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Katherine Heigl: 'The View' with Naleigh!

Katherine Heigl: 'The View' with Naleigh!

Katherine Heigl and her cutie pie daughter, Naleigh, visit The View on Tuesday (January 24) in New York City.

The 33-year-old One for the Money actress shared that she always knew she wanted to adopt a child.

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“My sister’s Korean and my parents adopted her about three years before I was born, so that’s how I grew up – she’s just my sister! Adoption has been a big part of our lives and I wanted my family to resemble the family I came from,” Katherine said.

FYI: Katherine is wearing a Vanessa Bruno coat.

Katherine Heigl on The View

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Credit: Jackson Lee, Donna Svennevik; Photos: Splash News Online, ABC
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  • Cole

    That was so cute!

  • zatanna

    i seriously think this whole thing is extremely creepy!
    when GA started running i really wanted to like her but then i’ve seen so many interviews or read statements of her that i couldnt help it but getting the creeps….

    she is dragging that poor child on tv and tries so hard to be americas darling and so funny and cute…. except shes not

  • Domino

    @zatanna: Completely agree. What the hell, she’s showing her kid as if she were a trophy.

  • ryan

    i dont think she’s trying to be america’s darling at all.
    she is too outspoken to be viewed as trying to be that.
    a wanna-be darling would not want to rock the boat but she seems to not have a problem doing that at all.

  • zatanna

    shes outspoken about what?
    i am never seeing her making strong comments about politics or any real problems that would give us some kind of proof that shes not as shallow as she obviously pretends to be!

    she left greys anatomy expecting to get cast in great movies, only made some comedy stuff…she could do it in style like miss aniston but she choses to be dumb enough to run her mouth about flicks like KNOCKED UP…

    so plan b is to drag her child into talk shows and to give some shallow talk about adopting yadda yadda oh and hey she wants to be back on greys anatomy… thats all she have?

    dont get me wrong i dont HATE her, but i cant help but notice the fact that each and every time i read something about her its so… fake, shallow and wannabe

  • mason

    @zatanna: gimme a break. whenever actors speak outside of their realm, they sound like pretentious, self-righteous twits and are criticized anyway.
    if she’s going to be outspoken about anything it actually makes more sense for her to be that way about shiz in her own field.
    i also dont see how you can twist her adopting a child into something negative. go take your negative energy somewhere else.

  • rain

    They are really pimping out their kid.

  • reyna

    doesnt matter. she’s pretty, rich, her husband is HOT as HELL and she’s got a cute kid.
    she’s not caring what haters think.
    sorry to break it to you.

  • zatanna

    i never twisted her adopting a child into something negative? i have no idea where you picked that up maybe your own negative energy xD

    i only said, that i think its creepy to drag your child into talk shows! i dont care if shes a celeb or just a jerry springer maniac, its just a lot for a child thats all… AND i said that after watching her celeb status for a few years now i consider her shallow and if you talk about adoption with such a big audience you can come up with something more than OH LOOK HERES MY CHILD AND ADOPTION IS GREAT…

    i think she made some ‘bad’ career and image choices bc shes trying to fit into a picture she is having about herself and shes portraiing it wrong… THATS what i am saying

  • Yoda

    What’s creepy about this? If I was a famous parent I probably wouldn’t bring my child into the limelight in this way, but Katherine Heigl has always been really outspoken about…well, everything. In this case it looks like she’s probably trying to create some positive PR for adopting and racial tolerance…as over the top as that may sound.
    Cutest kid ever.

  • isla

    i hate when people over-analyze.
    but when someone has everything (pretty, rich etc), there’s nothing else for others to do but want to bring them down.
    maybe she just felt like taking her kid to the show.
    big effing deal.

  • zatanna

    yeah but its a wrong picture xD
    have you ever tried to adopt a child as a normal human being?!
    its hard as hell! THATS something she should have said!

    and as great it might possible be for that kids to come into a healthy home, the whole adoption circus is a very sick system! and all these stars who basically buy into getting one of these kids (lets face it its what they do) dont speak about it!

    and no matter how awesome adoptions are and how cute she is…
    children are no running advertising space even for a ‘good’ cause!

    and the whole race thing…
    nobody ever adopts a mexican or an us child only the fancy ones from asia or africa… i wonder if they speak one word of their language or even know the capital of the country they get them from!

  • Sadie

    Wow. I didn’t like Katherine Heigl, but she’s clearly a great mom. Her daughter obviously adores her. I like her more after seeing this.

  • Sadie

    @zatanna: you’re right. how dare she adopt. do you read what you’re writing? seems like you just want to bitch and don’t care what it’s about.

  • dana scully

    @zatanna: so you are unhappy because she didnt say what you wanted her to say LOL

  • mailey

    u know come to think of it, i really hate how ryan gosling talks about romance and fails to mention my name next to his. wtf is that about and where does he get the balls to make such an omission? stars! theyre so ignorant about what they *should* be saying!

  • zatanna

    again… never said that geez are you reading what i am writing?!

    if you like to ignore the fact that the adopting system is sick…
    go for it! millions of people do! they live in their cotton candy world where pretty actors adopt pretty children and drag them to tv for your entertainment!

    and i was wrong when i thought ‘hey i seriously dont hate that actress but shes part of a sick system which is supported by so called role models lets talk about it’ and people would come up with more than YOU ARE JEALOUS! YOU ARE AN ANGRY PERSON! YOU ARE STUPID!

    my fault!

