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Adriana Lima: Bikini Photo Shoot in St. Barts!

Adriana Lima: Bikini Photo Shoot in St. Barts!

Adriana Lima hits the beach for a photo shoot on Thursday (January 26) in St. Barts.

The 30-year-old Brazilian model showed off her super toned body in a purple bikini.

Adriana will be appearing in not just one but two Super Bowl ads Sunday, February 5!

She’ll star in one commercial for Kia and another for the flower delivery service Teleflora.

“Men will learn about the emotions women feel and how important a gift of flowers is to us on Valentine’s Day. I know you guys will like it,” Adriana teased about the Teleflora spot. Check out the preview for Adriana‘s Kia ad below!

Adriana Lima – Kia Super Bowl Ad Teaser

10+ pictures inside of Adriana Lima at a photo shoot in St. Barts…

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adriana lima bikini st barts 01
adriana lima bikini st barts 02
adriana lima bikini st barts 03
adriana lima bikini st barts 04
adriana lima bikini st barts 05
adriana lima bikini st barts 06
adriana lima bikini st barts 07
adriana lima bikini st barts 08
adriana lima bikini st barts 09
adriana lima bikini st barts 10

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • http://we betamax

    damn perfect

  • adri

    Perfect..this woman is perfect..

  • Favela

    A combination of French, African, Swiss genes creates the Pardos from Brasil.

  • miss infamous

    shes hot

  • mongrul

    she looks so hom* habilis in the face.

  • shawnee

    Wow after 10 years of modeling she is still only modeling swimsuits and focusing on her image? Time to evolve in your 30s and as a mum, looks wont last forever and all she will know/have is modeling. Most models her age have moved on from ONLY being se*y symbols but thats all she’s got. too bad. not much going on up there I see.

  • People

    I wonder why she’s so silly when she speaks…. lol

  • whatever

    Am I the only one who does not think she is attractive? Her legs are boney and skinny, her ribs are sticking out, and her boobs are totally fake. Her face….she always looks so pissed off and b*tchy, and she looks like a cat to me. Weird how we all have different opinions.

  • Emma

    She’s a stunner, hands down the sexiest woman alive. So what if she only models, she makes more in a year than most of us make in our entire lives and is the forth highest paid model in the world earning $8 million last year. Maybe she want’s to enjoy her life and spent time with her family when her modeling days are over, she seems very family orientated and moved to europe to be with her husband. We have no idea how she has invested her money, she may be richer than we think. I actually respect her for not “starting a business” and putting her name to a product somebody else has made. Do you really think that Miranda is qualified to make skincare products? I didn’t realize she had a degree, and had done postgraduate research on the topic! The chemistry of these products is very complex even organic ones, and the manner in which they react with the skin even more so, it takes years to gain a thorough understanding of the topic. Scientists do all the work and these models just take the credit. These celebrity products just rely on their fans wanting to buy into their lifestyle. I saw Miranda at Mario Badescu buying their moisturizer, so much for only using KORA!!! And she uses Fekkai products which aren’t organic and has bleached her hair blonde in the past. Celebrities should stick to being celebrities, and should not pretend to do jobs they are not qualified for. The Kardashian’s, Jessica Simpson etc are guilty of this too!

  • BEAN

    @whatever: Yes you are the only one.

  • Braddd

    she’s better when her mangled halitosis mouth is not exposed or open. All girls I know with bad teeth have stanky breath, its bad hygiene.

  • Meh

    She has absolutely no waist, stick legs,hamster jowls,busted teeth. #8 no you are not the only one. She’s severely overrated. She has been around for ages and has only had 5 Vogue covers? YAWN. What happened to the perfect beauty and careers of the 90s Supermodels? real Supermodels ARE long gone.

  • Salatta821

    She describes herself “I am an AfroBrazilian girl. My family is all mixed with Japonese, black and West Indian”. In Brazil Amerindians are referred to as West Indian. She is on Youtube discussing her racial heritage but she doesn’t mention Swiss.

