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Gerard Butler: 'Who's Brandi Glanville?'

Gerard Butler: 'Who's Brandi Glanville?'

Gerard Butler leaves Koi restaurant after having dinner on Friday (January 27) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the week, the 42-year-old actor was asked about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, who said she and Gerard enjoyed “a week of fun” last year.

“Who’s Brandi Glanville?” Gerard said when a TMZ photographer asked him about her claims.

Brandi later took to her Twitter page, writing, “I don’t lie so he can suck it.”

“[Gerard] called me last night and told me he said it,” she also told RumorFix. “He is upset because he is a private person. I don’t lie so I don’t really care.”

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  • nancy

    He’s one of the girls you f.ucked and couldn’t remember sweetheart ;)

  • sami

    Wow, classy woman *sarcasm*

  • barbie

    No-one’s asking Brandi to lie, but there’s no harm in keeping her Big Clap shut either. The more exposed she is, the more Famehungry and Unlikeable she appears.

  • jack

    Judging by those pictures of him, you have had better,Brandi. The man has no class, if he values privacy, he could have just kept his mouth shut.

  • dh

    @sami: yeah, and he has an amazing moral compass. he sleeps with everyone.. but no one calls him a sl*t?

  • Toronto

    Good morning!

    One thing confuses me about Gerry. He claims to be so “private” about his personal life. YET, at the same time, this is the same man that seems to, on occassional, stage public make-out sessions for the paps! (ie, violin girl, pier girl)…

  • GFW

    Terrific, (kidding) let’s give her, her own thread? Don’t believe this. (tosses up hans) eyeing the clock who seems to know, know that it’s time to go.
    who thinks Gerry wearing micro-fiber jogging suit pants were a funny part of the Everyone’s An Actor thread at (when it was The Place to be) way back, as they say in the day! (blink-blink) LOL realizing few will understand that reference (chuckles out loud)

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Really didn’t think JJ would start a thread on this one, but they had to post the pics of him coming out of the restaurant and what else could they talk about? They mentioned Coriolanus on the last thread, so this was inevitable! I wonder how many times the paps asked him about Brandi when he was walking out??

  • anon

    Gerry thats what you get for sleeping with a tacky woman who doesn’t care about anything. She has diarheah of the mouth. Why can’t she keep her mouth shut?

  • ali

    @anon: why can’t he keep his d&ck in his pants??

  • So Swedish

    First of all: Was he really leaving a restaurant? Dressed like that? Not the gym?

    Second: I long for the day when this brandigate is over. Sadly, it just seems to grow… I’m not on anyones side, I just think it has blown out of proportion.

    Be nice JJ’rs and have a Happy Saturday!

  • gg

    To get back at the blabbermouth, If I were Gerard, I would later apologize by saying it was a whole year and 100 women ago so forgive me for not remembering

  • So Swedish

    Just my thoughts CGE!

  • nancy

    and why can’t you accept he’s a manwhore, you also have no dignity and class like him !

  • nancy

    @Can’tGetEnough: and why can’t you accept he’s a manwhore, you also have no dignity and class like him

  • WTF?

    So he is trying to keep his manwhoring adventures “private”. Ha.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @nancy: How do you know what my opinion of GB is? Did I say he was a saint in my post above? Ummm nope I didn’t!

  • Sercan

    Wow, classy woman *sarcasm :D


    if he is so private, why answer the question? A wink and a no comment would have left everyone guessing and kept it private. He’s been doing this Hollywood thing for 10 years now so he should know this from PR 101. Me thinks he protests too much! He knew it would start a sh$t storm and he wanted the attention just like she did because the attention from his movies didn’t pan out like he had hoped. And speaking of that, why did Machine Gun Preacher not get a wide release. There is a heck of a lot worse stuff opening at all the major theaters. Someone dropped the ball on that one for sure! Grow up man! Your fan base is growing older just like you are and the silly high school escapades just aren’t cute anymore. Anyone over 25 is starting to look at you like you’re gross and nasty instead of hot and sexy. Of course the under 25′s may be impressed but they grow older too. You can only appeal to that age for another year or two. Look at Clooney, he’s at the age he’s having to go for the 30 somethings now and he still looks like their Dad and it’s a HW joke that he has to get a woman for the red carpet Oscar campaign. But he IS winning Oscars. I know it’s going to be an adjustment for you, but I don’t want to see you follow down that path. I think you have it in you to get an Oscar but maybe I’m dreaming.

