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Leo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Mexico Vacation!

Leo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Mexico Vacation!

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, model Erin Heatherton, grab their luggage from the back of a car while vacationing in Mexico on Wednesday (January 25).

The 37-year-old actor is auctioning off the chance for a winning bidder and guest to meet him at one of his upcoming film premieres, with VIP seats, and access to an exclusive after party.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Bidding on the experience, valued at $25,000, is open through February 8 at 100 percent of net proceeds will benefit Sean Penn‘s JP/HRO through the Cinema for Peace “Help Haiti Home” Online Auction.

15+ pictures inside of Leo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton‘s Mexico vacation…

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leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 01
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 02
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 03
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 04
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 05
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 06
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 07
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 08
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 09
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 10
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 11
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 12
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 13
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 14
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 15
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 16

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Ho Wear

    @me: Leo seemed happiest with Bar? Are you on c r ack?!?!

  • bella

    Bar looked happy with Leo and was cheerful which looks good to the public. Leo was suffering in a corner, many couples are like that, I think it’s good he got out of it.

  • the sm returns…

    I think that he was never really happy, whether it is with Gisele, Bar, Blake and Erin, he was the happiest with the young woman who shared his life at the time of the triumph of Titanic. The success wasted his happiness…

  • @me

    The Barfreaks and their lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Leo looked ‘happiest with Bar’ even, Leo’s German fans wondered why he was still with her cos he always looked so miserable. And if he was so happy with her, why not marry her ‘after long five years’ as you say. BS

  • Sloane

    @the sm returns…:
    Yes! It was Kristen Zang. They were such a beautiful couple. I also thought that he was perfect with Laetitia Casta, when they briefly dated in the late ’90s.
    It seems like he doesn’t trust women anymore. They’re just around for sex, not to confide in, or have a real relationship with.

  • bella

    Just how perfect he was with them all we can see today. Erin looks nice, not perfect. Who knows what’s going on in his mind.

  • Eh


    At least Hoover didnt look too much artificial while he became a giant discolored toad.

  • Eh

    When he became a toad I mean.

    As too eh she looks like possible and very perfect Hoover’s granddaughter,little naked frog.

  • Eh


    There is a lot of great girls and they look really great but Leo’s fate can compliment his inner toad only the way we see now

  • Eh

    Why he can buy only such a cheap and pretty tasteless jewels for his mom?Eh is always in the same grey singlet with some protruding cheap bra for outsiders eyes.What a cheap technique!Like the clothes in VS shop.

  • Eh

    He cannot buy i mean… even great jewels for his mother he cannot buy! I am sorry he cannot buy great jewels for his mother like PERFECT greedy&stupid toad.

  • Love you leo

    Love to hear from SM reporter.

    So is Leo still in Mexico or now in Sydney? Confusing reports. Guess he definitely wont be going to the SAG awards

  • to eh

    @Love you leo: you don’t have a life??

  • to eh

    @Eh: sorry that question was to Eh who seems to be on here 24/7…again…you don’t have a life?!?!

  • quid pro quo

    @the sm returns…: @the sm returns…:

    This has long been my fantasy…but I get so discouraged.

    I would prefer they BREAK-UP THIS WEEK instead. I’m glad he went to Australia, its interesting how he dumped the SAGs…gave up on it completely.

    Leo, we love you, real love will come in a meaningful way as well as
    professional success. It’s coming, I think so too. But this girl isnt real love….its more hanggliding on your rep. She’s not as bad as some, but its not great passionate love. That’s obvious to all.

  • quid pro quo

    @bella: Filler.

  • Love you leo

    I’m just ignoring the negativity on these feeds.

    Watching the Sags. I really need to see the Artist, it wins everything and again Leo didn’t win. So yeah I guess he is in Australia for re-shoots. Who knows. Before long he’llb e back in Mexico with her. He’ll figure it out one of these days. SM news is interesting stuff though

  • quid pro quo

    It’s interesting he ditched the SAGs and went straight to Australia- he wants an Oscar so bad he’s back at work on Gatsby already which is his next chance. Well, I hope next year you get it Leo.

