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Russell Crowe: Ryan Gosling Oscar Snub Is 'Bull----'

Russell Crowe: Ryan Gosling Oscar Snub Is 'Bull----'

Ryan Gosling suits up in Gucci at the opening ceremony of the Hua Hin International Film Festival on Friday (January 27) at the InterContinental Resort in Hua Hin, Thailand.

The 31-year-old actor hit the red carpet with his Drive director, Nicolas Winding Refn, who arrived with wife Liv Corfixen, and Thai actress Krystal Vee.

Ryan Gosling didn’t get an Academy nomination? There’s some bullshit right there,” Russell Crowe recently tweeted.

Albert Brooks you were excellent in Drive. Excellent,” he wrote in another tweet.

Albert took to his own Twitter page to joke about the Oscar snub, writing, “I got ROBBED. I don’t mean the Oscars, I mean literally. My pants and shoes have been stolen.”

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  • http://@HectorMartini edzctor

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  • .

    Ryan Gosling and Leo were snubbed.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …It is. Gosling and DiCaprio were jerked.

  • again?!

    God, can he not keep a low profile for two minutes?! He’s so overexposed!

  • ace11

    Ditch Eva ASAP…she will drag him down

  • Ismail

    Russell Crowe’s right.

    One of the best performances of the year!
    Leo’s performance was great as well.

    Can’t wait to see Crowe as Javert (in les Mis) and as Jor El (Man of Steel).

  • isla

    lol what the fudge is he doing all the way in thailand

  • dan

    all the way to thailand just to promote Drive?

  • harry

    random thai actress is pretty.

  • anna

    He’s not promoting Drive in Thailand. He is and has been filming there. Nic and Ryan were attending the integral film festival in Thailand.

  • Solyndra

    Apparently he hasn’t gone to the whitehouse or given enough money to most corrupt govt. ever to earn a nomination.

  • zzzzz

    He is a superstar, with great success at the box office
    The members of the Academy, know who is RG?

  • Bibi

    Nothing new. Remembered he got GG, SAG, BFCA nods and what have you for Lars and the Real Girl and Blue Valentine and didn’t get his name called out during Oscar nomination morning?

    He just has to add Drive (and Ides and CSL I suppose) to that list.

  • BEAN

    You people are insane. Drive really wasn’t that good

  • plez

    Leo’s movie was terrible.
    Drive is ok Ryan was ok. .
    The feel and direction of Drive was nice but the acting or storyline was nothing special. Jason Statham could have done the same thing.
    Ryan should have been nominated in Lars in the Real Girl

  • nada

    Wow, he looks really good here!

  • frenchass

    Drive was real cool , J Ed not so much..
    ANyway, we all know french assie JEAN DUjaRDin is gonna have it all baby, cause it’s so “hype hypie hey” to go french since la vie en rose

  • anonymous

    @isla: according to george clooney at the golden globes, he is shooting a film there… and since the article says he is at a film festival he might be there to promote the film.

  • anna

    No headline on JJ without Eva? hmmm…. i wonder why…

  • anonymous

    totally would love to be back in my home country! and totally agree with the fellow aussi/kiwi (can’t remember which)… nicolas, albert and ryan each deserved a nomination from the academy for best director, supporting actor and actor. what a snub… (but at the same time happy for gary oldman… FINALLY getting a nomination after years and years)

    gosling should have gotten a nomination for Lars and the real girl though… as well as blue valentine.

    but still overall. Drive was a snub… was an excellent film full of suspense, action and great acting performances. can’t wait for winding refn’s next film (which is placed in my home country ^^)

  • K

    He also got snubbed for being the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE

  • marie

    It’s only a matter of time until Eva pops up again. Now she’s taken to doing photo ops with Ryan’s dog. She’ll turn up in Thailand with Ryan sooner or later. They don’t mesh well as a couple at all.

  • well…

    Leo was definitely snubbed but Ryan has been playing a weird media game all year (which NO ONE in their right mind would have predicted he would be a part of). I don’t want to say he deserves it but when his frequent manipulation of news (see staged photos and dubious relationship) to create an image of this “nouveau counterculture” idol and it’s weird and manipulative and so “out of character”. People expect other people to be what they want them to be and they want Ryan circa Half- Nelson/Lars and the Real Girl- reserved, unusual, talented, interesting. Not a caricature of himself. I predict more of the same until he “returns to normal”, quiets down and stops pretending that everyone is brain dead and can’t see the media game playing out in our faces.

