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Leo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Mexico Vacation!

Leo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Mexico Vacation!

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, model Erin Heatherton, grab their luggage from the back of a car while vacationing in Mexico on Wednesday (January 25).

The 37-year-old actor is auctioning off the chance for a winning bidder and guest to meet him at one of his upcoming film premieres, with VIP seats, and access to an exclusive after party.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Bidding on the experience, valued at $25,000, is open through February 8 at 100 percent of net proceeds will benefit Sean Penn‘s JP/HRO through the Cinema for Peace “Help Haiti Home” Online Auction.

15+ pictures inside of Leo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton‘s Mexico vacation…

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leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 01
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 02
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 03
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 04
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 05
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 06
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 07
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 08
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 09
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 10
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 11
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 12
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 13
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 14
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 15
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 16

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402 Responses to “Leo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Mexico Vacation!”

  1. 1
    Gossipgirl Says:

    Lucas Haas is always lurking in the background.

  2. 2
    Dieter Says:


  3. 3
    vi Says:

    He sure has a type …….
    and what is with that white socks.
    I think he and Kate should get together

  4. 4
    Ginana Says:

    He is old boring what ever

  5. 5
    What else is new Says:

    Another available 20ish blonde for the season spending time in Cabo. LOL.

  6. 6
    Lily Says:

    Is that a church dress she has on OMG! she does not look like a model.

  7. 7
    Milady Says:

    Well the girl is better looking with her emaciated body covered.

  8. 8
    Ex Fan Says:

    Yuck! So predictable.

  9. 9
    Thanks jared but Says:

    No wonder why Leo is losing his credibility and his status in Hollywood. Dating chicks who accept to pose in the nude for a living is not very flattering. Where’s your ego, man?

  10. 10
    l0nely-girl Says:

    So is it official now, is this his new, blonde, victoria’s secret model, 20something, almost under aged, unintelligent, mother-like goldigger, “girlfriend”?

  11. 11
    fassie Says:

    Leo likes that are available to do whatever he wants. I wonder how he would react if he was in a relationship where a woman would put up a fight every once in a while…
    … this is why Kate is too good for him.

  12. 12
    Leenah Says:

    He’s such a good actor yet he’s only dating models and blonde’s kinda sad.I would think an actor isn’t so shallow and goes beyone the looks..maybe he’ll grow up,eventually.

  13. 13
    Charlie Says:

    Leo’s girlfriend choices are really leaving a bad impact on his career. I mean, it’s disgusting, dating girls half your age, and still trying to pass off as a serious actor. Can’t he date someone classy and his own age? This girl is neither of those things.

  14. 14
    strappless back pacK? Says:

    Sooooo many Pix of his Junk in ‘duh TRUNK – + 1 strap backpack to boot!! – EH looks plain jane. – meh!!!!!

  15. 15
    Sayuri Says:

    I love Leooo.

  16. 16
    @vi (#3) Says:

    Kate is a grown woman. She is certainly not interested in dating a guy who runs after young chicks who earn their living by posing in the nude.
    @12 – That is a very degrading photo. What’s wrong wtih Dicaprio? Is he reggressing as he gets older?

  17. 17
    Sayuri Says:

    Amazing Actor.

  18. 18
    strappless back pacK? Says:

    @ Sayuri – IF Leo was such Amazing Actor, would’ve earned Oscar yrs ago…

  19. 19
    ??? Says:

    So that’s what she was doing before VS?
    How nice. Bravo Leo! And you want to be considered a serious artist? Please.

  20. 20
    strappless back pacK? Says:

    bidding starts at $25,000 to meet LEO? – I woudn’t Meet Leo if he was riding next to me on a Metro bus, buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Creepy old Guy!!

  21. 21
    jg Says:

    He seems to keep to a routine:., Model – Mexico – Make a Movie – Repeat.

  22. 22
    kate and leo fan Says:

    guys stop hating on Leo, who cares who he dates, it has nothing to do with he’s career. He’s an amazing actor and the girls he dates aren’t changing that ! And for those saying Kate doesn’t deserve him, let them be !!!! she’s dating a younger dude too, and no one’s hating her! It’s their right, let them have fun or what ever. They’re both amazing and nothing can change that !

  23. 23
    andrea Says:

    he doesn’t realized that he’s almost 40.. and he’s still dressing like a 16 year old boy..

  24. 24
    caro Says:

    where is Lukas Haas? they’re always together since they’re 15 years old

  25. 25
    tired Says:

    @jg: so ? at least he’s succesful and talented ! what are you ?

  26. 26
    tired Says:

    @strappless back pacK?: yeah wause we all know the Academy hasn’t become **** these past few years ! are you serious !? Leo’s an amazing actor stop hating!

  27. 27
    pretty Says:

    Vs models aren’t what they used to be. I used to look at my moms catalogues and be so jealous of Stephanie Seymour et al.

    This chick is SO BLAND. bad face, bad body.

  28. 28
    rose Says:

    Stop picking on Leo, leave him alone. Its his LIFE not YOURS! He isn’t doing anything wrong, so many bad asses out there in the world, and you bullies have nothing better to do than to pick on this lovely actor, who also does alot of good things. So what if he likes models, many celebrities go out with models, marry them, have kids or date them. Big deal. Let him enjoy his life and for the haters find something more positive to do in your lives than hating.

  29. 29
    eh.. Says:

    @kate and leo fan:

    Amazing for who?For average eyes?Kate is ok,dicaprio is a dumb cash actor nothing else!

  30. 30
    eh.. Says:


    You would better stop your stupid defense of that spoiled modelizer!It is not fair that we are talking about him and dont see other actors who probably are more shy for making their great careers

  31. 31
    ren Says:

    it’s his life… is that a problem to you guys…??

  32. 32
    eh.. Says:


    He isnt DOING ANYTHING WRONG?!He promotes this desperate eh,eh promotes making fast money from selling her body and u think it is SO RIGHT and GREAT?

  33. 33
    rose Says:

    @eh, shut up, you you’re the one thats stupid. Many actors pose nude in films as well as actress and do sex scenes that are required for their roles and have great careers as well as they can go out with whomever they feel like it. Tons of actors, musicians go out with models deal with it. I said what I had to say, after this, you’re all a waste of time.

  34. 34
    afi Says:

    I concur on the classic VS models like Stephanie Seymour,Karen Mulder,Helena Christensen, WOWZA. Now we have Erin mall girl and Behati farm girl. wtf has happened to modeling standards? and to think I thought Bar was so blonde and bland. this chick makes Bar look like an exotic queen, which is sad.

  35. 35
    Dieter Says:

    Erin’s has IQ of 150. Every Angel must have IQ of at least 135 !!!!

  36. 36
    ohboy Says:

    Dont waste your breath defending Leo, he doesn’t even know JustJared exists. He is sitting under the Mexican Sun,having a cocktail or two living the life.

  37. 37
    eh.. Says:


    Tons of dumb models do these things,I agree – they cant propose something great – only their ugly body for average people!And shut up please I dont want to waste my time with ehs pr!

  38. 38
    ali Says:

    Erin is Stunning !!! a Real model !!!
    good taste leo !

  39. 39
    @Dieter Says:

    Sure, it`s 150. That`s why she is an underwear model using her `genius`. Also trust me Leo wouldn`t date anyone with that kind of IQ. Geez, are you for real? LOL!

  40. 40
    eh.. Says:


    Haha.Probably she slept with Haas too,who knows

  41. 41
    eh.. Says:


    This young farm famewhore makes even Lukas look like an exotic king

    and DiCaprio of course is a king of world with her!

  42. 42
    jg Says:

    @tired: I am cotton candy covered in sprinkles.

  43. 43
    Guys who refuse to grow up Says:

    Leo and some other guys who are still single at 37 are part of men who refuse to grow up. They have successful professional lives, same group of friends since their junior high schools and consider women like toys, funny pastimes so they choose them young, naive, pretty and very available. They dress like teenagers, a proof that they don’t want to grow up and they are very, very close to their moms. Leo is the perfect example. He separates his life in compartments. One for work, one for fun, girls and travels. And the more he’ll become older, the more he will insist on acting like a teenager but will also insist to be taken seriously in his professional life.

  44. 44
    eh.. Says:

    @Guys who refuse to grow up:

    Yeah,u are right!He will end in misery.He did all for this life ending.After eh nobody decent will want to be with him.So we will see soon someone even worse than eh!Plain prostitutes maybe.

  45. 45
    strappless back pacK Says:

    @ 44 – well, “the more he’ll become older, the more he will insist on acting like a teenager but will also insist to be taken seriously in his professional life”. — I’m sure when LEO – Grows up – his Professional life will Lead to Success….. and at @ #27 = “Tired” — that’s EXACTLY How I feel, when I see this Cr*P about Leo wanting / deserving an OSCAR nomination… then Here some WIMP Like “#27 comes along to say the Academy is full of Sh*t…. Not True… You, Sir… Mr. Tired… are CERTAINLY… full of Sh*t……………. Leo Sucks it… ask LUCAS!!!!

  46. 46
    Sharon Says:

    @Gossipgirl: One of the anchors in the stormy seas of Celebrity is having trustworthy, dependable best friends.

  47. 47
    eh.. Says:

    I saw somewhere that whores are the best wifes.Probably his future wife will be a ***** or eh.

    Perhaps his mum didnt saw her “talented” nude “art” – dont think that she is an internet user.But perhaps his father saw and was very impressed

  48. 48

    Lukas AGAIN!?!?! Leo needs his friend Lucas because this girl is probably too boring to hang out with by himself so he needs Lukas, and his buddies, and now he has his mom. Can you say WASH RINSE REPEAT!!! He is so pathetic!

  49. 49
    strappless back pacK Says:

    @ Gossipgirl…yeah, a trustworthy collection of Gay friends, Right Leo?

  50. 50
    Perverts Says:

    He is around my brother’s age and she is younger than my daughter!!! Very disturbing to me. I know she is ‘grown’ but when you really think about it these men are pedophiles of a sort. I mean look at Rosie Huntington-Whitely running around with a man 40-something year old at 23. I know older men-younger women is nothing new but the surge of men getting arrested every day for having or trying to have sex with young girls makes even these relationships disgusting to me. I totally agree with @ Guys who refuse to grow up!!

  51. 51
    JC Says:

    You can see his mom in the pics too…nothing like a romantic vacation in Mexico….with your mom along

  52. 52
    @Perverts Says:

    Don`t forget the fact that this is a guy who is aging but the girls he chases are the same young age. It keeps happening over and over again.

  53. 53
    mel Says:

    Erin USED to be my favourite VS model but now that she’s with Leo she became another blonde girl for me. Her freckles set her apart but now she’s another one… BTW, guys… Can you help me win some money?

  54. 54
    @JC Says:

    His mom and you can see Lukas as well… Very romantic!

  55. 55
    SnOOKIE Says:

    is Lukas Haas his boyfriend?

  56. 56
    danica Says:

    @vi: Who doesn’t want him with Kate? :) won’t happen tho :( but it so should!!

  57. 57
    eh.. Says:

    He is such a piece of ****.He went in Mexico with eh ONLY after no nomination?”Nothing to loose”- he thought I mean

  58. 58
    Fiona Says:

    Flavor of the week…

  59. 59
    eh.. Says:


    Lucas is not his boyfriend,he is a general boyfriend for those who want some boyfriend

  60. 60
    @eh.. Says:

    These pictures are not from Wednesday I think they are older – pre nomination. Tweets put them in Mexico on Monday ( a tweet on Tuesday mentioned them taking some tour `yesterday` so it had to be Monday ).

  61. 61
    Oh my Says:

    Uggh, here come the professional hatorade brigade, intelligent comments only please!

  62. 62
    sneg Says:

    Kate? Are you guys talking about Kate Winslet or someone else?

  63. 63
    jessa Says:

    @sneg: yah kate’s a common name but if it’s used sans last name it’s a given it’s kate winslet hen it’s next to leo’s name ;) *unashamed shipper!*

  64. 64
    eh.. Says:


    so may I conclude that this eh trip was the last drop of patience and the Academie dumped this dumb modelizer?Average playboy was replaced by Gary Oldman.Great.

  65. 65
    eh.. Says:

    Gary Leonard Oldman.I mean the Academie has a great sense of humour!

  66. 66
    dom Says:

    He’s starting to give me the heebie jeebies.

  67. 67

    EeeeH! This girl is crazy to be with him. Is’nt she like the 10th V.S. model he has banged?

  68. 68
    XYZ Says:

    Even if she’s not my favorite, I need to come to the conclusion that Blake was after all the brighest of all the girls he dated. Unlike the others who lost 5 of their young years hoping the jerk will offer them a future, Blake came up as the wise one who saw through him in less than 4 months of dating. Glad for her, she’s got all my respect. Yes, she took nude pictures of herself to show to her boyfriend of the time, but she did not pose in the nude for an international magazine photoshoot at the age of 18. Unlike Leo’s new flavour of the month, Blake have parents who guided her.

  69. 69
    the psychics are here again! Says:

    This was the same psychic who predicted the time frame for the leo/blake break-up
    my astro utopia @ 01/26/2012 at 5:21 pm +5

    Hi everyone!
    I’m back by popular demand and I’m here to shed some more light on Leo and his soulmate. You guys remember I correctly predicted the time frame for Blake Lively and Leo? Well, I have more stuff to share. First of all, this situation that he has with this current girl WILL RESOLVE itself no later than AUGUST of this year. August or EARLIER! You can mark that down on your calendars, I tell you no lies.
    Now, it is important to know that I’m not saying that they will break up in August. What I’m saying is that THEY CAN BREAK UP ANYTIME from now till August. August is just the deadline month.
    But I have even better news to tell you all. I know a lot of people have seemed to have lost faith in Leo, but have no worries because he’s going to surprise just about everyone including himself. The other great piece of news that I have to tell you is that he will be meeting his soulmate THIS YEAR. I’m not bluffing. The timeline for this is a little bit more expansive. The timeframe is two months. It will be from September to October. So no later than Sept. or Oct., Leo WILL be with his soulmate/twinsoul for sure. There is a great possibilty that it will happen way before the September/October deadline but at least you have something to work with.
    You also might be wondering where Leo will meet this girl, right? I’m seeing and sensing that he already knows her and she knows about him. I don’t see this as being in a dream sense but in a very real physical way like how you know your neighbor down the street but you’ve never really noticed them UNTIL NOW. Well UNTIL NOW has just arrived people. It’s a situation where what he’s looking for has been right in front of his face the whole time but he didn’t have the eyes to see her. Well, he will be getting “his eyes” in the coming months. She’s not a model and I not seeing someone thats famous either but she has always been in the back of his mind in a very weird way. He’s wondering if this is true? And he’s wondering if what he’s feeling is real. He has his fears and he has doubts but these doubts are of his mind and not his heart.. Everything will be coming to a head in the coming months, so you won’t have long to wait before you see that what I’m actually telling you will pan out that way.
    Now the last thing I will say before I leave is that when these two come together it will be like they’ve known each other for ages so things are going to move pretty darn fast for them. They’ve had many past lives before where they didnt get to be together but in this life it will finally happen and this is the year for all that. It is their destiny.
    In the overall scheme of things Leo and his sm are a small part of the much bigger changes that will be commencing shortly on this planet. Big changes are coming not only for Leo but for YOU reading this right now!! That’s it for now. When I have more to say I’ll be back. Later everyone, and be good to each other.

