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Brad Pitt: 'Make It Right' Gala on March 10!

Brad Pitt: 'Make It Right' Gala on March 10!

Brad Pitt will be hosting the star-studded “A Night to Make It Right” gala on March 10 in New Orleans, La.

Ellen DeGeneres will co-host the $1,000-per-person soiree, which will benefit Brad‘s Make It Right home rebuilding organization.

The night will also feature special guest Randy Jackson and performances by Rihanna, Sheryl Crow, and Seal. Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey, and Spike Lee will serve on the event’s host committee.

“Our goal is 150 houses, and this fundraiser is going to help us reach that goal,” Make It Right spokeswoman Taylor Royle told the Associated Press. “It’s been a long road to get these families home. But we’re happy with our progress, and we’re looking forward to celebrating the progress we’ve made.”

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  • Jaye

    The man is always doing good for other. Glad to see others are recognizing it and lending a hand raising funds.


    I am proud of being Brad Pitt fan. He is a great man.

  • from JJB

    Cr IndieWire

    Brad Pitt Says He’ll Only Cameo In ‘Twelve Years A Slave,’ Hopes ‘World War Z’ Will Have Socio-Political Themes

    Whoever ends up winning at the Academy Awards in a few weeks (spoiler: “The Artist”), Brad Pitt will still pretty much be the belle of the ball. He’s nominated for Best Actor for “Moneyball,” a film that, without Pitt’s perseverance, likely wouldn’t have gotten made after Sony pulled the plug on Steven Soderbergh’s version, while the star also has a nomination in his producer capacity for Best Picture for the project. His other baby of 2011, “The Tree of Life,” also surprised many with nominations for Best Picture and Best Director, and Pitt may find himself with a third nomination if the Academy names him as one of the eligible producers on that film.

    But Pitt being Pitt, he’s not resting on his laurels. He’ll next be seen in one of our most anticipated films of the year, Andrew Dominik’s “Cogan’s Trade,” but down the line are two more projects from his production company Plan B, and as part of an extensive cover story in The Hollywood Reporter, the actor’s spilled the beans on both of them.

    First up, coming this Christmas, is “World War Z,” the long-gestating adaptation of Max Brooks’ best-seller, a fictional oral history of a zombie plague that brings the world to its knees. The film finally got rolling last summer, with “Quantum of Solace” helmer Marc Forster directing, but some fans were concerned by reports that the script, by J. Michael Straczynski (“Changeling”) and Matthew Michael Carnahan (“The Kingdom”), was drastically departing from the source material. Would this just turn out to be a big dumb blockbuster? Pitt suggests not, telling the trade that he hopes it’ll follow the best examples of the genre since “Night of the Living Dead” in reflecting the world around it, even while providing thrills: “I thought it was an interesting experiment. I thought, ‘Can we take this genre movie and use it as a Trojan horse for social-political problems?’

    And coming after that will be another, less multiplex-friendly film: “Twelve Years A Slave,” the third film by “Hunger” and “Shame” director Steve McQueen. The film is backed by Pitt’s production company, with the actor announced as part of the cast, but he tells the trade that it won’t be a large role: “I’m only doing a small cameo, but it stars Michael Fassbender and Chiwetel Ejiofor, and there’ve been very few movies about slavery, certainly that had the impact of ‘Roots.’” The film, written by McQueen and John Ridley (“Three Kings”), tells the story of Solomon Northrup (Ejiofor), a free man in the pre-Civil War era tricked into slavery, who only received his freedom when a Canadian carpenter (Fassbender) helped Northrup’s wife launch a court case to highlight the injustice.

    That picture will get underway in the summer, so will likely hit in 2013, while “World War Z” lands on December 21st.


    does anyone else think that Brad looks more and more like Jennifer Aniston?

  • Lara

    A wonderful event for such a worthwhile cause. Congrats Brad, sure it will be a huge success.