    Provided MISS THING 2012 bites the dust long before.

    Get it ??? OK. It will happen anyway.

    I dont feel like casting spells for a break-up that seems inappropriate, but I would feel a lot better if this was OVA. Then again how many dumb blonde models under 25 are there? And it has to be a model for status sake. Anyone who’s just AMATEUR beautiful is not enough–she has to have status for him.

    Doesnt EH look like a MELTED Heather Graham? Its like her eyes go down on the side and she could use a browlift and a facelift for her chipmunk cheeks. Not that she isnt pretty,,,just not Grace Kelly above the neck you know?

    The dress is hideous.

    Ted C. says Leo is “very depressed” right now…guess he gave it all for his career…but he’s not getting where he wants and he has no family or real woman…..and hence no real prospects of one.

  • quid pro quo

    I wonder if he”s in Australia he’ll go back to the full scale hoing like he was? I can only hope. I mean she’s willing to go to Oz for him…but lets hope he wants to take up where he left off last time without here.

    Sorry Erin, WE DONT LIKE YOU.

  • Love you leo

    But is it certain that Ted is talking about Leo as King ***?

  • @220

    Not every clue fits Leo. Also Ted tries to sound so `in the know` but with his latest article about this trip to Mexico I think he proved otherwise. All he had as source were stories from gossip sites and comments that pointed it out were removed.

  • quid pro quo

    @Love you leo:
    It’s pretty much an accepted fact that King Schlong = Leo. No one doubts it. The question is, how much does Ted C know for real? Probably not much but these guys are supposed to “source” their comments. And Lukas Haas is known for spilling tea on Leo…well, who knows. But its sure that IS WHO HE MEANS….in any case. I’ve read all the King Schlong posts, its Leo, they all fit…. he’s depressed because he gets that way after he doesnt win an award he wants. The one before that was about him being friends with Bradley Cooper. No one believes the gay rumors from Ted though…Leo might be a little bi in the past no one believes he is a as gay as Ted wants him to be.

    and the thing is, even if he does have some sugar in the tank, most of us just dont care. I dont buy the Leo-Lukas rumors either.

    ERIN GO AWAY. I wish I had BITCH AWAY spray for her.

  • quid pro quo

    she’s cute and hasnt done anything that bad yet….I just want her gone. She doesnt belong with a 37 year old man, sorry. He looks fat and old with man boobs in the zip-line post.

    Baby needs PILATES and a NEW WOMAN who’s not anorexic.

    It would have been funny if he won at SAG but wasnt there. It was the Bechir guy–Armie Hammer (who’s adorable and from a very upper class background….grandpa was an important CEO of something) didnt win either. But least he got nominated ! So did my boy Jonah Hill whom I have a “personality” crush on…he has a great one…but his success will probably ruin it. That and the fact he lost so much weight.

  • quid pro quo

    @Ho Wear: He looked bored beyond endurance most of the time with her. Like he was tolerating, not really enjoying. She was a tag along, a convenience, not someone he was really crazy with.

    Same thing with this one. He likes her sure, she’s his type, she’s cute. But I just dont see wild passion do you? Especially in the group photo.
    You can tell a lot by reading pictures….EH is hugging his Mom, not Leo, and he’s hugging a stranger. A couple mad for each other would have to have their arms around each other. Then again, you ahve to wonder how these pictures broke…makes me think his PR team wanted em….the hotel / resort cant really use them without his permission….well maybe in an editorial sense, not promotional. Wonder how they got here. I know its a “souvenir” photo thing- I used to work at one a long time ago myself…but how did get to the wire??

  • quid pro quo

    I thought Hoover looked like a CONSTIPATED toad, not discolored. He was WEIRD looking. But Clyde loved him ! ;)

  • the real me

    @me: lease dont use other peoples names!

  • the real me

    @the real me: sorry, please!

