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Leo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Mexico Vacation!

Leo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Mexico Vacation!

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, model Erin Heatherton, grab their luggage from the back of a car while vacationing in Mexico on Wednesday (January 25).

The 37-year-old actor is auctioning off the chance for a winning bidder and guest to meet him at one of his upcoming film premieres, with VIP seats, and access to an exclusive after party.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Bidding on the experience, valued at $25,000, is open through February 8 at 100 percent of net proceeds will benefit Sean Penn‘s JP/HRO through the Cinema for Peace “Help Haiti Home” Online Auction.

15+ pictures inside of Leo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton‘s Mexico vacation…

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leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 01
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 02
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 03
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 04
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 05
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 06
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 07
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 08
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 09
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 10
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 11
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 12
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 13
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 14
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 15
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 16

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • JC

    You can see his mom in the pics too…nothing like a romantic vacation in Mexico….with your mom along

  • @Perverts

    Don`t forget the fact that this is a guy who is aging but the girls he chases are the same young age. It keeps happening over and over again.

  • mel

    Erin USED to be my favourite VS model but now that she’s with Leo she became another blonde girl for me. Her freckles set her apart but now she’s another one… BTW, guys… Can you help me win some money?

  • @JC

    His mom and you can see Lukas as well… Very romantic!


    is Lukas Haas his boyfriend?

  • danica

    @vi: Who doesn’t want him with Kate? :) won’t happen tho :( but it so should!!

  • eh..

    He is such a piece of shit.He went in Mexico with eh ONLY after no nomination?”Nothing to loose”- he thought I mean

  • Fiona

    Flavor of the week…

  • eh..


    Lucas is not his boyfriend,he is a general boyfriend for those who want some boyfriend

  • @eh..

    These pictures are not from Wednesday I think they are older – pre nomination. Tweets put them in Mexico on Monday ( a tweet on Tuesday mentioned them taking some tour `yesterday` so it had to be Monday ).

  • Oh my

    Uggh, here come the professional hatorade brigade, intelligent comments only please!

  • sneg

    Kate? Are you guys talking about Kate Winslet or someone else?

  • jessa

    @sneg: yah kate’s a common name but if it’s used sans last name it’s a given it’s kate winslet hen it’s next to leo’s name ;) *unashamed shipper!*

  • eh..


    so may I conclude that this eh trip was the last drop of patience and the Academie dumped this dumb modelizer?Average playboy was replaced by Gary Oldman.Great.

  • eh..

    Gary Leonard Oldman.I mean the Academie has a great sense of humour!

  • dom

    He’s starting to give me the heebie jeebies.


    EeeeH! This girl is crazy to be with him. Is’nt she like the 10th V.S. model he has banged?

  • XYZ

    Even if she’s not my favorite, I need to come to the conclusion that Blake was after all the brighest of all the girls he dated. Unlike the others who lost 5 of their young years hoping the jerk will offer them a future, Blake came up as the wise one who saw through him in less than 4 months of dating. Glad for her, she’s got all my respect. Yes, she took nude pictures of herself to show to her boyfriend of the time, but she did not pose in the nude for an international magazine photoshoot at the age of 18. Unlike Leo’s new flavour of the month, Blake have parents who guided her.

  • the psychics are here again!

    This was the same psychic who predicted the time frame for the leo/blake break-up
    my astro utopia @ 01/26/2012 at 5:21 pm +5

    Hi everyone!
    I’m back by popular demand and I’m here to shed some more light on Leo and his soulmate. You guys remember I correctly predicted the time frame for Blake Lively and Leo? Well, I have more stuff to share. First of all, this situation that he has with this current girl WILL RESOLVE itself no later than AUGUST of this year. August or EARLIER! You can mark that down on your calendars, I tell you no lies.
    Now, it is important to know that I’m not saying that they will break up in August. What I’m saying is that THEY CAN BREAK UP ANYTIME from now till August. August is just the deadline month.
    But I have even better news to tell you all. I know a lot of people have seemed to have lost faith in Leo, but have no worries because he’s going to surprise just about everyone including himself. The other great piece of news that I have to tell you is that he will be meeting his soulmate THIS YEAR. I’m not bluffing. The timeline for this is a little bit more expansive. The timeframe is two months. It will be from September to October. So no later than Sept. or Oct., Leo WILL be with his soulmate/twinsoul for sure. There is a great possibilty that it will happen way before the September/October deadline but at least you have something to work with.
    You also might be wondering where Leo will meet this girl, right? I’m seeing and sensing that he already knows her and she knows about him. I don’t see this as being in a dream sense but in a very real physical way like how you know your neighbor down the street but you’ve never really noticed them UNTIL NOW. Well UNTIL NOW has just arrived people. It’s a situation where what he’s looking for has been right in front of his face the whole time but he didn’t have the eyes to see her. Well, he will be getting “his eyes” in the coming months. She’s not a model and I not seeing someone thats famous either but she has always been in the back of his mind in a very weird way. He’s wondering if this is true? And he’s wondering if what he’s feeling is real. He has his fears and he has doubts but these doubts are of his mind and not his heart.. Everything will be coming to a head in the coming months, so you won’t have long to wait before you see that what I’m actually telling you will pan out that way.
    Now the last thing I will say before I leave is that when these two come together it will be like they’ve known each other for ages so things are going to move pretty darn fast for them. They’ve had many past lives before where they didnt get to be together but in this life it will finally happen and this is the year for all that. It is their destiny.
    In the overall scheme of things Leo and his sm are a small part of the much bigger changes that will be commencing shortly on this planet. Big changes are coming not only for Leo but for YOU reading this right now!! That’s it for now. When I have more to say I’ll be back. Later everyone, and be good to each other.