  70. 70
    Creed Says:

    he is retreating from his year of humilation.
    He is currently locked into the bathroom crying because of his Oscar snubbed.

  71. 71
    CJLOVE23 Says:

    Lucky girl =(

  72. 72
    Naomi Says:

    Is she taller than him? In this case I don’t think she’d dare wearing high heels next to him.

  73. 73
    brighteyes Says:

    Mum, Lukas, and she prob has a friend with her too. This is not a romance. This is pretending to have a steady girlfriend to detract from his horrid reputation as an addict of sex and substances, and false rumours about his sexuality. All that is missing is Tobey’s kids.

  74. 74
    brighteyes Says:

    @the psychics are here again!:

    From your keyboard to God’s ears.

  75. 75
    SS Says:

    I think he never got over the Kate complex — that no one would ever live up to Kate Winslet, the woman he secretly loves. Titanic obviously destroyed his life in more than one way. And so this explains his femme-du-jour syndrome.

  76. 76
    brighteyes Says:


    Lalalalal I can’t hear you I can’t hear you I can’t hear you

    You’re right.damn it. He’s regressing. :(

  77. 77
    @72 Says:

    LOL… the teenagers are back with their soul mate stuff. Omg…hahaha

  78. 78
    83 Says:

    Did you know that Geminis are known for being two-faced? Whatever you need to do, right????

  79. 79
    eh.. Says:


    Kate Winslet is really cute and ok woman but seriously she looks pretty funny in Titanic with tall dicaprio!

  80. 80
    eh.. Says:


    Yes she took nude pictures by herself that is why we must send Blake some respect.Probably it is dicaprio who shoot her naked and posted then for fun

  81. 81
    eh.. Says:


    I suspect that she is a dumb crap herself. really

  82. 82
    gray Says:

    @the psychics are here again!: wow.. uhh… speechless! lol

  83. 83
    Playboy Says:

    Well … Here’s the new woman to hate. Who’s next?

  84. 84
    fighter Says:

    the classic story is starting for Leo & her blondie

  85. 85
    eh Says:


    dicaprio is a dumb isnt even a woman.

  86. 86
    eh Says:

    i have a disturbing and nervous feeling that this modelizer will die or someone close to him will die soon.too much ugly stuff he promotes on this tired earth

  87. 87
    nin Says:

    seriously, I prefer Blake lively to this girl! she was way hotter

  88. 88
    Gee Says:

    Hey Preach, thanks for agreeing with me, but after reading the pile of nonsense on here I think this is no place for normal sane people, only stupid, judgmental, unloved and ignorant people, so I suggest you and I find our Leo news elsewhere and let these morons fester in their hatred!

  89. 89
    GIVE ONLY LOVE ... Or shut it Says:

    @eh: I bind YOU and your toxic thoughts and comments to have any affect on Leo and anyone close to him.

    All this negativity toward him & the ill wishing about him & an Oscar prob affected the outcome. Shame on you hate filled things.

  90. 90
    eh Says:

    I see his fans have no strong position at all and will support all his desperate bedfriends lke eh and others!SHAME ON U!

  91. 91
    eh Says:

    @GIVE ONLY LOVE … Or shut it:

    Dicaprio and Eh!SHAME ON U!

  92. 92
    not pretty on the ropes either Says:

  93. 93
    how? Says:

    Can someone tell me how can we have clear paparazzi photos of them on a zip line in Mexico given the fact that TMZ states the location is unknown? Probably the same way paps could find Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in a b&b somewhere off the map in Utah…

  94. 94
    Kate Winslet Says:

    This is my favourite photo of his beloved…Such a classy gf I must say!Such a stunning intelligence and beauty…OMG..

  95. 95
    @98 Says:

    How about the one where she is sitting on the stairs in a dress, her legs widespread and smoking? It screams class as well…

  96. 96
    haha Says:

    @not pretty on the ropes either: Au contraire, she looks pretty ok here, did you read the last line? Leo’s Life is better than yours, hahaha how true!

  97. 97
    eh.. Says:


    U really want to have some great minutes with someone like eh and u really think that ur life is better this way?

  98. 98
    Vale Says:

    I think Erin is beautiful and love the match with Leo…
    But… mother of God Leo lose those socks!

  99. 99
    eh.. Says:


    OMG…Again ehs pr?!SHAME ON U!

  100. 100
    eh.. Says:

    He has lost not only his socks – he has lost last respect for him and probably his last brain cell!

    By the way there is no Lukas with these desperate people

  101. 101
    lafamepoma Says:

    always the same, blondes and very young, he’s tiring.

  102. 102
    eh! Says:

    very young and dumb but very mature for his issues

  103. 103
    eh! Says:

    These staged photos with old playboy who is PUBLICLY trying to remember his young years are very boring and disturbing at the same time

  104. 104
    @haha Says:

    According to you… How is not finding her pretty at all is a statement about my life?
    I may not be a rich movie star but I managed to grow up.

  105. 105
    nin Says:

    isn’t he bored by these young and blond girls? I guess finally he can’t have whoever he wants, he must not be very smart

  106. 106
    @94 Says:

    OMG! She really started her career in the nude. Thanks for sharing this other naked photo of hers.

  107. 107
    Zip line Says:

    Leo was MIA for quite a while and now all of a sudden we have all these photos from Cabo? A sweet little trip with mom, Lukas and the new toy with clear shots of them arriving and on the zip line with a group photo in the end? How? How often do we see photos like these about the camera shy Leo? And they are not even brand new, they have to be from the beginning of the week.
    And yet all I can see is an aging movie star with his new toy. Nothing more. Boring and confusing.

  108. 108
    OK Says:

    So much for the camera shy actor.
    @107 – I agree.
    @94&106 – That’s her agency picture? I wonder what type of parents who guided her.

  109. 109
    please Says:

    @XYZ: so blake is classy bc of her nude cell pics while erin is not because she shoots for a high end fashion magazine such as VOGUE Italia? did you know one of the worlds most famous and well respected models of all time Cindy Crawford did le shock, PLayboy! mdoels and nude go together like PB&J. Lara Stone a very in demand high fashion model is nude in almost every Vogue Paris shoot she does. But its Vogue. Not Maxim/Penthouse. big difference between classy nudes and trashy ones. No Erin is not the first and last model to ever pose nude….lmao….

  110. 110
    Zip line Says:

    Neither Erin nor Blake is classy because of their nude photos. Blake was dumb to take them and not to erase them. Erin simply doesn`t have a nice body ( especially b**bs ) no matter how famous the photographer or the magazine is.

  111. 111
    nina Says:

    Love you Leo. Hope you get an OSCAR next season.

  112. 112
    Zip line Says:

    For the record I don’t think the photos are staged. I just don’t understand how come they could have surfaced days after it happened about this private guy. When he was in Sydney some of his friends visited him. There was a group photo of Leo, Lukas, Ethan… at some airport. Lukas posted it on his mobli account but it was removed very quickly. And this one with his mom and gf ended up on TMZ.

  113. 113
    KS Says:

    Dear Ted:
    What’s happening with King *******? We haven’t heard about him in a while…
    Dear Nice Try:
    Maybe that’s because he’s very depressed lately?

  114. 114
    haha Says:

    @please: You’re wasting your time here, these idiots are just hateful, half empty glass type of people, who can only find fun in putting down others, it makes them feel better about themselves.

  115. 115
    hmmm.. Says:

    Wonder how long this one will last? lol

  116. 116
    GeeWhiz Says:

    Leo should hook up with Claire Danes. Everyone goes on about Leo/Kate but if you go back in time and read the articles/interviews, it’s Leo and CLAIRE that the rumors were all about. The chemistry you see in R&J is for real. I think down the years both of have admitted there were some serious feelings there but they were far too young and immature to make anything out of it. Claire’s the girl, imo.

  117. 117
    Dasha Says:

    Well…another tall blond model, he sure as hell has a type, not the right one though…
    Anyway, lovely white socks Leo LOL

  118. 118
    jaded Says:

    It’s always the same old, same old. If the girls he’s dated with the excexption of Giselle — got together — they would have to wear name tags –interchangeable. Don’t get his appeal…completelly, unattractive and aging horrible, plus I think he is overrated as an actor. Take away the Hollywood facade — he’s an aging dud wearing white socks. I guess that’s why he always goes for these young VS models…these girls with the exception of a few are not very bright.

  119. 119
    eh Says:


    They themselves are putting them down!We only are very depressed by this fact!

  120. 120
    eh Says:


    Look at eh great naked pics!It is we who decided to make a queen of porno from farm girl?No.It was her personal decision!

  121. 121
    eh Says:

    Oh no…Haas is also was with them.Kind guy but seems to have a weak personality.

  122. 122
    eh Says:

    Leo mum is cool … but his family is not classy or very intelligent kind of family I mean.So DiCaprio chooses the girls according to his family.

  123. 123
    Cath Says:

    Holy **** the white socks…

  124. 124
    eh Says:


    He must act great for getting even a nomination.The problem is he cant act really GREAT.Old enough spoiled enough etc

  125. 125
    iheartcomments Says:

    Co-sign on the Claire Danes match! She’s happily married now though, to Hugh Dancy.

    But I get the feeling he had a huge crush on her and she thought he was immature. If you read the Entertainmnet Weekly article about them…that’s what the writer’s take was on them and he wrote antedotes to support it.

    I would also love to see him with Kate W, just to see smiley pics of them together all the time.

  126. 126
    FrG Says:

    Damn so he’s really dating her or he is still with her…
    THAT SUCKS… She’s damn to young for him…

  127. 127
    eh Says:


    Now he is immature more than ever!

  128. 128
    No nomination Says:

    At least he smiles.

  129. 129
    rena Says:

    back to looking more like a chaperone than a boyfriend

  130. 130
    @No nomination Says:

    Where, my dear, do you see him smiling.

    If you consider THAT a smile, then I sure as hell don’t want to piss you off.

  131. 131
    No nomination Says:

    if you look at some others pics, you can see him smiling

  132. 132
    iheartcomments Says:

    My take on Oscar & ‘girlfriends’:
    I don’t think dating young girls is what is getting in the way. George Clooney does the same and they throw awards at him all the time. George also has 10 years on Leo but if he were Leo’s age, he would probably be dating 20 year olds too. Same with Jack Nicholson, and Warren Beatty was an admitted manwhore who got an Oscar long before Annette Benning came along. I think that Leo is more talented than Brad and George put together but if you look at the latter careers, they take more artistic risks and jump around many genre’s.
    Interviewers always say that Leo takes risks, but it’s a business risk. He’s an A list matinee who only does drama’s. Artistically, he does the same things, drama’s with tortured leads. It’s monotonous now. I think he has to surprise the Academy (and fans) to get that award. ( I know people argue that every role he’s done is different, but on a deeper level, it’s not, and critics have been taking note of it, some saying that he phoned in his performance in INCEPTION). That’s why fans are like ‘when is he gonna do a comedy’? They want him to mix it up. I think playing a villain is a great idea, especially if he has fun with it. I haven’t read the DJANGO UNCHAINED script, but hopefully it will be something really different from what we, and the voters, are used to seeing.
    I think there’s a little bit of envy too, not due to the girls because most Hollywood guys can get a 20 year old, but because how he has crafted his career from pretty boy to serious actor who can greenlight drama’s. All the young pretty boys look up to him as a role model and the older guys (Alec baldwin, Ethan Hawke and Randy Quaid have commented about this publicly) wish they had somehow turned their hearthrob status into a meaty career that they had more control of. In that way, Leo has been really smart and lucky! Yes, there is some intelligence there. He knows that the script and director determines a quality movie. I admire that he wants to make quality movies, but he is now in a rut. JMO
    I used to think the longterm girlfriends were to get the Academy to think he was serious in his personal life, but most Academy members are in Hollywood and know he cheats on the girls. I think it’s for middle America and fans who like to think he’s Jack Dawson. It’s getting harder for him to keep that up now though.
    The serious dramas/emotionally epic films and the trophy girlfriends make me think that he has an inferority complex. He doesn’t really believe in himself? Once he does, the Oscar will fall into his lap, and same with a more appropriate woman. Sorry for the book!
    Also, not to pick a fight, but some of you are acting like he’s dating Casey Anthony or something! I said this with Blake- I just think some fans are disappointed and frustrated with his choices and are taking it out on his latest conquest. Yes, it’s creepy and depressing, but why attack the clueless girl? Most models pose in the nude, including the high and mighty Gisele, and the 90′s (real) supermodels. I just don’t feel right attacking someone who is obviously not bright, and someone else who is obviously lost. I’m done!

  133. 133
    quid pro quo Says:


    I heart ! So glad to hear from you. Long time no post.

    A coupla things.

    To the psychic- I would love to think so, really I would but I kind of dont believe there will be emotional movement or change from this person for quite a while. A big upheaval, like a health or career crisis might change him. Until then, we’ve got bimbots, release 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, (Blake) etc.

    I agree with the August deadline, but that depresses me because that means we’ve got months with this girl. I’d rather they broke up right now, but I think they’ll have months of codependent “it would be just so perfect if you changed….” or “it was so great at the beginning, how do we get it back?”

    They do look miserable in the pix, sorry, but blow them up and see.

    Iheart- Agreed. Also as someone has pointed out, AMPAS is tired of the same old thing from him. Always good, never great.