  • neanderthal

    @Salatta821: can u add neanderthal into the mix as well? she has a very neanderthal look.

  • CopyMeh

    That’s my song!!!

  • miranbar

    I liked her until she told young girls to not eat for 10 days before important events…As someone who has recovered from an ED ,THAT is the type of people/advice we were told to avoid at all times. Its poison to a young girl and sad since that is most of her fanbase. I hope she doesn’t cause any ED’s…

  • OhPlease

    Oh Emma sounds like someone has sour grapes. Thats why I see Adriana stans saying they wish she had a tv show or her own business, but with other models of course its “no big deal: LMAO…

  • Happy Days

    @whatever: No you are not the only one i think she is freaking weird looking these tiny looking eyes with this huge mouth and yes she does look kinda cattish i could never say shes the hottest women alive like half the people on here shes not in my pretty books

  • Kevin


    Totally agree with you. She’s my least favourite vs model – too tranny-ish

  • SaintAss

    People say I look like Adriana so if you are insulting her you are like insulting me, ok? Plz shut up

  • A

    @miranbar: She never said that you lying cvnt. She said that SHE went on a diet for the VSF show, she never told girls to! Stop blaming her for your issues and get help.

  • eww

    Hasn’t been hot since forever looks and SOUNDS like man now.

  • Sean

    I’d lick every freakin inch of that body

  • dre

    @shawnee: would u shot your mouth? Yuor one of those crazy Miranda stans who always try to bring down lima because she’s everything Miranda will never be. Just look around. She’s one of the most famous models we have today, Victoria’s secret queen b. Plus she has two super bowl commercials this year. Even movie stars don’t get two… As long as she’s around, stop trying to bring her down. It will never happen

  • dre

    it’s so obvious that one or probabaly a few pathetic Miranda stans keep posting and posting. U guys keep posting the same old things. You should change it tho

  • Georgie

    I’m new to this site and I know that I probably sound stupid but I was wonder if somebody could please explain what a “stan” is?

  • sea

    She has no waist, I agree.

  • dre

    @Georgie: Stan is a combination of 2 words: stalker and fan. U add them together and u get satn. It’s from an Eminem song. PPL here don’t even use it. Try ontd

  • reba

    I think she is very beautiful; but she doesn’t have a waist. Still, I’d take her body over mine ANY DAY!!! lol

  • Jade

    She is by far, the most GORGEOUS woman alive!! I love the ad!!

  • EM

    Absolutely stunning!

  • hmm

    Can’t someone coach her on her expressions? Does she not realize that there is more than one?
    Every picture looks the same.
    Pretty, but boring and dumb looking.

  • Georgie

    @dre: Thanks Dre.

  • Sam

    I want to be reincarnated as Marko Jaric!

  • Sayer

    @dre: I agree with your about the Miranda Fans. They are desperate. Despite the publicity whoring of Miranda, she still does not have HALF the appeal of Lima. Lima is the only VS model to star in a VS superbowl commercial ALONE. Lima is still more popular on the web than any other model, including Miranda.

    Lima’s exotic beauty cannot be touched, unlike Miranda who looks like a cabbage patch doll.

  • Dejana

    Yes yes you are

  • Sayer

    @Georgie: A “Stan” is an obsessed fan. It comes from the Eminem video “Stan” about the obsessed fan who keeps stalking him.

  • Bella Coola

    @reba: Most models don’t have any waistline.

    Doutzen, Miranda, Gisele–none of them has waistlines either. It’s true, especially for models who’ve had children.

  • dre

    lol she has another vogue cover. A new one

  • prain

    She ALWAYS looks the same in her modeling photos and the only Vogue she can get is the lower end. Never American,British,Paris or Italia which are the only ones that count in the fashion world. Yes she is popular; online. SO is Justin Beiber and Kim Kardashian…popularity and fame are 2 different things. When she had her child she didnt even get her own segments, they just briefly mentioned it, I rarely see her in tabloids and magazine covers or fashion ads, and when she is its always the kind of “mature” work that has been models in ther 40s and 50s get.

