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Tim Gunn: I Haven't Had Sex in 29 Years

Tim Gunn: I Haven't Had Sex in 29 Years

Tim Gunn has revealed that he hasn’t been intimate with anyone in 29 years – and he’s fine with it!

The Project Runway personality, 58, said that his reason for abstaining from sex is because of a past relationship.

“It’s very personal,” Tim explained. “I was in a very intense relationship for a long time. And my partner ended it, saying that, quite frankly, he was impatient with my sexual performance.”

Tim also cited worries about health, saying that around that time, the AIDS epidemic was going on.

“I’m a perfectly happy fulfilled individual,” Tim concluded.

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  • sean

    do we really need to know that?

  • Zoe Moon

    In this day and age of AIDS in the homosexual population. Being celibate has probably saved his life.

  • emmaa

    Wow…was this necessary, Jared?

  • Lola

    Glad to know there are more people out there who don’t care about sex.

  • Zoe Moon

    Sorry, not probably, celibacy has saved his life.

  • torrance


  • l0nely-girl

    Good for him. I don’t want to hear about another sex-crazed playboy or Wh0ree anymore!

  • No man no cry

    WOW. Just WOW. That’s half of his life O.O …. I know people are saying it’s a wise decision but I live in a place where I see quite a few people being frustrated all the damn time for nothing, and I know it’s because they’re not satisfied intimately. You can throw as many rocks as you want at me but I personally believe sex is VERY important to one’s fulfillment.

  • tara

    I don’t get why he felt like sharing this utterly personal thing with the world? It’s nobody’s business but his own. And as long as he’s happy nothing else matters.

  • Cher

    No one cares, no one cares!!!!!!!!!!! Didn’t need to know this.

  • http://deleted julie

    A perfectly happy, fulfilled individual without physical love? Who are you kidding!? Are you a priest?

  • Kalista

    And we care because???????

  • huh??


    What the hell!

  • ****

    A perfectly happy, fulfilled individual without physical love? Who are you kidding!? Are you a priest?
    No julie, he is not a priest. He is just happy individual who is happy with his life right now. And Tim Gunn just zoomed to my most admired TV personality. He is not sex starved, buttoxed lover, wacko, bad mouth and mutha facka gay man. I heart him.

  • tim

    what a shock a up tight stuffed shirt not having sex duh uh

  • chris

    cool story bro

  • omd

    it’s been known that he is a homoromantic asexual. it’s just a type of affectional (romantic) orientation – just like male or female – where sex isn’t all that important to the ppl belonging to the group. nothing new here, and you guys should educate yourselves a little more.

  • omd

    @tara: he’s said it before in an interview for new york post years ago, maybe it just wasn’t blasted on tv, but it not new information. it’s even noted on his wikipedia.

  • omd

    oh PLEASE people. you want to know who this celeb is sleeping with or if that celeb cheated on the other, but now you want to freaking be coy? gtfoh.

  • annasophia

    I love Tim Gunn!!!

  • Kevin

    I actually find this quite admirable. To me, he’s not intending to inform us all on the details of his sex life but rather let be people know that you can lead a very fulfilling, happy, and successful life without sex.

  • groovacious

    he must jack off a lot.

  • Guy

    That was really random…


    he needs a woman

  • chucky

    sex is overrated anyway

  • ko

    why are people writing ‘is this necessary?” i’d prefer to read this then hear about another actor pretending to be healthy and “happy”. blah! good for him and his honesty. A lot of adults aren’t intimate because of past abuse, that might not be his reason but i respect someone who can say it openly.

  • hmm

    All normal human beings need sex. There is obviously a psychological scar that he can’t recover from. No normal human being can live without sex for that long. And all of you saying “good for him” “sex is overrated” have mental and/or physical issues and need to see a doctor. Not having sex drive when you are in a relationship is unhealthy.

  • ko

    @hmm: have mental issues? im a therapist which is why i wrote ‘some people cant be intimate because of past abuse’.. and it is good for him to be open and honest. there’s nothing wrong with him admitting it. And i’m sure others really aren’t taking it seriously as this is a gossip blog.

  • Melissa B

    @No man no cry: Yeah I get all bitchy without it if I go more than a few days. I think its important, very important. Not just the orgasm part either.

  • so what

    jared – check your 4th paragraph; it doesn’t make sense.

  • Jessica

    I always liked Tim Gunn as a celebrity but this makes me like him all the more. It’s good to know about different people and different lifestyles. There are other people out there like him who probably feel less weird–if they felt weird. Plus I’m sure he gets physical love. Sex is not the only way to get physical love (hugs, etc.).

  • Jen

    it’s nice to know that a celebrity says that he is happy and fulfilled individual without sex. In this hypersexualized world, it is refreshing.

  • Ginger

    Sex with people don’t always make you happy. People can have sex by themselves and be happy. =0) Whatever he is doing, it’s his choice and I applaud him for that. Once we women get so old, we wouldn’t care for sex anyway. Tim just starting it earlier than most. =0)

  • Kim

    It’s such an interesting news! Because personally, I usually wonder whether a man can live happily or have a well mental health without sex for a long time (except the priests); most of my friends believe that men can’t have a good mental health without sex except he is impotent.

  • ali

    a great guy but …umm ..too much info ..

  • IluvTim

    I admire him. He has real class. I’m glad he is happy and at peace with his life. Wish that serenity for more people.

  • felix


    No, it’s not “random” at all. It would have been random if Tim Gunn had written 50 talking points on slips of paper, put them in a hat, and then picked out that particular statement from the hat. THAT would be random. Please invest in a dictionary.

  • reba

    he needs a PR rep to tell him what to say. This isn’t necessay.

  • facts

    People don’t want to hear this but its ok to hear and assume so and so are dating and banging, right? I think YOU people are the one’s with the problem, and this dude isn’t getting laid and is most likely much happier and at peace with himself than you are.

  • Maria

    In some cultures i have heard that lack of sex gives you more personal strenght, i believe i heard something like that in one of indian cultures guru mentioned in a show i watched.

  • crystal

    @Ginger: He haven’t had sex since he was 29 years old. I think that it is quite unusual.

  • Sammy

    @hmm: Maybe your just a nymph? Ever think about that? How is not having sex not good for one’s being? Moron! Sex is not vital like water or food. Many people think they cant live without it, but they can! I personally love men, that are not sex crazed like a lot of guys are nowadays. Its rare to find a nice guy that will hold on to a women that doesn’t want sex. Its obviously important to you, which is why people should avoid relationships with you! Sex is overrated and a relationship is built and based on love, respect and trust! Not one’s talent in the bedroom! Grow Up!

  • claus

    He must have ‘real male dolls’ that keep him busy, who needs an alive man.. they’re obnoxious & smelly!