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Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart: Holding Hands in Miami!

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart: Holding Hands in Miami!

Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend Casper Smart hold hands as they make their way to their hotel room on Saturday (January 28) in Miami, Fla.

Earlier in the day, the 42-year-old entertainer played with her phone while hanging out on the set of her photo shoot for Vogue magazine.

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“Lovely Saturday morning!! Hope everybody’s feeling good!! Headed to photo shoot for Vogue!! #highfashiontweet,” Jen tweeted to her fans.

Jennifer was joined by Casper at the photo shoot the day before.

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  • d

    I’m sorry but she looks ridiculous trying to be 24 again.

  • She Stinks!

    The JHO Bag trash fest continues. What a desperate pathetic old bag. She has reached a new low. She continues to make a fool of herself. Classless and tasteless. But, what can you expect from a HO like her?

    Where are the coconuts/kids? Being ignored as usual! What a rotten mother.

  • Hunts Pointe HO on the stroll

    Girls working on the street have more taste and class than JHO. She is just disgusting. Her lewd and lascivious behavior is shameful. When will baby Casper knock her up? Just in time for the premiere of that awful movie! When will the sex tape come out? When people stop paying attention to this b*tch.

  • queen of the low class trash

    Here she goes again yet again! Embarrassing herself, children and family. It so pathetic and tragic, its actually very entertaining to watch – better than any movie she’s been in! Marry him J-Slop! We all know you have at least one more marriage in you.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LMAO!!! Is the Puerto Rican Princess Leia wearing her Kohl’s clothes??

  • lkk

    This lady has been married so many freakin times – i’ll be surprised if she isn’t married by the end of the year. And i wonder if she’ll mention the house p diddy? purchased for her in the vogue interview.. hmmmmmmmmdjdjdj?!?!

  • Sammy2001

    She seen more with her boy toy then with her kids and the 2 times she was seen with her kids her boy toy was their with her, can she not think of her kids and their needs. The fact that any time she pop he with her can seems to meen that he around her 24/7 which is sad new for her kids, she needs to realize that they may want to spen time or vacation with with their mother alone.

  • Ashley

    Remembering Ben and Jlo …

  • Jennie

    Of course she’s in a hotel again that’s where she does her best work.
    Does she tuck in her child /boyfriend in too. LOL!.He wears the same PJ’s as my 5 year old nephew

  • Desperate

    @Sammy2001: She’s afraid of her “little Coconuts”.

  • Desperate

    @Sammy2001: She’s afraid of her “little Coconuts”.@Desperate: I mean ASHAMED.

  • kami

    oh jeeze, this is so sad. she’s 42. how old is he? is she that desperate for s-e-x?

  • pao

    he looks like doctor evil… jlo.. come one with that kidding hairstyle make u look older and tough in the the face.

  • Mel

    she ruined herself, she was doing well & people were loving her after she settled down with mark.

    now she’s back to ben affleck/cris judd JLo.

    Grow up, sou have kids at home!

  • camillus

    The Talent less, Fake Singing, Fake Acting, C_nt is who_ing herself out, I don’t know how people like this Ho….What is her appeal???
    She needs to go away forever….. Remember her Fiat comercial of her driving it (like never she probablly would ride in a normal car…. At least Fiat stopped airing it maybe cause she did sell any cars…..LOL

  • Pig!

    She is a disgusting filthy pig! A low rent Latina sk*ank who is desperate for love and attention from ANYONE. Her fake hair is atrocious. She is uneducated. She is mentally unbalanced. Get help J-NO Talent. You’re a worn out, old disgrace. Your mother must be so ashamed of you and your cringeworthy behavior.

  • zero talent or class

    The only talent she has is when she is on her knees or legs spread. It’s how she got famous to begin with. Ask Mr. Noa, the Wayans Brothers, Diddy, Judd, Affleck, Anthony and now Casper. And that’s just the ones in the press. Imagine what this sl u t does on the downlow?? Ick, just disgusting.

  • Gossipgirl

    I don’t have a problem with the age difference, it is just her complete lack of taste in men. Wait for the marriage announcement. Ugh, just ugh.


    No class.

  • harvestime

    I feel so sorry for her twins. Such a shame.

  • Jennifer

    Ha Ha Ha. Casper looks like a deformed Jon Cryer. That’s saying a lot.

  • love

    omg, youre all full of jealosy and hatred, how can that be?, because all the time you all try to “knock her down! #2poor that therere such miserable people as you in the world!!

  • jess

    The thought of them two together repulses me She tries to look younger when she’s with him – look at her hair. She looks ugly.@love no jealousy here dear, just stating a fact!!!

  • Anna

    She is kind of exaggerating with her boy toy, but at the end of the day she is free to do whatever she wants…lucky her…

  • Cheryl

    I think that what she does is of no consequence to any of us. Dating Casper doesn’t interfere with my life, doesn’t make my life better or worse. So why all the hate? She is the one who has to pay the consequences of her choices, not any one else. If she is making a mistake so what? If she and Casper break up or if they marry isn’t going to change any of our lives one way or the other. At the end of the day, regardless of what you think of her, she is still a person who wants the same things all of us want: Love, compassion and to feel safe. She is no different than any of us in that regard, it’s just that her life is plastered all over the news. Quite frankly, if some of the things I’ve done with my personal life were publicized, I’d be very embarrassed – we all make mistakes and no one is perfect. Period. When we hate someone so much as some of you hate her, there is something about her that you see in yourself. Interesting isn’t it?

  • meme

    Sorry a$$ female!

  • lostones

    Cant she at least wait a year or so to let another guy screw her!??!