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Angelina Jolie: Farmers' Market With the Kids!

Angelina Jolie: Farmers' Market With the Kids!

Angelina Jolie takes three of her children to the farmers’ market on Sunday (January 22) in Studio City, Calif.

The 36-year-old actress held hands with her two sons, Pax, 8, and Knox, 3, while 5-year-old daughter Shiloh also tagged along.

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Angelina treated Knox to a pony ride, where she helped strap him into the saddle. He also got to ride the swings!

Over the weekend, Angelina hit the red carpet at the Producers Guild Awards with Brad Pitt, where she was honored for her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey.

FYI: Pax is wearing a Junk Food shirt. Knox is wearing a La Miniatura cardigan.

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  • tazzy


    You would think the way haters go on it was some sort of crime she married BBT. It really is silly.

  • lylian

    I’m OK with not everyone finding Shiloh’s hairstyle beautiful. However, I personally find it extraordinary that anyone can define Shiloh as “Butch” or lesbian and mean it as an insult when she’s a little girl of 5. Not because they’ve never seen tomboys, but because they are sooooo intent on criticising Angelina and to a lesser extent Brad, they don’t give a shite about the collatorel insults they hurl at 5 year olds or 3 years olds.
    Just for the record, I want to add, there is nothing wrong in being a butch woman. One of my best friends have always been described as such. She is loyal, loving, intelligent and highly successful in her chosen field in management consulting. I asked her to be my maid of honour in my wedding and asked her to choose to wear whatever she felt comfortable in and she wore a smart pant suit. I loved it! It was just right for her and just right for me.
    AND MY DEAR FRIEND would never ever deign to insult a child just to get at the parents. She may be butch but she would NEVER SINK THAT LOW.

  • who

    Lylian, bravo. Great post, extremely well said.

  • marie

    Whatever Angie did or did not do when she was growing up is part of why she is an Amazing Woman now. I admire her for using the bad experiences and turned them into positive source to help others. Angie is unique. I hope she will continue to be a role model for those who are still lost in this complicated world.

  • truth

    Don’t get me started on the racist Chelsea Handler. And as for Aniston well I dislike her so I am not going to comment on her being BFF’s with Handler. And as for her new so called BF well did you see the movie that he was a script writer on .

  • sarah

    @tazzy: oh burn. lol


    rotflmao thought brad had claimed his favorite movie of all time was Mr&Mrs smith.seems he changed his mind now.saw on et last night.he said his favorite movie is moneyball.rotflmao so all those claim that that movie changed his life suddenly disappeared because moneyball got nominated?lol he is such a pu**y and liar.he can’t keep up with his own lies.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I don’t care if people like Shi’s haircut or not. Bottomline, you don’t attack an innocent child just because you don’t like her mom and dad. Only immature adult with no children would do that.

  • zzzzz


    This is official:
    your head is empty

  • blue

    she’s preg guys!

  • neer

    Below are some of my favorite AJ quotes about past mistakes/failures:
    1) “Without pain, there would be no suffering, without suffering we would never learn from our mistakes. To make it right, pain and suffering is the key to all windows, without it, there is no way of life.”
    `2) “I do feel like I’ve learned a lot as a person. I’m very flawed, and the lessons I’ve learned I’m happy to share….Most people know the lessons I’ve learned because I’ve been so public for so long and so outspoken and proud of my growth. I’ve never hidden about it. I’m happy where I am now, and what I’ve learned as a parent and as a human being.”
    3) “I’ve been reckless but I’m not a rebel without a cause.”
    4) “A lot of it came from trying to get out all the pain that was inside me. You can’t join a war, so you have this weird war with yourself. Now, everything is just different.”
    5) “No matter who we are, we’ve all had failures in the past, but as you live in the past, you’ll never have much of a future.”

  • jealousthem

    Have you noticed Shiloh has the faceshape of Disney princesses Ariel and Belle? I bet she’s going to be beautiful, even more than Angie.

  • andu

    talk about this film as an experience, that when their children grow to be proud of it.
    Trolls can not be more stupid

  • dianad1968



    I am always p*ssed when Handjob gives that pat answer that she has been making fun of Angie for years, why the interviewer’s follow-up question is never “well you used to make fun of Maniston too, why have you stopped”?

  • dianad1968



    Probably you are being thumbed down (I thumbed you down) because you insinuated that IF Shiloh is still dressing the way she is now when she is older, then it WILL be a problem. Problem for whom?

