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Stacy Keibler Lands at LAX

Stacy Keibler Lands at LAX

Stacy Keibler arrives at LAX airport on Saturday (January 21) after a flight from New York City.

The 32-year-old girlfriend of George Clooney was picked up by one of George’s bodyguards.

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Earlier in the weekend, Stacy dropped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – check out her appearance below!

“I’m just so fortunate to be in the room with all these talented people – it’s a little overwhelming sometimes!” Stacy said of attending award shows with George.

Stacy Keibler on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
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64 Responses to “Stacy Keibler Lands at LAX”

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  1. 51
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Cray Cray has an impostor dog that she got just for famewhoring purposes. Also just for famewhoring purposes, she is now claiming that she is the one who adopted George’s dog, Einstein. She’s being caught in many lies. I read that she was photographed somewhere recently with no bodyguard, revealing that her claim that George’s bodyguard follows her was a big fat lie; Canalis was caught in that exact same lie.
    I’m torn about what should happen with the Oscar. If George wins, Stan will try to say that it was because of the rent-a-ho campaign when in fact if George wins it will be DESPITE the rent-a-ho campaign which has cost him nominations and is costing him votes. I’ll pray that things work out for the best and that the truth continues to be revealed.

  2. 52
    signage Says:

    Oh and just watch her try to claim that the statement that Einstein is her dog was mistake. She’s a big fat liar. This is another one of her trashy publicity stunts. George should be ashamed of himself for associating with this kind of trash. No wonder Ides of March got shut out of Oscar nominations. People are sick of having this sh*t shoved down their throats.

  3. 53
    signage Says:

    Well Anna is beyond fed up with him. If he takes Keibler to the Oscars, he can forget about any chances with Anna. He can take a family member or go alone, but he cannot continue to date hookers and still have Anna. Two years ago Anna was witnessing the exact same garbage, and George apparently has not changed a bit. I don’t buy the p.r. about him being a nice guy. From what I’ve seen, he’s extremely selfish. He doesn’t care that he’s hurting women in Hollywood and elsewhere with the hooker sideshow. At the Oscar roundtable, he was very disrespectful with nearly every other word out of his mouth a curse word said in front of the accomplished women who were present. Everything is all about him to the point that he seems to have become delusional. He’s lost all perspective.

  4. 54

    Well regardless this is sickening! It has been told to me that Anna feels that Einstein needs to be away from this negativity. Anna also wants Einstein to know she would be proud to be his Mommy, and he would NEVER, EVER be subjected to this kind of garbage. She would not allow it. Apparently she feels Einstein’s job is to be God’s Guardian Angel over his parent(s), not a pr tool for some crazy pr garbage campaign. I agree.

  5. 55
    signage Says:

    Psych. LOL.

  6. 56
    signage Says:

    I said “psych” because we posted at the same time, lest there be any confusion. That’s what we used to say back in the day when two people said something at the same time.

  7. 57
    signage Says:

    Hmm. After watching this video, it seems like George may have some understanding of what women deal with after all.
    The question then is, if he understands this, then why is he hurting women in Hollywood and elsewhere with the hooker sideshows.
    On another note, I wish Hollyweird folks in general and not just George would realize that gratuitous cursing does not make them seem cool. It just makes them seem like insecure junior high kids trying desperately to seem cool. Charlize has an excuse in that English is not her first language, and she has been working almost exclusively around these idiots since she came to the U.S. Plummer doesn’t seem to curse gratuitously but just in context. George seems to curse gratuitously. Viola is a class act, as is Tilda, and I wish they hadn’t kept interrupting Tilda and let her speak more.

