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Adriana Lima Covers 'Vogue Brasil' February 2012

Adriana Lima Covers 'Vogue Brasil' February 2012

Adriana Lima graces the cover of Vogue Brasil‘s February issue shot at Iguazu Falls.

“Special thanks to the lovely André Passos and Giovanni Frasson for creating such a magical cover!” the 30-year-old model wrote on her Facebook page, crediting the photographer and fashion editor, respectively.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adriana Lima

Adriana recently shot a video in support of Victoria’s Secret, which has been nominated for one of the greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time.

“In 2008 we aired another Super Bowl commercial. It was the most watched commercial in the history of television at the time … help us win by casting your vote!” Adriana says in the clip.

Head on over to to watch the top 10 ads and to vote for your favorite. Hurry – voting ends this Tuesday (January 31)!

Adriana Lima – VS Greatest Super Bowl Commercials
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  • Charlie

    Her 6th Vogue cover after 100 years of panty modeling? LMAO…

  • Dasha


  • Mary

    These girls are bland. They are graceless. They wouldn’t be good presenting tv programmes.

  • Lily

    She doesnt look as good in the commercial as in the pictures…

  • Alexa

    She looks amazing, she’s easily the most beautiful woman in the world, stunning eyes, great bone structure, tall, feminine and striking.

  • commercial

    Only Vogue USA,UK,Paris and Italia count and she’s had none of those.

  • mbar

    @Alexa: you forgot to mention her flawless teeth

  • buah

    Not everyone has everything in this life AHAHAHAHHA

  • James

    That is one incredible looking woman, more of her please Jared!

  • Dieter

    She has an IQ of 160 or so !!!!

  • Alec

    I swear this woman gets more GORGEOUS with each passing day. Wow!

  • mongrul

    YES! love when she/they embrace her Neanderthal side!

  • jade

    She is the hottest, sexiest model out there….including Victoria’s Secret. I love that she’s branching out more.

  • Luiza

    Iguaçu, Jared. Not Iguazu.

  • trippn

    This must be the first time I’ve seen Vogue Brasil ever posted on JJ. I thought he only posted the fashion bible aka American Vogue? she has a big pig nose.

  • crookedteeth

    @jade: branching out more? thats a joke. she is still ONLY modeling panties and doing commercials after 100 years of modeling. She is beyond one note.

  • omg

    She is the perfect mixture of races. She’s absolutely stunning. To the person making the negative comments, she will always be more beautiful than you. Jealousy makes you even uglier.

  • Tracy

    I’d be gay for a day with her. SHE IS HOT!!!

  • gorgeous Adriana

    I love Adriana! she is my girl crash…
    so gorgeous <3

  • buccky

    dont get her appeal looks like a run of the mill glamour model. There are tons of them. What happened to the stunning 90s Supermodels? you could not have bad teeth back then. standards deteriorated.

  • BboAla

    She may have popularity but lacks any prestige.

  • dre

    @Charlie: u have a very sad life, aren’t u tired of writing the same thing every year we have an Adriana post… As if Vogue is the beginning and ending of modelling… Have u seen what she’s achieved… none of those vogue girls will never get that far

  • Lauren

    Adriana was recently in Haiti shooting the Donna Karan spring ad campaign. She has worked with Alexander McQueen, Versace, Valentino, Guess, Vera Wang, BCBG, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Christian Lacroix, Blumarine (14 years after they first hired they still wanted to work with her), etc. She has made numerous Vogue appearances & Spanish Vogue even held a dinner in her honour. She also worked for Maybelline for 6 years, and cosmetics contracts are where the big money is. In 2006 she became the youngest fashion model to appear on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, a record she still holds & probably won’t be broken for a long time. She was at one point she was the only model in the world to have 3 multi-million dollar, multi-year contracts. She has also overtaken Heidi Klum as the longest serving VS angel & if she retires at the same age will have worked for them for 17 years. She’s the 4th highest paid model in the world & is 1st in numerous sexiest women poles. She’s so successful is because she can look sexy, beautiful & quirky. She’s one of only a handful of models who are really versatile & can change their look dramatically with makeup. It means she appeals to both the high-fashion & commercial markets, she’s beautiful enough for women to want what she’s modeling, & striking enough for people to remember her face. She has also been in campaigns for De Beers diamonds, Armani Jeans, Emporio Armani White Perfume. She also appeared in the Pirelli calendar in 2005 shot by Patrick Demarchelier. High fashion enough for all of you saying she only does VS. Clearly some of you are really bothered by her, you don’t waste time bashing someone you are indifferent to. Your comments say far more about you than they do about Adriana. I can give you the number of a good shrink who can help you with your issues.