  • gogog

    He obviously sleeps around. yet she is called names. Really people. Stop with the woman hate. She told about her life. If he doesn’t want women to talk then stop sleeping with anyone that crosses your path. I just SMH at the women drooling over this man. Yet the women he sleeps with are called names.

    He slept with her. She had no reason to lie. Especially about someone that is more high profile. He should have responded with “I don’t talk about my relationships on the streets”.. his response was low class. He has been see kissing women in alleys and on the street. Women he is not public with.’

    Brandi is whatever. but he is skeevy to me. And it is so evident how some women have no good judgement about men. No wonder most of them get played. Always picking the wrong men for the wrong reason.

  • Oh dear 1

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.   Brandigate will pass, but in lght of all this mess, of his own making I might add, let’s hope he has a real attitude adjustment towards his treatment of  readily available women.  If he just pretends to for the sake of his image (which is a  pretty c**p  one at the moment) this  type of thing will just keep happening, time and time again, until something really really bad happens. He’s got to genuinely take a more mature stance towards the women who he sleeps with. Whether he cares to admit it or not, they’re not just playthings.  They’re  human beings who like to  play, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.  There’s a massive difference.   I think a few dark nights of the soul are in store for Mr bad boy GB, and rightly so. 

  • Charlie

    @jack: LOL, and she does have class you mean? You’re hilarious.

  • Stacie

    I have to agree with most of the posters on here. I’m not on anyone’s side , I’m just ready for this ( Brandygate ) to be OVER with.On the other hand I do adore Gerry .

  • Yahright

    Chickens come to roost. You reap what you sow.

    “Who is Brandi Glanville?” He was effectively calling her a liar and now watch her explode. Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned. His answer is cowardly and spiteful. His true color shines through here on how he treats his sleepmates.

  • Charlie

    @Charlie: I’m not saying that he does btw! I’m just saying neither one of them is exactly a prize.

  • Ginger

    He could’ve just said, “Yes, we hung out several times before…”

    I would’ve respect him more for being honest without going into details!!!

    And if Brandi wanted to answer Andy’s question about who was the most famous person she’s slept with, she can…

    Gerry is a manwhore! I am more than sure that he slept with Jennifer Aniston now too. heehehe

  • needshelp

    How sad that all the women are putting this woman down. Granted she has made some major mistakes, but she has just had her husband humiliate her on a very public stage. Getting over that would be difficult, and she is probably bolstering her ego with GB. He on the other hand, has what looks like a severe sexual addiction. Not a just a boys will be boys thing. Although he says that he has had relationships, nothing for any length of time has ever been written about. I would not be surprised that he can’t remember the women he has had sex with…and how sad and empty is that. Sex is nothing more than a bodily function with him, very much like defecating. He needs help.

  • Me2

    Dear Gerry,
    In the future ,please try thinking more with your head than you dick so you can avoid problems like this.

  • dobbi

    He’s clueless.

  • Update

    I think the TMZ guy asked a question as how to up his game from a 7to 11. How was he to answer? He answered he didn’t know this person…perfect answer to a stupid question….there was no win answer to this stupid question or situation….just like you guys are wasting too much energy on someone else’s life who has moved on….move on…..

  • Joie de Vivre

    OK then! Leave the board for 30 hours and come back to 7+ pages and a new thread. No time for catching up now. At quick glance, though, looks like most all the posts are still visible. That’s a good sign! ♥ Well, I suppose since hardly anyone in America has a chance of seeing Coriolanus in a theater (BOO), watching Butler work a role in the dramedy of his life is better than nothing. LOL! His scenes play out better when he has a good script, though. I agree with those who say his famous diss heard ’round the world (really, this is newsworthy?) was scripted. He probably could care less about this whole thing. Must say, the hair peeking out from under the hat is my fix for the day! HAHA!! Well, it’s a gorgeous day in Chesapeake Bay country, so we are heading out to enjoy the sunshine. Big hugs to all my friends here… Have a splendid weekend everybody and be safe and good! XXO

  • giuseppe sallo

    I believe her. This guy is known to be a flirt and a club hopper. we’ve seen pictures of him doing so, so it’s nit surprising. With that said, who effin cares. It’s hollywood — are they any good people in fakewood?? NO.

  • angelsrock


    I agree with you totally, stacie. I just don’t like the “kiss and tell” path that Brandi took. I really don’t like it when people air their laundry especially for $$$ and fame. I do wish Gerry would have kept totally mum instead of “Who’s Brandi?” Do I like the fact that he may have boinked her? Heck no! Ewwww! But he is a big boy and she is a big girl and if the moment moved them into the bedroom that is what it is. I still think that she will come out of this a lot more damaged than he will. She should have kept quiet and even though his comment was only 3 words, he should have just waved and given the peace sign.