  • Passing Through

    # 158 It’s SOOOOOOOOO OVER @ 01/25/2012 at 9:25 am
    It’s a little early in the morning to be cooking meth, ain’t it? The fumes are just as dangerous as smoking it… In case it’s escaped your notice Brad’s pimping for Oscars for Moneyball. It’s his job to say the word “Moneyball” as frequently as possible and outpimp the King of HW Pimping. If he’s says he’s thinking of naming his next kid “Moneyball” are ya going to believe that, too? Prolly…that’s just how stupid you are…

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Thanks for the great quotes. Unfortunately, the immature trolls don’t care. Any one can change except Angie. Angie is not allow to change. These trolls have been going after Angie for years for her past and still doing it. While other so called innocent celebs doing shites left & right. We don’t see the trolls going after them. Just Angie. The trolls are so jealous of this woman.

  • How Nice

    Angie out with her three sons. Wonderful.

  • sienna

    @jealousthem: why point out shiloh will be PRETTIER than angelina? it is silly. they are both beautiful in their own right x

  • briseis

    @dianad1968: BINGO!!!! I have always wished someone would follow up on that pat statement of hers. If I were the interviewer, I would save all the youtubes of her dissing of Ticky, and then show it to Handler, and ask “so why have you stopped this dissing of Ticky now? Is it because you’re now BFFs and you share the same publicist?” I always wonder why no journalist/interviewer asked that question. Are they afraid of losing her/Huvane/Huvane’s clients/Ticky as interview subject?

  • jealousthem

    @sienna: I’m not saying Angelina is ugly. I wouldn’t take it in a wrong way. Every mother would like her children to be prettier than them but no there’s no big deal.

  • Ellen

    BTW it was announced that Brad will be supporting Obama again for re-election. Not Angie….BRAD! So much for those who had said in a post that Angie is NOT anti- Obama and for her being fake and showing off at the White House.

  • andu
  • briseis

    Also, why keep harping on Shiloh’s hair? Cindy Crawford’s (admittedly gorgeous) son Presley had long hair in line forever. How come no one said that Cindy and Rande were out with their two daughters? Or Celine Dion and her son who also sported really long hair? Or Gwen Stefani and Kingston. No one said “Oh there’s Celine with her daughter” or “It’s Gwen and Gavin with their daughter.” If there’s one thing that really bums me about these haters, it’s their hypocrisy and double standard with regards to Angelina. They say it ain’t jealousy, but what else could it be? If Huvane is paying them, it’s still stemming from jealousy on Ticky’s part, that Angelina has the life and CHILDREN that Ticky can only dream of having.

  • Passing Through

    # 165 dianad1968 @ 01/25/2012 at 9:48 am
    Well, what other excuse is Handjob going to give? Anything else sounds like an obvious lie because she’s friends with the whiny Tick. Everybody knows why she’s doing it and her lying about it only makes her look like what she is – a big fat liar who’s frontin’ for her “friend” because her friend is too worried about her public image to do her own dirty work.

  • isis

    I love Shiloh : ) she is my favorite.
    Yes she is a tomboy. There is nothing wrong with that. I wish the curt was not soo short but if she likes .
    When the haters talk about shi being like a boy i always think about Kristen Stewart. Like someone who post pics of kristen when she was a kid. Kristen said in many interviews that when she was a kid she looks like a boy, that she dresses in boy’s clothes. And look to her now: very talent actress, famous, rich, beautiful, hot , great body you can see her in dresses on the premieres and she always look sexy. And the most important : Robert Pattinson is her boyfriend. And you all saw pics of Rob looking to Kristen ? Exactly like she is the only girl in the world.
    So don’t worry with Shiloh, Kingston Will love it her style : ) Shingston forever


    jolie biggest vvhore ever
    p!mping kids 2
    bangs everthing
    huge supply FJWPs
    vile disgust stench
    wear rubber suit
    use gas mask

  • Passing Through

    # 171 briseis @ 01/25/2012 at 10:06 am
    Interviewers don’t ask Handjob why she stopped making fun of Ticky or if it’s because they share the same publicist because nobody wants to be seen as being “mean” to Ticky. The few times she’s gotten called out on her shite on TV it’s been on a one-off. As soon as the negative viewer mail comes in they stop doing it because the hens are so vocal about people “picking on Jen!” For some reason people protect Ticky like she’s made of glass. She throws shite around, actually gets her hens to do it for her, so she should damn well be able to take it, but she can’t. So everybody lets it drop and she gets away with saying crap about Angie (Brad, too) and so do her friends. Like I always say – Huvsy’s the hardest working beeyotch in show biz. I’m convinced he’s got a silent war cry that only hens can hear…kinda like dogs and low frequency noises that humans can’t hear…

