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Tom Cruise & Suri: Disneyland Visit!

Tom Cruise & Suri: Disneyland Visit!

Tom Cruise treats his daughter Suri to a day at Disneyland on Wednesday (January 25) in Anaheim, Calif.

The 49-year-old actor enjoyed some father-daughter time at The Happiest Place on Earth with Suri, who sported pink and purple face paint.

Tom‘s Rock of Ages co-star, Malin Akerman, recently raved about his performance in the upcoming big screen adaptation of the Broadway hit.

“He’s brilliant. You’re going to be blown away. His voice is ridiculous,” she told MTV News.

“He’s Superman to me. He can do anything he sets his mind to,” Malin said, adding that Tom can “sing like an opera singer.”

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Suri at Disneyland…

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tom cruise suri disneyland 02
tom cruise suri disneyland 03
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tom cruise suri disneyland 05
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Credit: Valpo NNEWs; Photos: WENN
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  • http://j lohan#1

    Love tom, will watch him in anything

  • nathan

    so cute Father & Daughter..
    Love Tom…he is great actor…..MI 4 is amazing…one of my fav film of 2011…

  • itstrueagain


  • Walt

    She doesn’t look very happy at Disneyland. What a mess they are raising a child.

  • Allison

    I think they’ve treated their daughter enough for the rest of her life. She’s become an instant diva (if she isn’t considered one already) if they continue to spoil her with all the money they’ve been fortunate of acquiring.

  • Romeo

    What an adorable father/daughter moment!

    You don’t know how she is being raised, #4.

    How is a child you don’t even know a diva, #5? Even poor families go to Disneyland and I don’t see why she shouldn’t go as well. It’s not like she won’t know while growing up that her folks are rich. You’re just a snob.

  • Sara

    I was at Disneyland today, and walked by him. Total shock moment. I don’t really like the guy, but it is cool to say I was within 5 feet of TOm Cruise at Disneyland today.

  • Helen

    She is cute

  • ClearPerspective

    Xenu, I voted you down because you clearly want to be Tom’s lovechild.

  • Sara

    what the hell? i didn’t realize there was another sara LOL

  • Grandma of Four

    Nice to see a Dad and Daughter day! However, I would love to see Suri having fun with a couple of little gal pals as well!

  • Weber from Brazil

    WOW…Is Tom Cruise the living proof of the ‘Benjamin Button’ thing?
    Everytime I see some new pics of him, the guy looks better and younger :o… I know he surely has the best surgeon plastics in the business…but we gotta be fair…Tom has good genes…
    I wish I’ll look this good when I’m 49 years old.

  • Shawna

    I don’t understand why we never see her playing with other children. I know families with only one small child but they make sure that their child has lots of playdates and time to interact with other children. She sure doesn’t look happy for a child at Disneyland.

  • ck

    I know it’s odd, but I always check out Tom’s shoes to see what size heel he’s wearing. Looks like he’s added a good 2 inches to his height.

  • Papaya

    My gawd, the kid actually has normal shoes on and even a sweater—at least the dad has some common sense…and you notice that he isn’t carrying her?? Tho Im surprised he didn’t rent the whole place so he wouldnt need so many body guards. And why don’t we ever see a mother daughter moment with Nicole and Isabella?? Doesn’t she ever see her own daughter??? Or too busy with the bio kids?

  • V

    You can’t gauge anyone’s life — good, bad or indifferent — from paparrazzi photos and press reports. Don’t fool yourself.

    Who knows: She might have a play date every other afternoon with kids in her hood. Don’t presume.

    And frankly, I don’t think that I would look happy either to see those dang camera lens in my face — again.

  • V

    And one other thing on the solemn face: Perhaps she’s on her way out of the park after a long day with Daddy!

  • seek help

    They look adorable. The same people who have something to say about these pics are the same ones who fawn over Brangelina’s kids despite the fact that one is obviously suffering from gender confusion!

  • ellie’

    What does it matter what Tom wears on his feet..Hes still a superstar..amazing actor!!..M4 was great..I’m sure Suri has playmates
    she goes to dancing school and sure she is into everything else.I don’t believe she isolated as you people think…She a beautiful little girl..
    Tom you look hotter then ever…

  • Kari

    Does anyone know what the deal is between Nicole, Connor and Isabelle?

