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Rihanna: Tupac-Inspired 'Thug Life' Tattoo!

Rihanna: Tupac-Inspired 'Thug Life' Tattoo!

Rihanna flashes her latest tattoo in this pic posted on her Twitter page.

The 23-year-old singer got the words “Thug Life” written on her knuckles, an homage to the late Tupac Shakur.

“All these bitches screaming that 2pac back #THUGLIFE,” Rihanna tweeted with the photo. “#RIHpac back!!!”

Ri got her new ink from tattoo artist Mark Mahoney and bumped into actor Danny Trejo who was also in the tattoo parlor at the same time.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna’s “Thug Life” tattoo?

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  • gogog

    NO.. please say this is a joke and she didn’t do something this dumb

  • lola

    Oh dear lord Rihanna just… ugh I dont even know what to say *facepalm*
    She fails at life -.-

  • Mlllllle

    Don’t think thugs are showing their asses all over the place 24/7 while lipsyncing bad songs.

  • Mary

    She’s trying too hard.
    Tupac would be disgusted if knew what hip-hop and rap music has turned into.

  • ha ha

    I’m not even going to abbreviate
    What The F uck!?

  • Prezes

    Was she high while doing it ? Or drunk ? Both ? But in the 3rd picture this guy is tattooing her back/leg, so maybe the one on knuckles is fake ? It IS fake, right ? I mean, no one is THAT stupid.

  • me

    So trashy

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …She’s a walking fail now.

  • Queennn

    I was hoping that the reports that she wanted Chris back and all that were false, but after this… giiiiiiirl yo be trippin.

  • sarah

    thats because 2pac was living that life.. shes just ridiculous.. and i’d like to think if he was alive today he wouldnt be tweeting ‘watching glee.. lol’. blah!

  • Kirsten

    How embarrassing for her…

  • Culture ROT

    Yes and we are still forking over our hard earned money to support all the generations of illiterate little thug wannabes that can’t hold a job cause they can’t even string a coherent sentence together…culture rot

  • No man no cry

    SWEET MOTHER OF PEARLS. Please tell me this is bogus. I would like it better if she got a Barbie portrayed on her lower back…. God. Is that girl really that STUPID? …. Oh well, it is her body …. Her choice. Whatever. I just don’t like it. At all. My point is, if you’re gonna get a tat, get something ORIGINAL. At the very least. This is just…. silly. Ugh. And I thought she couldn’t make worse than getting a grammatically wrong “rebelle fleur” on her damn neck. Oh Lorda mercy as she sang in “man down” (only one song of hers that I liked last year)

  • Cyclonus

    I guess she wants some street cred. What better way to get thug ink.

  • emmaa

    When she is elderly she will still have that ish on her hands…ugh.

  • Happy Days

    Gosh i am sick of seeing massive forehead girl shes ridiculous, trys WAAY to hard to be cool and yeah im just over her for good now screw her music and everything about her ill never support her again Chris needs to smack her again to knock some sense back into her cause she sure changed for the worse after she got knocked about by him shes an idiot!!!!!

  • tomas

    what a poser

  • finally

    What the f is wrong with her?
    Epic fail.

  • Luiza

    I feel so sorry for her… She was such a pretty and sweet girl… now she looks like trash, so patetic

  • Gilmore

    I have so much second-hand embarrassment for her it’s not even funny. I like tattoos and all, but I like discreet ones. This is a such a try-hard, non-personal, non-original, and completely tacky tattoo. And she has the nerve to wear a Lennon t-shirt, b-tch please.

  • darnar

    lol @ none of you knowing that thug life is an acronym, that lennon shirt is hard btw.

  • omd


  • LaTanya

    And the downward spiral continues…….smh!

  • Gossipgirl

    It will look really great when she is in her 50s.

  • Jaye

    Thug? lol. A six grader in north Philly could take her. H*ell, a six grader in Palms Springs could take her. She has absolutely no street cred, I don’t know who she’s trying to be. Yeah, a former beauty queen thug!

  • zx

    the guy in pineapple express has more street credibility then her. And why aren’t her friends/enablers stopping her? – not to say she doesn’t have a mind of her own, or that she’s not an adult, but really? if i seen my friend about to write ‘thug life/lyfe’ i’d stop her. (if she really wanted to commit 2 it she should have it scrawled across her stomach)

  • layla

    rihanna + rehab coming soon.

  • Paulie

    You could project a movie on her forehead.

  • DCM

    Poor life choice.


    thugs dont get their ass whooped by someone like chris brown

  • liz

    @SnOOKIE: how sweet, an abuse joke.

  • Poopoo

    Ever since she got beat up, she thinks he’s so hard.

  • Jennifer

    Wow, she’s got a really big forehead.

  • YeeHa

    This girl needs serious help.

  • M Martell

    Wow.. Ghetto and really really dumb…

  • stacey

    wtf? she sooo ridiculous and pathetic she used 2 be very pretty in the good girl gone bad era, now she’s just TRASHHHHHH

  • Ava

    @Poopoo: Yup, that’s why she’s gotta pull a trigger in her video and prove that chicks can buy guns and shoot dudes. Oh and that woman empowerment means “having sex in the air and loving the smell of it.” what a JOKE!

  • blah

    she needs help b/c she got a tattoo? Ha. I want pictures of all of yall… Lets do a head to toe evaluation of how you living.

    Cue: Live ya life

  • lily

    @blah: no she needs help because shes been drunk off her face, high, late to concerts (the one i went to was delayed by like 2 hrs because she wasn’t “running late”) – she’s young, pace yourself… none of it is healthy. And the tattoo is ridiculous. she’s a pop singer. calm down

  • lily


  • Annie

    When I first read about this elsewhere I thought the writer was cracking a joke. I can’t believe she actually got “thug life” tattooed on her *facepalm*.

  • lil

    This girl is stupid…’Thug life’ with a John Lennon shirt on? Okay..

  • love

    oh, girl, whatre doing with you? please, stop it already!

  • Sara

    she is aware that tupac died living the thug life right?

  • Lizz

    Why is she wearing a John Lennon shirt?!?! WHY!!!!
    What a poser man.

  • ds

    crazy girl

  • Dino

    Darn she is DOPE !!!
    I think the tat is fake but who cares,she is hot,rich and on top of the music industry so all you losers can suck it hahahahah her body her choice ;)

  • Jenna


  • Kathy

    What a great message to send out. -.-

  • Keilee

    Trying too hard. The whole Chris Brown situ seriously screwed her up, way more than shes admitting. She used to be sorta sweet kinda sexy now shes just trying to be hard and gangsta all the time-started with those gun tatts. For her own sake, I hope those are fake. All those twitter photos recently of her in a bikini on an houry basis were bad enough SCREAMING FOR ATTENTION MUCH??? and now this? Shes going to regret half these in a few years….