  • I don’t get it

    - leave the kid alone
    - he can have his hair any length he chooses

  • Phool

    Rock on Shiloh loving the hair cut very cute

  • Passing Through

    # 173 Ellen @ 01/25/2012 at 10:20 am
    You trolls are so stupid you’re making MY head hurt. Brad isn’t a goodwill ambassador for the UN and can therefore be public about his political affiliations. Angie, however, rightly refuses to make her personal politics a public matter and therefore impinge about her ability to do her work for the UNHCR. Duh.

  • soi

    My favorite family! All so fun and gorgeous!

  • Phool

    so biggest trolls are out again like their constipated idol maniston hating on a child of 5 years old , just goes to show what type of up bringing is happening & happened in your houses , u buch of idiots

  • Lisa

    I’m sorry, but her 2 girls look like boys. Yes, they are beautiful children, but everytime I see a picture of Zahara she is dressed like a little girl, but not the other two? I have 2 daughters and even on casual days I put a little something feminine on them. Poor Shi, between her hair and clothes anyone would take her for a boy. I will not apologize for my statements- Angie, dress your beautiful little girl like a little girl once in a while!

  • http://cellphone susan

    @Ellen: You silly TWIT as long as Jolie is a UN Goodwill Ambassador, she cannot support any party in Public, yes she can vote. Are you trying to tell me if Brad jumps off a cliff, Angie have to also. The White House belongs to the American people, any citizen is allowed to visit, excluding idiots (you) felons.



  • http://cellphone susan

    @Lisa: Does Angie tell you how to dress your Kids? Why is it your business, how Angie’ kids are dress. With a mother like you I feel sorry for your pretend kids.

  • Ellen


    Do those mistakes include mooching on other women’s men? Brad wasn’t the 1st one as you fans should know! But since Brad is Hollywood’s “Golden boy” she decided to stick with him have kids with him and advance her own image in the process changing her from being known for her oddball behavior to some type of Mother Theresa figure in high heels? I take it Jen Anniston is “Ticky.” CAN I CALL ANGIE ego job-underhanded FAKEAHOY?????

  • Ellen


    SUSAN YOU DUMBA__ _! Angie was doing her little UN thing BEFORE she hooked up with Brad Pitt…..but nobody cared then! The way she trashed Obama is what makes her a hypocrite! Why was she there? What useful thing did she have to say I wonder–NOTHING I bet! I couldnt help but noticed her peering out the White House windows at the photographers to take her picture! Anywhere theres a camera…………..ptff!

  • Marina

    Gorgeous kids! Shiloh is rocking the pixie haircut!

  • andu
  • Dc

    @lisa: Just to show you don’t know anything. Viv Angie’s other daughter always wear dresses. Angie even said in her interviews that Viv is a girly girl and that she loves pink all shades of pink. And so what if Shi wants to dress like a boy – it’s really none of your business. She is a beautiful little girl. What is really shocking about this whole thing is that all you haters are women some have kids of your own and to come here and pick on a innnocent child is really sad and shameful.

    Shi we love you.

  • andu
  • Dc

    This may sound strange but I never heard or knew anything about c. handler until she called Angie a homewrecker and it was all over the internet. I dispised her immediately. There’s something really mean looking about her. I still wish I did’nt know who she was. I would never watch any of her shows.

  • Curious

    @Ellen: Post the link of her trashing Obama. I’ve only seen her express her disappoinment in some foreign policy issues like policy re Darfur.She respects the office as we all should.only an idiot agrees with everything he does.Do you converse only with people who share your opinion on every issue? I don’t.

  • Marsha

    I find it very strange that angie is never photographed with shiloh. She always has the other children between. I am not saying that she does not love Shiloh in her own way but I think she is jealous that Shiloh gets so much attention.

  • Catherine

    This is just such a lovely family. I love how happy the children always look and each and every one of their children are so beautiful.

  • annie

    Wow sweet photos, love to see more & more Jolie Pitts love them all…Pax is so cute.

  • Catherine


    Actually if you check the popsugar pictures you’ll see Angelina being very protective of Shiloh and holding her close by.

  • Curious

    @Marsha: Go to popsugar plenty of pics w/ Shi