    The Casablancas post is interesting. I dont think he has inside info really…more just a guess but I would think Leo’s royally pissed and frustrated right now…will take it out on the people who have the least power over him….the EH. (as in ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.)

    I bet he is a ***** to deal with right now. Men displace their emotions and find other “reasons” to vent their unhappiness or displeasure because they are not allowed to admit being sad or disappointed over other things.

    According to LSA, Leo sulked and isolated for like 2 months after the Aviator didnt win…we’ll see what happens. Also, he was told by his PR team to keep to white chicks for his core audience…dont they realize that core audience is now in its 30s and the bimbos are alienating them?

    I wasnt a Titanic era fan, but its starting to label him as a jerk, the one guy whom we all “loved” but who was always out of reach, never what we really wanted and gave us the classic “bad relationship” before we found real partners. That’s what the young girls dont realize ! As Lainey said, that’s why she’s 22—she doesnt know the diff yet and has obvious self esteem issues or she wouldnt be anorexic.

  134. 134
    Bruins25 Says:

    I NEVER ever post on websites but I feel really badly that Leo is getting dumped on so much! I most certainly don’t know him personally but I have a feeling he’s not a bad guy. I’ve been a Leo fan since I was 15, and ya I think it’s a bummer that he dates young hot models (I’m jealous I’ll be honest!), but he’s not doing anything wrong. From a fan’s standpoint I would like to see him settle down, get married, and have kids but I don’t think he cares what we want haha. And rightfully so. He said himself once that he may never get married-so he was honest about it. Maybe he’s torn-he wants the option of getting married but he dates younger girls that don’t pose a real threat of wanting him to settle down, in case he really doesn’t. It’s not like he’s making life tough for this Heather girl and stealing her away from her youth, family, and friends. Geez they’re just enjoying life and having experiences. Okay I’m done!

  135. 135
    @iheartcomments Says:

    I agree with a lot of things you said. Especially about his roles. Very one note and in spite of the great performances he is getting boring playing so similar roles. Almost as interchangeable as his girlfriends.
    I disagree about Clooney. They are similar but not the same. Clooney was upfront about his love life. He was married and didn`t want to do it again. Also when he is with someone ( basically all the time ) he steps out with them, walks red carpets…etc. Leo? Maybe he wants to get married, maybe not, then recently said it can happen and wants a woman like his mother. But he is after these young girls that suggests he doesn`t want commitment and even in a 5 years relationship he has issues stepping out with his girlfriends. Not really the same.
    I liked a comment from a different site that said he takes himself so seriously as an actor but he dates this young blonde things all the time. He is so different in his professional and private life. I bet that is noted as well.
    I also agree that it`s not worth bashing Erin. Either she is too naive to realize who she is dating or she doesn`t care. I don`t like her or hate her and but I don`t really have respect for her for being the next young thing next to Leo. She is in the fashion industry for a while so she should know better what`s good for her and her career. Trashing her is not going to change the way Leo dates.

  136. 136
    Cammie Says:

    I don’t care for Blake Lively but she has a better body then this stick thin girl…’

    This girl looks so bland….

    and she smokes

  137. 137
    Sloane Says:

    Don’t tell me that she hasn’t had her tits done…

  138. 138
    Cammie Says:

    Erin probably doesn’t care this is good PR for her..her PR is jumping for Joy…

  139. 139
    @Cammie Says:

    Sorry but I have a hard time believing this is such a good thing for her. Leo has quite a reputation and I honestly doubt it`s such a huge thing to be his next young thing. She gets attention for being his girl but Leo`s love life if so repetitive and predictable by now that it`s just boring. Another young blonde underwear model. Yawn. I seriously don`t think she is so respected or admired for this. But that`s me.

  140. 140
    @Cammie Says:

    Also it`s sad that dating a well known modelizer is what makes her and her PR team happy. Maybe a couple of years ago it was different but by now she is just one in the line.

  141. 141
    Cammie Says:

    People might not respected her, but she will get more media attention, for some models that’s enough…Look at Cristiano and Irina Shayk…

    That’s why one of the major reason these under 25 underwear models keep dating him and his money…

    It’s a Fembot assembly Line.

  142. 142
    @Cammie Says:

    I agree about that. But this scenario with Leo is just getting so boring and I think that applies to his girlfriends as well. Also Irina is not dating a serial modelizer. A little difference. We will see. Jared already had a post on her and so far she was mentioned here mainly in other VS models’ threads.

  143. 143
    sos Says:

    Well no signs of the apocalypse here it’s business as
    I’ve always liked Claire too as well as Kate.I actually got my hair cut like Claire’s mod squad character.I haven’t really read that much on his R&J days. So I didn’t know that about him and Claire only what I saw on screen.
    @iheartcomments:Great comment!
    I’m think he def needs to take chances in his films.He should do that in his love life as well.It’s too

    On the new photos the group shots def look like an ad for a tourist spot.Also see he is still not standing by the GF.

  144. 144
    mememememe Says:

    She is cute, but I think Bar and Blake were his best ever. Gisele looks like a man, and this one is just cute. Bar and Blake carry some serious sex appeal

  145. 145
    Sloane Says:

    I agree that Bar was the sexiest ever, especially when she was 20-21, but Gisele is a Goddess!

    This girl isn’t even cute. She’s a Plain Jane.

  146. 146
    Preach Says:

    Great to see you! Well read you. Could you pls have a look at the earlier Leo post, the Golden Globe one, some interesting observations were made underneath all the dredge and bitchfest, and give your opinion. Pls
    See, there ARE some cool Leo posters from time to time, oldies like iheart they just tend to dissappear and for the same reasons as you and I!!!!!!
    I need to ask why should ‘he mix it up’ in grilfriend choies to please bloggers/’fans’, we’re all attracted to what we are attratced to, a type. He likes blondes like many many guys I know. Leo isn’t particularly weird like that or out of the ordinary
    Is it better he gets married b4 he’s ready to commit and cheat like everyone does in HW and sports world just so y’all an say ‘Aaaah, he’s married’! Even if its not a real marriage
    And I dunno why everyone keeps referencing Kate Winslet like she’s Angel Gabriel, her personal life is considered a train wreck! Why the double standards? They’re not Jack and Rose, they just played it onscreen.

  147. 147
    Cammie Says:

    Irina is dating a guy who is a know cheater and accused of being with hookers….dates sleazy, nude models..etc..

    Also he has a kid with a hidden babymama…

    I like Cris but he is no Angel..

    And Irina AKA Jokersmile…isn’t sweet either

    Basically..I don’t think Erin cares, long as she gets attention and media and she probably doesn’t want to marry him either…

    It’s all Use and More Use..

    but Leo is looking creepier by the minute, it makes he looks older with these look alike nobody models

  148. 148
    In the Know Says:

    In person LEO talks very SLOW… his Speech is very SLOW. – Nobody would ever guess this becuase Hollyweird does its Job of keeping Hush about it. – LEO is well versed in his subject matters when it comes to his PR and when Promoting a Film. – Maybe the Studio knows how to treat a “special needs” individual in order to PROMOTE a studio Film — I do get it that Men Keep their Guy friends, or Long time “Pals” around forever.. Far many years than any Blonde Bimbo. – This has nothing to do w/ Leo having a certain Type. – Must be the mere FACT when it comes to making small TALK, Leo CANT speak a single Sentence and requires his Mom or Lucas for Guidance. — So, This Maybe the Real reason his PR team continually Sets Leo up with Many VS models. – This and the FACT, that VS models are infront of the public eye in their catalogs sent to consumers homes. – Not really a big deal. – But to Condsider Erin HeatherTON – getting more Jobs in the future… She Might NOT… cause many Women, irregardless, if they are Blonde, Brunette, or Black women at this rate, might not be persuaded to HELP and Assist LEO & his PR Team promote Fluff. – ” Leo’s Type”. – I for one am Short, Brunette, in my 30′s. – I’m in L.A., and I do Not talk SLOW like LEO does in Real Life… “Safe routine is Highly regarded here in the city of L.A.”

  149. 149
    @Cammie Says:

    Agreed. I admit I don`t know much about Irina and that guy. His hair creeps me out and Irina… something weird about her.
    I totally agree with the rest of the comments. Clearly Erin doesn`t care whatever people think since she is in it already. Let`s see where it goes for her and for them. Summer at best?

  150. 150
    @135 Says:

    I am not a fan of Gisele, but I don’t think sha has ever done a photoshoot with full topless nude pictures. She has agreed to do degrading photos with Lachapelle, but never a total topless nudity. This one has appeared topless on a magazine cover at the age of 18. That’s different. Yes, she is certainly naive, but she is also stupid. And it only takes a stupid man to date stupid girls.

  151. 151
    @ In the know Says:

    Sorry but your comment doesn’t make much sense. He speaks slow and he is ‘special needs’ now? Come on! There was a video of him with Bar, Q-Tip and some others in Miami. You couldn’t hear what he was saying but just by looking at him you could see that he speaks at normal speed.

  152. 152
    Carolina Says:

    @jg: thatf’s funy and true

  153. 153
    In the know Says:

    then Please do yourself a favor and Upload THAT Video. – He is Slow in speech because, I caught him / overheard Leo DiCaprio speaking in Public to his best of friends “lucas” and both times, he is SLOW while delivering dialog. – Especially around women. Maybe one of the Contract issues the VS models have to keep hush about. ;) – Have a good weekend…… thanks for replying.

  154. 154
    whatever! Says:

    @Charlie – If your a rich and famous man it’s easy to pick up women half your age – Leonardo DiCatchaho is no different

  155. 155
    @ In the know Says:

    I’mnot buying it at all. You ‘caught’ him? LOL And slow speaking means special need? I have seen videos of him speaking in private and never noticed your issue. Plus it’s hard to believe that someone is able to speak normal only in certain situations. Also Bar and Lively aren’t VS models. Not buying your story! Have a good one!

  156. 156
    23 Says:

    omg !!!!!
    This is getting really pathetic!
    I wonder when he introduced her to his mother.
    Leo is so immature! Is the reason he’s dating her because she is young and still do not want to start a family. When she reaches that age she realizes that she wants a family and children so we’ll see “Leo and Erin parted”

    He really pisses me off !!!!!! I feel like giving him a shoe at the top to stay straight, dummy!

  157. 157
    LOL Says:

    Love has no age
    Said pedophile (:

    Leo, the role of the “do not want to grow up” already belongs to Peter Pan (:
    Sorry I failed you

  158. 158
    In the Know Says:

    Well, my information is TRUE and FREE… I know what I’ve seen…. I’m not LYING… – Maybe Leo is a wuss in front of regular people / women.– have a Good 1.

  159. 159
    @ In the know Says:

    Sure. I’m still not buying the free and ‘true’ info. If he can manage himself in front of the cameras I bet he can do it while talking to his friends. NOT BUYING IT! Also when he was younger he talked to the paparazzi ( not under studio control ) and he spoke perfectly normal. But whatever you say! :)

  160. 160
    In the Know Says:

    Must’ve been the BEAUTY of ME that startled Leo or whatever… at times, Leo does talk Slow. — better still, I’m Not Lying. – Finish your Mexico vacay with class Leo :)

  161. 161
    iheartcomments Says:

    @ Preach
    Could you clue me in as to what those ‘insights’ were regarding? I’m probably not going to go back. Was it about his career, girlfriend(s), or state of mind?
    Re: gisele
    she posed full monty where you can see everything and she was much younger in the pics. Not vulgar though. The pics were auctioned off at Christie’s (either the year she got married or right before she had her baby). She also auctioned off jewelry that Leo allegedly gave her at the same auction.
    @in the know
    maybe he was drunk? I heard he gets really wasted at private parties.

  162. 162
    sara Says:

    Now his choice in woman is just bordering on GROSS! I wonder if people would flinch if he dated a 17 yr old. The guy is like a pedophile. What does a 37 yr old and a 21 yr old have in common? Oh, my bad, SEX!

    He doesn’t like relationships with woman remotely close to his age because he might have to #1 think #2 speak #3 connect.

  163. 163
    eh Says:

    Eh is really disturbing signal from him.Too much plain and whorish looking for her age.She is not Cindy Crawford for nude art or someone really interesting to give a pleasure for eyes

  164. 164
    @eh #163 Says:

    He has never introduced other girls than models to his mom. How can she judge what’s good for him or not. She has never met women of substance in his company. So any skinny tall blondes who are willing to act as an escort to her son and accepts to disappear when it comes to walk red carpets are good for her.

  165. 165
    raven Says:

    Hi I heart!!

  166. 166
    groundcontrol Says:

    Why am I beginning to feel sorry for this guy? He seems lost.

  167. 167
    i Says:

    ok… another blond model.. again. He will never be happy if he choose a girlfriend by her looks! Can´t he be happy for example with a short brunette? He could try to date someone whos not a model for once. He is really making me sad, even though I really dont even like him. He makes me feel ugly.

  168. 168
    ööö Says:

    I think he doesnt really care about how the girl looks (erin is boring) the only thing that matters to him is that she HAS to be modelling. HAhahahahahaa :D Pathetic.

  169. 169
    Elena Says:

    37 is not old by any means, and Leo still looks at least 5 years younger than that, but I think dating women who are so much younger than him ages him, you know what I mean? Like if he were dating a girl who was even in her mid-twenties or something instead of young twenties it would be a lot less jarring and creepy. I think the people calling him a pedophile are taking it a little too far, but I mean really, Leo was 15 years old when this girl WAS BORN. Honestly I have no problem with May-December relationships but it gets to a point where you’re like what the hell do they even talk about?

    And I’ve seen some people say “oh well he has a certain type he likes just like everyone”. Well that’s true, everybody does have a certain type they’re attracted to, but I think what leaves a lot of people with a sour taste in their mouth is that he NEVER deviates from that very specific type. I mean I tend to be attracted to guys with dark hair and light eyes, but I wouldn’t ONLY date someone who looked like that because hello, personality is the only thing that really matters! So I think people are so turned off by the way Leo operates because it seems like he could give two sh*ts about what these girls are actually like, he just wants a life-sized barbie to mess around with.

    But really who gives a sh*t, just another girl coming through the revolving door. It’s like watching a different remake of the same movie every time, at some point it’s just like jesus this is boring. And where have all the psychics gone, they’re half the reason I got into JJ in the first place!

  170. 170
    SAG no show Says:

    Leo is not going to the SAG awards even though he is nominated. He went back to Sydney to finish Gatsby. But before he had a public-private trip with mom and the new girl.

