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Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Get Close in Miami!

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Get Close in Miami!

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart lean in for a kiss while at a rooftop photo shoot on Friday (January 27) in Miami Beach, Fla.

The 42-year-old entertainer was spotted shooting pictures in a sexy white bathing suit, while Casper was there to support.

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“On my way to the set…Kinda excited…Idol tonight and premiere of #Qviva this Saturday the 28th!! #TVtweet LOL!” JLo tweeted earlier this week about her upcoming television ventures!

Be sure to catch ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen, which debuts tomorrow!

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez on set for her bathing suit photo shoot…

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jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 01
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 02
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 03
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 04
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 05
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 06
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 07
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 08
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 09
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 10
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 11
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 12
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 13
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 14
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 15
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 16
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 17
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 18
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 19
jennifer lopez casper smart photo shoot 20

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  • strange

    isnt she suing holly wood pinata. com for defamation now?

  • Dina

    If they are in love what is the problem you guys. Let them live their lives

  • M Martell

    God! such haters… Let her live.. Our x president has an affair and everyone praises him and even gives him a concert.. So what she’s dating a younger man. At least she’s not releasing sex tapes to get noticed.. Puerto Ricans and women should congratulate not HATE on her..

  • Stef


  • Jess

    I don’t normally comment on these sites but You guys must have very limited lives for getting this worked up on who JLO dates LOL. They are both adults. Who gives a sh*t. The life of an internet troll. Sad!

  • camillus

    Beyotch is a W_ore and can’t sing, can’t act, can’t keep a boyfriend or keep a husband, what a tramp Ho….

  • muahahha

    @Jess: you can tell only hos defend a hoe hahahah

  • J-Low

    I wonder if she has AIDS yet..

  • JDS

    JDS (JLo Derangement Syndrome) is rampant especially among female celebs.
    Don’t blame them she looks half her age.

  • Emma

    JLO like Madonna go after dudes who are brainless. If they were any smarter these men wouldn’t bang these 2 for any reason.

    Guy Ritchie is glad he left Madonna. He’s now in love with a woman of class, beauty and brains.

    Mark Anthony go out and the do the same thing. JLO is not worth it. JLO is a 3 time loser in the marriage dept.

    Why because… She’s self centered, self absorbed and really believes she’s the most beautiful woman in the world according to People Magazine…NOT…NOT..NOT

    There’s no beauty in being trashy, low life and disgusting. Setting bad examples to your daughter.

  • WOWskin

    her skin and glowy makeup on AI make me green with envy/. how can someones face be so flawless and exotic omg.

  • Jane

    I wonder how long before she becomes like Demi Moore .Desperate ,middle age woman that can’t cope with aging and can’t date anyone close to their age because that would make them feel old.
    It would be so much better if these desperate,pathetic woman embraced their age and show you can age gracefully and with class.
    Such a bad example for her daughter. Divorced ,.not a problem just replace him with a younger and dumber version.and on to the next one…and the next one ..SMH

  • Pinkrose

    JLo will not go on drugs like Demi Moore and Heather Locklear becuase she left Marc.. Those other two were left by their husbands because they fell off the wagon. They were predisposed to going back to their life of drug use as soon as they met a roadblock in life. JLo has other coping mechanisms. She goes out and pretends to fall in love. While I think JLo’s behaviour is low-classy, it is way more preferable to Heather and Demi’s drug abuse…especially as these two have teenage daughters. All three are an embarrassment to their family but at least JLo will live to break up with the guyin a year or less.
    Those other two could easily kill themselves.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Hey why isn’t she ever wearing those clothes and jewelry and bags she’s always trying to sell us from Kohls?? Oh b/c she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing clothes from Kohls but wants idiots to buy them so she can pay for her lavish lifestyle??

  • ana

    Jlo does not call the paps!! she is running from them… She is not a jennifer Garner who needs to call the paps everyday to feel important Jennifer is at a different level now…

  • SS

    Jennifer Lopez hasn’t look this hot in ages. She is free of Marc Anthony’s dictatorial ways. Live your life the way you want to, Jennifer!

  • noprobBOB

    Its all fun and games until she actually admits she has real feelings for that guy. Then he realizes HOLY CRAP ur like 20yrs older than me there is no way im settling down and then she moves on to the next guy to fill that void just like demi and we all know how that ended…Its sad really. It would be nice to see an actress age gracefully in hollywood but I guess its hard 2 let go of that ego once it has gotten 2 b a certain size..

  • Romeo

    You don’t know Demi Moore at all to describe her as such, #14.

  • SS


    I think she knows what she is getting herself into, she obviously knows that this guy is not for keepers. Give her some credit.

  • fran

    It looks like a porn/strippers photoshoot. She is 42 and has 2 kids, get some dignity!!!

  • pan86

    OMG She is soooo HOT! JLo booty baby!!!

  • She Stinks!

    She’s a cheap lying low class no talent sl*t. She is making a fool of herself and her kids. You know, the kids the claims to love so much, yet she ignores them and calls them coconuts. Her tacky antics are disgusting. Her canoodling with this man child is desperate.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Running from the paps??? Are you kidding me?? Look at the way she’s always posing and glammed up. Jen Garner is seen going to pick up her kids at school or going to a kiddie party or walking her dog. LMAO!!!

  • JJ

    Right Lexy !

    Just take a look a her BF( her hired gigolo)twitter he practically tells the paps where he’s going to be with Jlo.It’s all planned for publicity.It looks like a private house they’re shooting at .How are the paps know where she was ? Because Benny her manager calls them.Benny is her svengali.She does whatever he says.What a dumb broad.He’s taking her career down the tubes.
    Agree Jlo is one boyfriend away from becoming Demi and heather .Unless she changes her ways

  • JEN-HO


  • jho

    Well not all HO do…….JHO, JHO, – JHO JHO -JHO JHO JHO- JHO JHO JHOOOOOOO!….Nice little medly……..

  • She Stinks!

    JHO Bag tells the paps her every move so she can continue to self promote herself, even if its a slovenly, trashy way. She doesn’t care – all press is good press. And, since she is such a incredible narcissist, its perfect. She’s cheap ,tacky, low class trash.

  • mikee1025

    Jlo looks amazing and it is nobodys business who she is with. She is an adult and deserves her happiness…….42 and beautiful…..she is wearing a bathing suit….so women past what age cant wear bathing suit…..if she works hard for her body she should be able to wear a bathing suit…….stopping hating its not a good look!!!

  • Bronx? Which Bronx????


  • not me

    She is gorgeous! How could anyone look like that at 42!! Not many celebrities can pull off that fresh look. Perfect facial features–that is the secret!

  • Cassie


  • Cassie