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Miranda Kerr: Wonder Woman on 'Grazia' Cover!

Miranda Kerr: Wonder Woman on 'Grazia' Cover!

Miranda Kerr dresses as Wonder Woman on the cover of Grazia Australia‘s latest issue.

The 28-year-old Aussie model showed off an Alex Perry design on the cover of the magazine.

“We’re a fashion magazine – and this is art,” fashion director Thelma McQuillan said. “We’re taking a risk – because Wonder Woman is a globally recognised icon and not just anyone could pull it off. But Miranda is an Australian icon herself. She’s the star who, time and time again, our readers say they most admire; a businesswoman, a wife, a mum. She is our wonder woman. And she has the presence to pull this recreation off.”


Pictured inside is Miranda catching a flight out of LAX on Tuesday (January 24).

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miranda kerr lax flight 01
miranda kerr lax flight 02
miranda kerr lax flight 03
miranda kerr lax flight 04
miranda kerr lax flight 05

Photos: Chris Colls, FameFlynet
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  • j

    you give us that bratz doll every effin third day while there are so many stunning real models outside?

    edita vilkeviciute, toni garrn, kendra spears, karmen pedaru, iselin steiro, julia stegner, raquel zimmermann, freja beha erichsen, jourdan dunn, melodie monrose, elise crombez, daria werbowy, gemma ward, aymeline valade, sun feifei, nimue smit, mariacarla boscono, sasha pivovarova, constance jablonski, iris strubegger, getrrud hegelund just to name a few

  • Jess

    Why have they used so much Photoshop?

  • ha ha

    She’s quite laughable here, silly pic

  • ls

    she is one of the most flawfree people Ive seen.

  • Charlie

    She’s very beautiful, but I just never believed that models should be this overexposed. You don’t have to have any particular talent, just be born drop dead gorgeous. So it just seems weird for models to be this overexposed. Actors I get, singers I get, models not so much. Don’t mean to be rude, I just think that for a person to be popular there needs to be something in them which stands out, talent wise.

  • j

    a good model is part of the progress in fashion. clothing itself is not art but people like galliano and mcqueen are putting shows together i would pay for to see just google shalom harlow at alexander mcqueen and you’ll see. also campaigns and editorials are quite a joy to look at, i’d rather see a steven meisel exhibition than one by louise bourgeois.

    a great versatile model sure is talented like an actress without any lines. being on set of shoot with linda evangelista, mariacarla boscono, natasa vojnovic or raquel zimmermann shows that it goes beyond just standing there and looking good. some of them could be great actresses maybe that’s why.

    i agree that a model like miranda or any of the victorias secrets angels who happen to do nothing but wink peace and pout do not deserve the attention unless they are dating a famous person. thanks to leonardo dicaprio any of them stands a chance…

  • abc

    @j: an obvious choice: an australian model for an australian magazine.

    you didn’t understand the concept of the cover: a globally recognised icon. Miranda Kerr is more globally recognised than many models mentioned by you.

    But among all the names mentioned by you, where is Gisele, the top of the tops? She should be the first in this list.

  • j

    i want to add that it modelling can still not be considered hard work as we know it. it can get stressful and mentally challenging because everbody judges you 24/7 and does not care about your feeling even if you are only 15 or 16. it’s a cruel yet glamourous business, i think it is that different than the acting world.

    some are overrated, some are overlooked, some get all the hype one day and are nowhere to be seen the next, some get all the good work….

  • j


    gisele is a given, she’s actually been featured on her a lot, no? unlike miranda’s ‘look at me and cut fynn strolling down all glammed up’ paparazzi shots, gisele seems to be more private.

    the models I mentioned are basically unkowns, i would be surprised if the readers have heard any of the names but maybe they would recognize them…

  • jacinda

    wonder woman is not technically American but she wouldn’t be holding up an Australian flag, that’s for sure.
    just sayin.

  • Mlllllle

    I tough Wonder Woman was americain.

    Whatever, my only cherished Australian Wonder Woman is NICK CAVE !

