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Christina Aguilera Sings 'At Last' at Etta James' Funeral

Christina Aguilera Sings 'At Last' at Etta James' Funeral

Christina Aguilera belts out Etta James‘ classic, “At Last,” at the late singer’s funeral on Saturday (January 28) in Los Angeles.

“She was the one that cut right through my soul. So tonight, Etta, this song is for you,” the 31-year-old entertainer said before performing.

Stevie Wonder also took the stage to sing “Shelter in the Rain” with a church choir, while Rev. Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy.

Etta passed away last week at the age of 73 due to complications from leukemia.

Christina Aguilera Covers ‘At Last’
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  • fiona

    k, she’s not super skinny.
    but her face is pretty and her hair looks great.
    are they in a church? acoustics in there not so good.

  • X

    Christina Aguilera was amazing! I loved her cover of the song. And she looked beautiful!

  • Paul

    i think her rendition was great and she looked gorgeous when she dresses properly

  • daniela d

    wow she made me cry !!!!

  • Luiza

    She has a powerful voice. But I didn’t like it.

  • antoine

    I watched it on a French TV station and it was AMAZING AND INCREDIBLE

  • sarafina56

    Fantastic performance….

  • RatedXtina


  • Ana

    Wow, stunning!

  • halle

    when i listen to christina it reminds me how far above the rest she is.
    poor jessica simpson realized this as a child when she had to follow christina singing in mmclub auditions.
    also reminds me when mariah sang on american idol.
    it’s like, how can u ever follow *that*?
    there is no american idol contestant/winner who even comes close to mariah. theyre really special songstresses.

  • Lily

    wtf it’s funeral, why people filming it on their phones, like it’s a concert.

  • Juan


  • BEAN

    She was barely saying words…. wtf kind of singing is that. Waste when you actually have such a powerful voice

  • dan

    @Lily: that’s the state of technology in society today. pretty sad.

  • Jase

    Wow, that was amazing. She was feeling it.

  • steven

    christina aguilera is a really cool name.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    I don’t hate this girl, but someone once said to me that she might have a good voice but she has no musicality. Ever since, I can’t help but agree with that person. It’s like she has no idea what to do with her voice. Beyonce has the tendency to do the same thing. It’s a problem with most mainstream artists today.

    Sorry girl, but you ain’t got nothin’ on Etta.

  • Ruth

    Lily @ 01/28/2012 at 4:38 pm +2

    wtf it’s funeral, why people filming it on their phones, like it’s a concert.
    Absolutely agree with you and Ms. Aguilera could have worn something under her jacket. She has a wonderful voice but absolutely NO class.

  • Sebastián Welling

    I LOVE U <3


  • ian

    @BloodbuzzOhio: i think even the top people have their strengths and weaknesses. look it, taylor swift is by no means a special singer, but a lot of girls relate to her lyrics and like her melodies. britney cannot sing y’all. she just has people who write really good dance songs for her that people like to rock out to and she’s a good entertainer. same with madonna. strengths & weaknesses.

  • cindy

    I keep rewatching it she put all her emotions and soul into this song like no has done besides Etta. Christina I could feel the emotion but also felt how strong you were to carry on since it’s hard for you as she was your idol and you met her.Amazing peformance thanks Jared for posting this. Christina Aguilera keep singing Etta would have been so proud. To the haters sick to see how you are being twisted since this was hard for Christina honoring her idol and she did her proud. RIP ETTA

  • emma

    She’s got a hell of a voice but she’s doing too much for my taste.
    This is not a competition !
    And the boobs don’t need to be THAT out at a funeral…

  • John larsen

    Am an Etta Fan. Christina nailed it – she was just terrific! Way to go girl! make an album of Etta favorites and it will sell if you sing with that much heart!

  • actually

    no doubt she has a great voice but I feel like she ALWAYS over sings, like it just doesnt flow, she strains her face and all. Having said that, WOW does girl always bring down the house at the end. The ending was phenomenal! Just trying to give my un biased opinion, not hating at all, I love her. ;)

  • happybdaynickcarter

    gotta hand it to brit & christina, theyre both in happy, long-term relationships. good for them.