  • niknoks


    “How sad that all the women are putting this woman down.”
    As a woman I always have to roll my eyes at this kind of mentality, women shouldn’t criticise other women, it’s the same ridiculous logic that any man who criticises a woman is a sexist. I would like to live in a world where I’m treated equally, not as some poor little protected species who no-one can criticise or joke about.
    I find your assessment of the situation equally ridiculous, BG is a ‘poor hard done to woman’ and he’s a ‘sex addict’. Really? They were both consenting adults who had sex with each other, they are both equally responsible for that, not that there is anything wrong with what they did. They’re both single, why not? The only I reason I judge her more is that she decided to brag about her sexual conquests on television for publicity/money, that is 100% her responsibility, she can’t blame her ex-husband or GB for that. She alone should take the responsibility for the sh*tstorm that her interview created.
    Having said that GB was more than a little stupid for sleeping with a reality tv star and thinking she would keep it quiet. Maybe he will pick his flings/one nighters a little more carefully next time.
    Your gender should not exempt you from criticism, if someone does something that I deem worth criticising I’ll criticise it and I don’t care if they are a man, woman or a f**king hermaphrodite. Equality for everyone.

  • Bella

    The media was reporting the two of them were seen together last summer, before she joined RHOBH.. But it really wasn’t Brandi’s fault for mentioning him anyway. Andy Cohen, asked her to name the most famous guy she has dated. At least she didn’t name her ex

  • Joie de Vivre

    @angelsrock: Would that have been perceived as a peace sign or, given Butler’s image these past couple days, as a V for, er, um…..Victory, yeah that’s it, VICTORY! (Sorry couldn’t resist that one…)! After all, it’s Hollywood… It’s a tricky situation, but he made his statement…..he took the path of “that’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it” . Hey, enjoy the beautiful day we’re having, Angel! Hugs! XXO

  • Hollywood Gossiper

    @Yahright: Sorry he was being sarcastic not lying. I am surprised at all the headlines that he is denying anything happened, well the media is never known to get nuances but still.

    He’s clearly being sarcastic because he knew that not acknowledging her he hit the fame ho where she lives. Harvey Levin thought it was sheer brilliance LOL. Beats “no comment” for entertainment value.

    I used to feel sorry for her in the whole Eddie and LeAnn saga especially when it was clear to me that LeAnn was obsessed with Brandi and out and out copying her, though if you marry a man who cheated on you with his first wife with a long history of being a womanizer before that, we all know that actually comes out of huge insecurity because for LeAnn it is just a matter of when not if if not already and how many times she forgives unless she’s a tit for tat kind of gal.

    From what I have read, a lot of people like Brandi on the Real Housewives show, calling her a breath of fresh air.

    Funny how quickly goodwill can be spent.

  • ka simply


  • Charlie

    @needshelp: Please, people are putting her down because she’s basically advertising her sexual life. Don’t victimize her. Nobody here is ‘sad’ just cause they’re pointing that out. Get over it.

  • Hollywood Gossiper

    If Gerry was giving details about private intimate moments publicly he’d be getting the same treatment as Brandi and then some and he already is from those who don’t like his response to TMZ.

    He has said things in general about women that others including fans have not liked and he’s get called on as well.

    Adam Levine and John Mayer are two men who come to mind who need to learn discretion. I never really liked John Mayer but I am a big fan of Maroon 5 and I was very disappointed at things he has said. At least Mayer says nice thing about the women he gives far too much detail about. Luckily Levine is just one part of the band so I can still like the band but have a lot less respect for him. John I think has paid some price for his big mouth but doubt Levine has. And there is no way Chris Humphries wasn’t in on the “scam” so just for participating in it he’s just sealed his rep for the foreseeable future. So yeah men can be crude and fame ho s too.

    There is already a lack of trust in this world in general and imagine having details of your intimate moments making gossip news, usually embarrassing. A good general review is perhaps flattering but even that is TMI. Or at least save something for the memoirs.

    From that end you can understand why Gerry is paranoid and you’d almost not want to have sex with anyone. Even paid escorts are less likely to keep things confidential these days though still more likely than reality TV stars, duh.

  • Derek117

    One of the Unspoken Rules of Dating in Hollywood is that you don’t “use” the fact that you’ve dated/boinked a Celeb to get publicity for yourself–unless it’s agreed upon, or set up for PR purposes (Often because the Celeb is gay).