  • chase

    @Mlllllle: Wonder Woman is definitely American in mannerisms, culture etc so if she were going to sport a flag it would be U.S.
    But the technicality is that she basically not even human. She is of the Amazon race.

  • tara

    Yeah sure, the reason she’s your Wonder woman is because she’s a wife and a mother…give me a break! There’s tons of wives and mothers out there. The reason she’s your Wonder Woman is that she is good-looking. Don’t kid yourselves.

  • umnooo

    um no Wonder Woman was a powerful se*y woman with sky high cheekbones, not some child thing cabbage patch playing dress up.

  • GeekItOut

    Ok, it is complicated because culturally, Wonder Woman is American but technically she could be considered Greek since she is descended from Greek gods and peoples but her home island was located in the Bermuda Triangle.
    So she is Caribbean lol

  • OMG

    Ridiculous Cover Ever!!

  • Mimi

    Her face is so fat I just want to pop it like a pimple. She’s fugly.

  • Mimi

    @ls: The word is FLAWLESS idiot.

  • Mlllllle

    @chase: You learned your lesson. Do you know from wich planet is Nick Cave, I want to touch his “helmet”

  • j

    my comments are not well received, what I meant is that miranda is not even one of the great ones in her field so she should just not be featured at all on her no matter how popular she is.

    she’s a pretty girl but she’s not a supermodel just like behati, lily, erin, chanel, lindsey. only candice is on her way out of the current angels. the angels used to be stars (heidi, gisele, karolina, tyra, adriana, alessandra? what happened???)

  • michelle

    Who is saying models should not have fame? No offense but how old are you?.. Do you really think models and fame is some new thing Miranda invented? lol. Models have been famous for decades now. In fact the 2000′s era is the first era where a models fame has dwindled immensely. If you think Miranda is over exposed I guess you would have hated living in the 80s/90s Supermodel era when models could be seen on your tv hosting shows,on commercial breaks in Pepsi and Covergirl commercials, on your boyfriends wall with their calenders pinned up in the bedroom, dressed up in Versace at the Academy Awards,walking Versace the next day,On Vogue,Marie Claire,US Weekly covers all in one month…Models are no where near as famous as they once were. Cindy Crawford in the 90s was as exposed as Kim Kardashian is now, and I would 100% much rather a model have fame than some reality lame tv star.

  • Anonymous

    @chase: Oh please, don’t put her with an American flag. Let the Australians take her – please.

  • Baglady

    the one thing that stands out for me in the pictures is her handbag. Really nice. Does anyone know who the designer is?

  • Mimi2

    She’s an attention seeker

  • Iselin

    I think she is so cute and it is such a shame she is with such a cheating dirtbag! I heard that Orlando was all over a woman that wasn’t Miranda from my pal who attended the same Halloween party last October, faithful he is not! There is also a photograph on Nur Khan’s friends locked FB that has Orlando clutching the same womans breasts from behind from that night, I have seen it thanks to my friend who is a pal of Nur’s.

  • Jessica

    I think Orlando and Miranda don’t have much sex since she had the baby. He looks unhappy lately.

  • Baglady


    Iselin, your comments about him does not surprise me, but she is no Snow White either so in that vein, if what you said is true, then they both deserve each other.

    The only person I feel for in this paparazzi set-up is their child. I suppose the haters here will have a go at me; they can’t help it. These two can fart and they would think its perfrume.

  • Red Mask

    Yeah, I’ll give them that. Thumbs up.

  • Red Mask

    Off topic: it would be a long shot if Wonder Woman is introduced as a mother in a live film adaption. But a daring one at that.

  • random

    @chase: She’s holding the Australian Flag because the shoot is for Australian Day on 26th of Jan


    interesting that they made her “curvy” for this picture. in reality she has the body of a 14 year old boy

  • idhd

    As an australian im going to say no, she’s not wonder woman. But i know how obsessed we are with celebrity. She hasn’t done anything to be considered an icon. I’m so confused by this… but it’s grazia magazine so lolll it doesn’t really count!