  171. 171
    Preach Says:

    To be fair, Blake and Erin are the first American girls he’s dated in a while. I always found it weird like Tinkerbell used to say, this desire he had for accents (Mummy Complex?) and girls who could not likely share his taste/history in music, cultue etc
    Gisele spoke English like an Italian truck driver for a good 6 years. And listening to Bar in interviews is a lesson in vapidity! Honestly.
    I honestly wondered WTF does he talk to them about? Till you realise he’s not with them for conversation.
    Blake was LA born and bred and like him collects Art. Erin is a basketball and hip-hop fan like him so at least with the last two I can see SOMETHING in shared interests. Yes, its not much but the little things like that do add up.
    My question, as some posters have said is why/how are we getting these clear pictures of Leo. I don’t recollect ever seeing pics of him like this arriving in Cabo. By the pool yes, disembarking from the car? No. And I don’t get the sanctioned Cabo zip-line pictures either. Maybe giving a morsel to the press before he dissappeared for Australia, never to be seen till March? Playing *** for tat with Blake in New Orleans? Who knows????????

  172. 172
    Jessie84 Says:

    @Elena: Elena u said perfectly…it is becoming more and more jarring and its starting to be just straight up gross..what is it wit these men and their silly vapid models..

  173. 173
    haha Says:

    @@haha: Who are you? nobody mentioned you honey

  174. 174
    Lone Wolf Says:

    Hi, iheart, nice to see you here. Very well said. I agree he should take more risky roles like very bad guy or poor man something like that. And I think his acting is also a bit superficial. But he did have very well performance in many movies. I guess the award judges are also waiting for a breakthrough of his performance.
    Hi, raven, sos and Elena too.

  175. 175
    the sm returns... Says:

    my astro utopia @ 01/28/2012 at 10:28 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    @!!!: It will FEEL like they’re really meeting for the first time. They both have fears, Leo has more fears than sm but when they meet again it will hit them both like a ton of bricks that it makes it damn near impossible to turn away from each other and at that point they wouldn’t want to. I don’t think they’ve had much interaction with each other but at this destined meeting it will be like light bulbs going off for both of them. It will happen by divine intervention and it will happen this year. I don’t know the EXACT date but it will be this year. And the deadline is Sept-Oct. So you can be on the look out from now till October. : ) Leo will break up with EH soon. Soul mate will most definitely be with him on his 38th birthday. This clip says what I mean perfectly. Sometimes you can “see” someone but at the same time not really “see” them until you do…

  176. 176
    eh Says:


    At least Gisele and Bar are not plain whorish classless looking stuff! I can imagine how funny would be u if you must talk on Gisele or Bar native language.It is better to talk English bad than to be a plain escort silicone model who can just talk English and have desperate naked photos!

  177. 177
    eh Says:


    Share his taste/history in music, cultue?OMG,dear,where are you from?
    Leo has no education for opening his mouth for any kind of decent conversation; he has no good brains even for good sense of humour !

  178. 178
    raven Says:

    Hi Elena!! How are you? We are hiding in an old thread.

  179. 179
    @eh Says:

    Seriously get the **** off!!!!!!!
    Go get your stupid head checked.and leave the smart posters alone
    You’ve already wished death on Leo in your other crappy posts, you’re not worthy of conversing with and need medication
    Oh and English lessons

  180. 180
    #176 and #177 Says:

    Does any one know were this freak is from? You seem to know Leo personally to determine/spread your lies. So not only does he talk like a zonc acocording to someone here claiming to be ‘in the know’.You also allege he has no interest in music and sports.WHAT CRAP JJ has once again invited the crazies. Oh,yes Gisele has done nudes, early one.And Bar is a classy model????????? Ha Ha Ha I guess the Jersey Shore pics, poon showing SI shots and f*****ing a couch shoots are the height of sophistication for a catalogue model. Erin and Gisele at least got VS!

  181. 181
    Philly Says:

    Fool. If you hate Leo so much ( at least to wish him dead).
    Why The F are u here???????????????????????????????????

  182. 182
    eh Says:


    Smart posters like you really need some smart lessons for smart dicaprio PR.

  183. 183
    eh Says:


    Are you ok?I never wish a death for someone!

  184. 184
    VS??? Says:

    I have gone though her Kadel nude photoshoot, and I have a hard time figuring this model was only 18 at the time. I have rarely seen nipples as ugly and damaged as hers. So when she obtained a contract with VS it is surely because of thick padded bras. I wonder what she would look like with short dark hair, no heavy makeup and in the nude. YUCK.

  185. 185
    eh Says:

    @#176 and #177:

    HOW easy even a plain farm girl could get vs wings… look once more at these pics!

  186. 186
    eh Says:

    Probably these vs models slept with all vs management before meeting dicaprio and others celebrities widely famous for their rare intelligence,modesty, good taste and class.

  187. 187
    bella Says:

    Why so many suitcases if she never wears anything? haha

  188. 188
    Elena Says:

    Hi raven, Lonewolf, Jessie, and everybody else! I know I haven’t posted in ages I’ve just been lurking for a while. I figured I’d get back in the mix once tinkerbell or whoever it is got out of their manic phase and stopped posting idiotic comments 8 times an hour.

  189. 189
    @bella Says:

    The suitcases belong to several people. DiCaprio came with relatives and friends. The photo agency chose to post only DiCaprio with his new flavour of the season but there more people we do not see around.

  190. 190
    eh Says:

    By the way about nomination:his old Hoover looks like a giant discolored toad.Really.It is strange that DiCaprio and Eastwood team are so blind for not notice it.

  191. 191
    Observer Says:

    Leo might change if he just sits down and think for a second that this life he is living is not lasting forever. Time is short to be just vacationing with models just for sex!!!

  192. 192
    777 Says:


    Such a stupid question!He was already born in LA.You must be the most untalented human in the world for not being succesful if you are already born in HW!

  193. 193
    fazz Says:

    I bet erin knows that she just another blonde model for him to string along because it’s probably going to boost her career. Leo really needs to date a brunette for once… he might like it.

  194. 194
    So many blondes Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but within a period of 7 months, Leo DiCaprio has dated three girls, one after the other. The more the year went on, the younger the girl was…. 2011 was after all not such a bad year for him.

  195. 195
    ElenaSalvatore1000 Says:

    @jaded Come on you and everyone else knows that Leo is now a good looking man & a great actor !
    Yeah and maybe he really does like just blonde , tall & pretty models but wich guy doesn´t like that and we all know too that he isn´t old at all cuz if 37-years is old than more than a half of the humans today are all old peoples !
    So don´t tell lies and bad thing which are not true about Leo just because you guys don´t like him !

  196. 196
    bella Says:

    oh right, I see now, there’s Lukas Haas and his mom there too. Well, that makes sense as she probably has her bikini tucked under her arm and doesn’t need to carry much more, LOL.. It makes me wonder just how exclusive this trip is though.

  197. 197
    wondering Says:

    What makes me wonder how come there is not a photo of these two `lovebirds` even standing next to each other, holding hands or anything that would even remotely suggest that they are involved? Also not a tweet like that. It was different with Lively and with Refaeli.
    @195: Sure, it is possible that a grown man who is a serious actor is so into these barely legal blondes. I bet they have so much to talk about. *sarcasm* Are you kidding?

  198. 198
    bella Says:

    It’s nice of Leo to share his spotlight with girls that might otherwise go down the slippery slope of barely legal to illegal. This probably brightens her future.

  199. 199
    bella Says:

    old Hoover was a giant discoloured toad, and Leo portrayed him just the way he was. I think he still looked a bit too cute underneath, perhaps.

  200. 200
    me Says:

    Leo were seem the happiest with Bar, and he didn’t marry her even after a long five years together….. I doubt that he’ll ever get married ):

  201. 201
    Ho Wear Says:

    @me: Leo seemed happiest with Bar? Are you on c r ack?!?!

  202. 202
    bella Says:

    Bar looked happy with Leo and was cheerful which looks good to the public. Leo was suffering in a corner, many couples are like that, I think it’s good he got out of it.

  203. 203
    the sm returns... Says:

    I think that he was never really happy, whether it is with Gisele, Bar, Blake and Erin, he was the happiest with the young woman who shared his life at the time of the triumph of Titanic. The success wasted his happiness…

  204. 204
    @me Says:

    The Barfreaks and their lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Leo looked ‘happiest with Bar’ even, Leo’s German fans wondered why he was still with her cos he always looked so miserable. And if he was so happy with her, why not marry her ‘after long five years’ as you say. BS

  205. 205
    Sloane Says:

    @the sm returns…:
    Yes! It was Kristen Zang. They were such a beautiful couple. I also thought that he was perfect with Laetitia Casta, when they briefly dated in the late ’90s.
    It seems like he doesn’t trust women anymore. They’re just around for sex, not to confide in, or have a real relationship with.

  206. 206
    bella Says:

    Just how perfect he was with them all we can see today. Erin looks nice, not perfect. Who knows what’s going on in his mind.

  207. 207
    Eh Says:


    At least Hoover didnt look too much artificial while he became a giant discolored toad.

  208. 208
    Eh Says:

    When he became a toad I mean.

    As too eh she looks like possible and very perfect Hoover’s granddaughter,little naked frog.

  209. 209
    Eh Says:


    There is a lot of great girls and they look really great but Leo’s fate can compliment his inner toad only the way we see now

  210. 210
    Eh Says:

    Why he can buy only such a cheap and pretty tasteless jewels for his mom?Eh is always in the same grey singlet with some protruding cheap bra for outsiders eyes.What a cheap technique!Like the clothes in VS shop.

  211. 211
    Eh Says:

    He cannot buy i mean… even great jewels for his mother he cannot buy! I am sorry he cannot buy great jewels for his mother like PERFECT greedy&stupid toad.

  212. 212
    Love you leo Says:

    Love to hear from SM reporter.

    So is Leo still in Mexico or now in Sydney? Confusing reports. Guess he definitely wont be going to the SAG awards

  213. 213
    to eh Says:

    @Love you leo: you don’t have a life??

  214. 214
    to eh Says:

    @Eh: sorry that question was to Eh who seems to be on here 24/7…again…you don’t have a life?!?!

  215. 215
    quid pro quo Says:

    @the sm returns…: @the sm returns…:

    This has long been my fantasy…but I get so discouraged.

    I would prefer they BREAK-UP THIS WEEK instead. I’m glad he went to Australia, its interesting how he dumped the SAGs…gave up on it completely.

    Leo, we love you, real love will come in a meaningful way as well as
    professional success. It’s coming, I think so too. But this girl isnt real love….its more hanggliding on your rep. She’s not as bad as some, but its not great passionate love. That’s obvious to all.

  216. 216
    quid pro quo Says:

    @bella: Filler.

  217. 217
    Love you leo Says:

    I’m just ignoring the negativity on these feeds.

    Watching the Sags. I really need to see the Artist, it wins everything and again Leo didn’t win. So yeah I guess he is in Australia for re-shoots. Who knows. Before long he’llb e back in Mexico with her. He’ll figure it out one of these days. SM news is interesting stuff though

  218. 218
    quid pro quo Says:

    It’s interesting he ditched the SAGs and went straight to Australia- he wants an Oscar so bad he’s back at work on Gatsby already which is his next chance. Well, I hope next year you get it Leo.

    Provided MISS THING 2012 bites the dust long before.

    Get it ??? OK. It will happen anyway.

    I dont feel like casting spells for a break-up that seems inappropriate, but I would feel a lot better if this was OVA. Then again how many dumb blonde models under 25 are there? And it has to be a model for status sake. Anyone who’s just AMATEUR beautiful is not enough–she has to have status for him.

    Doesnt EH look like a MELTED Heather Graham? Its like her eyes go down on the side and she could use a browlift and a facelift for her chipmunk cheeks. Not that she isnt pretty,,,just not Grace Kelly above the neck you know?

    The dress is hideous.

    Ted C. says Leo is “very depressed” right now…guess he gave it all for his career…but he’s not getting where he wants and he has no family or real woman…..and hence no real prospects of one.

  219. 219
    quid pro quo Says:

    I wonder if he”s in Australia he’ll go back to the full scale hoing like he was? I can only hope. I mean she’s willing to go to Oz for him…but lets hope he wants to take up where he left off last time without here.

    Sorry Erin, WE DONT LIKE YOU.

  220. 220
    Love you leo Says:

    But is it certain that Ted is talking about Leo as King ***?

  221. 221
    @220 Says:

    Not every clue fits Leo. Also Ted tries to sound so `in the know` but with his latest article about this trip to Mexico I think he proved otherwise. All he had as source were stories from gossip sites and comments that pointed it out were removed.

  222. 222
    quid pro quo Says:

    @Love you leo:
    It’s pretty much an accepted fact that King ******* = Leo. No one doubts it. The question is, how much does Ted C know for real? Probably not much but these guys are supposed to “source” their comments. And Lukas Haas is known for spilling tea on Leo…well, who knows. But its sure that IS WHO HE MEANS….in any case. I’ve read all the King ******* posts, its Leo, they all fit…. he’s depressed because he gets that way after he doesnt win an award he wants. The one before that was about him being friends with Bradley Cooper. No one believes the gay rumors from Ted though…Leo might be a little bi in the past no one believes he is a as gay as Ted wants him to be.

    and the thing is, even if he does have some sugar in the tank, most of us just dont care. I dont buy the Leo-Lukas rumors either.

    ERIN GO AWAY. I wish I had ***** AWAY spray for her.

  223. 223
    quid pro quo Says:

    she’s cute and hasnt done anything that bad yet….I just want her gone. She doesnt belong with a 37 year old man, sorry. He looks fat and old with man boobs in the zip-line post.

    Baby needs PILATES and a NEW WOMAN who’s not anorexic.

    It would have been funny if he won at SAG but wasnt there. It was the Bechir guy–Armie Hammer (who’s adorable and from a very upper class background….grandpa was an important CEO of something) didnt win either. But least he got nominated ! So did my boy Jonah Hill whom I have a “personality” crush on…he has a great one…but his success will probably ruin it. That and the fact he lost so much weight.

  224. 224
    quid pro quo Says:

    @Ho Wear: He looked bored beyond endurance most of the time with her. Like he was tolerating, not really enjoying. She was a tag along, a convenience, not someone he was really crazy with.