  • Tigerseye

    Looks as though we have to wait this out guys, but its not a long wait. He’s already over it and she’s just doing what she’s told. Dont be surprised if this fades away before his time is spent on gatsby. I truly think leo is in retrospect at the moment. He’s not interested in anything but getting work done, hope the oscar snub humbles him up a bit. Im starting to think that he almost sabbotaged his chance on purpose, because when you think about, it if there is nothing to strive for, wheres the reward? perpetually ambitious leo’s thirst aint quenched yet, in all aspects of his life. Lets hope theres more ambition in his personal life also. Run of the mill films…run of the mill girls. I hope this man finds a great story to tell and can transcend that same motivation for quality into relationships too, plutonic and romantic. Good luck leo my love/hate object of affection and disdain…he needs a helluva lota luck :)

  • @224

    You can find many of these group photos on Cabo’s Wild canyon website. All group who do the rides have their pictures taken. Just google it, and you’ll see hundreds of people who have done it. It has nothing to do with DiCaprio’s PR or anyone’s PR. They people working at Cabo simply share the photos with everyone.
    Besides, it’s not the first time the actor is seen at the park. He has gone there previously with Bar, Alex and Emily. Remember, DiCaprio has spent the last 5 or 6 New Year’s Eves in Cabo with Bar and friends Take a look at some photos here, you’ll see him and the lady you see from the back in the corner down on right is Emily Daniels Mace.

  • Wild Canyon

    Wild Canyon Park takes pictures of all groups of visitors. Whether they’re famous or not.

  • @229

    And yet this is the first time ALL those photos ended up on TMZ. What’s your theory on that?

  • @230

    And does Wild Canyon Park give them to TMZ like in this case?
    Leo is back to Sydney and already out with his entourage including … wait for it …. MODELS! Who would have seen it coming?

  • quid pro quo

    @@230: Oh, I hope she’s having a shit fit about this one. Deserves it. Quid pro quo ! Entrouage of 35 including models?? ha ! I am sorry to be so nasty but I want this relaysh totalled SOON. Its not against Erin, its just WRONG.

  • 234…

    Jared – I’m trying to thumb down some of the negative comments, but the cursor goes flat over them, even if you haven’t voted yet. Can we all have access to every poster’s comments to make this a little bit more fair? I think Erin is really getting the “shaft” when it comes to this site. Can we have, at least, that level of organizational transparency? It will create more trust with your audience. Bring around dif people maybe.

  • @234

    It worked for me…

  • bella

    Wow, since when does Leonardo’s girlfriend get any backup from audiences? I thought his girls were always just there to be burned down.
    I’m sure Hoover might have been CONSTIPATED once in a while, but he apparently also had a lot of African blood, hence the DISCOLORED, perhaps.

  • @232

    LOL! Leo DiCaprio the Forever Modelizer. He just can’t change his good ol’ habits, can he. LOL!

  • LOL

    From Camilli’s column:
    “It’s been a whole month, and Leonardo DiCaprio is still dating Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton. In fact, they are on vacation in Mexico right now. Leo has had reasonably long-running attachments to Blake Lively, Gisele Bundchen and Bar Refaeli, but recently, he has been a one-woman man, only in the sense of “one woman a week” – dating a long string of models, several of them Australian. I wonder if these women leave him when he tells them the same thing he told the Daily Express, in England, the other day: “My mother is the centre of my life. To have a woman like that in your life, who is strong, who’ll be honest with you about who you are, that’s something I treasure. And it’s something I look for in a woman.” Hmm: “who’ll be honest with you about who you are.” I can see her now: wrinkled, clear-eyed, maternal, plain-spoken: “Leo, my son, I love you but you’re a sleazeball horndog.” Irmelin DiCaprio is 68. Leo is 37.”

  • #239

    Just read an article where it mentions that Leo is going out with toddler Erin Heatherton. They describe what she’s wearing on the pictures as a hospital gown…! True that this type floral dress is not that pretty at all.

