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Lea Michele: Candie's Campaign Pics!

Lea Michele: Candie's Campaign Pics!

Lea Michele strikes a pose for Candie’s in these new ad campaign photos.

The 25-year-old Glee star is the latest to represent the brand – past Candie’s spokespeople include Britney Spears, Fergie, and Vanessa Hudgens.

The campaign pics were shot by photog Yu Tsai at a private residence in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Candie’s is such an iconic brand and I am so happy to be working with them,” Lea said in a statement.

Candie’s is available exclusively at Kohl’s.

10+ pictures inside of Lea Michele in a new campaign for Candie’s

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lea michele candies campaign pics 01
lea michele candies campaign pics 02
lea michele candies campaign pics 03
lea michele candies campaign pics 04
lea michele candies campaign pics 05
lea michele candies campaign pics 06
lea michele candies campaign pics 07
lea michele candies campaign pics 08
lea michele candies campaign pics 09
lea michele candies campaign pics 10

Photos: Yu Tsai
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  • gia

    lololz ok. having seen these, i have to say that not everyone can be a model.

  • lisa

    Lea Michele, the most precious person on earth.

  • ?

    Shouldn’t she be a spokesperson for nasal decongestants or braethe right strips or some similar product?

  • beautiful

    she looks great

  • yikes!

    This could be the end of Candie’s

  • kelly

    Vanessa was so much more fun.

  • Celia

    I love these pics. They are so cute and fun.

  • Mia

    She totally detracts from what she’s selling.
    She’s the star and not the product.
    Poor choice for a model.

  • Tin

    She (and that dog) look super cute.

  • Jen

    Great choice, she shows off the clothes and shoes well. Please I’d wear them if I thought my legs would look that good. Tired of people just trying to find ways to negative.

  • Alan

    Love the new campaign. Pretty, talented and great legs.

  • sara

    Heard she was a real pain in the arse during this shooting, complaining about the lighting and the professionalism of the crew etc.. She’s really quite a nut job.

  • Riz

    compare to vanessa, i think lea is more classy in these ads

  • pretty girl

    haters gonna hate, she looks beautiful

  • pretty girl

    vanessa fans are crazy and rude, lea michele looks great and the ad is cute, also the behind the scenes is fun and she was sweet with everyone stop creating lies

  • vanessa

    waooooooo she looks soo PRETTY!! i love these pics!!

  • woof woof

    Lea is no looker

  • vanessa

    @Jen: waooooooo she looks soo PRETTY!! i love these pics!!

  • rita

    Lea is way more classy than the last year candie’s girl, deal with it and stop with the hate. She looks amazing and she’s perfect for this ad!
    Congrats Lea!

  • speaktruth

    I’m not against Lea. I’m actually really disappointed she won’t be in Les Mes. However, she just doesn’t look like she’s having much fun here compared to other photoshoots she’s had. She also really needs to work on her “come hither” look.

  • Julie

    Lovely pics. The dresses are cute and I WANT THE SHOES! Of course, I’d like her legs to go with them (those are some fabulous legs on that girl), but I still want the shoes.

    Fans of previous Candies Girls should really be classier. I remember the hate Kelly Clarkson got when she was a Candies girl.

    Isn’t a Candies Girl just for a year all the time? That’s what I thought, anyway.

  • Charlie

    @kelly: You’re crazy. Lea is amazing, and actually talented. The girl has the best voice, Vanessa wouldn’t stand a chance next to her.

  • ellie’

    Shes very the pictures..

  • amanda

    waooooo she looks sooo pretty!! I love her!

  • d

    candies is an iconic brand??? LOOOOOOL, its a cheap tasteless brand for cheap tasteless teenagers

  • go lea

    she looks pretty, vanessa/naya rivera fans should leave her alone

  • josefin

    flawless human being, i adore you lea

  • amanda


  • Steve Hannah

    She looks Great, the cheap brand will make her cheap.

  • Black-Dahlia

    “Classier” -> that was my first reacton //compared to Vanessa

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    Is that the best she could get? Poor girl.

  • gigi

    She is such a poser.