    Same thing with this one. He likes her sure, she’s his type, she’s cute. But I just dont see wild passion do you? Especially in the group photo.
    You can tell a lot by reading pictures….EH is hugging his Mom, not Leo, and he’s hugging a stranger. A couple mad for each other would have to have their arms around each other. Then again, you ahve to wonder how these pictures broke…makes me think his PR team wanted em….the hotel / resort cant really use them without his permission….well maybe in an editorial sense, not promotional. Wonder how they got here. I know its a “souvenir” photo thing- I used to work at one a long time ago myself…but how did get to the wire??

  225. 225
    quid pro quo Says:

    I thought Hoover looked like a CONSTIPATED toad, not discolored. He was WEIRD looking. But Clyde loved him ! ;)

  226. 226
    the real me Says:

    @me: lease dont use other peoples names!

  227. 227
    the real me Says:

    @the real me: sorry, please!

  228. 228
    Tigerseye Says:

    Looks as though we have to wait this out guys, but its not a long wait. He’s already over it and she’s just doing what she’s told. Dont be surprised if this fades away before his time is spent on gatsby. I truly think leo is in retrospect at the moment. He’s not interested in anything but getting work done, hope the oscar snub humbles him up a bit. Im starting to think that he almost sabbotaged his chance on purpose, because when you think about, it if there is nothing to strive for, wheres the reward? perpetually ambitious leo’s thirst aint quenched yet, in all aspects of his life. Lets hope theres more ambition in his personal life also. Run of the mill films…run of the mill girls. I hope this man finds a great story to tell and can transcend that same motivation for quality into relationships too, plutonic and romantic. Good luck leo my love/hate object of affection and disdain…he needs a helluva lota luck :)

  229. 229
    @224 Says:

    You can find many of these group photos on Cabo’s Wild canyon website. All group who do the rides have their pictures taken. Just google it, and you’ll see hundreds of people who have done it. It has nothing to do with DiCaprio’s PR or anyone’s PR. They people working at Cabo simply share the photos with everyone.
    Besides, it’s not the first time the actor is seen at the park. He has gone there previously with Bar, Alex and Emily. Remember, DiCaprio has spent the last 5 or 6 New Year’s Eves in Cabo with Bar and friends Take a look at some photos here, you’ll see him and the lady you see from the back in the corner down on right is Emily Daniels Mace.

  230. 230
    Wild Canyon Says:

    Wild Canyon Park takes pictures of all groups of visitors. Whether they’re famous or not.

  231. 231
    @229 Says:

    And yet this is the first time ALL those photos ended up on TMZ. What’s your theory on that?

  232. 232
    @230 Says:

    And does Wild Canyon Park give them to TMZ like in this case?
    Leo is back to Sydney and already out with his entourage including … wait for it …. MODELS! Who would have seen it coming?

  233. 233
    quid pro quo Says:

    @@230: Oh, I hope she’s having a **** fit about this one. Deserves it. Quid pro quo ! Entrouage of 35 including models?? ha ! I am sorry to be so nasty but I want this relaysh totalled SOON. Its not against Erin, its just WRONG.

  234. 234
    234... Says:

    Jared – I’m trying to thumb down some of the negative comments, but the cursor goes flat over them, even if you haven’t voted yet. Can we all have access to every poster’s comments to make this a little bit more fair? I think Erin is really getting the “shaft” when it comes to this site. Can we have, at least, that level of organizational transparency? It will create more trust with your audience. Bring around dif people maybe.

  235. 235
    @234 Says:

    It worked for me…

  236. 236
    bella Says:

    Wow, since when does Leonardo’s girlfriend get any backup from audiences? I thought his girls were always just there to be burned down.
    I’m sure Hoover might have been CONSTIPATED once in a while, but he apparently also had a lot of African blood, hence the DISCOLORED, perhaps.

  237. 237
    @232 Says:

    LOL! Leo DiCaprio the Forever Modelizer. He just can’t change his good ol’ habits, can he. LOL!

  238. 238
    LOL Says:

    From Camilli’s column:
    “It’s been a whole month, and Leonardo DiCaprio is still dating Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton. In fact, they are on vacation in Mexico right now. Leo has had reasonably long-running attachments to Blake Lively, Gisele Bundchen and Bar Refaeli, but recently, he has been a one-woman man, only in the sense of “one woman a week” – dating a long string of models, several of them Australian. I wonder if these women leave him when he tells them the same thing he told the Daily Express, in England, the other day: “My mother is the centre of my life. To have a woman like that in your life, who is strong, who’ll be honest with you about who you are, that’s something I treasure. And it’s something I look for in a woman.” Hmm: “who’ll be honest with you about who you are.” I can see her now: wrinkled, clear-eyed, maternal, plain-spoken: “Leo, my son, I love you but you’re a sleazeball horndog.” Irmelin DiCaprio is 68. Leo is 37.”

  239. 239
    #239 Says:

    Just read an article where it mentions that Leo is going out with toddler Erin Heatherton. They describe what she’s wearing on the pictures as a hospital gown…! True that this type floral dress is not that pretty at all.

  240. 240
    quid pro quo Says:

    @234…: What do you, work for her? I mean, wouldnt be the first time. Why bother thumbing down comments? We really care if JJ is “organizationally transparent?”Truth is, it ISNT. People who PAY for posts like Team Refaeli get more access. If you arent able to thumb down like the rest of us, maybe you’re blocking cookies or have some weird security setting. Or try sending in a check to JJ, then you will get all the edits you want. (DUH)

    But rest assured, ALL OF LEO’s “GIRLS” GET THE HATERADE HERE. She is no exception. She gets the trips, the guy, the gifts, the exposure, whatever, and we get to say she’s a no talent almost-hooker chipmunk cheeked hosebag. Get it? That is what keeps JJ
    “transparent”- one vote per person, unless you want to back browser and cheat. Its a pain the azz but can be done, I refuse to waste the time doing it.

    Heatherton is going to get PILLORIED here. I mean to do some of the strapping myself. This is part of the package of being a Leo model-he’s only with them because of HAIR COLOR and OCCUPATION for chrissakes… so they get what is coming to them here.Sorry, its just true, and it is more Leo than her.

  241. 241
    quid pro quo Says:

    @#239: I just dont get it. Doesnt she at least get free swag from VS? Some of their stuff is pretty, that dress is a schmatta.

  242. 242
    quid pro quo Says:

    @234…: I just thumbed you down so apparently its working for me.

    It will create more trust with your audience. Bring around dif people maybe.

    You’re kidding right? If you bring more people they will hate her even more. Celebrities dont realize people dont really “like” them-there is a fair amount of resentment and “ha-ha” at their expense.

    This little blog aint hurting Erin’s bottom line. Its just true personal opinions that are uncomfortable to her. So what ! She gets the paycheck, we get the payback.

    Too DAMN bad.

  243. 243
    quid pro quo Says:

    “Leo, my son, I love you but you’re a sleazeball horndog.” Irmelin DiCaprio is 68. Leo is 37.”

    No ****. She should say it, but she’s on his payroll. She doesnt have to do a damn thing but be his mom.

  244. 244
    raven Says:

    Hi lovely Tigerseye!

  245. 245
    me Says:

    @quid pro quo: You are a sad, sad old lady if you get pleasure out of putting other women down. what has happened to you in your life that has made you so bitter?

  246. 246
    Tigerseye Says:

    Hey gorgeous raven xox leo is in my terrain now do you guys want me to slap him or hug him take ya pick, best yet i do both. What a charming tool he is haha chat soon love to all

  247. 247
    quid pro quo Says:

    @me: I dont put down other “women” – I admire them and affirm them. Stupid pieces of **** like Bar Refaeli and questionable pieces of crap like Erin Huffington who have done nothing of worth their whole entire lives and think being a “male fantasy” is enough are open game. Sorry! They are girls and pieces of fluff, not anyone I admire or like. And Bar-bar’s all by her lonesome now, isnt she ?

    Look at how gorgeous Angelina is up there ! She’s more beautiful than ANY of Leo’s ******* and has a life. And the other best looking man in Hollywood! And Miranda…she’s legitmately very pretty. She finished college BEFORE modeling and at least she IS easy on the eyes, not a plastic surgery ugly construct like Bar or Blake or an anorexic zombie like Erin.

    Love the new “neo-feminist” tact bar/adi. How cute. Too bad you dont understand any of the underpinnnings.

  248. 248
    quid pro quo Says:

    @me: cry me a damn river!


    That all you got?


    You think this ***** is a “woman!” But that’s ok she’s about to go through the Leo Dicaprio ***** wringer and learn a thing or two about the crying game!

  249. 249
    quid pro quo Says:

    oh yeah, I’m a mean bitter old lady spinster mental patient need to take my meds…..the problem is I’m also

    RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTTTTTTTTT and you dont like it. I’m sorry life isnt the bunch of fairy tale hoo-ha you want it to be. Sorry to disappoint you all ! Go ahead and back browser a few times and thumb me down, I know what is up! No one really posting would bother, I know what’s up ! !!

  250. 250
    Skippy Says:

    @quid pro quo: I skipped all your post you rambling jackas-s.

  251. 251
    quid pro quo Says:

    @Skippy: go ahead I dont care!

    BTW stay on topic, I’m not the topic guys, YOU’RE NOT THE TOPIC. LEO is.

  252. 252
    last? Says:

    Great picture of him. Came accross something interesting. There are a bunch of people trying to get out (online) what are (apparently) iPhone sex vides and pics of Bar. I dunno? Can’t seem to see the vids. But the best one of the grls face (lol) kinda looks like her… What do you guys think?

  253. 253
    quid pro quo Says:

    @last?: It does look like her in one. But cant get the video. Not the one on top, the one on the side where its from the back.

  254. 254
    KevConzz Says:

    Well he’s definitely responding to Barf on Twitter.
    Maybe he’s supposed to be conduit for a reconciliation?

  255. 255
    quid pro quo Says:

    @KevConzz: She wishes. He’s smart enough to know you keep up appearances in HW and act two faced when necessary. He’s benefited a lot from his own friendship with Leo- his TV series is based completely on Leo. Or maybe he wants a piece? So he can diss her and make her take a cab home like he usually does (he’s Crawley McNuggets on Awful Truth) but it doesnt matter. They will never get back together again. I think she thought they would…but he doesnt want any backsies. Sorry barfie! Find yer own Ryan Reynolds!

  256. 256
    The awful thruth Says:

    Poor Erin

  257. 257
    Post teenage model Says:

    I was surprised when I first read articles and saw photos of this young model who only after just a week or two of dating and probably mostly text messaging in Sydney. Boy she sure didn’t lose time. He didn’t need to go into a seduction mode with this one, did he? A couple of phone calls, and there she was, at his feet, in his bed on the other side of the planet. After a couple of Australian models, Blake Lively and Madalina Ghenea all tried his mattress. That’s what we call an easy lay. He just snapped his fingers and there she was, Australia, Cabo, wherever he goes, she’ll be there available for him. Some may find this normal, but isn’t a guy supposed to go after a girl? Isn’t there supposed to be some pursuing period at the beginning of a relationship?
    She’s 22, less than 2 years ago, she was not legit to have in drink in public places.

  258. 258
    @Post teenage model Says:

    How can you expect some sense of judgment, self-respect and a mimimum of moral values, when a girl is capable of a full topless nudity photoshoot at the age of 18?
    No wonder that at 22 she was more than willing to jump into a famous 37 year-old actor’s so quickly. She will be his bed toy, willing to go wherever he wants, willing to do whatever he wants. An easy catch? For sure.
    Besides, she has great admiration for her friend Rosie who is bedding a guy 20 years older than her. Does that ring a bell?

  259. 259
    Layla Says:

    Please get over Bar, quid…. she has moved on a looooong while ago and seems very happy and relieved. Leave Leo have fun and ridicule himself with that young model Erin who has the heaviest ankles in the modeling business. He deserves her and she deserves him. Two whores.
    He’s been sleeping with so many models for the last past months, I doubt Bar would want to go back to the guy.

  260. 260
    Poor Erin???? Says:

    Why? She is either too dumb or naive to know what dating Leo means or simply doesn`t care and does it for attention anyway. #257 said it right. She is a mail-in model ordered from the VS catalog / fashion show. Pathetic. No need to feel sorry for her. I guess Leo is left with the leftover because the really pretty ones wouldn`t go out with him. So he is stuck with the bony and blah faced ones…
    According to Us Weekly that has the zip line photos `they are just having fun`. Duh! Leo is using his new puppet and she jumps when she is told to.

  261. 261
    The awful thruth Says:

    Poor Erin is sarcastic, second degree…

  262. 262
    Elena Says:

    @258, my question is where were her parents? I mean I know that 18 is legal age, but teenagers aren’t really known for their good judgement skills. Obviously her parents didn’t teach her the necessary judgement skills to make that kind of a decision, or at least get her to realize that while it may seem fun now once you do something on film it’s there FOREVER. Honestly, your body is nothing to be ashamed of so I don’t think badly of anyone who feels comfortable with nudity, however if I had a daughter who was eagerly putting herself up for objectification I would be very disappointed. And if I had a daughter who was under the age of 18 who wanted to be a lingerie model I definitely wouldn’t let her. I don’t even have a problem with lingerie modeling specifically, but to expose someone so young to such a brutal job and lifestyle seems idiotic, regardless of how much money she can make. I hate for any young person to be taken advantage of (which lets face it, most male and female models are), and more importantly I hate for anyone to believe how they look is the only valuable thing about them. But whatever, I guess it’s a little too late for her now!

  263. 263
    raven Says:

    Elena, my parents would have kicked my butt if I was going to take nude pictures for modeling. You made great points in your post.

  264. 264
    @Layla Says:

    If Erin has the heaviest ankles, bow-legged Bar surely has the heaviest arms!!!!
    Why Bar stans have to attack another model? Cos she got VS and Bar didn’t?

  265. 265
    @Elena Says:

    I hear ya. A lack of guidance in life can be quite dramatic. Obviously, the parents were not around when the girl accepted to show her nipples on front pages at such a young age.

    I guess DiCaprio doesn’t mind dating such a girl.

  266. 266
    BFD Says:

    #262, 263, 265
    In Europe and other parts of HF nudity is no shocker. Erin isnt the first and she wont be the last
    Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr, Lara Stone even Gisele have done shoots that you Leo’s gang of spinster fans would dissaprove of
    Y’all always find a reason to ***** on his girls. Like making judgement on blogs make you any better/special.