  • Kizbit

    Connor and Isabella are being raised as Scientologists in California. That is where they go to “school”…at the Scientology Center. Scientology frowns upon ex-Scientologists associating with current ones, even if it’s family. So it’s Nicole’s children who have decided to have nothing to do with her. She often speaks of how she wishes they lived with her. Of course she does!!!!! They’re probably totally screwed up by their “religion”.

  • Gossipgirl

    I see the Tom Cruise Haters Club are out in full force; Get over the hate, and leave the child alone. Tom is a nice guy and a huge success!

  • anon

    Malin Ackerman, stopping kissing up to Tommy Girl’s ass. No he cannot sing. We heard him sing on Top Gun. Suri, wipe that crap off your face. AT least she’s walking.

  • runnergirl

    If he truly loved his kids then he would let them see their mother. And Tom doesn’t understand that people don’t like him or think he’s controlling. Actions speak louder than words Tom.

  • nada

    Suri should be in school its wednesday she is a ditcher unless she has a tutor who teaches her. Sometimes i celebs get their way because of money or frame. God one day will bring wrath to this earth idk when but it will happen. celeb are slobs but not all of them.

  • SC

    The real reason we never see Suri with friends at any outings or any place else for that matter is because Tom and Katie don’t want ANYONE to steal the SPOTLIGHT from Miss Priss. Paps always zero in on the kids of celebs and T & K want to make sure it stays that way!! P.S. and thank goodness he’s not carrying her with her blankie!!

  • Question

    Is Tomkat sorta kinda separated?

  • Romeo

    You always see what you want to see, #12. And you don’t know how she’s being raised and how many friends or not she has.

    Get a life, #14.

    She walks all the time, #15.

    Correct, #16!

    Her kids are in their late teens and live with their dad, #17.

    He can’t stop his ex from seeing their son, #24. He can’t do anything about what people think but just delivering good performances and good movies.

    Of course not, #27.

  • pr person

    He is so … BLECH… The staged pics are really lame.

  • Sally N

    What I like about these pictures is that with Tom, little Suri looks like a little girl with her daddy. There is no blanket, stuffed animals, bottle present. Yes, Suri is holding her soda (as she always has something occupying her hand), however, I think Tom is trying to help Suri overcome these infant demands (covered with a blanket, holding stuffed animals, bottles, etc) and TRY to help her be more normal. If you go to TMZ there is a video of this outing I tried to post the link but went into moderation and they look like they spent hours at the park at least until it got dark. It was odd that Katie didn’t go but it looks like Suri spent more time walking then being carried by her mother and that was a good thing. Suri will soon be 6 years old and she needs to start letting go of the blanket, bottle, etc.

  • Sally N

    - Staged or not, it’s nice to see Suri walking on her own and not being carried in someone’s arms. When they carry her it makes her looks like something is wrong with her. She is too big to be carried. I get the feeling Tom Cruise is a firmer parent than Katie. Katie reminds me of a push over with Suri and kids knows how much they can get away with. Tom reminds me of a person that once a project gets green lit, he is very disciplined. These last few months or year he’s been very busy and probably was not able to spend a lot of time with Suri and today he was trying to bond with her. Suri appears a little distant from him but that’s what happens when you don’t spend a lot of time with them. But that’s probably why Katie is not there, this would make Suri rely more on Tom then the VIP guide.

  • Sally N

    They were on the rides on their own or with the VIP
    separate from the public.

  • annie

    thanks for the link Sally N
    Suri is a beautiful looking little girl- sometimes a child favours 1 parent more than the other but in her case she looks like both, maybe it’s her blue eyes, where as Katies eyes are hazely green.
    Tom has been away a lot making movies, and Suri goes everywhere with Katie, so it’s good she’s spending time alone with her dad.
    The other day came across a photo of Tom carrying Connor, who looked the same age as Suri is now, he didn’t look excited at the sight of paps either at that time.

  • Sally N

    Did you notice Suri kept her sweater on for most of the day? She rarely wears a sweater or jacket. That’s a good thing.

  • Sally N

    Its also nice that for this outing to Disneyland they had three assistants walking with them which were 2 women and one male that didnt look like burly bodyguards which made them blend in.