  • Phil

    Divorce Jaric and marry me Adriana!

  • Miranda

    @Lauren: where is her vogue italia cover? where is her american vogue cover? where is her french vogue cover? where is her vanity fair covers? where is her rolling stone covers? where is her photoshoots with steven meisel,mario testino,mert and marcus? where is her dolceandgabbana,versace,dior,chanel,gucci,fendi,prada campaigns? face it, her legacy is being a fap girl and panty model. Her list of what she hasnt accomplished in the mdoeling world is much longer than what she has accomplished, put it that way…

    Many models much younger than her have already a bigger modeling portfolio than she has. Im not saying she isn’t popular freak, she is but she has ZERO prestige.

  • Kapeeka

    Adriana is like Heidi,Tyra,Elle,Irina,Bar,Brooklyn type not Naomi,Kate,Cindy,Claudia,Linda,Christy..

  • dre

    @Miranda: lol you’re comparing Adriana to Miranda, don’t even brainwash yourself. Adriana is better than that fame whore, she probably signed a contract with jj to be here all the time. It’s obvious this is where all the Miranda fans meet…. Anyway, Adriana is an incredibly successful model who does not even try to do all this fame whoring… she’s just gliding through, and that’s what pains u miranda fans… Don’t even make me go on

  • eu

    @Luiza: Não existe cedilha no inglês, assim, a versão em Inglês para a palavra de origem tupi-guarani é desse jeito mesmo.

  • @29

    Uhmmm, Adriana actually calls the paps and poses for them with her family. Adriana and Ale BOTH do that. To the point of sitting down to pose with their kids for them. Miranda is married to a hot star, she doesn’t HAVE to call the paps.
    Adriana has one look. Even her Vogue photos look like they came from the VS catalog….pout at the camera…that’s all she knows how to do. She has never done an edgy shoot where she changes her look so dramatically that you would never guess that it was her. Her fellow VS models Miranda and Candice HAVE done that. THEY are the versatile ones, not Adriana. Not by a long shot.

  • OneNote

    @@29: agree I can’t even tell the few d list Vogue pictures she’s had apart from her GQ shoots. She is the epitome of one note. this is why Adriana has never been in demand for many things other than VS,GQ,and the most prestigious photographer on the planet; Russell James. lmao…Oh and Donna Karan is an old grandma brand not a prestigious fashion house by a long shot, shows what Adriana’s fans who think VS/Forever 21 is “fashion” lmao.

  • stella

    She starves herself for 10 days before the VS show, I can’t believe it. :(

  • drew

    that had some really good picks of her on that site hollywood pinata today. man…she is beautiful!

  • hmmm

    Besides the versatility/high fashion differences, there is another HUGE difference between Adriana and Miranda.
    Adriana tells everyone, including her young, impreshionable fans that starving yourself is the only way to look good enough for a runway. While Miranda walks that same runway, looks AMAZING, but preaches about eating healthy and taking care that you get enough good nutrition. She tells her young fans that they must not starve themselves.
    Starvation vs eating right? I’ll take Miranda’s advice, thank you very much.

  • dre

    @@29: Adriana calls the paps? u know that’s a lie. Yea, Alessandra does. So does Miranda. Adriana is not even that papped, and she’s way more famous than Miranda and Ale. If u doubt that she’s more famous just let me know and i’ll give u prove. I’m not just talking. Adriana does not like attention, only her haters will say she does

  • sea

    She can’t strike a decent pose. Her last shooting in St Barts is quite embarrassing.