  8. 58

    Signage you have had totally ticked off Anna. You are way off base. Now I have been asked to set things straight. First of all George and Anna have not spoken, seen, or communicated straight to each other since “The Good German” premiere. He has never ever sent a card, present, flowers, NOTHING, NADA ZILCH! Around this time from what has been said is the start of the “friendship/casual sex” he has had with Keibler until she got him to give their “relationship”(ha ha) a go as we know it now. Anna was going to keep her mouth shut but you keep going off in the deep end and drumming her up to some suffering nitwit, and she is so not having it! The extent of ANY communication is what his Team Clooney has in terms of people who spy, and find other ways of communication, and keeping tabs on her. She is 100% on her own, and always have been. Now with Stacy and George both claiming to have adopted Einstein, they have stupidly provided a timeline to which they really have gotten together. In essence they have been “together” for over a year, and made it official last summer, but sex between them has been for far much longer. Larson did not give a crap about him stepping out, Canalis did not like it because she is just crazy, but she like Keibler loves the benefits of what being connected to Clooney gave her. Anna was told it was to be his way 100% or the highway. She chosed the highway, and yet some many idiots post on these sites, with crazy hair brain stories. It is insane! She did not go to any awards shows in Europe in the past year. That just means he had even more women on the string. Anna does not do any blogs, videos on YouTube etc. If he has a woman that does that then it is not the Anna I talk about. Anna also wants to express an apology to actors of SAG. She expressed that she felt they would award him a award simply because he is George Clooney. That is obviously not the case. How it has been presented to her on many occasions when she was being threatened by someone in his circle that he was so rich,powerful, and famous he “owned” part of Tinsel Town. Also it can be seen to it that her life will be made hell. She is angry that once again this s*h*i*t* is being stirred up for whatever reason. Perhaps someone in his circle wants him to stick it out with Keibler so Anna is being messed with to ensure he will not venture near her, or to stir Anna up in so much anger that problems and drama will ensue that he will do more pr and flash Stacy as his main squeeze. It is a game, a farce. Signage you are out of line. The rest of the idiots who keep this s*h*i*t* going is out of line. STOP IT NOW!!!!!! Kiebler has been his bed buddy pretty much since day one. Yeah they are friends but in the beginning it was with benefits. Now it is official contract paid relationship. Now you happy Signage? You sure are not helping with statements like above, and painting Anna as some poor miserable soul. Anna is fed up with the inaccurate portrayals. I noticed you stir up the pot with this crap out of the blue along with Team Clooney goons starting havoc in Anna’s life. Stop your stupid s*h*i*t* and stop it now! Anna and others around her are getting real tired of having to clarify everything over and over again you pieces of s*h*i*t*! Get another f*u*c*k*k*i*n*g* hobby!

  9. 59
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Are you really going this route again? Clooney has never had and does not have a sexual relationship with Keibler, just as he never had one with Canalis. Keibler only lied about adopting Einstein for the same reason she lies about everything else, which is for famewhoring purposes. If she thinks she will get attention and/or publicity, she will say or do anything. Clooney adopted Einstein alone, before the publicity contract with Keibler began. As for Anna, where have I ever posted that she is a suffering nitwit? I posted just the opposite, that she is fed up with him. Whether she suffers due to his actions she may communicate privately. Sounds to me like George is upset that he didn’t win a SAG award last night, and he’s throwing a temper tantrum. It doesn’t matter that he has been leading Anna on and behaving disrespectfully, all that matters is that he didn’t win an award. He has been warned for two years that continuing the rent-a-ho sideshows would harm his reputation and career, and now that this is happening, he refuses to accept that he made a mistake. A better man would learn from his mistakes and fight for a woman like Celestina.

  10. 60
    signage Says:

    What did George expect? That Anna would comfort him over his loss after he took a rent-a-hooker with him as his date? Did he really expect that? If he wanted Anna to comfort him, make him laugh, and cheer him up, then he shouldn’t have taken the rent-a-ho with him as his date.

  11. 61
    signage Says:

    Maybe Anna should start dating a Frenchman. Bet George would be just fine with that. He wouldn’t have a problem seeing Anna on TV, the internet, and in magazines dating a Frenchman, would he? I mean, his life must be completely fulfilled the way his p.r.’s poorly written script tells it. He can buy just about any hooker on the planet, and what more could an intelligent, sensitive man possibly want? A hooker in one hand, and a glass of hard liquor in the other. Sounds like a completely rewarding personal life.

  12. 62
    signage Says:

    I get it, now. George does not want other men seeing Anna. He’s jealous. That’s why he doesn’t want her around other actors. He’s afraid someone will steal her away. Is he so used to being around hookers that he thinks all women are like them? Anna cannot be bought. George isn’t the only man with money who has tried to impress her. What impresses her is a good heart, intelligence, humor, and integrity. She’s not a common ho like Keibler and Canalis who only look for the biggest wallet. She would have liked George just as much if he were still selling shoes, maybe better, since in that case he probably wouldn’t be mixed up in so much evil. She would have composed silly poems for him while camping under the stars, happy just to enjoy life. People who place the most importance on money are never happy, they never enjoy the simple things. They are always concerned with getting more money, and there is never enough to make them happy.

  13. 63
    signage Says:

    Anna took George’s mojo. If he wants it back, he is going to have to ask her :-P

  14. 64

    That threatening started quite a few years ago. The idiot goon squad when they are shopping for his latest fameho start on the his way or the highway kick with Anna. She tells them to f*u*c*k* off and leave her alone, then voila! the latest s*k*a*n*k* du jour is rolled out. She is over it. She has her hands full with making the world a better place to live through community service, and outreach. Jealous? Couldn’t it be that he has become another soulless jerk in the sludge of Hollyweird? It unfortunately happens to the best of them if one is not careful. Anna took George’s mojo? Oh that is too funny! I heard she laughed on that one. Life is good for her,and she is deeply loved. Life is also too short. God is surrounding her with amazing and beautiful spiritually filled people that are so beyond this nonsense. That is what is important and good for her, and that is what really matters. George seems content with the turns that he has made in his life. He is like a pig wallowing in his own s*h*i*t*. To each its own. Lol!

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