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Leo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Mexico Vacation!

Leo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Mexico Vacation!

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, model Erin Heatherton, grab their luggage from the back of a car while vacationing in Mexico on Wednesday (January 25).

The 37-year-old actor is auctioning off the chance for a winning bidder and guest to meet him at one of his upcoming film premieres, with VIP seats, and access to an exclusive after party.

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Bidding on the experience, valued at $25,000, is open through February 8 at 100 percent of net proceeds will benefit Sean Penn‘s JP/HRO through the Cinema for Peace “Help Haiti Home” Online Auction.

15+ pictures inside of Leo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton‘s Mexico vacation…

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leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 01
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 02
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 03
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 04
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 05
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 06
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 07
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 08
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 09
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 10
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 11
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 12
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 13
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 14
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 15
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 16

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402 Responses to “Leo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Mexico Vacation!”

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  1. 151
    @ In the know Says:

    Sorry but your comment doesn’t make much sense. He speaks slow and he is ‘special needs’ now? Come on! There was a video of him with Bar, Q-Tip and some others in Miami. You couldn’t hear what he was saying but just by looking at him you could see that he speaks at normal speed.

  2. 152
    Carolina Says:

    @jg: thatf’s funy and true

  3. 153
    In the know Says:

    then Please do yourself a favor and Upload THAT Video. – He is Slow in speech because, I caught him / overheard Leo DiCaprio speaking in Public to his best of friends “lucas” and both times, he is SLOW while delivering dialog. – Especially around women. Maybe one of the Contract issues the VS models have to keep hush about. ;) – Have a good weekend…… thanks for replying.

  4. 154
    whatever! Says:

    @Charlie – If your a rich and famous man it’s easy to pick up women half your age – Leonardo DiCatchaho is no different

  5. 155
    @ In the know Says:

    I’mnot buying it at all. You ‘caught’ him? LOL And slow speaking means special need? I have seen videos of him speaking in private and never noticed your issue. Plus it’s hard to believe that someone is able to speak normal only in certain situations. Also Bar and Lively aren’t VS models. Not buying your story! Have a good one!

  6. 156
    23 Says:

    omg !!!!!
    This is getting really pathetic!
    I wonder when he introduced her to his mother.
    Leo is so immature! Is the reason he’s dating her because she is young and still do not want to start a family. When she reaches that age she realizes that she wants a family and children so we’ll see “Leo and Erin parted”

    He really pisses me off !!!!!! I feel like giving him a shoe at the top to stay straight, dummy!

  7. 157
    LOL Says:

    Love has no age
    Said pedophile (:

    Leo, the role of the “do not want to grow up” already belongs to Peter Pan (:
    Sorry I failed you

  8. 158
    In the Know Says:

    Well, my information is TRUE and FREE… I know what I’ve seen…. I’m not LYING… – Maybe Leo is a wuss in front of regular people / women.– have a Good 1.

  9. 159
    @ In the know Says:

    Sure. I’m still not buying the free and ‘true’ info. If he can manage himself in front of the cameras I bet he can do it while talking to his friends. NOT BUYING IT! Also when he was younger he talked to the paparazzi ( not under studio control ) and he spoke perfectly normal. But whatever you say! :)

  10. 160
    In the Know Says:

    Must’ve been the BEAUTY of ME that startled Leo or whatever… at times, Leo does talk Slow. — better still, I’m Not Lying. – Finish your Mexico vacay with class Leo :)

  11. 161
    iheartcomments Says:

    @ Preach
    Could you clue me in as to what those ‘insights’ were regarding? I’m probably not going to go back. Was it about his career, girlfriend(s), or state of mind?
    Re: gisele
    she posed full monty where you can see everything and she was much younger in the pics. Not vulgar though. The pics were auctioned off at Christie’s (either the year she got married or right before she had her baby). She also auctioned off jewelry that Leo allegedly gave her at the same auction.
    @in the know
    maybe he was drunk? I heard he gets really wasted at private parties.

  12. 162
    sara Says:

    Now his choice in woman is just bordering on GROSS! I wonder if people would flinch if he dated a 17 yr old. The guy is like a pedophile. What does a 37 yr old and a 21 yr old have in common? Oh, my bad, SEX!

    He doesn’t like relationships with woman remotely close to his age because he might have to #1 think #2 speak #3 connect.

  13. 163
    eh Says:

    Eh is really disturbing signal from him.Too much plain and whorish looking for her age.She is not Cindy Crawford for nude art or someone really interesting to give a pleasure for eyes

  14. 164
    @eh #163 Says:

    He has never introduced other girls than models to his mom. How can she judge what’s good for him or not. She has never met women of substance in his company. So any skinny tall blondes who are willing to act as an escort to her son and accepts to disappear when it comes to walk red carpets are good for her.