  • dre

    lol Miranda’s last cover was Grazia (or something) talk about quality lmao haha… lol stop trying to make Miranda happen… After all her excessive fame whoring she isn’t getting her anywhere. She didn’t even make it to the most talked-about models list. Even Candice and Lara stone made it to the list… So u see, she can’t even get ppl to talk about her. She should give up.

  • Dlist

    Adriana’s fans 13 year old fangirls,fappers and ghetto poor people. aka who rules the net.

  • humm

    why are Adriana fans notorious for bashing/bringing other models down all the time? I feel like you never see them have anything positive to say about others, this is a bad reflection on who she attracts. ;/ sour grapes,bitter,immature fans. I think she deserves better and maybe if you focused more on her instead of always secretly wishing her peers to fail, you may be happier fans. Karma is a biotch and wishing others bad is only gonna bring you un pleasant results, sorry buts its true. Try it, say something nice for once about another VS model and maybe Adriana will finally get her Vogue Italia cover she always wished for. ;) just sayin…

  • Miranda

    @dre: Miranda has had Vogue Italia cover by the most respected fashion photographer Steven Meisel, an i-D cover, has been featured in American Vogue in one year more than Adriana has in 10 years is on tons of gossip covers and has over 120 covers total, while Adriana has only had 80 something covers her whole career. Miranda’s portfolio is much better quit lying to yourself.

  • dre

    @humm: u must be new here, or you’re just pretending. Just Jared is the headquarters of Miranda’s fans. All they do is bash other models and make Miranda look like a god. I only used to the read them, but I’ve had it… Also, notice how I’ve never changed my name throughout all my comments? U guys should try it

  • afi

    Why don’t people compare Adriana to Bar,Irina,Alessandra more? I think those are her rivals and compete the most for the same type of mens magazine jobs.

  • dre

    @Miranda: At the end of the day, Adriana is more successful than Miranda… Accept that… She’s never gonna get even half of what Adriana has achieved…Adriana has done a lot of High fashion when she wwas younger. And then in 2009, probably 2008. She decided she’s gonna get back in the game. Guess what her first campaign was after she went back to High Fashion? GIVENCHY! AFTER THAT, SHE’S HAD LOEWE, BLUMARINE AND DKNY… And then she’s appeard in Vogue italia, brazil, spain and paris. She’s appeard in V, W and Elle. And she has more coming up… Adriana works only when she wants to… She just doesn’t wait in line like the others. Oh And she’s gonna be in SNL this season… plus her 2 super bowl commercials… Tell me a model in history that has had 2 commercials in one game!
    Has not appearing in vogue in anyway disturb Adriana’s career?

  • slim

    @afi: I think ppl should compare Miranda to lesser models tho. Adriana is far ahead of her. Come on u guys

  • @36

    So you are saying that Adriana DIDN’T pose for a family photo for a pap?
    That’s funny. Now you are denying photographic proof?
    And she had to have called them. She may be famous among h*rny men, but no one really cares about her private life. Her pap pics don’t sell because she isn’t doing her ‘sexy pose’. No one cares about her ugly husband. Whereas LOTS of people care about Miranda’s private life with Orlando, so she is the only one that doesn’t NEED to call the paps.
    Try again. You can’t blame Miranda’s fans for just posting the truth about your girl. Stop being pressed and just accept the truth.

  • Miranda

    @dre: you can count Adriana’s prestigious covers and campaigns on one hand. nuff said. No one is denying her online populairty but fashion wise she is an epic fail and you trying to prove otherwise is an epic fail as well. She doesn’t open/close runway shows (not counting VS, thats not a fashion show thats a caberet show) she doesnt work with the biggest phootgraphers,magazines or designers. Givenchy was her only A list fashion campaign her whole career and even then she was the sidekick novelty model, not the main star. She is only loved by h*rny men.little girls and VS/GQ/mens magazines face it.