  • annie

    I agree that Suri now is too big to be carried, and if Katie continues, she’ll do her back in for sure, but the truth is, when Suri is not aware of the paps, or they’re not in her face, or they are a respectable distance away, she tolerates them quite well, because there are heaps of pics and videos of her out there doing just that.
    Not long ago there was a video of her and Katie going to a toy store, and then walking back to wherever they were going, and Suri was adorable, and she wasn’t holding anything in her hands.
    There are pics of her looking at the paps from their hotel foyer, last time they were in NY- where she’s poking her tongue at them, they don’t bother her as much, it seems when she comes in close contact is the problem- like being surrounded, and her mothers natural instinct is to pick her up, and Suri probably plays on that as well.
    I didn’t find the pictures distant at all, on the contrary there are some pics where there is a real closeness with her dad, the ones where she has her hand on his leg, and others where they are sitting close together in the boat, with Toms arm around her.
    Whatever some of the stuff that is said about him out there, I truly believe he is a very loving father, to all his children, it’s just that Suri is the youngest and gets fussed over more, and that’s natural to do that.

  • dani

    @Annie and Sally

    I think with the exception of his devotion to the cult, he is considered a good dad to all three children. Unfortunately I do think he has made Nicole a suppressive person. David Miscavage is not very savvy when it comes to PR, marketing and public sensibilities and he has a lot of influence over Tom. If he said Nicole was to be ostracized, I bet Tom does it. Aside from a totally ugly and public court battle that would most likely destroy the kids peace of mind and emotionally hurt them, Nicole doesn’t have too many options. I think, personally, she took the high road and sees the kids when she can. She has mentioned they have met Faith, babysat Sunday etc. So obviously she is still in the picture. Tom has said in several interviews that because of his childhood he has always made sure he was a father first and actor second.
    And unfortunately for Suri, Tom and Katie’s seemingly incompetence in raising her (the bottle and pacifier at age 5, the carrying her, the inappropriate clothing for the weather, Suri’s need for crutches–blankie, toys etc) have made her a target. She definitely seems high strung and less mature than many other Hollywood kids. Whether that is just her or the result of her parents following the Xenu mandate that children are really adults and should be allowed to make their own choices (and no wonder she is late on the potty training, leaving the bottle and binkie behind etc)–of course the child is going to choose what is comfortable and known to them. There are times when one should be a parent. Tom seemed to know that with Bella and Connor, but he and Katie don’t seem to parent this child as much as befriend her. Bella and Connor appear to have turned out to be wonderful young adults so it puzzles me that Tom indulges Suri to the point of ridiculousness.
    Just my opinion. So Romeo don’t jump out of your panties.

  • annie

    @ danni
    I’d be lying if I said that some things that I’ve read recently about Scie don’t spook me a bit, but I don’t believe that Tom is that weak a person to let people run his life- especially get rid of his wife. I think that’s going a bit far somehow.
    I read that transcript of Tom and Nicoles phone conversation- and she came across as a whiney demanding lady, all he did was try to pacify her throughout.
    Danni, you know that Nicole is loaded financially, you know that all she had to do is go public, she has access to best legal people in the world, and I think he cares too much for his kids, to turn them against their mother.
    I think Nicole made certain choices, and he gets the blame for them.
    Sometimes she says some really funny things in her interviews – like she became a ”celebrity for love” and she did this and that for love, oh please, she loved every minute of it while it was there.
    As for Katie- when asked about Scie, she said that she wanted to share in something that interested Tom. Maybe she got more than she bargained for, I don’t know- but it is interesting that a lot of those Scie defectors, still follow Scie independently, and I find that aspect interesting really.

  • Me Thinks

    @Romeo: Nope #5 isn’t a snob, she jealous trailer trash who thinks that anyone who’s rich and shares their wealth with their child is spoiling them. At least this little girl will grow up knowing she’s a girl and not a confused basket case like another celebrity kid.

  • jay

    Suri looking like jjackson. her faces down to a tee. Tom maybe playing the dad. But he is not her bilogical dad.


    Why does this particular actor always seem to be caught wearing construction boots when he’s probably NEVER picked up a hammer before?! He’s such a midget!!!!!!

  • jaspisgirl

    well i am not sure but isn’t there preschool in ami-land this time of the year?????? and oh wonder oh wonder the little princess can walk :-) and i admit .i wish every kid in this f….up universe could be spoiled like this one and i am not ashamed to say i might be jealous :-) at least the have the money 4 the therapy she will need in the future because of being in every f……. yellow press!!!!!! and # 39 who do you mean????? and what is bad about having a personality and not only a face to be in newspapers and to be used by so called parents to stay in press for the lack of success?????? DONE

  • http://yahoo mary

    nice shes getting daddy time.but with all there money she always looks like a hot mess..dont they own an iron clothing is always messy looking and just curious..shes 5 shouldnt she be in school: