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Leo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Mexico Vacation!

Leo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Mexico Vacation!

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, model Erin Heatherton, grab their luggage from the back of a car while vacationing in Mexico on Wednesday (January 25).

The 37-year-old actor is auctioning off the chance for a winning bidder and guest to meet him at one of his upcoming film premieres, with VIP seats, and access to an exclusive after party.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Bidding on the experience, valued at $25,000, is open through February 8 at 100 percent of net proceeds will benefit Sean Penn‘s JP/HRO through the Cinema for Peace “Help Haiti Home” Online Auction.

15+ pictures inside of Leo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton‘s Mexico vacation…

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leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 01
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 02
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 03
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 04
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 05
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 06
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 07
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 08
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 09
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 10
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 11
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 12
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 13
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 14
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 15
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 16

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • lafamepoma

    always the same, blondes and very young, he’s tiring.

  • eh!

    very young and dumb but very mature for his issues

  • eh!

    These staged photos with old playboy who is PUBLICLY trying to remember his young years are very boring and disturbing at the same time

  • @haha

    According to you… How is not finding her pretty at all is a statement about my life?
    I may not be a rich movie star but I managed to grow up.

  • nin

    isn’t he bored by these young and blond girls? I guess finally he can’t have whoever he wants, he must not be very smart

  • @94

    OMG! She really started her career in the nude. Thanks for sharing this other naked photo of hers.

  • Zip line

    Leo was MIA for quite a while and now all of a sudden we have all these photos from Cabo? A sweet little trip with mom, Lukas and the new toy with clear shots of them arriving and on the zip line with a group photo in the end? How? How often do we see photos like these about the camera shy Leo? And they are not even brand new, they have to be from the beginning of the week.
    And yet all I can see is an aging movie star with his new toy. Nothing more. Boring and confusing.

  • OK

    So much for the camera shy actor.
    @107 – I agree.
    @94&106 – That’s her agency picture? I wonder what type of parents who guided her.

  • please

    @XYZ: so blake is classy bc of her nude cell pics while erin is not because she shoots for a high end fashion magazine such as VOGUE Italia? did you know one of the worlds most famous and well respected models of all time Cindy Crawford did le shock, PLayboy! mdoels and nude go together like PB&J. Lara Stone a very in demand high fashion model is nude in almost every Vogue Paris shoot she does. But its Vogue. Not Maxim/Penthouse. big difference between classy nudes and trashy ones. No Erin is not the first and last model to ever pose nude….lmao….

  • Zip line

    Neither Erin nor Blake is classy because of their nude photos. Blake was dumb to take them and not to erase them. Erin simply doesn`t have a nice body ( especially b**bs ) no matter how famous the photographer or the magazine is.

  • nina

    Love you Leo. Hope you get an OSCAR next season.

  • Zip line

    For the record I don’t think the photos are staged. I just don’t understand how come they could have surfaced days after it happened about this private guy. When he was in Sydney some of his friends visited him. There was a group photo of Leo, Lukas, Ethan… at some airport. Lukas posted it on his mobli account but it was removed very quickly. And this one with his mom and gf ended up on TMZ.

  • KS

    Dear Ted:
    What’s happening with King Schlong? We haven’t heard about him in a while…
    Dear Nice Try:
    Maybe that’s because he’s very depressed lately?

  • haha

    @please: You’re wasting your time here, these idiots are just hateful, half empty glass type of people, who can only find fun in putting down others, it makes them feel better about themselves.

  • hmmm..

    Wonder how long this one will last? lol

  • GeeWhiz

    Leo should hook up with Claire Danes. Everyone goes on about Leo/Kate but if you go back in time and read the articles/interviews, it’s Leo and CLAIRE that the rumors were all about. The chemistry you see in R&J is for real. I think down the years both of have admitted there were some serious feelings there but they were far too young and immature to make anything out of it. Claire’s the girl, imo.

  • Dasha

    Well…another tall blond model, he sure as hell has a type, not the right one though…
    Anyway, lovely white socks Leo LOL

  • jaded

    It’s always the same old, same old. If the girls he’s dated with the excexption of Giselle — got together — they would have to wear name tags –interchangeable. Don’t get his appeal…completelly, unattractive and aging horrible, plus I think he is overrated as an actor. Take away the Hollywood facade — he’s an aging dud wearing white socks. I guess that’s why he always goes for these young VS models…these girls with the exception of a few are not very bright.

  • eh


    They themselves are putting them down!We only are very depressed by this fact!

  • eh


    Look at eh great naked pics!It is we who decided to make a queen of porno from farm girl?No.It was her personal decision!

  • eh

    Oh no…Haas is also was with them.Kind guy but seems to have a weak personality.

  • eh

    Leo mum is cool … but his family is not classy or very intelligent kind of family I mean.So DiCaprio chooses the girls according to his family.

  • Cath

    Holy shit the white socks…

  • eh


    He must act great for getting even a nomination.The problem is he cant act really GREAT.Old enough spoiled enough etc

  • iheartcomments

    Co-sign on the Claire Danes match! She’s happily married now though, to Hugh Dancy.

    But I get the feeling he had a huge crush on her and she thought he was immature. If you read the Entertainmnet Weekly article about them…that’s what the writer’s take was on them and he wrote antedotes to support it.

    I would also love to see him with Kate W, just to see smiley pics of them together all the time.

  • FrG

    Damn so he’s really dating her or he is still with her…
    THAT SUCKS… She’s damn to young for him…

  • eh


    Now he is immature more than ever!

  • No nomination

    At least he smiles.

  • rena

    back to looking more like a chaperone than a boyfriend

  • @No nomination

    Where, my dear, do you see him smiling.

    If you consider THAT a smile, then I sure as hell don’t want to piss you off.

  • No nomination

    if you look at some others pics, you can see him smiling

  • iheartcomments

    My take on Oscar & ‘girlfriends’:
    I don’t think dating young girls is what is getting in the way. George Clooney does the same and they throw awards at him all the time. George also has 10 years on Leo but if he were Leo’s age, he would probably be dating 20 year olds too. Same with Jack Nicholson, and Warren Beatty was an admitted manwhore who got an Oscar long before Annette Benning came along. I think that Leo is more talented than Brad and George put together but if you look at the latter careers, they take more artistic risks and jump around many genre’s.
    Interviewers always say that Leo takes risks, but it’s a business risk. He’s an A list matinee who only does drama’s. Artistically, he does the same things, drama’s with tortured leads. It’s monotonous now. I think he has to surprise the Academy (and fans) to get that award. ( I know people argue that every role he’s done is different, but on a deeper level, it’s not, and critics have been taking note of it, some saying that he phoned in his performance in INCEPTION). That’s why fans are like ‘when is he gonna do a comedy’? They want him to mix it up. I think playing a villain is a great idea, especially if he has fun with it. I haven’t read the DJANGO UNCHAINED script, but hopefully it will be something really different from what we, and the voters, are used to seeing.
    I think there’s a little bit of envy too, not due to the girls because most Hollywood guys can get a 20 year old, but because how he has crafted his career from pretty boy to serious actor who can greenlight drama’s. All the young pretty boys look up to him as a role model and the older guys (Alec baldwin, Ethan Hawke and Randy Quaid have commented about this publicly) wish they had somehow turned their hearthrob status into a meaty career that they had more control of. In that way, Leo has been really smart and lucky! Yes, there is some intelligence there. He knows that the script and director determines a quality movie. I admire that he wants to make quality movies, but he is now in a rut. JMO
    I used to think the longterm girlfriends were to get the Academy to think he was serious in his personal life, but most Academy members are in Hollywood and know he cheats on the girls. I think it’s for middle America and fans who like to think he’s Jack Dawson. It’s getting harder for him to keep that up now though.
    The serious dramas/emotionally epic films and the trophy girlfriends make me think that he has an inferority complex. He doesn’t really believe in himself? Once he does, the Oscar will fall into his lap, and same with a more appropriate woman. Sorry for the book!
    Also, not to pick a fight, but some of you are acting like he’s dating Casey Anthony or something! I said this with Blake- I just think some fans are disappointed and frustrated with his choices and are taking it out on his latest conquest. Yes, it’s creepy and depressing, but why attack the clueless girl? Most models pose in the nude, including the high and mighty Gisele, and the 90′s (real) supermodels. I just don’t feel right attacking someone who is obviously not bright, and someone else who is obviously lost. I’m done!

  • quid pro quo


    I heart ! So glad to hear from you. Long time no post.

    A coupla things.

    To the psychic- I would love to think so, really I would but I kind of dont believe there will be emotional movement or change from this person for quite a while. A big upheaval, like a health or career crisis might change him. Until then, we’ve got bimbots, release 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, (Blake) etc.

    I agree with the August deadline, but that depresses me because that means we’ve got months with this girl. I’d rather they broke up right now, but I think they’ll have months of codependent “it would be just so perfect if you changed….” or “it was so great at the beginning, how do we get it back?”

    They do look miserable in the pix, sorry, but blow them up and see.

    Iheart- Agreed. Also as someone has pointed out, AMPAS is tired of the same old thing from him. Always good, never great.

    The Casablancas post is interesting. I dont think he has inside info really…more just a guess but I would think Leo’s royally pissed and frustrated right now…will take it out on the people who have the least power over him….the EH. (as in ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.)

    I bet he is a bitch to deal with right now. Men displace their emotions and find other “reasons” to vent their unhappiness or displeasure because they are not allowed to admit being sad or disappointed over other things.

    According to LSA, Leo sulked and isolated for like 2 months after the Aviator didnt win…we’ll see what happens. Also, he was told by his PR team to keep to white chicks for his core audience…dont they realize that core audience is now in its 30s and the bimbos are alienating them?

    I wasnt a Titanic era fan, but its starting to label him as a jerk, the one guy whom we all “loved” but who was always out of reach, never what we really wanted and gave us the classic “bad relationship” before we found real partners. That’s what the young girls dont realize ! As Lainey said, that’s why she’s 22—she doesnt know the diff yet and has obvious self esteem issues or she wouldnt be anorexic.

  • Bruins25

    I NEVER ever post on websites but I feel really badly that Leo is getting dumped on so much! I most certainly don’t know him personally but I have a feeling he’s not a bad guy. I’ve been a Leo fan since I was 15, and ya I think it’s a bummer that he dates young hot models (I’m jealous I’ll be honest!), but he’s not doing anything wrong. From a fan’s standpoint I would like to see him settle down, get married, and have kids but I don’t think he cares what we want haha. And rightfully so. He said himself once that he may never get married-so he was honest about it. Maybe he’s torn-he wants the option of getting married but he dates younger girls that don’t pose a real threat of wanting him to settle down, in case he really doesn’t. It’s not like he’s making life tough for this Heather girl and stealing her away from her youth, family, and friends. Geez they’re just enjoying life and having experiences. Okay I’m done!

  • @iheartcomments

    I agree with a lot of things you said. Especially about his roles. Very one note and in spite of the great performances he is getting boring playing so similar roles. Almost as interchangeable as his girlfriends.
    I disagree about Clooney. They are similar but not the same. Clooney was upfront about his love life. He was married and didn`t want to do it again. Also when he is with someone ( basically all the time ) he steps out with them, walks red carpets…etc. Leo? Maybe he wants to get married, maybe not, then recently said it can happen and wants a woman like his mother. But he is after these young girls that suggests he doesn`t want commitment and even in a 5 years relationship he has issues stepping out with his girlfriends. Not really the same.
    I liked a comment from a different site that said he takes himself so seriously as an actor but he dates this young blonde things all the time. He is so different in his professional and private life. I bet that is noted as well.
    I also agree that it`s not worth bashing Erin. Either she is too naive to realize who she is dating or she doesn`t care. I don`t like her or hate her and but I don`t really have respect for her for being the next young thing next to Leo. She is in the fashion industry for a while so she should know better what`s good for her and her career. Trashing her is not going to change the way Leo dates.

  • Cammie

    I don’t care for Blake Lively but she has a better body then this stick thin girl…’

    This girl looks so bland….

    and she smokes

  • Sloane
  • Cammie

    Erin probably doesn’t care this is good PR for her..her PR is jumping for Joy…

  • @Cammie

    Sorry but I have a hard time believing this is such a good thing for her. Leo has quite a reputation and I honestly doubt it`s such a huge thing to be his next young thing. She gets attention for being his girl but Leo`s love life if so repetitive and predictable by now that it`s just boring. Another young blonde underwear model. Yawn. I seriously don`t think she is so respected or admired for this. But that`s me.

  • @Cammie

    Also it`s sad that dating a well known modelizer is what makes her and her PR team happy. Maybe a couple of years ago it was different but by now she is just one in the line.

  • Cammie

    People might not respected her, but she will get more media attention, for some models that’s enough…Look at Cristiano and Irina Shayk…

    That’s why one of the major reason these under 25 underwear models keep dating him and his money…

    It’s a Fembot assembly Line.

  • @Cammie

    I agree about that. But this scenario with Leo is just getting so boring and I think that applies to his girlfriends as well. Also Irina is not dating a serial modelizer. A little difference. We will see. Jared already had a post on her and so far she was mentioned here mainly in other VS models’ threads.

  • sos

    Well no signs of the apocalypse here it’s business as
    I’ve always liked Claire too as well as Kate.I actually got my hair cut like Claire’s mod squad character.I haven’t really read that much on his R&J days. So I didn’t know that about him and Claire only what I saw on screen.
    @iheartcomments:Great comment!
    I’m think he def needs to take chances in his films.He should do that in his love life as well.It’s too

    On the new photos the group shots def look like an ad for a tourist spot.Also see he is still not standing by the GF.

  • mememememe

    She is cute, but I think Bar and Blake were his best ever. Gisele looks like a man, and this one is just cute. Bar and Blake carry some serious sex appeal

  • Sloane

    I agree that Bar was the sexiest ever, especially when she was 20-21, but Gisele is a Goddess!

    This girl isn’t even cute. She’s a Plain Jane.

  • Preach

    Great to see you! Well read you. Could you pls have a look at the earlier Leo post, the Golden Globe one, some interesting observations were made underneath all the dredge and bitchfest, and give your opinion. Pls
    See, there ARE some cool Leo posters from time to time, oldies like iheart they just tend to dissappear and for the same reasons as you and I!!!!!!
    I need to ask why should ‘he mix it up’ in grilfriend choies to please bloggers/’fans’, we’re all attracted to what we are attratced to, a type. He likes blondes like many many guys I know. Leo isn’t particularly weird like that or out of the ordinary
    Is it better he gets married b4 he’s ready to commit and cheat like everyone does in HW and sports world just so y’all an say ‘Aaaah, he’s married’! Even if its not a real marriage
    And I dunno why everyone keeps referencing Kate Winslet like she’s Angel Gabriel, her personal life is considered a train wreck! Why the double standards? They’re not Jack and Rose, they just played it onscreen.

  • Cammie

    Irina is dating a guy who is a know cheater and accused of being with hookers….dates sleazy, nude models..etc..

    Also he has a kid with a hidden babymama…

    I like Cris but he is no Angel..

    And Irina AKA Jokersmile…isn’t sweet either

    Basically..I don’t think Erin cares, long as she gets attention and media and she probably doesn’t want to marry him either…

    It’s all Use and More Use..

    but Leo is looking creepier by the minute, it makes he looks older with these look alike nobody models

  • In the Know

    In person LEO talks very SLOW… his Speech is very SLOW. – Nobody would ever guess this becuase Hollyweird does its Job of keeping Hush about it. – LEO is well versed in his subject matters when it comes to his PR and when Promoting a Film. – Maybe the Studio knows how to treat a “special needs” individual in order to PROMOTE a studio Film — I do get it that Men Keep their Guy friends, or Long time “Pals” around forever.. Far many years than any Blonde Bimbo. – This has nothing to do w/ Leo having a certain Type. – Must be the mere FACT when it comes to making small TALK, Leo CANT speak a single Sentence and requires his Mom or Lucas for Guidance. — So, This Maybe the Real reason his PR team continually Sets Leo up with Many VS models. – This and the FACT, that VS models are infront of the public eye in their catalogs sent to consumers homes. – Not really a big deal. – But to Condsider Erin HeatherTON – getting more Jobs in the future… She Might NOT… cause many Women, irregardless, if they are Blonde, Brunette, or Black women at this rate, might not be persuaded to HELP and Assist LEO & his PR Team promote Fluff. – ” Leo’s Type”. – I for one am Short, Brunette, in my 30′s. – I’m in L.A., and I do Not talk SLOW like LEO does in Real Life… “Safe routine is Highly regarded here in the city of L.A.”

  • @Cammie

    Agreed. I admit I don`t know much about Irina and that guy. His hair creeps me out and Irina… something weird about her.
    I totally agree with the rest of the comments. Clearly Erin doesn`t care whatever people think since she is in it already. Let`s see where it goes for her and for them. Summer at best?

  • @135

    I am not a fan of Gisele, but I don’t think sha has ever done a photoshoot with full topless nude pictures. She has agreed to do degrading photos with Lachapelle, but never a total topless nudity. This one has appeared topless on a magazine cover at the age of 18. That’s different. Yes, she is certainly naive, but she is also stupid. And it only takes a stupid man to date stupid girls.