  • Lady

    Etta has said that Christina’s version of ‘At Last’ is her favorite version ever, besides her own. She also said that she and Christina were ‘cut from the same cloth’ and that Christina was an ‘old soul’ like herself. Etta adored Christina and Christina truly adored Etta her entire life. There are videos of Christina singing ‘Sunday Kind of Love’ at the age of 6 on youtube and so many different covers of Etta songs that she’s done. Etta was to Christina like James Brown was to Michael Jackson; a true influence to the core. So cool for Christina to be asked my Etta’s family to perform and what an honor for her to worship this woman, only to tribute her at her memorial.

  • tammy

    isnt she suing the site hollywood pinata for defamation now? celebs need to chill out. They have such thin skin.

  • Eden

    is this a furneral or a concert? people film on their iphones and giving her standing ovations…

  • cumonme

    christina is THAT chick. ma boo

  • Manuel

    Wow! She was amazing!

  • wow

    wow she gave me chillz at the end! Go girl.

  • Sam

    As unual Christina oversang the song and almost made a mockery of the great Etta James’s version of the song. If she had sung the song without all the riffs she tends to put in her songs it would have been a good version. Christina is a diva who thinks she can do no wrong in vocals. Etta should have raised up and slapped her a good one and told her to straighten up and sing the dam song without all the riffs.

  • Fetishiken

    Why is she showing her implants at a funeral?

  • Jude

    Very beautiful voice!

  • Janel

    sorry, but this overscreaming fest wasn’t appropriate

  • Ra

    Have a little respect and cover up. It’s one thing if she was singing a concert, but this was at a funeral! The first thing you notice is her chest rather than her paying tribute to someone.

  • Janel

    Why is she showing her implants at a funeral?


  • http://TrinityJimenez3 Trinity J

    I love christina aguilera, she has one of the best voices of this generation. But she always over does it whenever she covers this song. I understand that she is putting her own twist on it but in my opinion shes just putting too much force behind this song when it is meant to just be simple and honest.

  • rumpy

    wtf is that on her right leg? some leakage detected

  • great but…

    No doubt she’s got singing amazing singing talent, but sometimes I think these artists get indulgent …minimal is sometimes more. Like too many ruffles on a dress, where less could be more interesting. She needs to restrain leaving us hungry for the the next burst of flavor.

  • Gossipgirl

    There is no doubt that she can seriously sing; but…… this what passes for funeral attire? Well at least she did not wear those funky tights that she is always in.

  • Dooley

    Why can’t she just sing the lyrics!!!All the licks take away from the flow of the song…I would love her song Fighter but she never stops singing..all the Vocal Warmups in the middle of the song…You can’t sing along to it…Great Voice to bad she never took singing lesson.

  • Josh

    Wow Wow Wow in awe, this was amazing & breathtaking. Christina’s the best.

  • LoveYourBody

    You are probably one of Bieber’s fan, juvenile comment dude

  • brian barrera

    Christina always finds a way to impress me!
    Haters gonna hate, but that girl has TRUE TALENT!

  • Taylor

    Can’t she put the breasts away for one? It is a funeral.

  • Aguilera is the best

    I have been a stan of Christina Aguilera since 1999 and I will never stop being a stan!!!! More than a decade of being a huge fan and this epic singer keeps punching me in the face and impressing me so much with her outstanding, immensely epic talent.

    I am so f*cking proud to be a fan of this biatche. Only freaking Christina freaking Aguilera can make me get VERY TEARY-EYED from a simple vocal performance!!!!!


    Etta James would be so happy and proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Christina Aguilera is the best singer WORLD-FOCKING-WIDE, today!!!
    Female singing doesn’t get any better than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The crazy, emotional singing style, the sound of the vocals….. amazing.


    Etta James and Christina Aguilera, SUCH SOULFUL AMAZING POWERFUL SINGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • grace

    What the hell is wrong with this girl. Tits hanging. so much money- no time for a trainer…looks like a slutty oompa loompa

  • Anonymous

    when you are in church, cover ur breast, whore!

  • Voicelera is majestic

    You just have to LAUGH SO HARD at all the STUPID HATERS that are now trying to talk shiot about this ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS, POWERFUL, FANTASTIC performance.

    Somebody needs to SEND ALL THE HATERS TO PSYCHIATRICC HOSPITALS, because they have all officially lost their brains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You stupid, idiotic, insane, crazy haters.

    Etta James and Aguilera take a SHIOT on all the haters.