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Leo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Mexico Vacation!

Leo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Mexico Vacation!

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, model Erin Heatherton, grab their luggage from the back of a car while vacationing in Mexico on Wednesday (January 25).

The 37-year-old actor is auctioning off the chance for a winning bidder and guest to meet him at one of his upcoming film premieres, with VIP seats, and access to an exclusive after party.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Bidding on the experience, valued at $25,000, is open through February 8 at 100 percent of net proceeds will benefit Sean Penn‘s JP/HRO through the Cinema for Peace “Help Haiti Home” Online Auction.

15+ pictures inside of Leo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton‘s Mexico vacation…

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leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 01
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 02
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 03
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 04
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 05
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 06
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 07
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 08
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 09
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 10
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 11
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 12
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 13
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 14
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 15
leonardo dicpario erin heatherton mexico 16

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Differences

    The only thing that differs his latest flavour of the season from the rest is that she is the least attractive one.
    … and the least attractive one.

  • Thats ugly

    @Differences: those boobs and her nipples- are ugly looking. Like of a woman who’s breastfed at least 3 children. I wouldn’t take naked pictures if I was her and I still can’t believe she’s a model either.

  • @Thats ugly

    How about this one?
    Nice, don’t you think?

  • Yeah

    @300 She could be. I don’t know her personally. But if you have an eye (I have to do some of this stuff for work to “predict” what’s going to happen next) you can tell how people react to certain situations. I think Erin is a happier person in general – laid back, but doesn’t talk about it. That shows me sincerity, also because she could have already sold him out be calling paps ahead of time, like BC did. Then she could have denied the whole thing. I find that disrespectful-user mentality awful. Let’s give her a chance? That’s what Leo is doing – DATING. Until he finds the right one. Someone who won’t use him, etc. I just hope he has enough common sense to stay away from….
    @301 &302: I find semi-nude shots like 302 beautiful. It’s high fashion, European glam. Nothing wrong with it. It’s not like she released a phantom promo-masturbation vid on you tube. Look for the drooping boob and down-pointing nipple cuddled my arm-pit fat-bulge at the beginning.

    Said enough Ladies? You gonna lay off the porn pics now?

  • @301


    Those are beautiful breasts! They are nice and perky. Great pic too. Love how the bright green and the moodiness of the image.

  • OY

    Some people must be looking at different photos or have some problem with their eyesight. On a diff. thread someone said Erin has curves unlike Bar. Are you kidding me? She is like a skeleton with a blah face and ugly boobs.

  • @OY


  • quid pro quo

    Erin IS prettier than Bar- but that is not hard. She also has a real model body that can do everything-bar is becoming Supertank in her latest photos- I thought she had that under control—her arms and legs are THICK. I know you are trying to “protect” Bar on this thread but its really stupid. She’s OVER. Her relationship is over, her career is also OVER. I am sorry to say it, but I’m just waiting for someone to flush. It seems really silly for you to even try to continue at this point- all she ever had was Leo, now she doesnt have that or ANY MAN AT ALL.

    I get more male attention and romance than the so called “supermodel”- just got an early VD day present from my BF. Who’s doing that for Bar? Bitches chicken come home to roost.

    Just glad Leo wasnt with the Teenage Zombie this weekend.

  • quid pro quo

    @Yeah: who the hell is BC? Someone’s handle? The pro-Bar people are either Bar herself (read her Twitter) or her hired flack Adira Ronen of She used to be Bar’s personal “assistant” then she got smart and hung out her own shingle, which I was waiting for her to do.

    I just find them still trying to “protect” her really silly. She has no career and its all down hill from here.

    So Erin has some nudie pix. I didnt even look at them. My tastes dont run to that. I just want her to exit stage left as soon as possible.

  • quid pro quo

    @Yeah: Erin cant call in the paps- I mean she could, liek Bar did, but she cant talk about Leo-she’s been told not to. And the guy is so powerful you dont want to piss him off. Also Leo makes his girls sign non-disclosures…wonder if Erin got hers yet.

  • Bella
  • @Quid

    I agree with a lot of points you made in these last posts. “BC” is just my abrv for “BarT’s Camp.” BarT because, it’s possible that she’s been a female beard for the other grls all this time. Haha “Beaver Beard.”
    Anywho… the last link on 311 is of BarT’s crotch and pubes. The same kind of shot BC posted of Erin and then blasted her for.