  • Laura


    Miranda herself has said that she has always had low iron levels yet eats very little red meat, as a physician I have to say this is a very poor decision for someone who by her own admission has for most of her life been anaemic. Haem iron found in red meat is the form most easily absorbed by the body. Although she supplements her diet with iron she does not use a supplement up to the required standard we would recommend. As she has been anaemic for such a long time I would recommend she goes to a doctor for prescription iron tablets as her diet does not appear to be meeting her body’s iron demand for iron. These tablets can cause very unpleasant side effects such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation. If the tablets don’t work she may require iron injections (although the pain can be crippling and the other side effects much worse than with tablets), or further medical investigation to rule out tumors or internal bleeding which also cause severe anaemia.
    She follows the blood type diet which has no scientific backing and many leading experts have said is unhealthy as it excludes food groups, and she promotes noni juice which has been linked to liver failure and many countries including Ireland are still researching its safety.
    While I am aware she has completed a course in nutrition she has not studied it at degree level and far more qualified people do not agree with her advise. She may be qualified as a health coach but she has never practiced, and nutritional guidelines change constantly. Anyone who works in any health care discipline will tell you that the vast majority of learning is done after you leave college and start working, in medicine we say after every 3 years over half of what you know will by then be wrong and you have to learn new information.
    On numerous occasions she has listed what she eats on a typical day and her diet appears to be very low in starch carbohydrates, these form the base of the food pyramid. Starch is very important as carbs are the body’s preferred energy source. When starch is unavailable the body turns to protein for energy and not fat as some people believe, this causes muscle to break down in order to meet the body’s metabolic demands. This not only affects skeletal muscle, but also the cardiac muscle of the heart, this means that people following low carb diets are at a greater risk of heart attacks.
    Google Miranda Kerr ribs and you’ll see exactly why she shouldn’t be giving nutritional advice to anyone. Prior to the birth of her son she appeared to be drastically underweight estimated BMI 15.5-16.
    Adriana’s diet of eating protein shakes is not necessarily unhealthy, there is no reason why all nutritional requirements can’t be met in liquid form. I’d also like to point out that Adriana’s shakes were made for her by a nutritionist and were tailored to her nutritional needs, they weren’t the cheap kind you find in health-food stores. She also only followed the diet for 9 days a year not all the time, whereas Miranda follows her diet on a day-to-day basis. We often give protein shakes to patients, as they are nutritious and easy to consume. Many athletes follow liquid diets, a friend of mine has patients who are athletes and he often recommends that before a big event they drink protein shakes. A large number of the people who will be competing in the London Olympics will be be adhering to liquid diets, they can provide them with all the calories and nutrients they need in an easily manageable form. It is also worth noting that Adriana’s BMI has always been within the accepted medical norms.

  • @45

    Depends on what you are talking about.
    Adriana is more famous to the general public (AKA h*rny men..that’s what got her the Superbowl commercial…don’t kid yourself). But that’s it. Fame does NOT equal respect.
    Miranda has earned fame AND respect in thefashion world. You (or someone) keeps bringing up the fact that Vogue Spain (ho-hum) threw Adriana a party? Well, Vogue ITALIA threw Miranda a party. Showcasing her photos taken by one of the most respected fashion photographers in the world. Has Adriana worked with Meisel?
    As for financial success , again, depends on what you are talking about. Modelling money? Sure, Adriana beats Miranda mostly because of her huge VS contract. But that will be over in a few years. Miranda has far more success outside of modelling. She has created her own successful company, and has planned for the future. Adriana will have nothing after modelling is over. Nothing.

  • slim

    @@36: lol it’s amazing what u can make yoursel believe. Adriana didn’t call the paps. I know the photos you’re talking about. IT WAS TOR HER WEBSITE. God!!! Can’t u guys for once speak the truth? Plus Adriana marrying a man that’s not so attractive only proves that she isn’t superficial… Whereas our god Miranda Said that she only dated Orlanda because he’s famous… Oh and didn’t Miranda try making her mark in more commercial magazines, she even got a gq cover. How is that working out for her… I’n done… if u think she’s always well dressed and poses for the paps but she doesn’t call them, then you’re deluded. Bye

  • dre

    @slim: i agree. thanks

  • lima

    She is 30 now , still pretty damn hot!!!!!