  • dani


    Actually if you adopt internationally it can take as little as seven months to several years. And Heigl took a child that had a heart issue so it may have speeded things up. Also if you visit an orphanage overseas that is in a country that allows US adoptions and you find a child you want, that too can speed things up.

    And this is why so many people go overseas to adopt. It still needs a home visit, it still needs all of the profiling etc., plus the money, but you generally can get a child more quickly than if you choose to adopt domestically.

    Plus once you are approved the second and any additional adoptions can go much more quickly.

    And if I may point out, it is easier for singles to adopt internationally (which Jolie for instance is considered) than domestically still.

    However, you forget that the Kidman-Cruises adopted domestically as did Bullock, Sharon Stone (who probably did buy her kids somehow since they are all blue eyed blond males), and a host of other hollywood stars and “normal” people have.

    Maybe you should check your facts before blasting everyone.

  • nancy g

    She adopted her daughter with a known issue (her heart issue) and that is why she was able to get her so quickly. If you have followed her all these years, you would have read/heard her mention this about a year ago in talking about how difficult it is and how she was able to get her daughter so quickly.

  • Gossipgirl

    She looks great and her daughter is adorable!

  • zatanna


    what about some decent research?
    as a matter of fact (and thats a global problem) people sell their kids to orphanages or adoption companies and even the reputable ones can’t track their orgin down bc on some point they went through so many hands the datas just lost and nobody feels responsible checking it! 5 of them might be okay to make it to a ‘clean adption’ but several thousands are just making it into brothels…
    and you cant seperate it, its a side effect! its very easy for people to wanna seperate it from this pretty girl thats sitting on the actress lap but you simply can’t!

    its a system thats supported and glorified by people who are famous, who adopt and who prefer to keep their beautiful mouths shut and i am not sorry to say that i think thats awful!

    again bc people tend to have a tunnel vision and dont read my stuff carefully being to busy making accusations…

    i am saying that even she did it in the most correct way, she is part of a system thats leaving children behind and i think its kind of her responsibility to speak out loud about it simple as that

    probably makes me a horrible person
    so if it makes everyone feel better
    shallow enough?

  • whitecorp

    I just realised Katherine played Steven Segal’s little niece in Under Siege 2. Wow. peace.

  • fox mulder

    @whitecorp: she is the best in My Father the Hero with Gerard Depardieu.

  • Me

    Her daughter is so adorable!! You can tell she’s a great mother.

  • dani


    So what is your solution? No adoption for anyone? The orphanages in Russia, India and China are filled with unwanted children. I’ve seen some of them. It is absolutely heartbreaking. And believe me–with the ones I’ve seen–no parent is going to show up to claim their child EVER. In India it is survival of the fittest. In Russia so many of the kids are just left in cribs all day or tied to beds. In China they are over run with female babies. What, just leave them all to rot? Jolie, who seems to get criticized more than anyone, adopted Maddox after she saw him in a Cambodian orphanage. No one else was going to adopt him. She adopted Zahara from Ethiopia and after getting her back to the states she was so dehyraded and malnourished that she probably would have died without the adoption. With Pax she told the Vietnamese orphanage to give her the child most in need. Maybe she didn’t save the world, but she saved three children. I don’t care for Heigl, but she saved a child who was badly in need of a heart operation. I have friends who have adopted children from babies to four year olds from Russia and China and the stories they tell about the orphanages would break your heart. Are you saying it is better to leave all the children and babies in the world both domestic and international in orphanages instead of managing to save just a few?
    Do I agree with Heigl bringing her child on Ellen? No I do not. But it is obvious that the entire family loves that baby. Same goes for Sandra Bullock and Louis. The Jolie Pitts and their brood. The Kidman-Cruise-Holmes love for Connor and Bella. And the same goes for the hundreds of thousands of people in the states and worldwide who have enough love in their heart to take in and love a child in need. They can’t adopt everyone, so what should they do? Save no one?

    Of course kids are left behind. And of course many of them are in deplorable conditions. But you cannot force people to adopt a child. It isn’t like a dog that they can return to a pound or a breeder. People who adopt need nerves of steel to get through the process, they need to be single minded in their pursuit of a child. They need to accept the child given to them. So many people cannot do this. And they don’t. This is hardly Heigl’s fault or anyone else’s. It is better for someone to say I cannot adopt for “xxx” reasons rather than to get a child and regret it and shower that child with that regret for the rest of the child’s life.
    And if we are not understanding you, perhaps you are not making yourself clear. I certainly don’t think your posts are very clear in terms of what your goal is in criticizing people for adopting.

  • Maria

    First of all it is NOT CREEPY to bring your child with you be it at work, a friends house, shopping or to a TV interview!

    With that said, I applaud Katherine to be a wonderful mother, attentive parent to an adorable and loving adopted daughter. Blood doesn’t have to make a family it’s the unconditional love that do.

  • Maria

    @fox mulder: I totally agree! I LOVED that movie till this day!

    “My Father the Hero” – I watched it countless of times! Brava Katherine!

  • Steve Hannah

    Don’t like her much, but her baby is adorable. She needs to get off her high horse.

  • Tazla


    So a little Korean girl is fancier than a US or African one? . You are one strange piece of work. LOL – no wonder everyone is shooting you down – your sound like you’re one total whackjob.