  • Creed

    he is retreating from his year of humilation.
    He is currently locked into the bathroom crying because of his Oscar snubbed.

  • CJLOVE23

    Lucky girl =(

  • Naomi

    Is she taller than him? In this case I don’t think she’d dare wearing high heels next to him.

  • brighteyes

    Mum, Lukas, and she prob has a friend with her too. This is not a romance. This is pretending to have a steady girlfriend to detract from his horrid reputation as an addict of sex and substances, and false rumours about his sexuality. All that is missing is Tobey’s kids.

  • brighteyes

    @the psychics are here again!:

    From your keyboard to God’s ears.

  • SS

    I think he never got over the Kate complex — that no one would ever live up to Kate Winslet, the woman he secretly loves. Titanic obviously destroyed his life in more than one way. And so this explains his femme-du-jour syndrome.

  • brighteyes


    Lalalalal I can’t hear you I can’t hear you I can’t hear you

    You’re right.damn it. He’s regressing. :(

  • @72

    LOL… the teenagers are back with their soul mate stuff. Omg…hahaha

  • 83

    Did you know that Geminis are known for being two-faced? Whatever you need to do, right????

  • eh..


    Kate Winslet is really cute and ok woman but seriously she looks pretty funny in Titanic with tall dicaprio!

  • eh..


    Yes she took nude pictures by herself that is why we must send Blake some respect.Probably it is dicaprio who shoot her naked and posted then for fun

  • eh..


    I suspect that she is a dumb crap herself. really

  • gray

    @the psychics are here again!: wow.. uhh… speechless! lol

  • Playboy

    Well … Here’s the new woman to hate. Who’s next?

  • fighter

    the classic story is starting for Leo & her blondie

  • eh


    dicaprio is a dumb isnt even a woman.

  • eh

    i have a disturbing and nervous feeling that this modelizer will die or someone close to him will die soon.too much ugly stuff he promotes on this tired earth

  • nin

    seriously, I prefer Blake lively to this girl! she was way hotter

  • Gee

    Hey Preach, thanks for agreeing with me, but after reading the pile of nonsense on here I think this is no place for normal sane people, only stupid, judgmental, unloved and ignorant people, so I suggest you and I find our Leo news elsewhere and let these morons fester in their hatred!

  • GIVE ONLY LOVE … Or shut it

    @eh: I bind YOU and your toxic thoughts and comments to have any affect on Leo and anyone close to him.

    All this negativity toward him & the ill wishing about him & an Oscar prob affected the outcome. Shame on you hate filled things.

  • eh

    I see his fans have no strong position at all and will support all his desperate bedfriends lke eh and others!SHAME ON U!

  • eh

    @GIVE ONLY LOVE … Or shut it:

    Dicaprio and Eh!SHAME ON U!

  • not pretty on the ropes either
  • how?

    Can someone tell me how can we have clear paparazzi photos of them on a zip line in Mexico given the fact that TMZ states the location is unknown? Probably the same way paps could find Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in a b&b somewhere off the map in Utah…

  • Kate Winslet

    This is my favourite photo of his beloved…Such a classy gf I must say!Such a stunning intelligence and beauty…OMG..

  • @98

    How about the one where she is sitting on the stairs in a dress, her legs widespread and smoking? It screams class as well…

  • haha

    @not pretty on the ropes either: Au contraire, she looks pretty ok here, did you read the last line? Leo’s Life is better than yours, hahaha how true!

  • eh..


    U really want to have some great minutes with someone like eh and u really think that ur life is better this way?

  • Vale

    I think Erin is beautiful and love the match with Leo…
    But… mother of God Leo lose those socks!

  • eh..


    OMG…Again ehs pr?!SHAME ON U!

  • eh..

    He has lost not only his socks – he has lost last respect for him and probably his last brain cell!

    By the way there is no Lukas with these desperate people