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LeAnn Rimes: I Couldn't Have Made A Better Record!

LeAnn Rimes: I Couldn't Have Made A Better Record!

LeAnn Rimes heads into LAX Airport to catch a departing flight on Tuesday (January 24) in Los Angeles.

“SO, headed off to Nashville to a HUGE meeting with my label to play them the whole new record LIVE. SUPER excited cause it ROCKS. #proud,” the 29-year-old singer tweeted earlier in the day.

“I could not have made a better record at this time in my life. It’s like making a film. I’m proud,” LeAnn wrote in another tweet.

Over the weekend, LeAnn ran some errands, stopping by her local farmer market before heading to Williams-Sonoma to pick up a gift basket.

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  • hopeso

    Good for her she is very talented so i am sure she is right

  • Jenny

    People don’t want to buy her music anymore. Her last record TANKED, because she keeps flaunting herself and Eddie and can’t stop tweeting about her so-called ‘happiness’ every single day. I have no respect for her because she is obvlivious to the pain she has caused and that she is making a spectacle out of herself.

    I will never buy her music again, because I just don’t respect this person anymore.

  • krk

    jeez. #barf

  • Rose

    Isn’t that what she said about her last album? Her label released it two years late because LeAnn said she kept working on it so it would be perfect. The perfect album flopped like a dying stink fish. Curb records will require she pay for all production and promotion costs. Curb know when to get off a dead horse.

  • Rose

    One more thing. “It’s like making a film”. Nobody watch that little CMT waste of time either.

  • calla

    I love her outfit. Very trashy hillybilly feathery fringey gothic anorexic schoolgirl, with a dash of leather scottish kilt.

  • Lou

    She has to brag on herself cause no one else does.

  • butch

    that is just the worst outfit. thigh stockings? phht…hello like 10 years ago

  • Gossipgirl

    What in the name of GD hell is she wearing? Ugh, just ugh…..

  • anony

    Eddie dressed her and sent her off to be the laughingstock. Even Eddie can’t stand her.

  • anony

    Just Jared, would you please stop with the foolishness of posting ridic Leann and get some Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump on here. C’mon man, get with what your readers want.

  • leean

    @butch: thigh-high socks are ALWAYS in. sorry your legs are too fat to wear them

  • lisa

    She is so delusional. I don’t think even a great album can undo the damage she has done to her career.

  • Josie

    She looks hot

  • Tanya

    I think Britney pulled off the school girl look a lot better back in her teenaged years. Anyway, while I give LeAnn credit for having a great voice, I just will never see her as a glamour girl, sex symbol or fashion plate. But it amuses me how she seems more interested in being those things today, than being a respected singer.

  • JUJU81

    Eddie’s probably banging some other chick while she’s gone. Her perfect album just like her so called perfect marriage will fail. She is a Ugly person on the inside and out. She’s the load that should’ve been swallowed. Nice sunglasses though, they help cover her ugly face

  • Stacy

    Don’t most country music fans still favor a more conservative family type image, especially where female singers are concerned? She used to be known for the song Blue. Today, she is known for having an affair with a man who was married with children, and pursuing him relentlessly until she succeeded in ending his marriage. Not exactly, the image most hard core country fans look for. Guess that’s why she hasn’t had a true hit in years.

  • Cindy

    Just like Stacy said, she hasn’t had a true hit in years because most people are repulsed by a narcissistic, delusional, selfish, psychotic, home-wrecker and liar. Her own tweets contradict photos that had been previously published. She’s an ugly liar without a conscience.

  • Myra

    Leann rimes is a souless piece of shit. When Eddie is done with her she will hopefully kill herself and do the world a favor. I will never buy her music. This might sound harsh but so does making out with Eddie in front of Brandi at his son’s soccer game. She cares about noone but herself and eddie who is an even bigger piece of shit. She got exactly what she deserved. She ended up with a jobless, deceitful, piece of shit that deserted his family for some piece of ass. I wish nothin but the worst for her

  • Josie

    Wonder what old Ed does when Rimes goes off to her photo ops that SHE sets up and PAYS photogs for?

    Bet old Ed is probably in some hotel drinking and rolling around in the bed with other women.

    It’s pretty bad Rimes when you’re on the Z List and no one cares about you because you’re washed up.