  • from JJB

    Cr People

    George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Kathy Bates to Present at SAG Awards

    Multiple nominee Kathy Bates and lead actors (and former PEOPLE Sexiest Men Alive) George Clooney and Brad Pitt head up the group of presenters just announced for this Sunday’s 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

  • thelookoflove1365

    @reply | Flag This
    # 4 SnOOKIE @ 01/26/2012 at 3:48 pm -1

    does anyone else think that Brad looks more and more like Jennifer Aniston?
    Are you saying that X looks like a DUDE? I think that’s one reasons X is called MANNY. LOL!

  • thelookoflove1365

    Brad and Angie never waivered in their support of the less fortunate. I’m glad they are boht being bless because they are good people.
    Congrats to Brad on all the nominations/wins/recognition he’s getting. ‘About time.

  • bizzy bee

    Upstanding citizen is doing all he can for his fellow man be blessed.Those baby-blue can stare at me anytime.

  • Dakota

    Thanks Brad for all you do to help people here in the USA and around the world!

  • Passing Through

    # 207 Rose @ 01/26/2012 at 2:00 pm
    Brad didn’t say that out of frustration or in response to any questions about them marrying. When they were Namibia he was asked to do an Esquire cover for fall to coincide with the release of Babel. Along with the interview he was asked to make a list of things he that he thought everyone should know and one of them concerned the then upcoming Prop 8 vote in Cali banning gay marriage. He said it was stupid and wrong and that he and Angie wouldn’t get married until all gay people could marry. A few months later Angie did an interview with Reader’s Digest and she was asked about it and said he was speaking in a “would it be nice if…” kind of way. Fastfoward to 2008 (IIRC) and Brad was promoting CCOBB and told Bill Maher that he said it out of frustration but since he’d but it out there he’d stick by it…UNLESS the kids asked them to marry and it was important to them. And that’s pretty much been his stance every since then – he’d stand by it UNLESS it becomes important the kids. Angie has said the same thing multiple times – they don’t NEED a marriage certificate, the commitment to their children is the most important thing BUT if it’s something that’s important to the kids, then they’ll think about getting married. I’m trying to remember which interview it was but Angie did an interview for Salt – Nightline maybe – where she said they’d discussed and knew one day they’d probably have to because the kids were asking about it. At other times she was aksed about it and said they’d get married if the kids asked, but they weren’t asking so it was a non-issue. Obviously they’re now asking and it has become important to the kids (now that they’re old enough to know what even marriage is!) and they’re just saying, “We stand by our word to the gay community but our childrens’ happiness supercedes everything else. If they want mommy and daddy to get married, then we have to seriously consider doing so and everybody else can go suck an egg.”

  • Passing Through

    # 214 dianad1968 @ 01/26/2012 at 2:44 pm
    Diana -
    Yes, it was in the Esquire interview. I don’t know why people get so het up about Brad’s comment. The fact is – they’ll get married when ANGIE wants to and not before or unless. If Angie walked up to Brad one day and said, “Let’s get married.” He’d go, “Okay, baby. Whatever you want.” They’d go someplace without a waiting period and get married with the kids and family present. And nobody would know about it for weeks or months unless they want it known. The end. Can we now move on to the next non-controversy, please?

  • what about jolie?

    what about jolie?won’t she attend the event?is she filming a movie and that’s why she will be absent?

  • lucian

    Love him.

  • Trouble in Paradise?

    rotflmao you have to see jolie’s new pics at x17.she has her arm around her special assistant whom she doesn’t go anywhere without.funny that jolie always gets to go around that with that guy who is clearly her special assistant.where is pitt?why isn’t he ever with jolie picking up their kids?why isn’t he ever pictured with the kids or jolie on candid shots?does he even spend time with jolie and kids on daily basis?jolie is always with that guy.

  • believe

    Am sure Angelina will be front and center with Brad at the dinner. An amazing couple.