  • quid pro quo

    Now I know why Bar’s flack is posting here ! (OY) for one. An obvious one. She two new posts today for personal appearance gigs for stuff no one ever heard of. The Laureus award? Some crap to do with Boris Becker?

  • quid pro quo

    Adi is guarding the Just Jared threads again !


  • OY

    Obvious one? You are so far off base and you are so delusional that I just can’t stop laughing at you. You’re still pathetic, tinkerbell and clearly still untreated! So nothing new!

  • Hmmm

    It looks like Bar is still haunting the losers. I love it.

  • Tigerseye

    Ack! Now im gonna eat ice cream…big bang fans will get it

  • uled

    jesus, I clicked on the leo dicaprio tag and stumbled upon all this mess. you chicks are really insane.. yet I can’t seem to stop reading it lol I thought all the crazy dicaprio fans left after he got bloated in the early 2000s. these posts sound like something from 1998..

  • @314

    @quid pro quo:

    My message to you last night was moderated out. I don’t know why. Let’s test this….

  • 319?? Are you going to post?


    I know. There are a number of Brrr’s camp bashing Leo and Erin too. It gets my back up, and it’s like you’re compelled to stand-up for them.

  • That’s all folks!

    Tinkerbell and other Bar obsessed posters ( some of T’s alter egos ) officially turned the JJ Leo threads into Looney Tunes! Time to give up reading them!

  • 322

    I’m not Tink. I don’t think we even live in the same countries. She makes some good points though.

    In any case, I found this really nice article, compliments of Contactmusic:

    Thanks for posting.

  • Tiffany
  • quid pro quo

    @OY: Just like I said. Hi Adi !

  • quid pro quo

    BTW, BAR HAS NO FANS. So yes, if its pro-bar it her flacks. No one REAL posts in her favor-at least not as long as Ive been reading these posts.

  • OY

    @quid pro quo: Just like I said it. Bar obsessed and still untreated! Thanks for proving my point! Too bad you can`t do the same! LOL! But go ahead, tink, and keep making a fool out of yourself!

  • Love you leo

    He looks so sad and lost here!!!!!

  • To all the psychics

    @Love you leo : you’re right, it looks like he looks for somebody who could console him, poor little thing

  • Tigerseye

    the eyes speak volumes really. it doesnt look like boredom, its reflective of whats going on inside

  • Love you leo

    I’m not sure what troubles him in the inside but I really hope to see him genuinely smile one day. He can brighten a room.

  • well…
  • @well..

    These girls only want his money because he’s not hot at all, and it’s not because of the angle…

  • well…

    @332: What are you talking about? And what does that photo have to do with the link I posted? You don`t make sense at all….

  • sos

    lol and he was probably texting eh at the same time.Like the true player he is right?I know some will say the Aussie press is picking on him but we’ve heard these kind of stories before with or without a gf.Wonder what kind of V-day reports we are going to get?

  • well…

    @sos: The story is the same it`s the gf that`s changing. Same old, same old… There were tweets about him partying the other day so he is a little more low key about his adventures. I wonder if his rep is going to give him a clue after being contacted about the Aussie models and about EH…

  • hm

    probably texting her? didnt he do the same when he was with bar? well when its nightin sydney, its morning or so in the states (dependingwhere she is located)

  • Elena

    Okay, what I don’t really get about playboys like our Leo is why the hell they go out every night looking for a girl when the supposedly have a girlfriend/hookup or whatever you want to call it. I mean if I have a carton of cookie dough ice cream in my fridge but I sort of want to try a different flavor (and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to find what I want) I’m not gonna go out to the supermarket in the hopes of finding something else when I already have something that is almost exactly what I would look for anyways. It’s not a perfect analogy but really this whole sleeping around thing seems like a lot more effort than it’s worth.

  • Guest

    It sounds like him and Ehhhhhhhhhh could be kaput…or maybe will be after she sees the article? That Holtznagel thing is NAFF. Yuck! But he would hit it, you know ? I’m not sure but I hope he’s moved on or at least in the free and clear…I just got that feeling from the Mexico pictures…. or maybe he was texting EH madly. Who knows !