    But it’s REALLY pathetic when YOU have to PAY people to take shots of you that you POSE for and then load them up to their site or publish them.

    But then again, you are a seriously delusional, desperate, pathetic, disturbed creature.

    You’re NOT a model. Look in the mirror!!!!

  • Jane

    Leann, for the love of God , please go away…far away so we cannot see you anymore. It is beyond obscene what you are doing. Shame on you.

  • Josie


    Agree Jane. By the way, there are two Josie’s on here. I’m not the one who sticks up for her. Don’t stick up for home wreckers.

  • Barbara

    Same haters, different day. Same life.

  • sexyChica

    Barbara, do u think anyone is really jealous of an insecure delusional narcissistic excuse of a woman who had to buy her own husband cuz we all know he wouldn’t be with her if she wasn’t rich. Someone who has to tip off the paparazi to stay relevant, someone who makes “REcords” that will end up in the 99 cent bin at walmart, someone whose once promising career has been relegated to performing at casinos. Someone who has transformed herself into a clone of her husband’s ex wife because she felt that she wasn’t good enough otherwise. Not the life any sane woman would want to choose. A piece of crap spray painted in gold is still crap on the inside no matter how shiny it looks on the outsude

  • Gina

    Barbara, although country music is my favorite, I have always admired LeAnn’s vocal skills, which are undeniable. But I find her lack of character and morals so off putting, that I truly have no desire to hear her sing again. And obviously many other people feel the same way about her……Talent or not!

  • Barbara

    sexyChica and Gina, Your opinions are valid. If I felt this same way, I would stop typing “LeAnn Rimes” in Google and stop visiting websites with her pictures. It’s not like she is walking around your house in her bikini. If I really despised her, I would move on with my life and let her have her’s. As a fan, I enjoy LeAnn’s personality and music. I really enjoy that she shares her personal life with her fans. It’s like she has nothing to hide and she’s really enjoying life.

    I’m sorry that you are so offended by her that you have dedicated your time to expressing your hatred towards her. I’ve never hated anyone badly enough to write the types of things you write. She must have really done something wrong to you.

    Have you thought about asking her to apologize for how she’s hurt you? She seems like a nice enough person and maybe she doesn’t know that you are hurting. Either way, I hope you find a way to feel better.

  • Ben

    Not sure whether deep down she truly hates herself (hence all the self-destructive choices) or whether she is a delusional narcissist. She needs a therapist or a good friend who will tell her the truth about everything. The truth is: her singing career is over and her acting career is a joke, she will never be considered beautiful or sexy (even with more surgeries), her current husband lied/lies to her and would not be with her if she were poor, her personality and life has become a laughing stock, etc, etc. A rational, normal human would be mortified to see themselves the way the public sees her. Someone have mercy on Leanne and tell her the truth! (or lock her in her house for her own good)

  • Gina

    Barbara seriously now, dedicated our lives to expressing hatred for her? That’s a bit extreme don’t you think? Or have you dedicated your life to defending her, because you are such a worshipful fan? I have no idea, just asking a rhetorical question. But in your case, you didn’t ask, you jumped to your own conclusions. I already acknowledge she has a great voice, and I genuinely mean that. I just don’t like who she is as a person. It’s hard to respect someone who has behaved in such a selfish manner. Much less remain a fan. Although, I really could care less about where, when, or how often she wears a bikini.

  • Barbara

    When you say that you “don’t like who she is as a person,” do you know her personally, or are you saying that you don’t like how the media portrays her? You seem like a very intelligent and rational person that would understand that we really have no idea what she is like in person. We have no idea what things she goes through in her personal life. Can you at least agree that what we see in the media and the stories that are written are creating our understanding of her. It appears that Eddie’s ex has connections in the industry that are doing her favors by portraying both LeAnn and Eddie in a bad light time and time again. I just find it painful to see article after article critiquing a woman’s body. What are girls with lesser bodies thinking about themselves when the see a very healthy and fit LeAnn Rimes being constantly harassed about her body? These are personal attacks that have nothing to do with a fair judgement of LeAnn Rimes. Both Eddie and LeAnn have acknowledged that the way the met was hurtful. Put yourself in the same situation. Abusive relationships suck. If I found true love in the midst of a painful relationship, I might abandon ship also. They are married. They are a family now. This was not just a fling. It’s time to cut the couple some slack.