  • Trouble in Paradise?

    i can smell a very close break up announcement.whenever pitt starts getting so candid in his interview,you know the break up is near.we all remember how he was talking about having kids with aniston during ocean 12 red carpets and two months later,they broke up.he always does that.his technique never changes.he does that to distract people from what is actually going on.

    the clock is tickling.tick tock it’s so over.

  • Jess

    Angie will be at MIR event with Brad. The trolls need not worry.

  • CNN

    To all the MFing so called
    Angelina fans…
    Brad has brought prestige and security and
    stability to that crazy womans
    she said it herself…
    brad has brought things to her life that
    she never thought she would have.
    kids, a family, respectability.
    plus hes prettier than her
    and thats a fact!
    everytime brad open’s his mouth
    you crazies get wound up
    like he’s saying something negative.
    if you people want to
    divide then we will
    divide. but if you want to
    be one united fanbase
    then we will be.

  • Trouble in Paradise?

    what him denying that marriage quote during sag interviews.he is that pu**y.he will deny saying that and will say he meant if kids ask but they aren’t asking.we all know jolie is seeing someone else and she doesn’t want to marry him.he is just too pu**y to say he has asked zillion times and she has said no.he got a very small thing if you know what i that special assistant she has must have a big one.jolie has been with him for a long time and is with him everyday.

  • Trouble in Paradise?

    watch him denying that marriage quote during sag interviews.he is that pu**y.he will deny saying that and will say he meant if kids ask but they aren’t asking.we all know jolie is seeing someone else and she doesn’t want to marry him.he is just too pu**y to say he has asked zillion times and she has said no.he got a very small thing if you know what i that special assistant she has must have a big one.jolie has been with him for a long time and is with him everyday.

  • CSW

    This man is beautiful from inside and out. Why can’t all men be like him?

  • Just Sayin

    Nice to see Sean Penn gonna be there support Brad. I was mad at what he said about The Tree of Life. I am glad the academy members weren’t influenced by his dumb rant.

  • Trouble in Paradise?

    you pitt’s fans know what a liar he is.he is pulling that marriage card out because he want that oscar jolie already has.something pitt will never get.he is selling his kids and is bringing up jolie because he wants to get attention.he knows nobody cares about him if not for jolie and the kids.he enjoys putting jolie to get punches left and right if it means he will come out smelling like roses.i’m glad jolie will never marry him.i bet jolie will go ahead and deny any kind of discussion about wedding during the sag.we all know she has to go to those awards eventhough she doesn’t want to.she knows pitt better than anyone and knows what a hollywood ho he is.he is so different from jolie so superficial.

  • awww

    Brad is amazing.

  • Backstage

    Tried to bring over the article but got sent to moderation so here’s just the link:

  • Fan

    Brad is the best!!! Love you Brad, Angelina and the kids!

  • http://cellphone susan

    I think Angie keeps the tabs from filing chapter11. She seems to be the only person that sells tabs. Ticky can move some, but B&A have to be attach to the story, with Squiggy not so much.
    Demi is a mess right now, but one of the tabs have Angie @ 98 lbs, 3 months pregnant, and Brad is so worried, he is looking for a place to send her to rehab, he is close to choosing a place in Europe.
    Angie is going to Germany next month to pick up an award.

  • Britney

    Thanks Brad for his tireless effort in helping less fortunate people. I have great respect for him.

  • CNN


    so you mean to tell me
    angelina would marry
    a loser like bob billy
    but not brad??
    she was hanging on
    to that blood sucker
    tatoos all over her body like
    the FREAK that she is…
    but she doesn’t want to marry
    a clean cute respectible guy lke
    get real you damn moron.
    you sound like a jealous hag
    saying brad will never
    win an oscar.
    he will have an oscar one day
    even if i have to steal it for him!!

  • funny

    Wonder why Porgie was so quiet ever since Oscar nominations announced. He was all over the places before that.

  • Dc

    @trouble in Paradise

    Calm down, calm down, you know all this anger and hate is not healthy. It can you make you sick.