  • Sean

    The things I would do to that body…

  • http://fff carla

    lea s not cute !! wtf? is really horriblee .. her face is more olddd!!! she s not curves !!! …. vanessa hudgens is the best en candies :) lea michele no tiene curvas , no tiene gracia,, su rostro parece de alguien vieja .. no tiene buen cuerpo y y o no comprare ropa de candies.. por que simplemente no parece ropa juvenil … y ella tiene una mala reputacion por ser una jugadora y perra delante de todos … se le regalo a ashton kutcher pero el la rechazo por feaa !!! :P

  • lindchele

    I LOVE LEA MICHELE! it is far better than vanessa (with all respect for her), Lea is absolutely wonderful! is an idol / goddess to me <3 she is an extraordinary singer (for me the best in the world!), actress and dancer and a d most wonderful people and beautiful MUNDOOO, your photos are extremely sweet and flirty ^ o ^ looks extremely beautiful * o *

  • RachelGleek

    come on guys Vanessa is not pretty that’s called make up Lea is so beautiful and She can sing :)

  • RachelGleek

    @d: Then why Britney spears, Fergie, Vanessa Hudgens and Lea michele made the photoshoot of Candies ?

  • RachelGleek

    @sara: oh please only thing that she would complain is Haters

  • RachelGleek


  • TheHungerButch

    I thought Candies Girl should be sexy and flirty. When I see Lea’s AD i don’t think she’s sexy and flirty. She’s a little bit awkward. I love the past candies girl like britney, fergie, vanessa and hayden

  • Anna

    Come on! She is gorgeous! I think she is perfect for the AD! I am Vannesa Hudgens fan, but is Lea’s time. Let the poor girl be.
    Why is everyone trying to find a flaw on her? Everyone has one!!

  • emily

    lol at vanessa hudgens 2 fans commenting on Lea’s looks and how Vanessa’s was better. Seriously? does Vanessa have fans. Lea’s campaign is much classier and cuter Vanessa was in her bra for a lot of the pics

  • Jenn

    I’m happy she got an endorsement deal. I wish I like the photos more but she loos so posed and not relaxed.

  • whatever

    She looks SO awkward and like someone said, not everyone can model. I don’t find her attractive at all either. She can sing, and that’s about it. Sorry, but all the previous Candies girls were much prettier, and definitely looked like they were having fun. Lea does not. But then again, her big ego always gets in the way.

  • zanessafan

    It’s way more productive if it’s Vanessa on the ads. I was more persuaded by Vanessa to buy Candie’s products. But now, I don’t think I’ll buy these clothes again.

  • TheHungerButch

    why don’t they get someone thats cute, sexy and flirty at the same time like Shaileen Woodley, Ashley Greene or Katy Perry (she will bring fun on the ad campaign)

  • TheHungerButch

    @RachelGleek: first of all, this is not about singing, is about the photo, the campaign. i’m a big fan of Lea but this photo, she looks very stiff and awkward. Compared to this and past candies campaign, i think this campaign is a huge letdown because she look so awkward. if she more relax and flirty a little bit, this campaign will be good but see it for yourself, she look so awkward in the photo

  • Adelle

    I think Lea looks fantastic. Yeah sure, I’m her huge fan, which makes it a little bit harder for me to be objective. But I would never ever be able to write rude comments to any celebrity I am not fan of. We all have our role-models and inspiration we defend to death. Do you remember how it feels when someone is writing hate comments about your idol? How offended does it make you feel? And you’re ‘just’ fan, imagine what it means to those celebrities. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything. But what I find the worst is the ‘un-like button’. Yeah sure, you can write your opinion after all, but clicking on the green button for hating comments is just completely stupid. And the people, who are doing it, should be ashamed. Don’t you have anything else to do? Something more productive? If not, you’d better think about your life.
    To sum up, I think Lea is absolutely perfect Candie’s Girl. I don’t know all of the previous ones, but those I saw were fantastic as well. Every girl/woman brought something special to the ads and that’s what is this all about. So that you can choose the kind of acting/singing/looking/talking etc. you like. And I’m choosing you, Lea.

  • Sarah

    Oh please. Like that stupid bitch wears those cheap ass shoes. She’s all about Louboutin, Tory Burch, and the like. The hypocritical bitch just loves wearing animal products on her feet despite whining about animal mistreatment on behalf of PETA. Plus, her modeling just sucks. She looks like an idiot.

  • andrea

    well, it doesn’t matter that she has an amazing voice, this is a campaign, not a musical.. and vanessa did it so much better..