  • Christina

    @Barbara: If this was LeAnn Rimes fan page or personal blog, I would agree with you whole heartedly..but this is Just Jared, a gossip site that she pays to be on. She also employs her own personal paparazzi to follow her around. When a person is courting attention in the way she does, she and her fans really don’t have a leg to stand on when they are offended that people aren’t responding positively. Yes, there do seem to be some people who obsessively scour the internet for stories about her so that they can insult her looks or focus on the adultery, home wrecker theme but a lot of comments are more directed to the fact that she seems attention starved and that she needs a new PR approach as what she is doing now is turning people, even former fans. off of her and her husband. in a huge way. I highly doubt that either she or Eddie were in “abusive” relationships. Even if they weren’t happy, they could have handled things in a much more respectable way both before and after the fact. People cheat all of the time for no good reason other than that they can .It doesn’t make them inherently evil. It happens every day and isn’t especially shocking to me at all. It is her need to draw attention to herself that I find odd. If she were living more privately, people would probably respect her and her relationship a lot more. As long as she chooses to put herself “out there” at the level she does,she is going to continue to receive negative feedback.

  • Anna

    Barbara, your comments are bordering on libel. There was no abuse in either of Eddie’s or Leann’s first marriages. To state or imply otherwise is irresponsible, and low. Most people learn as children the difference between right and wrong, and that there are consequences to choosing wrong. Cheating is wrong — no exceptions, and a subsequent marriage does not make the wrong into a right. Leann made a lot of seriously wrong choices, and now she is facing some of the consequences. The negative public opinion of Leann, and her tweets, interviews, staged photo-ops, and other bad choices, all started long before Brandy landed a role on TV. Trying to blame Brandy for the consequences of Leann’s bad choices is ridiculous, and another low. There is no conspiracy against Leann. Leann brings this all upon herself, and the more her few fans try to defend her bad choices or blame the ex’s for them, the more the public dislikes Leann.

  • Barbara

    @: Brandi has proven that she is abusive, not only with prescription medications, but with her language and her actions. Be it verbal or physical abuse; slashing tires, drinking with perscription meds, or begging someone for a physical altercation, “Bring it b!,” you can’t deny that she is an abusive personality. This isn’t about attacking Brandi though. It’s also not about a blog or a fan site. This is about people taking time out of their day to bully another person. This isn’t about LeAnn Rimes. This is about you. When you come on these sites and attack another person, you make the world an uglier place. You increase the likelihood of a child growing up to be a murderer as most murderers were bullied by people like you. When you finally realize that coming on blogs and writing nasty things about other people is your life, you will realize who you are. Leave people alone. You are not god and you weren’t appointed to judge anyone. LeAnn is a celebrity. Get over it. Celebrities are famous. Their lives are covered by the press. Your saying that people don’t like LeAnn Rimes is no different than a bully walking up to another kid on the school yard and telling them that no one likes them. This is pathetic. LeAnn is a 29 year old young woman. Leave her alone and get help with your problem.

  • Rhiannon

    Wait a minute Barbara. You’re on here telling people they shouldn’t judge or say ugly things about LeAnn Rimes, and then here you are doing the same thing to Brandi Glanville. The ex wife of Eddie, and the woman who she and him cheated on, even though they had 2 kids at home. I watch RHOBH, and don’t think Brandi is a bad person at all. When she said Bring it b**** she had been under attack, for no reason. Brandi is outspoken, but not a mean person at all. In fact, I like her! You have chosen sides yourself. The only difference is, that you’re team LeAnn. Sorry, but I’m not. That doesn’t make me a bully.