  • anna

    @marie: It’s a new low to do photo ops with Ryan’s dog…

  • JH342

    Wow that actress is gorgeous. Makes manface Eva look like pure dogcrap.

    He on the other hand is looking very botoxed….he’s gotten plastic surgery (noe job much?) in the past.

  • Ugh

    Such an ugly, mediocre face. This douche will go ANYWHERE to get attention now.

  • NB11


    He’s bearding for her for their movie.She’s a lesbian. I’m guessing since the cast kinda sucks I(her and Bradley Cooper? umm….Plus Greta Gerwig dropped out and apparently Ryan only has a small supporting role) the movie isn’t that good and they’re doing whatever they can to get promotion for it, but it hasn’t worked because nobody cares about this fake “couple” despite how desperately hard they’ve tried to attention.

  • Saph

    Eva is not an attractive woman and her and Ryan are such a fake couple. Now she is pimping out his dog to use for her own attention. How pathetic is that? Ryan needs to dump her and get someone who at least has some talent and is believable as his girlfriend. I gather it’s her PR selling the story Ryan is so obsessed by Eva. So obsessed he leaves the country a couple of weeks ahead of schedule! I think we have to put up with this until the movie comes out which will be bad cause anyone who casts Eva is an idiot!

  • belle

    I met him last week in Bangkok. I swear he’s the nicest guy ever! he’s so down to earth.

  • anonymous

    @belle: wow u r soo lucky! where abouts in bkk?

  • NYC

    Ryan Gosling is too cool for the Oscars, anyway.
    They don’t always get it right.
    Streep every year, etc.
    Salma Hayek got ripped for Frieda.
    I will never forget that snub.

  • oy

    Russell Crowe tweets? Now that’s some bullsh!t.

  • didi83

    @dan: He’s in Thailand filming a new movie with Nicholas, that’s why they’re both there, and that’s why he wasn’t at the Golden Globes

  • Baxter

    Oscar nominations were pretty dumb this year, so Thailand is prob way more interesting than mingling with Hollywood celebrity!
    Drive was an excellent movie and definitely deserved more than 1 nom, IMHO! Stupid academy!

  • botox

    Sad but true. Eva is approaching the twilight of her career. If you are not that talented, like Nicole Kidman or Julianne Moore, there isn’t any place for an actress in their 40s in mainstream hollywood besides direct to home or Lifetime movies. It’s going to be a blow to Eva Mendes who basically relied on his looks for 90% of her roles. She really needs all the publicity she can get before it’s too late, so I am not surprised he latched onto a hot property like Ryan Gosling after they made a film together.

  • Dasha

    Leonardo DiCaprio was snubbed that’s for sure and for many years now!!!!!

  • MFG

    Personaly, I think Drive is the best movie of 2011. Ryan is a great actor. I suppose Academy is waiting he has 50 years old to give a award. Now he’s so much pretty to pretend have a win all so young. Brad Pitt is a clear example that Academy, generally recognize good and beautiful actors when they are in a old age. Academy sucks.

  • anonymous

    i checked out a the film festival’s website and Drive is actually showing at the festival so i guess winding refn and gosling went there to promote the film.

  • anna

    @anonymous: Drive already opened in Thailand months ago. It won’t be playing in the theaters anymore. They are probably just invited, and the festival is showing it as sort of gala presentation.

  • WTH?

    Leo didn’t get an Academy nomination? that a real bull—- right there.

  • cmac

    Ryan was great in Ides of March and Crazy Stupid Love!

  • anon

    I liked, “Drive” but not only is it overrated, this talk about Albert Brooks’ performance is stupid. It is like saying we expected him to be bad and because he wasn’t it somehow means that his performance is Oscar worthy. It wasn’t, it was merely alright. They same thing with the movie, it was merely ok and the final third of the movie was like the air being let out of a balloon. I haven’t seen the other films Ryan did this past year but the Academy was right not to award THIS film for anything of distinction.

  • Maja

    Sexiest man alive? You must be kidding. Just look at that chin. He looks so average and uninteresting and surely, he should be happy with having gotten noms at all.

  • MFG

    @anon: I agree with you, Albert Brooks’s nomination is stupid! But I LOVE DRIVE, the soundtrack and atmosphere is incredible, I know all people don’t think the same, personally the performance of Ryan was simple and amazing.

  • A

    Why does everyone say he got a nose job? his nose still looks long to me.

  • ann

    Eva’s in Thailand with him now. Guess it’s serious.