  267. 267
    Elena Says:

    @BFD: Well if you actually read my post I said nudity is nothing to be ashamed of, if you’re comfortable with people seeing you in the buff then more power to you. What I don’t like is a teenage girl willingly objectifying herself in that way.

  268. 268
    @258 Says:

    The Erin nude photos are not very nice, I admit, not because of how unclassy they are but rather because the girl does not have a sensuous figure. Her long emaciated limbs and unattractive breasts make that B&W photoshoot boring and unappealing. But you know, I prefer Erin’s nude photos to this type of disturbing and degrading photos Gisele used to be do repeatedly with clothes on.

  269. 269
    raven Says:

    i get that models do nudes and the female body is beautiful. I understand its part of the job, I think those would be best when they are in their 20′s and up to do. All I’m saying is that my parents would have kicked my butt if I did or wanted to do nudes that age, even if I did them now they still would, lol. They would not care if it was for a modeling job. Her parents are probably more understanding of the job or maybe they didn’t even know she did them until after? Anyway, she did them and many models do, so at least they were done as part of a job and not to send over text.

  270. 270
    A party girl Says:

    For the Erin fans
    Join us & our gal pal Erin Heatherton tomorrow night for #SBXLV’s hottest party.
    There is going to be a huge party in Indi
    Erin and her model friends are going to celebrate!!!!!

  271. 271
    quid pro quo Says:

    I dont think he’ll be there. Hope not.

  272. 272
    @A party girl Says:

    The VS models are hosting the party. John Legend will perform…
    Entirely fit for a post-adolescent public.

  273. 273
    @@Party Girl Says:

    “…The party will be hosted by Victoria’s Secret model (and Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend) Erin Heatherton and also feature musical guests Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes and DJ Reach. Guest hosts include NHRA Top Fuel drivers Morgan Lucas and Brandon Bernstein.”

  274. 274
    @@Party Girl Says:

    Singers JOHN LEGEND and TRAVIE MCCOY of Gym Class Heroes will headline the Legends ‘N’ Models Super Bowl Eve party hosted by model ERIN HEATHERTON. Tickets start at $200 (, 2/1)….

  275. 275
    @274&274 Says:

    Who cares? She is highlighted because she is Leo`s new toy… Big deal! The least attractive of all the VS models. Leo is in Sydney working on Gatsby but of course his name is used to get in the crowd. EH must be so proud! LOL!
    `A boy spends his time finding a girl to sleep with.
    A real man spends his time looking for the one worth waking up to.`

  276. 276
    @275 Says:

    “The least attractive of all the VS models. ”
    May I add the least attractive girl he’s ever dated. Period.

  277. 277
    Tigerseye Says:

    Well said 275, where is that quote from ? Couldnt have said better :)

  278. 278
    #275 Says:

    @276: you are absolutely correct. The least attractive VS model and the least attractive of all of Leo’s girls.
    @Tigerseye: I love that quote, too. So spot on! I have seen it on Facebook posted by my cousin. I just had to share it because it screams Leo to me.

  279. 279
    best quote Says:

    Agree with posts 275-278. At least all of his exes looked like real women , not barely out of highschool wearing floral dresses. How someone in his circle of friends or his parents not tell him how bad this reflects on him is what I find surprising.

  280. 280
    @#279 Says:

    Because his circle of friends and parents know he’s not over with his teenage behavior. Certain men never grow up. Just take a look at how he dresses and the choice of his latest companion and it will give you a good idea of this degree of maturity. it has nothing to do with his professional choices….

  281. 281
    281 Says:

    Leo is having fun with Erin, and she seems like the girl to get him to commune with nature in a sincere way. Btw – COED Magazine had this to say about Erin (Dec 2010):

  282. 282
    @281 Says:

    How many more times are you going to post the exact same comment with the exact same link? The article in 2010 said she `is about to blow up`? Well, that didn`t really happen and no surprise there… Leo needs a grown woman not a barely legal girl with no fashion sense ( in spite of being a model ). Those floral dresses are hideous!

  283. 283
    @281 Says:

    Just sayin’ There is a reason Leo is with her. She’s hot! The second link…well, I like the hair band.

  284. 284
    284 Says:

    I agree that it’s better to be with someone closer in age, but I think HW is a diff planet. You see men divorcing and replacing the youth all the time. Lots of second marriages with younger wives. Perhaps Lovely Leo has had a keen eye on HW culture and dynamics for a long time. Maybe he wants to bump-up the odds in his favour for staying relatively faithful with a young hot wife at home.
    Warren Beatty & Annette Bening: 21 years
    Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas: 25 years
    Beyonce & Jay-Z : 13 years
    Pitt & AJ: 12 years
    Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: 16 years
    Helmut Kohl & Maike Richter: 34 years
    Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington-Whitely: 20 years They’re such a cute couple!

  285. 285
    @283 Says:

    I personally don`t think she is hot at all. Pretty but that`s about it. Also it`s OK to be with someone because she is `hot` while you are in your 20s or early 30s. For a while. Then it`s time to go for some substance. Even in Hollywood and even if you are not marriage material.
    I can just repeat myself.
    `A boy spends his time finding a girl to sleep with.
    A real man spends his time looking for the one worth waking up to.`

  286. 286
    12 Says:

    @@281: she’s far from hot or even pretty imo she has very strange looking lips and droopy face.why do you keep posting the same thing over again? Give it a rest,no one cares.

  287. 287
    Elena Says:

    She’s pretty but not very extraordinary at all. She looks like an all-American high school teenager, but I doubt she’ll ever be at the same level as Adriana or Rosie. She just doesn’t have that extra unique something that will take her from the middle of the road to a supermodel’s career. Heck, she never would have even gotten the VS contract if she hadn’t gotten breast implants, and she’s pin thin and straight as a rail so they look strange when she isn’t all photoshopped up.

    I guess I just don’t get it. It seems like personally and professionally Leo is just running around in circles, exhausting himself and getting nowhere. I mean the movies he makes now are great, but the movies he used to make were DARING. Jeez, The Basketball Diaries, Total Eclipse, Gilbert Grape, all of those were roles that most actors would have been to afraid or intimidated to take. Now it seems like all he does is showpieces to prove what a serious actor he is. I think he felt really trapped in that teen idol role after Titanic blew up, but now he’s just boxed himself into a different corner and seems like he can’t find a way out. I hope Django Unchained is as cool as it sounds, because the role seems like a real departure from things he’s done recently and a return to the weirder roles he was obviously naturally drawn to.

    As much as I dislike seeing and reading about his lame personal life, honestly I just feel bad. He seems like a pretty unhappy person. I mean he probably has to spend almost every minute of every day keeping things under control so he doesn’t damage his image, and has to constantly watch out for people trying to take advantage of him. It’s enough to drive anybody insane.

  288. 288
    Tigerseye Says:

    Right on elena ive missed your insight, still burning bright i see. I coukdnt agree more, those films are why people branded him ‘best actor of his generation’ but now he is falling for roles that are obligitory ‘I’m a serious actor’ blueprints, its not wild and free. Leo take tip from the tigers in samatra you want to protect, instinct, passion and danger, bring it back its one of the few reasons your fans stick it out with you, sad but true let get the grrrr…back in great! I really want to see him dirty as hell with django, i really believe its gonna be his saving grace. Jack dawson is dead, enough already!!!!!

  289. 289
    Right on Elena Says:

    Sot true. Entirely agree with your comments. All of them. I have also noticed that his main goal as an actor has become to work with reknown directors instead choosing daring roles.
    As for his new date of the season, she is indeed the least interesting and least attractive girl he’s ever dated.

  290. 290
    @288 Says:

    So true. It seems like professionally he is so mature and a perfectionist. It is true he is just stuck in the same roles. He has a pattern ( and a distinct dream = Oscar ) and he does everything to follow that. He lost his range in that process and he is getting boring and one dimensional as an actor.
    In his private life? Look at his girlfriends. Gisele? She was exciting and has something about her that makes her stand out. Whether you hate it/her or not. Then came Bar who was just a pretty face with a nice body but other than that she had nothing else going on. Blah and boring. Then came Lively. No matter how much I hated them together she made him interesting for a while. Interesting might not be the right word but compared to Bar it was different. Not in a good way. I hope you get what I mean. Now we are back to the `grey`. Another boring and blah girlfriend who is even more boring and more blah than Bar was. He goes from one end to the other. He should discover the in-between for a change. Or the Gisele/Lively type who is not a celeb.

  291. 291
    291 Says:


    She has a face and legs to die for. In 30 years time she is going to look like keith richards wife, Patti Hansen – gorgeous!!! Her hubby is going to be one mature and envied man. VS knows what they are doing. Still can’t believe that Patti is with richards. Erin’s career is about to hit a higher gear too… you have to give it just a little time.Poor Leo, still haunted and chained to BC.

    You can’t have a beer belly and expect to walk for VS. #281

  292. 292
    @291 Says:

    Sure, like her career was about to blow up two years ago! LOL! VS has cr*ppy stuff and their models are way below standards in recent years = they don`t know what they are doing. VS was so much better when it had really big names unlike these blah faced skeleton new girls who has no sex appeal whatsoever ( see Erin and Karlie ). Erin is one in a million and I have to clue how is she even a model. It`s one thing to have a body that a model needs to have these days but other than that NOTHING else is going on for her. No appeal, no charisma. Just like Bar.
    By this time being Leo`s new toy is such a cliche in fashion industry that even that won`t help her. She is just blah in every possible way! Those hideous floral dresses. Oh, boy, no fashions sense at all!

  293. 293
    293 Says:


    “Bar is still the most beautiful girl in the world Israeli putrefaction doesn’t get any better than this, except for Esti Ginzburg. But who’s paying attention? They will not get married they will not have kids, I can’t deal with its all the fault of that NAPPY HEAD IN CONEY ISLAND.

  294. 294
    294 Says:

    Yep, bet Erin will be as beautiful as Patti in 30 years. Here is a pic of Patti from Zimbio:

    She would make Leo look fantastic!

  295. 295
    Hahaha Says:

    Erin has ONE fan who is an obsessed Bar hater! Which grade are you in? If someone doesn’t like whatshername that person is obviously a Bar fan or Bar herself? I just laugh at people like that! Keep pushing the Erin is such an awesome model theme if that makes you feel better! :)

  296. 296
    296 Says:

    No, not one fan, and I don’t hate anyone, including Bar. I just don’t think she’s good for Leo’s rep or Leo, himself, after reading all the hateful things BC (even some family members) have written. I wouldn’t want to marry into a family that didn’t respect me enough to let me make my own decisions, without consequence or public humiliation. That’s not respect or love. It’s not even right at the most fundamental level. This is a grown-up writing. What would happen if they did end up together, had a baby, and then the fights start again. What then? More slander from BC??? I would be worried about blackmail, but then you get lawyers involved discretely.

  297. 297
    297 Says:


    I agree. Erin was entirely too young to do that semi-nude pic. However, take it easy on the parents; it’s not like she got married to a man 3X her age at 18.


  298. 298
    @296 Says:

    Good that you don’t hate her! Based on your comment you really don’t sound like it! LOL! Thank God you keep talking about her even though she is finally out of the picture! It’s so refreshing to continue reading about the ex girlfriend nearly a year after the break up. Not to mention not realizing that the main issue is Leo chasing the exact same type of barely legal underwear models. It’s not about the comments that were made by the ex and not made by the current one. It’s not about Erin but for some it’s easier to take it out on Erin. Erin is nothing special and won’t last long. Also don’t fool yourself believing that she is do much different from Bar. Leo has a type inside and out. Erin fits that. Just accept that. This is how Leo dates and I doubt it will ever change. Definitely not for Erin.

  299. 299
    @298 Says:

    Thanks for your comments. I just don’t get the same personality vibe when comparing Bar and Erin. Erin just seems more his style. Sincere & Cool.

  300. 300
    @299 Says:

    ‘more his style’? You mean a young ( way too young for him ) underwear model who makes him look older and less mature than his age? That’s his ‘style’? Just because you haven’t heard Bar-like comments from her it doesn’t mean she is different from her. Leo’s girls are picked for a reason. Look at his exes. Full of controversial comments. Gisele, Bar and Lively. I don’t understand what you see in Erin that makes you think she is different or why you think Leo picked a different one this time.

  301. 301
    Differences Says:

    The only thing that differs his latest flavour of the season from the rest is that she is the least attractive one.
    … and the least attractive one.

  302. 302
    Thats ugly Says:

    @Differences: those boobs and her nipples- are ugly looking. Like of a woman who’s breastfed at least 3 children. I wouldn’t take naked pictures if I was her and I still can’t believe she’s a model either.

  303. 303
    @Thats ugly Says:

    How about this one?
    Nice, don’t you think?

  304. 304
    Yeah Says:

    @300 She could be. I don’t know her personally. But if you have an eye (I have to do some of this stuff for work to “predict” what’s going to happen next) you can tell how people react to certain situations. I think Erin is a happier person in general – laid back, but doesn’t talk about it. That shows me sincerity, also because she could have already sold him out be calling paps ahead of time, like BC did. Then she could have denied the whole thing. I find that disrespectful-user mentality awful. Let’s give her a chance? That’s what Leo is doing – DATING. Until he finds the right one. Someone who won’t use him, etc. I just hope he has enough common sense to stay away from….
    @301 &302: I find semi-nude shots like 302 beautiful. It’s high fashion, European glam. Nothing wrong with it. It’s not like she released a phantom promo-masturbation vid on you tube. Look for the drooping boob and down-pointing nipple cuddled my arm-pit fat-bulge at the beginning.

    Said enough Ladies? You gonna lay off the porn pics now?

  305. 305
    @301 Says:


    Those are beautiful breasts! They are nice and perky. Great pic too. Love how the bright green and the moodiness of the image.

  306. 306
    OY Says:

    Some people must be looking at different photos or have some problem with their eyesight. On a diff. thread someone said Erin has curves unlike Bar. Are you kidding me? She is like a skeleton with a blah face and ugly boobs.

  307. 307
    @OY Says:


  308. 308
    quid pro quo Says:

    Erin IS prettier than Bar- but that is not hard. She also has a real model body that can do everything-bar is becoming Supertank in her latest photos- I thought she had that under control—her arms and legs are THICK. I know you are trying to “protect” Bar on this thread but its really stupid. She’s OVER. Her relationship is over, her career is also OVER. I am sorry to say it, but I’m just waiting for someone to flush. It seems really silly for you to even try to continue at this point- all she ever had was Leo, now she doesnt have that or ANY MAN AT ALL.