  • Anna

    Barbara – you are doing exactly what you complain about — writing nasty things about people. Furthermore, you have now crossed well over the boundary of libel by stating that Brandy was physically and verbally abusive. What you wrote is not true, or grossly exaggerated to the point of being false, and you know it. You have committed libel. Libel means that Brandy can now sue you for writing false things that damage her reputation. And she should. Both Dean and Brandy should sue you for implying that they were abusive in their first marriages. Your attempts to excuse Leann’s bad behavior and wrongs are not only morally disgusting, they are legally actionable. While I do not know either of the two “ex’s”, I would expect that they each have lawyers who would be VERY interested in pursusing this, particularly if there is any connection between you and Leann (which can be discovered). I find the bullying of ex-spouses of cheaters in order to try to excuse cheating as one of the most disgusting acts on this planet — inexcusable wrong on top of wrong. As a lawyer, I will pull up the public court filings to find the names of each Dean and Brandy’s lawyers and forward this information to them. They can pursue the matter for potentially a significant amount of money — from you and possibly Leann or other associates of Leann with whom you have a connection. Here comes some more karma.

  • Deanne

    Barbara, not every comment is bullying. People aren’t going to gush over a celebrity they don’t like or respect. Saying you don’t like someones shoes is just an opinion. It is ridiculous to say it is all bullying. LeAnn Rimes has brought this onto herself. People tend to attract what they put out and in this case, it would indicate that LeAnn is getting back negativity because she has earned it. Stop portraying her as some kind of victim. She wants attention, apparently at any cost. The press coverage she gets is not because of her hot career. She pays for it and people aren’t buying the BS. She actively chooses this for herself. Since you like to dole out advice on how people should conduct themselves, why don’t you take you own and avoid stories about LeAnn. You aren’t going to find a single gossip site with a comment section where people are going to compliment her. That ship has sailed.

  • Christina

    Her last record tanked, so will this one. She’s torpedoed her career big time and it isn’t because of” bullies”, it’s because of her and the sooner she owns it the better. Barbara, take your own advice and go away. If you can’t handle seeing anything negative about Leann you had better not read anything about her because the simple fact is that the public don’t like her. The backlash she has received is all of her own making.

  • Gina

    Barbara, You asked me how I got my information on LeAnn. Admittedly, some was through the media, but some was also through interviews. I take it unless you spoke to Brandi personally,, you got your information on her in the same way, and of course by watching the show she is on.
    Brandi has admitted she slashed her ex husbands tires, but which is worse, the destruction of tires? Or the destruction of a family and the trust she had in him? Brandi said, she decided to leave him, because even though he promised he was going to be faithful, and wanted to stay with her, until she saw an interview with another girl , saying she had been having an affair with Eddie, Sorry, but I respect Brandi more for having the dignity to leave a cheating spouse, over LeAnn who cheated on her own husband, with another woman’s husband.

  • Barbara

    Anna, You aren’t a lawyer, you have just spent too much time with lawyers. I’m 100% not worried about your pathetic threats which expose your connection to Brandi. You are either a person who hurts or a person who helps. Pick your destiny.

    Karma might visit you some day…,0,6002010.column

  • Barbara


    “There was no abuse in either of Eddie’s or Leann’s first marriages.” You outed yourself with this comment and your subsequent threats. Just more bullying on your part. You also prove that you don’t know what abuse or bullying is.

  • Piper P.

    @Barbara: Yes Barbara, because BARBARA, having people who insult and harass you husband’s ex on twitter and allowing them to be in the physical presence of HER children isn’t bullying at all. You are obviously as disturbed and delusional as Miss Leannie herself. Losers who anyone with a brain hates. Must suck for you. Defending a person who the entire public thinks is pathetic and needy and is married to a cheating unemployed drunken loser.Way to go Barbie! You get to be a “Bonus Loser” just like Leann. Congratulations!

  • Anna

    “Barbara” – I am a board certified lawyer, which I can prove in court. I have no connection whatsoever to any of the following persons: Brandy, Dean, Leann, Ed, all of which I can also prove in a court of law. I have already begun the process of forwarding your intentionally libelous comments on this public website to the lawyers, as promised. YOU are the one who is trying to bully those who do not agree with your views. Once again, you should take your own advice and stop behaving so badly. And a few more things…if there had been any abuse in either marriage, then it would have been described in the divorce filings, which can be accessed by the public (and hence also the press), and the press would have announced it long ago. (Most non-lawyers know that the press scours court records for “news”.) Finally, the fact that you jumped to the wrong conclusion that I have some connection to Brandy because I called you out on your libelous statements tells me that you have a guilty conscience and that you are the one with a connection to the person whom you try to defend, Leann. So, please keep commenting … tell us, what is your connection to Leann?