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Nicole Kidman: I Like the Privacy of My Life

Nicole Kidman: I Like the Privacy of My Life

Nicole Kidman smiles as she leaves Joan’s on Third on Thursday (January 26) in Los Angeles.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress, who will star next in Hemingway and Gellhorn, recently spoke at the HBO TCA panel about keeping her private life quiet.

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“Part of the reason of being an actor is you like playing other people’s lives and exploring all the psychologies in that and the emotions,” Nicole said (via MSNBC).

“I think having my life be as private and quiet as possible is a way in which then I can go and play characters. I like the privacy of my life and I protect it quite vigilantly,” she added.

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Credit: Sharky/VLUV; Photos: Splash News Online
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41 Responses to “Nicole Kidman: I Like the Privacy of My Life”

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  1. 26
    Mark Says:

    @Skeptics are Stupid:

    I’m missing something here: who is this HITNMISSNDUMB person that five different people here are talking about? And what is that about Keith and an employee jumping on a plane? It’s mentioned nowhere in the article.

  2. 27
    Frozoid Says:

    Um, if she wants to keep private, then why were there shots of them on their honeymoon? Why does she never say no to a magazine cover? Why did she used to on Oprah and blather on about her personal life?
    And by the way, made a few errors of speech- saying that her mother liked “refinery clothes”.

    This botoxed thing is box-office poison.

    Give me a real and talented actress who doesn’t blather on about her personal life at all – Meryl Streep!

  3. 28
    kary Says:

    @Frozoid: she is in cover of magazines and Oprah because shr’s an actress and she needs to promote her movies…. She never talk about her personal life too much in the interviews she always say “lets talk about the movie please” is really weird see picture of her or Keith every day… The paparazzis barely has picture of Sunday or Faith…. They really are a private family!

  4. 29
    Sarah Says:

    There’s always gonna be haters. Nicole is a beautiful, successful and rich female with one hot husband. Some women just can’t take the reality of that. But no matter how much time they spend trying to tear her down, she’s still a beautiful, successful and rich female with one hot husband. Haters haven’t progressed much from their high school days.

  5. 30
    dani Says:


    Nicole is one of the FEW actresses who hasn’t spilled her private life all over the place. Yes, in interviews she will mention Keith, family and her kids. But she doesn’t go on and on and on. She is a model for dignity during and after divorce. She has gone out of her way to make sure that she doesn’t bash Tom even though she has every reason to do so. He dumped her and then left her alone to deal with a miscarriage. She has kept a dignified silence on him, Xenu and in fact, everyone she has dated. When she mentions her friends she talks about how wonderful they are. She doesn’t get into Aguilliara-Osborne cat fights with anyone. She mentioned how wonderful Bella was with Faith and Sunday, but you don’t hear her constantly blathering about what awesome, magical, amazing women her kids are and how they can see a clothing store a football field away. She keeps her life with Keith and the kids private. She doesn’t turn away from private questions, but graciously answers with a tidbit.
    When you compare Nicole with so many other actresses and actors I’d say she is model of disretion.

  6. 31
    Leslie Says:

    Well I think she looks beautiful. She’s just going out to lunch, jeeze, this isn’t the red carpet!

  7. 32
    dairyqueen Says:

    @Mark: hitnrun is a poster at the e negative thread. she also posts under the name tara at Urban Myths blog. She’s a middle aged librarian who is obsessed with Keith, hates Nicole Kidman, and makes up rumors about them in the hopes Keith will leave his wife. She’s mentally disturbed. She’s been trying to convince everyone she has sources and hears “things” for years. She and nomorefan are the main culprits of the spamming you see when there’s new Nicole Kidman photos. She has a horrible track record with the truth and asks stupid questions all the time in order to keep the skeptics hope alive That’s why her nicknames are hitndumb and hitnmiss.

  8. 33
    LMAO @ Frozoid! Says:

    Please, Streep has put her kids in her movies. Streep has had her kids on the red carpet with her. Streep has her husband attend her events even though he isn’t famous. Streep discusses raising her kids in interviews when she’s asked. Streep has done plenty of sex scenes and nudity in her roles. Why don’t you actually watch some of her films instead of spending all your time online bashing Nicole Kidman and making a fool of yourself with your lies.

  9. 34
    Emanele810 Says:

    Don’t get me wrong I love her but…whatever happend to her hair? like BOOM lol

  10. 35
    uhh Says:

    i dont hate her but she looks too fake her face is full of botox why not age naturally nicole??

  11. 36
    Michelle Says:

    She always looks great. I don’t see the ‘face full of botox’ that some of you see. She looks like a really healthy 40 year old to me.

  12. 37
    irene olson Says:

    Beautiful woman. Talented actress. I so respect Nicole for her classy presentation. It is so nice to see a picture of a lovely woman that does not have her “boobs” hanging all over the place. I am so sick of looking at the Hollywood hussies. The motion picture industry is very fortunate to have a woman of Nicole’s caliber in their midst. Nicole and her multi talented husband, Keith Urban, are very protective of their family; they are to be respected.

  13. 38
    Mark Says:


    I still don’t get it. Why do you bring that stuff here? Leave it at those sites and address it there, instead of perpetuating the negativity here.

  14. 39
    an opinion Says:

    Oh please the only reason paps and tabs don’t care about her that much is because she is married to a boring country singer. Not because she keeps her life private,.. When she was married to Tom Cruise her life was not private. She can’t control when the media want more from you

    Hope she wished her son a happy birthday

  15. 40
    Gabriela Says:

    Go Nic <3 you are amarzing !!! My diva !!

  16. 41
    LMAO! Says:

    @an opinion: Keith is a boring country singer? The man you are so devoted to? The man you and your buds claim to have all this dirt on because you have connections to Nashville and you say Nashville doesn’t talk to common folk? Give me an effing break! You skeptics are whackos!

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