  • quid pro quo

    @234…: What do you, work for her? I mean, wouldnt be the first time. Why bother thumbing down comments? We really care if JJ is “organizationally transparent?”Truth is, it ISNT. People who PAY for posts like Team Refaeli get more access. If you arent able to thumb down like the rest of us, maybe you’re blocking cookies or have some weird security setting. Or try sending in a check to JJ, then you will get all the edits you want. (DUH)

    But rest assured, ALL OF LEO’s “GIRLS” GET THE HATERADE HERE. She is no exception. She gets the trips, the guy, the gifts, the exposure, whatever, and we get to say she’s a no talent almost-hooker chipmunk cheeked hosebag. Get it? That is what keeps JJ
    “transparent”- one vote per person, unless you want to back browser and cheat. Its a pain the azz but can be done, I refuse to waste the time doing it.

    Heatherton is going to get PILLORIED here. I mean to do some of the strapping myself. This is part of the package of being a Leo model-he’s only with them because of HAIR COLOR and OCCUPATION for chrissakes… so they get what is coming to them here.Sorry, its just true, and it is more Leo than her.

  • quid pro quo

    @#239: I just dont get it. Doesnt she at least get free swag from VS? Some of their stuff is pretty, that dress is a schmatta.

  • quid pro quo

    @234…: I just thumbed you down so apparently its working for me.

    It will create more trust with your audience. Bring around dif people maybe.

    You’re kidding right? If you bring more people they will hate her even more. Celebrities dont realize people dont really “like” them-there is a fair amount of resentment and “ha-ha” at their expense.

    This little blog aint hurting Erin’s bottom line. Its just true personal opinions that are uncomfortable to her. So what ! She gets the paycheck, we get the payback.

    Too DAMN bad.

  • quid pro quo

    “Leo, my son, I love you but you’re a sleazeball horndog.” Irmelin DiCaprio is 68. Leo is 37.”

    No shit. She should say it, but she’s on his payroll. She doesnt have to do a damn thing but be his mom.

  • raven

    Hi lovely Tigerseye!

  • me

    @quid pro quo: You are a sad, sad old lady if you get pleasure out of putting other women down. what has happened to you in your life that has made you so bitter?

  • Tigerseye

    Hey gorgeous raven xox leo is in my terrain now do you guys want me to slap him or hug him take ya pick, best yet i do both. What a charming tool he is haha chat soon love to all

  • quid pro quo

    @me: I dont put down other “women” – I admire them and affirm them. Stupid pieces of shit like Bar Refaeli and questionable pieces of crap like Erin Huffington who have done nothing of worth their whole entire lives and think being a “male fantasy” is enough are open game. Sorry! They are girls and pieces of fluff, not anyone I admire or like. And Bar-bar’s all by her lonesome now, isnt she ?

    Look at how gorgeous Angelina is up there ! She’s more beautiful than ANY of Leo’s bitches and has a life. And the other best looking man in Hollywood! And Miranda…she’s legitmately very pretty. She finished college BEFORE modeling and at least she IS easy on the eyes, not a plastic surgery ugly construct like Bar or Blake or an anorexic zombie like Erin.

    Love the new “neo-feminist” tact bar/adi. How cute. Too bad you dont understand any of the underpinnnings.

  • quid pro quo

    @me: cry me a damn river!


    That all you got?


    You think this bitch is a “woman!” But that’s ok she’s about to go through the Leo Dicaprio bitch wringer and learn a thing or two about the crying game!

  • quid pro quo

    oh yeah, I’m a mean bitter old lady spinster mental patient need to take my meds…..the problem is I’m also

    RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTTTTTTTTT and you dont like it. I’m sorry life isnt the bunch of fairy tale hoo-ha you want it to be. Sorry to disappoint you all ! Go ahead and back browser a few times and thumb me down, I know what is up! No one really posting would bother, I know what’s up ! !!

  • Skippy

    @quid pro quo: I skipped all your post you rambling jackas-s.