    I just hope he’s done but ya never know with him. We havent heard from EH’s “camp” in a bit (oh yes, they were here! I could tell…) so maybe we’ve been blessed. We’ll see soon, when he is back from Oz.

  • @Guest

    Why do you hope they’re done, cos you think he’s coming to you?

  • @ussie

    she got her boy

    @MOANNN Simone Holtznagel 5 Oct 2011 via web
    so, Leonardo DiCaprio is dating Alyce Crawford from @ausntm… Well I AM on Oz Next Top Model so maybe I’m in with a chance…. Maybe….

  • @ussie

    erin knew the score. he’s given up on lying to them. he couldn’t hide it any longer, post-blake and since gatsby. everyone was watching.

  • @ussie


    it depends on if erin wants to be bar rafaeli mach II or not. leo has shown his true colours.

  • @ussie


    leonardo knows how it looks. he doesn’t care unless he’s in the hunt for awards because he doesn’t care about the women. happy valentine’s, erin.

  • @ussie


    he has always got off on seeing what he could act his way into, or charm his way out of. the thrill of the chase. the fear of being caught. the freedom to act stupid. the fun of being reckless. addictions lower inhibitions. money gets you anything you want. friends along for the ride. security, lawyers, publicists. hired guns to clean up the mess.

  • @@ussie

    You seem to be in the know about Leo
    Pary anything to tell???????????? Spill please.

  • @ussie

    nothing new to spill. another sad story about a boy who got too much too soon. acquired the sense of entitlement that goes with it. never had a chance to grow up. to have normal relationships with women. looks at them as objects to be used and disposed of.

    he picked the latest off a runway. she was on a flight to sydney days later, ready to be photographed. easy come, easy go.

    he is jealous of his ex. her youth. her passion for life. her discipline and self control. her ability to establish emotional intimacy. he liked her. a lot. he left a do as he pleases relationship for the unknown quantity. thought he could change. if he couldn’t, he thought he could change her. why not? gisele was strong willed but he got her to bend often enough for a five year relationship.

    back from europe, he put blake through her paces. tested her to see what he could get away with. hot and cold. dangled the usual carrots. gifts. trips. planted stories. “she could be the one!” “they could be married in six months!” she bought it for awhile. until she didn’t. until she got tired of it. that’s when he got tired of her. too much trouble. bring on the models.

    but he thought she would wait. the last one did. planted stories to keep her unsteady, on a string. “i don’t know what happened. he really likes her. never seen him happier. six months. he’ll be back in L.A. more time for relationship. who knows what will happen.”

    she knew what would happen. she had to look no further than his previous relationship. she moved on. fast. too fast for his liking. pissed him off more than he would ever admit. cue pictures of a woman in a bikini on his beachfront balcony. the home he had left to escape photographers.

    next up, walking in empty parks with new girlfriend. clear, close up shots. in public places. new tabloid stories. “his mum likes her!” from hiding to showmancing in the blink of an eye.

    he knew they weren’t going to last. why did he do it? look at the timing of the pictures. you’ll have your answer. big hints: pictures of his ex with another man. awards season.

  • @346

    Oh wow wow
    I KNEW it. Those pis were staged deliberately
    We said it in the other post of he and Erin go have alook its quite long at 881 though.
    Are you epk? eileener?

  • Preach

    Thanks @ussie.
    So is Erin the new contract?
    Does he still like Blake?
    Is he returning to Bar?

  • @@ussie

    Have a look at what some poster called – ‘???’ – had to say here

    Is it true?

  • @ussie

    i’m surprised there was ever a question. no one in his position expects complete privacy. his ultimate desire is to control the message. he’s not above using photos as the means to that end. no public person is. once in a great while he gets reckless. lets anger or petty jealousies cloud his judgement. look no further than the girl on the balcony.

    remember the photos of leo and blake on the yacht? he knew photographers were watching. came on the heels of gossip about him sneaking around with her. message to bar, blake, and everyone watching: i’m serious about this person and we have nothing to be ashamed of. they weren’t serious yet. he was still enjoying the chase. she wasn’t ready to fall. but that was the message he wanted to convey in his quest to impress.