    But every once in a while it still happens–usually Porn Stars talking to the press about the athletes or movie stars they’ve bedded. For Brandi, who’s only claim-to-fame is that Eddie Cibrian dumped her, to go on TV and talk about her brief (one week) hook-up with Gerry was tacky. He has every right to diss her because of her behavior.

  • Aqua

    @ Toronto # 6 unfortunately this is something that he is going to have to deal with for a while. It’s unfortunate that she spilled the beans.

  • cara

    Hello there are people who have sex then kiss and tell. Then you have people who believe a person cheapens themselves when they do that. Who are we to say that he has slept with everyone he has been accused of? Maybe he should have just walked on and not said anything or said no comment (but there would have been speculation then too). There have been a lot of comments on what went on when they where together, here again we where not there. The other thing the word sex was not mentioned by Brandi, she did not say he was an 11 in bed. It could have been the 11 was for just the time they spent together and so what if it was she cheapend it by making it public not him. The media added to it. I’m not sure what happened but he has never mentioned one women he has ever been with, no mention was ever made about he and a married woman nor has there been any mention of him hitting or abusing a woman. This has come out of Hollywood but have you all judged them too. Look at your own closets. He doesn’t ask to be GOD nor should we make him that. He at least does not to mention what goes on behind close doors, nor does he speak ill of others, that I can recall. Go ahead remember “Let he who be without sin cast the first stone”.

  • ha ha

    they’re both s luts, but she needs to name drop to get famous, he doesn’t.

  • angelsrock

    @Joie de Vivre:

    LOL!! Peace or Victory? Or maybe a “piece”. Can’t believe this gorgeous day we’re having! Going to get outside for awhile later and take a walk through town. Check out some shops and get an iced coffee.

    And this too will pass. I wonder what fans and non-fans of Gerry would consider his lowest moment. He’s had a few lows. It amazes me how people go to the ultimate extreme when these stories arise. No one will ever know the details about this hook up. But I guess it’s fun for some to write the script and form their own theories. I will never base my opinions on stuff I read on fan sites, twitter, etc.

    Have a great day, Joie, and to all the JJ posters today!!!!

  • JMO


    Listen to what you are saying! Remember, he’s not the one going around naming names here! In this case, she is using his name at the risk of her own reputation to enhance her fame. What does that make her? Whether they did anything or not, it does not make him any more of a “ho” then she is.


    Totally agree with what you are saying. In fact, if she was not yet a “reality star” when this encounter supposedly took place, he may have had a false sense of security that she was pretty much an unknown, ex wife of another actor. There are tons of them in HW.
    Gerry is a smart man but he can be a bit naive or sensory deprived or something sometimes. He’s still learning how the HW machine works I think. Hope he learned a good lesson this time and in the future picks his “dates” that are a bit more classy. Oh wait….he’d have to get out of HW to do that!
    My fear with all of this is now all his old encounters, dates, etc., will come out of the woodwork, and a few made up ones, if they think it will draw attention to their own career enhancement. No one seems to care HOW they get their fame and fortune these days, just as long as they can get it, even if it means on the contrail of someone else.

  • Stacie

    @angelsrock: I’m Totally with you .

  • angelsrock


    Well, when I read this back to myself; it did seem rather ridiculous: ” I will never base my opinions on stuff I read on fan sites, twitter, etc. ” Yea, I probably do to an extent. I guess what I was trying to say was I won’t put anyone on a pedestal or just the opposite, disregard a person as a total scum bag, by what I read here and other gossip sites.

  • malgo

    Gerry, I love you very much and I can forgive everything but not that you will be asked in August of foolish women, yet at first glance we can see that in this madam wind blows in the head. I understand that sometimes you have to sleep with someone, but where your instinct? Pospować so you can not, because my mother will be worried. Greetings to lady Margaret.


    ps. and this kit is a nightmare, unless you paid for, because I did not suspect that you have such bad taste, it is suitable for walks with Lolita, hugs for the dog and for Andy;-)

  • Wow!

    Nothing wrong with “hooking up.” They’re consenting adults after all. Men and women do it everyday. However, Brandi should have practiced some restraint with this information. First of all, “kissing and telling” is bad form and just doesn’t look good on the person who’s doing the “telling.” And secondly, it makes the “teller” appear desperate, trashy and publicity hungry. Meanwhile, the other party (Butler), just looks like he’s been duped by the “teller,” so he doesn’t look as bad. Ladies please, whatever happened to decorum?! I’m not saying to not hook-up with someone. If you’re both willing, go for it. But show some modesty for goodness sake! Enjoy the romp, but keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, you come off looking like a fame hungry person who’s merely seeking publicity at the expense of another.