  • joi

    @random: forgot tomorrow was australia day.. ugh! and miranda kerr has done pi*ss all! besides having a baby, i don’t see what her accomplishments are. And ive seen her in person and that pic was photo-shopped to make her look more ‘curvy’. she has a 12 yr old gymnasts body… honestly, in interviews she jst seems like shes full of air. we dont want her as any type of icon(well i dont want her as 1)

  • @25

    Have you haters run out of ideas?
    Sockpuppet Idiots. All of you.

  • @33

    “pi*ss all”
    What do you call walking HF runways along with her commercial success? Or what about her successful business?
    You hater idiots don’t use your single remaining brain cell at all, do you?
    And the moron who called Gisele priivate? Are you kidding? Or just stupid. She’s papped all over with her baby and her husband. Or are you applying the famous delphidiot double standard again?

  • Baglady

    @@25: Right back at ya, babe. RIght back at ya.

  • @36

    OHHHH, what a great comeback. I’m sure that left them quaking in their boots.

  • @35

    The same double standard that they applied when they were praising Hugh Jackman for marrying an “normal” woman, and being so private about his family life. They said that Orlando should be more like him….Hugh Jackman, who happens to be married to an ACTRESS, and is CONSTANTLY photographed out with his kids. On the beach, on the streets, at events CONSTANTLY. Yet they call him “private”?
    ‘Idiots’ is the perfect name for those morons.

  • reba

    Linda Carter will ALWAYS be the ONLY Wonder Woman!

  • zoe

    Beautiful woman. She’s too good for Bloom. Seriously Miranda, you deserve much better. Get rid of that fugly fat hobo and find a real man!

  • joi

    @@33: commercial success? waaaaaaaaatch outttt.. and i dont know what gisele has to do with anything?? i dnt know or care what she does as this isn’t a gisele B thread its abt miranda kerr.. keep on topic now.
    I could have said she’s a b*tch but i decided to use big words. You should try it. good luck.

  • @41

    Big words? Since when is text speak “big words”?
    Or are you just trying to distract people from the fact that you seem to be unable to use proper punctuation?
    And we will wait for your explanation of how she looks so curvy in live video footage from all of her recent red carpet appearances if your claim that she looks like a 12 year old in person is true. My guess is that you are simply a pathological liar. You just can’t help yourself, can you.

  • taste

    She has wonderful taste in fashion, worst taste in men.

  • joi

    @@41: lol.. oh no i dont know how to use punctuation.. i must be flogged..

  • @44

    Lack of punctuation paints you as either very young, or very careless. Probably both.
    Still no answer about why you lied about seeing her in public though, I noticed.
    Typical hater response. When caught in a lie, simply ignore the question or disappear for a while.

  • Steve Hannah

    She looks great, but holding a Australia Flag instead of United States. Not good.

  • @Baglady

    I don’t think there’s any need to have a go at you. When a person speaks poison about the personal lives of people she doesn’t even know, it says more about her than any comment could.

  • Bru

    Gorgeous? She is far too skinny!

  • Cierra

    Yeah, i’m not jumping into any of this. I will say though, i may not be fan, but if the think that models have talent ok, let them think that. If they want to put her in a tacky wonder woman costume, they can. Personally, i think the costume is over done but that’s just me. she looks great for being airbrushed and i don’t know about her personal life with Orlando but, if that’s what she wants let her have it.
    with that said, her jacket is cute. Anyone know the designer?

  • Adrianafangirls11yrs

    The ones hating are more and likely Adriana Lima fans. They are the craziest,most biased fangirls on the planet. They are mad when other models get success. I’ve never once seen an Adriana Lima panty model stan say anything nice about other mdoels. All they know how to do is bash other models getting some attention. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Adriana is a se* symbol and the head VS angel, duh. its only been 100 years. One would hope she’d be but she is not as famous or a media darling like Miranda. Adriana’s threads hardly even get any hits or comments, while Miranda’s get tons. get over it! Adriana is a one dimensional panty model who can hardly put together a coherent sentence. She peaked in 2005. Miranda has not even been around for near as long as Adriana and has already had more Vogue covers and fashion campaigns than her, LMAO.