    I get more male attention and romance than the so called “supermodel”- just got an early VD day present from my BF. Who’s doing that for Bar? ******* chicken come home to roost.

    Just glad Leo wasnt with the Teenage Zombie this weekend.

  309. 309
    quid pro quo Says:

    @Yeah: who the hell is BC? Someone’s handle? The pro-Bar people are either Bar herself (read her Twitter) or her hired flack Adira Ronen of She used to be Bar’s personal “assistant” then she got smart and hung out her own shingle, which I was waiting for her to do.

    I just find them still trying to “protect” her really silly. She has no career and its all down hill from here.

    So Erin has some nudie pix. I didnt even look at them. My tastes dont run to that. I just want her to exit stage left as soon as possible.

  310. 310
    quid pro quo Says:

    @Yeah: Erin cant call in the paps- I mean she could, liek Bar did, but she cant talk about Leo-she’s been told not to. And the guy is so powerful you dont want to piss him off. Also Leo makes his girls sign non-disclosures…wonder if Erin got hers yet.

  311. 311
    Bella Says:


    I don’t think anyone said she had Bar’s curves. Nobody does. Erin isn’t a wrestler, she’s a model, and her body is beautiful.


  312. 312
    @Quid Says:

    I agree with a lot of points you made in these last posts. “BC” is just my abrv for “BarT’s Camp.” BarT because, it’s possible that she’s been a female beard for the other grls all this time. Haha “Beaver Beard.”
    Anywho… the last link on 311 is of BarT’s crotch and pubes. The same kind of shot BC posted of Erin and then blasted her for.


  313. 313
    quid pro quo Says:

    Now I know why Bar’s flack is posting here ! (OY) for one. An obvious one. She two new posts today for personal appearance gigs for stuff no one ever heard of. The Laureus award? Some crap to do with Boris Becker?

  314. 314
    quid pro quo Says:

    Adi is guarding the Just Jared threads again !


  315. 315
    OY Says:

    Obvious one? You are so far off base and you are so delusional that I just can’t stop laughing at you. You’re still pathetic, tinkerbell and clearly still untreated! So nothing new!

  316. 316
    Hmmm Says:

    It looks like Bar is still haunting the losers. I love it.

  317. 317
    Tigerseye Says:

    Ack! Now im gonna eat ice cream…big bang fans will get it

  318. 318
    uled Says:

    jesus, I clicked on the leo dicaprio tag and stumbled upon all this mess. you chicks are really insane.. yet I can’t seem to stop reading it lol I thought all the crazy dicaprio fans left after he got bloated in the early 2000s. these posts sound like something from 1998..

  319. 319
    @314 Says:

    @quid pro quo:

    My message to you last night was moderated out. I don’t know why. Let’s test this….

  320. 320
    319?? Are you going to post? Says:


    I know. There are a number of Brrr’s camp bashing Leo and Erin too. It gets my back up, and it’s like you’re compelled to stand-up for them.

  321. 321
    That's all folks! Says:

    Tinkerbell and other Bar obsessed posters ( some of T’s alter egos ) officially turned the JJ Leo threads into Looney Tunes! Time to give up reading them!

  322. 322
    322 Says:

    I’m not Tink. I don’t think we even live in the same countries. She makes some good points though.

    In any case, I found this really nice article, compliments of Contactmusic:

    Thanks for posting.

  323. 323
    Tiffany Says:

    Leo at dinner!

  324. 324
    quid pro quo Says:

    @OY: Just like I said. Hi Adi !

  325. 325
    quid pro quo Says:

    BTW, BAR HAS NO FANS. So yes, if its pro-bar it her flacks. No one REAL posts in her favor-at least not as long as Ive been reading these posts.

  326. 326
    OY Says:

    @quid pro quo: Just like I said it. Bar obsessed and still untreated! Thanks for proving my point! Too bad you can`t do the same! LOL! But go ahead, tink, and keep making a fool out of yourself!

  327. 327
    Love you leo Says:

    He looks so sad and lost here!!!!!

  328. 328
    To all the psychics Says:

    @Love you leo : you’re right, it looks like he looks for somebody who could console him, poor little thing

  329. 329
    Tigerseye Says:

    the eyes speak volumes really. it doesnt look like boredom, its reflective of whats going on inside

  330. 330
    Love you leo Says:

    I’m not sure what troubles him in the inside but I really hope to see him genuinely smile one day. He can brighten a room.

  331. 331
    well... Says:

    More Sydney, more models. Same old, same old… This guy is never going to change no matter how sad or troubled he is.

  332. 332
    @well.. Says:

    These girls only want his money because he’s not hot at all, and it’s not because of the angle…

  333. 333
    well... Says:

    @332: What are you talking about? And what does that photo have to do with the link I posted? You don`t make sense at all….

  334. 334
    sos Says:

    lol and he was probably texting eh at the same time.Like the true player he is right?I know some will say the Aussie press is picking on him but we’ve heard these kind of stories before with or without a gf.Wonder what kind of V-day reports we are going to get?

  335. 335
    well... Says:

    @sos: The story is the same it`s the gf that`s changing. Same old, same old… There were tweets about him partying the other day so he is a little more low key about his adventures. I wonder if his rep is going to give him a clue after being contacted about the Aussie models and about EH…

  336. 336
    hm Says:

    probably texting her? didnt he do the same when he was with bar? well when its nightin sydney, its morning or so in the states (dependingwhere she is located)

  337. 337
    Elena Says:

    Okay, what I don’t really get about playboys like our Leo is why the hell they go out every night looking for a girl when the supposedly have a girlfriend/hookup or whatever you want to call it. I mean if I have a carton of cookie dough ice cream in my fridge but I sort of want to try a different flavor (and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to find what I want) I’m not gonna go out to the supermarket in the hopes of finding something else when I already have something that is almost exactly what I would look for anyways. It’s not a perfect analogy but really this whole sleeping around thing seems like a lot more effort than it’s worth.

  338. 338
    Guest Says:

    It sounds like him and Ehhhhhhhhhh could be kaput…or maybe will be after she sees the article? That Holtznagel thing is NAFF. Yuck! But he would hit it, you know ? I’m not sure but I hope he’s moved on or at least in the free and clear…I just got that feeling from the Mexico pictures…. or maybe he was texting EH madly. Who knows !

    I just hope he’s done but ya never know with him. We havent heard from EH’s “camp” in a bit (oh yes, they were here! I could tell…) so maybe we’ve been blessed. We’ll see soon, when he is back from Oz.

  339. 339
    @Guest Says:

    Why do you hope they’re done, cos you think he’s coming to you?

  340. 340
    @ussie Says:

    she got her boy

    @MOANNN Simone Holtznagel 5 Oct 2011 via web
    so, Leonardo DiCaprio is dating Alyce Crawford from @ausntm… Well I AM on Oz Next Top Model so maybe I’m in with a chance…. Maybe….

  341. 341
    @ussie Says:

    erin knew the score. he’s given up on lying to them. he couldn’t hide it any longer, post-blake and since gatsby. everyone was watching.

  342. 342
    @ussie Says:


    it depends on if erin wants to be bar rafaeli mach II or not. leo has shown his true colours.

  343. 343
    @ussie Says:


    leonardo knows how it looks. he doesn’t care unless he’s in the hunt for awards because he doesn’t care about the women. happy valentine’s, erin.

  344. 344
    @ussie Says:


    he has always got off on seeing what he could act his way into, or charm his way out of. the thrill of the chase. the fear of being caught. the freedom to act stupid. the fun of being reckless. addictions lower inhibitions. money gets you anything you want. friends along for the ride. security, lawyers, publicists. hired guns to clean up the mess.

  345. 345
    @@ussie Says:

    You seem to be in the know about Leo
    Pary anything to tell???????????? Spill please.

  346. 346
    @ussie Says:

    nothing new to spill. another sad story about a boy who got too much too soon. acquired the sense of entitlement that goes with it. never had a chance to grow up. to have normal relationships with women. looks at them as objects to be used and disposed of.

    he picked the latest off a runway. she was on a flight to sydney days later, ready to be photographed. easy come, easy go.

    he is jealous of his ex. her youth. her passion for life. her discipline and self control. her ability to establish emotional intimacy. he liked her. a lot. he left a do as he pleases relationship for the unknown quantity. thought he could change. if he couldn’t, he thought he could change her. why not? gisele was strong willed but he got her to bend often enough for a five year relationship.

    back from europe, he put blake through her paces. tested her to see what he could get away with. hot and cold. dangled the usual carrots. gifts. trips. planted stories. “she could be the one!” “they could be married in six months!” she bought it for awhile. until she didn’t. until she got tired of it. that’s when he got tired of her. too much trouble. bring on the models.

    but he thought she would wait. the last one did. planted stories to keep her unsteady, on a string. “i don’t know what happened. he really likes her. never seen him happier. six months. he’ll be back in L.A. more time for relationship. who knows what will happen.”

    she knew what would happen. she had to look no further than his previous relationship. she moved on. fast. too fast for his liking. pissed him off more than he would ever admit. cue pictures of a woman in a bikini on his beachfront balcony. the home he had left to escape photographers.

    next up, walking in empty parks with new girlfriend. clear, close up shots. in public places. new tabloid stories. “his mum likes her!” from hiding to showmancing in the blink of an eye.

    he knew they weren’t going to last. why did he do it? look at the timing of the pictures. you’ll have your answer. big hints: pictures of his ex with another man. awards season.

  347. 347
    @346 Says:

    Oh wow wow
    I KNEW it. Those pis were staged deliberately
    We said it in the other post of he and Erin go have alook its quite long at 881 though.
    Are you epk? eileener?

  348. 348
    Preach Says:

    Thanks @ussie.
    So is Erin the new contract?
    Does he still like Blake?
    Is he returning to Bar?

  349. 349
    @@ussie Says:

    Have a look at what some poster called – ‘???’ – had to say here

    Is it true?

  350. 350
    @ussie Says:

    i’m surprised there was ever a question. no one in his position expects complete privacy. his ultimate desire is to control the message. he’s not above using photos as the means to that end. no public person is. once in a great while he gets reckless. lets anger or petty jealousies cloud his judgement. look no further than the girl on the balcony.

    remember the photos of leo and blake on the yacht? he knew photographers were watching. came on the heels of gossip about him sneaking around with her. message to bar, blake, and everyone watching: i’m serious about this person and we have nothing to be ashamed of. they weren’t serious yet. he was still enjoying the chase. she wasn’t ready to fall. but that was the message he wanted to convey in his quest to impress.

  351. 351
    @@ussie Says:

    I figured that TBH
    But at #348 asked what is his strategy now?
    Is Erin the new Pemanent gfriend? Bar?
    And was – ??? – in the other post I attached correct? that is if you’re not a BSer and and the know for real.

  352. 352
    @ussie Says:


    no idea. she may not want that.

  353. 353
    @ussie Says:


    he still likes blake. when he doesn’t hate her. he runs hot and cold. always has.

  354. 354
    @ussie Says:


    he doesn’t want bar back. she would consider it. she got used to his lifestyle. she wants kids. she spends more time outside of israel since their split. she still talks to his friends.

  355. 355
    @@ussie Says:

    Surprised to hear she talks to his friends . In the later stages of thieir realtionship the impression was his friends did not like Bar only Alex and Emily.? Especially Lukas seemed to detest her.
    They’ve changed their minds?

  356. 356
    @@ussie Says:

    Oh and when you say Leo ‘always has run hot and cold’ in #353.
    Do you mean just on Blake or thats the MO in all his relationships?

  357. 357
    Dana Says:

    @@ussie So if you know more than us “fans” here : Is this model chasing thing just his shallowness? Is he affraid of something “serious” or as most say, just a player. In his roles he often choose men with a deep, but unfortunate connection to a special women. Did he experience that already? Or he wishes for? It’s such a big contradiction to his real life that it seems almost ridiculous but he goes round in circles over and over again, in his private and his professional life.

  358. 358
    Preach Says:

    I hope you come back with more goss. Makes a change from the 24/7 haterade and hysterics that threw you off last time
    Shame C/G, CanadaGirl, dr brown, Schlonginator, Gee and iheartcomments don’t hang here much anymore. Can’t say I blame em but they would be soooooooo up for this

  359. 359
    That's all folks! Says:

    The Looney Tunes is still on! NOBODY here is in the know unless you refer to ‘tabloid knowledge’ or vivid imagination about someone you don’t know at all. That’s why these threads are tragicomedies!
    As for ‘ussie’… I smell tinkerbell!

  360. 360
    lol Says:

    So the model said she didn`t have sex with Leo… Right! A known modelizer and his buddy leaves with two young models just to `hang out`. Like anyone expected that she is going to admit it…

  361. 361
    #359 & #360 Says:

    Is it alright for other people to post/inform here?
    Do you own Leo forums LilyMorgan?
    Must we all be subject to your hysterics when someone else posts sthg you don’t want to hear cos Leo is still in love with you apparently?
    Add on your beligerent obsession with Tinkerbell who you see everywhere FFS?

  362. 362
    #359 & #360 Says:

    And if this thread is a tragicomedy why are you here?
    Oh look she’s posting an upteenth ‘Leo with models’ story to sneer at.

  363. 363
    @361&362 Says:

    Yeah, it is alright for other people to post/inform here? When did I say otherwise? I said that nobody has inside info here. So what are you talking about?
    I don`t own forums and I never stated that. Again all you do is make up things I never said. You are good at that. :)
    Leo is still in love with me? When did I say that? Sorry but you are stupid to say things like that. And it`s not about what I want to hear it was all about the fact that nobody here is `in the know`. You are continuously making things up which is ridiculous. Time after time you do the exact same thing and you think you are so much better.
    If I have a `beligerent obsession with Tinkerbell` you clearly have a `beliegerent obsession` with me…
    I`m here to read these comments ( obviously ) and to express my opinion ( tragicomedy ). Last time I checked that`s what blogs are for. I did not say anyone to do or not to do anything ( unlike you suggested completely falsely ) I expressed my opinion. And you are immediately after me. Obsessed much? Keep making things up if that`s what makes you happy! Anything else?