  • edzctor

    brad is cool
    follow me

  • Trouble in Paradise?

    the loser you are talking about has alot of talent and has an oscar.something pitt is selling his soul,his kids and even jolie to get one.yes the jolie knows better than marrying a hollywood ho whose biggest concern is his image and he will sell even his kids for that.

  • Royalty

    Brad at 48 is hotter than ever. His career and person life couldn’t be better. He is at his prime in every aspect.

  • hehehe

    @Trouble in Paradise?:
    Go scream at ocean loser hehehe

  • Trouble in Paradise?

    jolie has bigger balls than he does.even billy bob and johnny lee miller had bigger balls.heck even jenny has bigger balls than he does.they stick to their own quotes.they don’t backtrack it as soon as they get afew punches which he claimed he and jolie were used to get.apparently he was not used to it.only jolie is.

  • Nona

    I just can’t see any faults in this couple. I couldn’t do it as good as them. They are always spreading all the happiness they can to others. It’s like their target in life and I think that’s why most people adore them. I’m not surprised that they are getting awards from all over the world. I just hope everyone could be as good as them.

  • well

    I am sure Clooney is NOT happy The Descendants only got 4 Oscar nods, Moneybal got 6 nods, and two Brad’s films got Best Picture nods. Moneyball and TOL ( 3 Oscar nods )

  • a lurker

    One troll is having a nerve meltdown.


    banned again

  • bizzy bee

    Triple nominations, it’ll be a travesty if he doesn’t win at least one for his efforts. He brought two great movies to us.

    As for the charity gala in March, no mention of Clooney, Damon, Roberts, or any of his other so-called friends on the list yet. Oh well, let them live their lives as they see fit. Who knows what’s going on on the inside.

  • DiatribesAndOvations

    Really, what’s not to like about this guy? I hope he wins the Oscar and goes on to do even more great things. I think he’s a great role model and a gifted artist.

  • Rose

    Someone ‘s head is exploding. Must feel helpless to know what you hoped and prayed for are all falling apart, Brad still love Angie still love Brad.

  • shamrock7

    BRAVO!!! Let’s make it right, make it better, and make a difference!!! It’s refreshing to see the famous world provide awareness, support, and help to those in need of some action. Paul Newman in my eyes, is a man of sainthood, and other actors should follow in his footsteps to change our world and lift us up with kindness and solid hearts.

    PEACE * love~

  • Saffron

    @Backstage @ 01/26/2012 at 4:54 pm

    Great article…thanks so much for the link!

  • reeven


  • Jaye

    Passing Through @ 01/26/2012 at 4:11 pm
    I think one of the telling things in all of this is that Jolie said that Pitt was someone she felt safe enough with to think of growing old with him. I think both of them had well founded trust issues because of partners not doing or being what they wanted and needed and expected. They were kindred spirits of sorts when they met, besides having so much in common as to the direction of their lives.
    For someone who’d already been married twice, it takes a hell of a man to make them want to make that commitment again. Especially someone who is so passionate in everything, they love deeply. The paper doesn’t change anything, but what it does is change people’s perception sometimes. I think sometimes, it’s that fear that they will change, that keep some people away from marriage. I’m not saying that’s the case with Pitt and Jolie; just putting it out there as food for thought, in general terms.
    I agree that he would have married her a long time ago, if that was important to her or if she were ready. I think she might be at that place where it might be important again. Obviously, she thought marriage was important at one time.
    In certain things, I don’t think people change all that much. They get reality forced on them by their own experiences and that shapes their opinions going forth. She was too young when she married the first time. The second, BBT wasn’t the man she thought he was and she hadn’t found what filled the places that were empty in her own life. She may be at a place where she can trust without fear of being hurt or disappointed beyond repair. How many times has she said that Brad loves who she is. What more can a woman asked of a man she loves, that he knows and loves HER, the person that she is.
    Either way, it’s clear that they have a deep commitment to each other as well as their children.

  • Etta

    Wait a minute, I thought Sheryl Crow was a hen?