywood has picked Clooney as the odds on favorite for the Oscar rewarding this horrid behaviour. My question is who is going to come clean with the bs, or is there trouble in paradise? You guys decide who you think is the liar in this nonsense. Anna from what else I have been told thinks they should be ashamed of themselves,but that requires a conscience.

    My dog, Einstein, is a rescue from Camp Cocker and and without him my life would be incomplete!


    So Stacy comments that she is the one that adopted beautiful Einstein, and George claims the same thing. What a trip! Also Anna is so not thrilled to have her private and business affairs being tampered with either. Then again, karma has tripped someone up obviously judging by this latest tug of war over this beautiful creature, that has become a simple pr tool instead of being loved, and cherished like most pets are meant to be. Yeah, like Anna I am disgusted too! Anyone with me?