    A stan is Adrianas fans. they’re not fans, theyre stans bc theys obsessed with her and can never say or be nice about others. they are bitter little girls or men living in mamas basement. (hence her online popularity, thats what is mostly lurking on the internet 24/7)…

    and when her one note looks are gone, where will she be? All the models of the past who were once popular but never branched out from modeling are long gone, whereas the ones who branded themselves starting in their late 20s and early 30s are still around getting Vogue covers and making tons of money. Adriana will not be no Cindy Crawford ever. face it.

  • Ann Onymous

    Beautiful woman.

  • solution

    I think she looks better now that she lost those dreadful cherub cheeks. it was always off putting to me and I always used to put my thumb up where those cheek protrusions were and imagined what her face would look like without them and the result was always much prettier. With her new elegant look she actually gets more fashion work now it seems. Ain’t no one wanna photograph flub. It may seem like an insult but its not shes much prettier and more sophisticated looking now. I can seeher getting more work because she doesnt look so bloated and neckless now.

  • Angelina

    “Even movie stars cant get em”….Movie Stars are busy making Academy Award winning movies. tv commercials are the least of their priorities. LMAO. Good for her, but she’s only solidifying her status even more as just a “commercial” model. I thought she would try something new, but no same old same old with her Just like Jen Aniston doing nothing but boring Rom coms while Jolie is .out making quality movies and trying new things such as directing and being a GoodWill Ambassador. Actors and Singers get/do commercials all the time, I’m sure on Superbowl night you will see plenty of them. Not that its a main concern of theirs though.

  • Me

    She’s been in American Vogue and Italian Vogue, Spanish Vogue threw a dinner in her honor. Who cares about how many times she’s been in Vogue magazine anyways, most people don’t find those models attractive, they’re androgynous and typically look very thin (I know people can be naturally thin as I’m one of them and so are my brothers and parents, but most people don’t find that attractive). Adriana has a face that was analyzed and found to be mathematically about as close to perfection as you can get, and she has a huge amount of sex appeal. She is the 4th highest paid model in the world, I’d say she’s a pretty successful model. Were some of you never taught as children that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. When our children come home from school crying because they’re being bullied we comfort them and tell them that as they get older the bullying stops, but some of these comments prove that bullying never stops, the bullies just hide behind a computer and make spiteful comments out of jealousy.

  • @25

    But Miranda is smart enough to realize that modelling doesn’t last forever, and has built a life outside of it.
    Adriana has nothing BUT modelling. Sure hope that she saved her money.

  • jodi

    She is stunning!!!! I would like all of those here on this thread that call her ugly and hate her to post their pix and then we can see what you all look like……… waiting to see your fugly faces!!!

  • dre

    @@25: lol Miranda’s Skincare line!!! Hmm I wonder how it’s doing!!! It’s not doing well considering when miranda was pregnant, she didn’t even make it to the forbes list. Oh and Adriana never left her position on the forbes even when she was pregnant. I mean it’s probably not a flop… it might be one of those businesses that are slightly average

  • nogirls

    I wont call names (will leave that for Adrianas fangirls) but she is not everyone’s cup of tea. just deal with. All she does is Victorias Secret and I find that utterly boring. Then again I grew up in the era when models were super stars and would not settle for catalogue work.

  • dre

    @Angelina: just stop!!! For your own sake. Have u seen past super bowl ads??? Most of them have red blooded actors and musicians in them. I know that popularity and fame are two different things, but bb, are u implying that kim k and justin bieber are just popular and not famous? oh and just so u guys know, Adriana’s 2008 super bowl commercial was watched by more than a 100 million viewers. it is one of the most watched commercials in television history… Only famous ppl can pull that off babe

  • dre

    @nogirls: lol most of those models did vs though!!! and did u just say adriana only does VS? where have u been in the last couple of years??? U can hate her all u want but to say she isn’t in the top of her game is utterly stupid