  15. 165
    raven Says:

    Hi I heart!!

  16. 166
    groundcontrol Says:

    Why am I beginning to feel sorry for this guy? He seems lost.

  17. 167
    i Says:

    ok… another blond model.. again. He will never be happy if he choose a girlfriend by her looks! Can´t he be happy for example with a short brunette? He could try to date someone whos not a model for once. He is really making me sad, even though I really dont even like him. He makes me feel ugly.

  18. 168
    ööö Says:

    I think he doesnt really care about how the girl looks (erin is boring) the only thing that matters to him is that she HAS to be modelling. HAhahahahahaa :D Pathetic.

  19. 169
    Elena Says:

    37 is not old by any means, and Leo still looks at least 5 years younger than that, but I think dating women who are so much younger than him ages him, you know what I mean? Like if he were dating a girl who was even in her mid-twenties or something instead of young twenties it would be a lot less jarring and creepy. I think the people calling him a pedophile are taking it a little too far, but I mean really, Leo was 15 years old when this girl WAS BORN. Honestly I have no problem with May-December relationships but it gets to a point where you’re like what the hell do they even talk about?

    And I’ve seen some people say “oh well he has a certain type he likes just like everyone”. Well that’s true, everybody does have a certain type they’re attracted to, but I think what leaves a lot of people with a sour taste in their mouth is that he NEVER deviates from that very specific type. I mean I tend to be attracted to guys with dark hair and light eyes, but I wouldn’t ONLY date someone who looked like that because hello, personality is the only thing that really matters! So I think people are so turned off by the way Leo operates because it seems like he could give two sh*ts about what these girls are actually like, he just wants a life-sized barbie to mess around with.

    But really who gives a sh*t, just another girl coming through the revolving door. It’s like watching a different remake of the same movie every time, at some point it’s just like jesus this is boring. And where have all the psychics gone, they’re half the reason I got into JJ in the first place!

  20. 170
    SAG no show Says:

    Leo is not going to the SAG awards even though he is nominated. He went back to Sydney to finish Gatsby. But before he had a public-private trip with mom and the new girl.

  21. 171
    Preach Says:

    To be fair, Blake and Erin are the first American girls he’s dated in a while. I always found it weird like Tinkerbell used to say, this desire he had for accents (Mummy Complex?) and girls who could not likely share his taste/history in music, cultue etc
    Gisele spoke English like an Italian truck driver for a good 6 years. And listening to Bar in interviews is a lesson in vapidity! Honestly.
    I honestly wondered WTF does he talk to them about? Till you realise he’s not with them for conversation.
    Blake was LA born and bred and like him collects Art. Erin is a basketball and hip-hop fan like him so at least with the last two I can see SOMETHING in shared interests. Yes, its not much but the little things like that do add up.
    My question, as some posters have said is why/how are we getting these clear pictures of Leo. I don’t recollect ever seeing pics of him like this arriving in Cabo. By the pool yes, disembarking from the car? No. And I don’t get the sanctioned Cabo zip-line pictures either. Maybe giving a morsel to the press before he dissappeared for Australia, never to be seen till March? Playing *** for tat with Blake in New Orleans? Who knows????????

  22. 172
    Jessie84 Says:

    @Elena: Elena u said perfectly…it is becoming more and more jarring and its starting to be just straight up gross..what is it wit these men and their silly vapid models..

  23. 173
    haha Says:

    @@haha: Who are you? nobody mentioned you honey

  24. 174
    Lone Wolf Says:

    Hi, iheart, nice to see you here. Very well said. I agree he should take more risky roles like very bad guy or poor man something like that. And I think his acting is also a bit superficial. But he did have very well performance in many movies. I guess the award judges are also waiting for a breakthrough of his performance.
    Hi, raven, sos and Elena too.

  25. 175
    the sm returns... Says:

    my astro utopia @ 01/28/2012 at 10:28 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    @!!!: It will FEEL like they’re really meeting for the first time. They both have fears, Leo has more fears than sm but when they meet again it will hit them both like a ton of bricks that it makes it damn near impossible to turn away from each other and at that point they wouldn’t want to. I don’t think they’ve had much interaction with each other but at this destined meeting it will be like light bulbs going off for both of them. It will happen by divine intervention and it will happen this year. I don’t know the EXACT date but it will be this year. And the deadline is Sept-Oct. So you can be on the look out from now till October. : ) Leo will break up with EH soon. Soul mate will most definitely be with him on his 38th birthday. This clip says what I mean perfectly. Sometimes you can “see” someone but at the same time not really “see” them until you do…

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