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Charlize Theron: I Sleep With My Oscar!

Charlize Theron: I Sleep With My Oscar!

Charlize Theron gets her yoga on with her mom by her side on Sunday (January 22) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actress recently participated in Newsweek‘s Oscar Roundtable, which was called “Actors’ Private Parts.”

Actors participating included Charlize, George Clooney, Michael Fassbender, Viola Davis and Tilda Swinton.

As Tilda began describing how she gave her Oscar to her agent, Charlize interrupted and quipped, “I sleep with mine. Is that wrong?”

She also told Viola to stop comparing herself to Halle Berry! “No. You have to stop saying that because you are hot as sh*t. You look amazing,” Charlize complemented.

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  • Gossipgirl

    Charlize is so hardcore (not). These actors become insufferable at Oscar time. I can’t wait for the awards season to be over so that Clooney can crawl back under his rock in Cabo with his rent a ho.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    @Gossipgirl: HAHAHA.

  • gogog

    Well they won’t be having a threesome.


    ITAWY last sentence.. please please let him lose. it will deflate his head. He needs it. He thinks he has a lock and that makes me sick.

  • Gossipgirl

    @gogog: Seriously! Ugh….just, ugh….

  • ugonna wosu

    look at you people. Criticizing ppl who are “so hardcore”, while you yourselves pretend to be hardcore with all your sarcasm and judgements behind your PCs! Funniest of all, you can’t even recognize an obvious joke in an article!

  • ace11

    The real question is…What guy is she sleeping with?

  • Spelling warlock

    Oh dear God, Jared. It’s ‘complimented’.

  • Alexander Skarsgard is balding

    Maybe some guy with a five-head like that baldy Skarsgard. lol
    His Minion of Hoes will hate her if that happens.

  • slimgal

    i like how she hangout with her mom

  • walk

    The way she dismissed Viola’s story at the roundtable made me want to cry.

  • @#8

    HAHAHA ” Minion of Hoes” so true!! They are pitiful.

  • Helen

    No Oscar nomination :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Really pissed!

  • Marco

    Its not fair that Charlize Theron didn’t get Oscar nomination. Do not think she’s going to attend this event now. Sad. Very sad.

  • SS


    Totally. I love her but even smart people can become foolish on the spur of the moment.

  • my first reaction


  • A

    @walk: Why? I think she only met well…Viola IS beautiful and so is Halle but they are completely different, they don’t even look like each other but I understand what she means…In Hollywood, it’s the Halles that get the parts instead of the Violas.

  • A

    I take back what I wrote. I saw the roundtable and realize now that Charlize just didn’t get it.

  • g

    photos of Charlize going out with her mom – get some exercise and peace of mind – wich is great.)
    seems to be there some papparazzi tiredness all over Gerdas face:( that’s bad

    some come up with the roundtable loose talk:|
    I also think Viola his “amaizing”

  • Sheila

    It must be a bit awkward to attend the Round Table yet not get a nomination (Charlize, Tilda, Micheal F.), you likely get all excited people buzzing about you, saying it will happen, then you come down like a bang!! I bet you Charlize is pissed, she strikes me as someone who would be humilated by that, that it made her look like she wanted it too bad and she would hate for anybody to think that, for a cool b**ch cucumber like her, that must be killing her LOL!!

  • Sue Denim

    Viola WASN’T comparing herself to Halle Berry, she was lamenting the lack of roles out there for black women even when they look *like* Halle Berry which Viola doesn’t.
    Viola is happy enough with her looks without having to have them validated by Charlize.
    Charlize’s comment was totally patronising and missed the point. I’m a fan of hers but she was being really dumb there.

  • Nora

    Guys where can i watch the roundtable that is mentioned ?

  • walk

    You guys don’t understand. Viola was asked why the help was her first starring role and she said because she doesn’t look like halle, and even halle is having a tough time. She meant that Halle is considered gorgeous, and yet black women still can’t break into the business easily. Charlize tried to change the subject and so did George. They cut her off and refused to let her talk about something so important. Viola never called herself ugly. Read between the lines.

    Nora you can watch it on youtube. Search Newsweek Oscar roundtable 2012.

  • g

    @walk U mean we don’t get it, we are all dumb?!
    take a break.

    Viola did get to finish her reasoning. sure its a serious matter, and they all know it.
    all of the actors there do get (in some point in their careers) what is not to get a job(s)because of their looks, or any other reason other than their talent as actors.

  • walk

    @g: You’re doing the same thing as Charlize and George. Viola was talking about RACISM. All the actors on that panel do not get it, nor have experienced it.

  • g

    “All the actors on that panel do not get it, nor have experienced it.”
    Are you sure about that? I wouldn’t.

    talking about jobs they didn’t get for other things than their talent as actors..I could have added Award nominations they don’t get for other things then their amaizing performances…you know.

    (don’t get me wrong…for the Oscars I’ll be crossing fingers for Viola)

  • walk

    @g: If you are trying to compare the systematic discrimination of people of colour to something like not getting an award- just stop.

  • g

    @walk: your the one who doesn’t want to see “it all”. no dialogue there. I’m stoping:) be sure

  • SS


    I am sure Ms Davis has had enough opportunities to talk about this during the round tables and the pre-Oscar interviews that have been happening these past few weeks. I remember her going on about the same thing in the Hollywood Reporter round table as well. So it is not like she is being denied any platform to express herself and her concerns with the industry.

  • walk

    @SS: Enough opportunities? What is enough? The issue is not solved so tell me why she can’t continue to talk about it, why Charlize just tried to shut her up. She completely missed her point.

  • SS


    Oh my, Davis has had a LOT of opportunities, mind you. She has from now until Feb 26th to talk all she wants about this issue, with no Charlize to interrupt her. She also has the power to DO something about it. And kitty, typecasting and objectification of women will never get erased in Hollywood. Don’t forget, even Charlize is no stranger to typecasting. It is incredibly difficult to land roles like Monster, or for a pretty face to be taken seriously as an actor (the grass is always greener on the other side, remember) and unlike talking at roundtables, she has turned producer and has helped in getting a lot of unconventional movies made. I think this is a trivial issue that has been beaten to death.

  • lookwhostalking

    @Alexander Skarsgard is balding:

    And you dear “Alexander Skarsgard is balding” -psycho seem to be one of those minions, even more pathetic than those you despise. Maybe one of those rejected FAT and UGLY fan “gurls” on the certain forum? Now you are writing about him even if he’s not a topic of the tread. You are beyond any help but nevermind it’s kind of understandable, I can’t get him out of my head and skin either.

    Sry I digressed, but Alexander Skarsgård makes my blood boil and yes Charlize is amazing. Huge fan here since Monster! She’s not only beautiful, sensual and one of the hottest creature on earth but an awesome actress too.