  364. 364
    @361&362 Says:

    All you do is bring up things from the past that are absolutely not relevant or make things up. Is that all you`ve got? Saying that obvious ( that people who post here are not in the know and they base their opinion on what they read in tabloids and what they think about someone they don`t know ) is so shocking? You just have to pick on me no matter what. And I`m obsessed…

  365. 365
    #363 & #364 Says:

    Nobody having ‘inside info’ is YOUR opinion
    Could be true could be crap, but its YOUR opinion.
    Stuff has been revealed not only on Leo but others on blogs / forums.
    Anyone is free to write/believe what they want its up to others to discern what’s true or crap. Hmmmm

    You’re beligerence however to me (Preach), Elena, Dana or whomever else being interested as oposed to your own millionth narrative of Leo & model, Role in Big, creepy guy, Kiddie pool snooze that’s so inspiring.

    I’m obsessed?
    LOL LOL you just called a casual poster with diff syntax, applications and writing style Tinkerbell, cos what s/he wrote so enraged you Inception fan. Huh?
    Sad thing is you’re unaware you come off just as crazy as your nemesis Tink, but at least she’s funny and somewhat self-aware.

    What was that you said………..Now I’m Tink. Oh dear, Oh dear

  366. 366
    @365 Says:

    Yeah, it is MY OPINION. Did I say otherwise?
    Anyone is free to write / believe what they want its up to others to descern what`s true or crap. I agree. Did I say otherwise? I posted MY OPINION.
    BeLLigerence? I said nobody is in the know here. How does that suggest an belligerence to you? It is YOUR OPINION, right?
    Casual poster? That would be you? A casual posted posting old screen name and registration names who attacks me every time I post? That`s a casual poster to you? You come after me every time I post. Yes, that`s obsession. Tink funny and self-aware. Right, another one of YOUR OPINION.
    No, I DID NOT SAY that you are Tink. But clearly you proved my point of making things up and putting words in my mouth I never said. Thanks.
    Also Inception fan was NEVER my screen name. Just for the record, dear `casual poster`.
    The thing I absolutely don`t understand is what you want. I used to post a lot, I trashed Leo`s girlfriends, I had theories … you came after me. But it changed significantly but you conveniently ignore that. I barely post and I don`t have theories, I don`t believe this `in the know comments` that I used to do, I don`t trash anyone. Yet you are still after me. So what do you want? All you do is referring to old comments that are not relevant anymore and you either twist my words or put words in my mouth I never said. You suggest I have this aggressive attitude towards poster here because I stated MY OPINION without addressing anyone in particular. There was no attitude behind it but you put it there . So what is your issue? You don`t need a reason or anything valid. You just attack. That`s obsessive!

  367. 367
    @365 Says:

    Before you pick on it posting belligerence with double capital L was not intentional. Clearly I didn’t do a spell check on my comment. But I guess you won’t belive that ( MY OPINION again )!

  368. 368
    #366 & #367 Says:

    I don’t have anything against you dont get me wrong
    I was severley irritated over the summer over your incessant multiple posts over OTHER opinions but I left it. You hate Leo with Blake/Miss Piggy/etc. I got it.
    Its just some of us, me Message, Gee ( who sadly have gone MIA) etc are happy to read/hear other opinions/info/dl. You don’t and we get it
    Whoever these new posters are, they don’t come in cussing, ranting like you. They just have their say and SOME have been spot on.
    They rightly feel the grief is not worth it, like iheartcomments, explicitly wrote in the other post, if they are hectored by people like you under multiple names and then don’t return. It pisses me off that your ilk in your never ending psycho ramblings ruin it for others.
    Tink might be obsessed with Bar but she lets OTHERS post opinions/narratives sans cussing them out like you do.
    Anyway I’m done with this BeckyDD. It might put others off ,I only hope @ussie or whoever shows up again despite your menacing presence

    Oh – the last part of me saying ‘I’m Tink’ at #365 was supposed to be an ironic projection of your constant “You’re Tinkerbell” accusation to all and sundry as you did so predictably in #359.

  369. 369
    @368 Says:

    Miss Piggy?????? Again where did you get that?
    That was summer. This s winter. I changed. Don’t tell me that you haven’t noticed that. But you just keep attacking me over and over again. I do believe that you are so off base with your comments. You see attitude ans menace behind everything and that irritates me. That’s my opinion as you stated. And blaming me for all these people going is ridiculous. Has it occurred to you that maybe they are just tired of the same routine from Leo? I bet not. It’s all me. Even when I simply say there is no inside info here you are there to protect others and yapping about negative attitude behind my words that was never there. That’s right. It was simply an opinion but you turned it into something more again. Old screen names, old comments over and over again.
    Tink let’s other post? Like I have the power to do otherwise! Are you kidding me?
    You are getting pretty boring. No matter what I post you are there to complain, to post old screen names and stuff like that. I still don’t get it what’s your issue. Figure it out already ( no, it’s not a command telling you what to do ) and pick on something valid not made up or twisted as you usually do.

  370. 370
    sos Says:

    @lol: Well it could be true,but after reading that tweet @ussie posted,seems unlikely.Basically sounding like a groupie.I guess she’ll be out now since she’s talking.
    Here’s an interesting read.

  371. 371
    long live SM Says:

    so I take it Leo ain’t pining over soulmate, more interested in chasing/manipulating/controlling conquests

  372. 372
    SM news Says:

    Love live SM is right! Whats going on with that

  373. 373
    raven Says:

    someone posted that SM might come along in Sept/October, so I guess we will see if it pans out. In the meantime, I’m guessing we might be hearing more of the same stuff.

  374. 374
    raven Says:

    Oh and I have to say I’m glad that the new SI cover model isn’t one of his ex’s or girlfriends.

    To tinkerbell, if you are still around, did you notice BR went back to do SI after she didn’t do it last year?

  375. 375
    Elena Says:

    @raven: Hahaha well I think most SI cover girls who aren’t Leo’s ex’s are just ones he hasn’t gotten to yet.

  376. 376
    Hmmmm... Says:

    Ever get the feeling that someone is posting with an illegal intention? Yeah… I haven’t posted on this board since…Jan. Btw, the stuff I find usually has a link assc to back-up my point. Nice TRY BC?

  377. 377
    Sneaky....what else is new Says:

    My last post here is #322, but I’ve chosen numbers as my identity, after a minor lesson learned on here. Yes, this place is “MAJORITY” BC (bar camp). If you’ve been on here for some time, you learn their tricks. At times, it’s highly suspect that Certain BC members have control over thumbs up, and where in the thread they decide to post a specific comment, posts (even threats of bodily harm) dissapear, and they have some BC moderation “yay and “nay” going on. Do you think JJ is doing this for free? Wow – generous NY business man. Not like any of these people can afford it either. Haha.

  378. 378
    Oh, boy... Says:

    The Bar obsession keeps going on and it`s getting worse. If you`ve been on here for some time you learnt that it`s never going to be over and you just keep laughing at them…

  379. 379
    S Says:

    Bar is in LA and so is Leo please tell me they are not getting back together because that would be stupid.

  380. 380
    where Says:

    @S: I can’t find anything that says that leo is back in La? No tweet or anything….post your sources. and no leo isnt getting back together with free loader i was just curious to see if he was really back in la…you think every time they’re in the same location they’re going to get back together? you’re stupid…

  381. 381
    @380 Says:

    Leo is back to LA. There was a tweet from a guy who was on the same flight with him from Sydney to LA. Also Wednesday night he was out in LA celebrating his mom’s birthday with friends including Bradley Cooper. I saw tweets that put him in an LA restaurant on Wednesday. Check out his BZ thread. It’s all there even a photo of Irmelin with her cake and a friend.

  382. 382
    sos Says:

    Thanks for the info.They had a link to an article about that other model he was “hanging out” with or rather that Lukas was.She made a little comment about him.Interesting that these two are commenting on it and the other two models haven’t.Also one of the posters last week said Eh tweeted that she was going to be back in LA soon?

  383. 383
    @382 Says:

    In the original article that posted that sighting with the two new girls it was said that they contacted Leo`s rep to see if he was still dating Erin. Maybe that`s why both girls commented on it? Saying they left with them only to `hang out`? Just an idea…
    I haven`t seen a tweet like that on her account. She said she was going to the Indianapolis and then to LA ( while Leo was still in Sydney ) but I haven`t seen anything else.

  384. 384
    sos Says:

    Ok,I was wondering about that tweet.I haven’t checked BZ since last week.So i didn’t know if she had gone to LA or what.

  385. 385
    385 Says:

    Kevin Connolly has implied that BarT and Leo are going to reconcile, From JJ – this string:

    # 254 KevConzz @ 02/01/2012 at 6:24 pm -1

    Well he’s definitely responding to Barf on Twitter.
    Maybe he’s supposed to be conduit for a reconciliation?

  386. 386
    emmo Says:

    leo people denied reports about model kendall and antm alyce when he was single. they dint respond to question about simone and montana. simone said they hung out but no sex. what do they talk about? lolz. leo was out in l.a. othr night but no erin. erin not working atm. if they surface agin as couple it be for photos.

  387. 387
    emmo Says:

    bar try hard but he dont care. poor bar.

  388. 388
    teddy Says:

    Dear Ted:
    What do you make of Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton? I personally saw him roaming around Australia with tons of women, while he was supposed to be dating his latest model…Do you think he’s an “open-relationship” type of guy?

    Dear Bikini Babe:
    I have been hearing quite a bit about this Sydney trip of Leo’s (sans Erin). I can’t say that he is an “open-relationship” type of guy, but he is a guy. He’s also definitely a statuesque-blonde type of guy. And the pattern holds true in this case. Rumor has it Leo had his eye on yet another leggy Goldilocks, so if I were you, I’d quit worrying about any of them, because as soon as you’re satisfied Leo’s settled down he’ll be dissatisfied.

    Read more:

  389. 389
    @388 Says:

    I don`t care much about what Ted has to say but the question… I mean this person allegedly saw him with women other than Erin while dating her. That`s says it all to me. Ted tries to sound like he is in the know but I doubt that. After his article about Leo and Erin`s trip to Mexico… It was all based on gossip no inside info whatsoever.

  390. 390
    @385 Says:


    Erin make sure she get photo with KevC on Twitter. Leo cheat on her like he did Bar. Erin and Bar are from same cloth. She the new Bar.

  391. 391
    Salt Says:

    I can`t believe she posted a photo of her and Kevin C showing the world that she is indeed still attached to Leo. And it´s obvious she follows everything. JJ, Bellazon and every blog there is. Have to tell I think this girl is even worse than Bar. This one is smart. I just think Leo thinks he´s the one in control, when it´s the other way around. She´s playing him.
    Where does he gets all this girls? They are like leeches. Wake up Leo, you´re being played here.

  392. 392
    @Salt Says:

    Basically those are the only sites where people care about her. Sorry but she is so nothing exciting or interesting. I don’t even know how she became a VS Angel. So boring! Even as Leo’s new toy.
    She sure knows how to use twitter for her advantage. Always manages to post a photo that suggests that she is following him around. Mexico ( her friend tweeted a photo of her ), Colorado and now this. And on bz people say she doesn’t tweet when she is with Leo. Really?
    Leo sure has a type. They look the same and they want the same. Erin is no exception. She looks innocent and she is more low key ( I think more boring ) than the others but other than that the same.
    I don’t think Leo is being played. He knows very well what’s going on and he is fine with it. Becaipuse he knows what he can expect from her.

  393. 393
    i dont get it Says:

    she looks like shes just started high school

  394. 394
    i dont get it Says:

    i mean what kind of conversation could they possibly have?

    Leo: I feel real strong about whats going on in the environment.
    Erin: (blink blink, bat eyes) I know what you mean. I have a photoshoot soon and i hope the beach is warm

  395. 395
    raven Says:

    @salt: I know right! Totally agree

    @@salt: lol! Also, I have read in older posts about her, that basically she wants what Rosie, Anne V, and Lily have, being with a famous guy that will raise her profile. Like she wants is really badly. So basically it looks like Leo is a perfect fit to her plan, hopes, whatever you call it. He likes models so it probably wasn’t too hard for her to attach to him.I think its sad that like being a VS model isn’t enough for her. Like she should be grateful to be representing a big company in the US and that she gets to model. Also, I think she is just being slower about how she publicizes that she is with him. Remember how it was with BL, it was way over the top and she probably realizes that was not the right way to go about it. If someone is advising her to be slyer and slow down the self promotion, then she got some smart advise. I just hope its over by August like someone predicted.

    @i dont get it: LMAO!!

  396. 396
    i dont get it Says:

    Leo: Lets watch a movie. I heard The Artist is great. Its a take back to the silent film era.
    Erin: But that movie has no sound. How did they ever make movies that way? I’ve never seen your movie Titanic. I wasn’t allowed to see it since I was 5 when it came out. Lets watch that!

    Leo: How do you feel about whats going on in Syria?
    Erin: Isn’t that the George Cloony movie?

  397. 397
    @raven Says:

    For someone who hangs around with the ‘pshycic’s you’re incredibly hateful. Whether its on BL or Erin.

  398. 398
    raven Says:

    @@raven #397: you are right I shouldn’t be laughing at i dont get it’s comments. Also, i haven’t said anything bad about eh, I refused to look at her pictures that have been posted on here nor did I say anything negative over her eating disorder. Now the BL thing I was never fond of the girl even way before she came around Leo. I just don’t get a good vibe there, I may be wrong though. I think both girls are just doing their best to live the life they want. I just don’t like seeing how people can be leeches towards others. Also, with eh I just repeated something i had read by previous posters, and if she is getting advised to not be so open about being with him then I do think it is a smarter way to go about it since he likes privacy at times. With the leeching behavior I think he could be smarter about his choices, but if he is sending out using energy, then he is probably attracting that to himself as well.

  399. 399
    It's been five months or sth Says:

    now im waiting for his another new blonde girl……

  400. 400
    MizMoss Says:

    blah….so much judgement in the world…that is what is disgusting! how about focus on something real, instead of trying to label everyone (especially famous people) into what YOU think they should be like…maybe ya’ll need to tweet about the mistakes of your life…after all NOBODY is perfect… standards/labels…such illusions we all fall for.

  401. 401
    Tania Says:

    @the psychics are here again!: does this girl, Leo’s soulmate, live in the US? how can you tell he will notice her? please psychic…could you answer me? I don’t want to bother you, but I have a special reason to ask you this….

  402. 402
    Investissement immobilier Says:

    But why you picking on these people? Let them live their lives and that’s it!

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