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LeAnn Rimes Cheers on the Dallas Mavericks

LeAnn Rimes Cheers on the Dallas Mavericks

LeAnn Rimes smiles while attending the Dallas Mavericks game on Friday (January 27) at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

“Go Mavs @RealLamarOdam @KhloeKardashian kick some butt,” the 29-year-old singer tweeted before the Minnesota Timberwolves defeated the home team 105-90.

LeAnn also took time to share her thoughts on “all this hate” on Twitter.

“When did ‘haters’ become a part of our vocab on a daily basis?! When people walk up to me and say ‘forget the haters’ I think ‘you must be on twitter.’ that’s the only place I’ve ever seen or hear that term or maybe I’m just getting old, HA. It used to be ‘fan’ or ‘not a fan’ not all this HATE! What’s up?!” she wrote.

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Credit: Brian Prahl; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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    Maybe you’re just delusional, squinty?

  • Ioana

    we could not care less about her. pls jj, stop posting about her

  • Charlie

    She looks like the Joker. I know that hate is a strong word…but yeah I really hate her. People like her should not be forced down our throat everyday, when was the last day she ‘worked’? If you’re not doing anything resourceful you shouldn’t be on the cover of magazines and on gossip sites. Running around in tiny bikinis is not work btw.

  • d

    Gosh does this mean Leann doesn’t read the blog comments? I would think someone who tweets constantly about herself would! Leann, honey, I’m not a hater–but I definitely don’t like you.

  • awesome

    hokey dokey

  • Sunshine Gal

    Please stop posting pictures of Leann Rimes – she is not worthy! I wish she would disappear. She is ugly on the inside and outside and tries to hard to be “famous.”

  • dobbi

    She’s so nasty.

  • Marsh

    Carrie-okedokie with her iPhone.

  • Sarah89

    lol bunch of unflattering pictures. :p

  • ka simply

    jared have taste crap love LeAnn hahahahaha

  • Matthew

    Relevant celebrity stories and photos please JJ. All the posts on this has been are getting tired.

  • Segovia Banderhander

    JJ: you post about her so much, because you like all the nasty comments people leave about her. That said, I think she is a perfectly disgusting, no-talent, ugly inside and out “person”!!

  • JennMcB

    I guess haters being an every day term for L would be because of some of the choices she made with a married man with children no less. Most people in this world have values based on a book, a book we call the Bible or some other form of value based religion that do not favor coveting another mans wife nor husband. She chose to be a public figure, she chooses to be a public figure every time she addresses the attacks. Make your public statement once and be done with it. It’s sad for the children to have to live with that type of life. Who even knew who they were until those two broke their vows. Be famous for your talent not your personal life.

  • whatthehikey

    who is the monkey in blond wig????










  • drew nasty!! I was on the site hollywood pinata and they had a post about how gross her ass is. Soooo funny!!. she is horrible!

  • amanda

    I saw that too drew! It was funny and so true!

  • fiona


  • meh

    i see LizardFace wants attention again.

  • calla

    whoa. the plastic surgery and lip plumping is really starting to show in her face.

  • Josie

    Just when I think LeAnn can’t more ugly and scary looking….viola!!!
    Her bank account must be drying up fast since she and her whore bag Ed don’t have jobs. But, the idiot is more than willing to buy her whore bag and try to buy his kids and of course, buy the paps. Just Jared should know. Well, Jared has to work for a living, so if you can get your money from a bona fide sicko, why not, right Jared? I wonder how much she’s spending for a private detective to keep an eye on her whore bag cheater “hubby”?

  • caleb

    please stop posting about her JJ. seriously. she sucks. WHY do you post about her so much?

  • Piper P.

    Holy crow! She is seriously the fugliest woman who has the cash to pay for press! Repubsivo to the max. Ironic that her insides are just as disgusting as her outsides. One thing that is nice for her is that her little tiny eye slits, probably don’t allow her to see what a total fug she is. That is why she doesn’t get why the entire public are repulsed by her and her skank, adulterous, BULLY behavior. Also ironic is that fact that she has severe psoriasis. It is like her soul is reveling itself through her body scabs. Lucky for her, medication hides her horrible self.

  • Jane

    Hmmm, wonder where Eddie is? Has he had enough of her “mememe” syndrome for awhile? I think that guy with her is her hairstylist? Is he the only guy who can put up with her? (Rubbing hands together) waiting for marraige troubles to ensue! Bring it on! I swear she just had Botox or fillers done becuase she is more squinty and puffy.

  • Deanne

    What on earth have the people who frequent this site done to deserve so many posts about the d-list,career careening toward oblivion, homewrecking, delusional fugleann rimes? Really, why do you hate your followers so much to subject us to her? Jared, i even voted for you over Michael K. No more. Moving on to real news and real commentary about celebs who behave like idiots.

  • Lulu87

    I can’t wait till she gets pregnant so EC can cheat on her. KARMA is coming for you LR. I hope you blow up like a balloon

  • cammi

    I kinda feel like she is this big joke to everyone… even other celebs.
    I think Khloe & ppl were making fun of her at this game.
    I’m starting to feel sorry for Leann, it’s like she IS CLUELESS to how narcissistic she is. NPO disorder in FULL FORCE with this one

  • Sara

    I guess she’s trying to befriend the Kardashians now. She’s a disaster.

  • Carl R.

    Hillarious all the untrue comments about this clearly beautiful woman. If she’s ugly what does that make Carey or Adele or Houston (Yikes!)?
    I saw her in person Thursday at the Ryman in Nashville and believe me she looks awesome!

  • Josie

    This will be my last post about Falcor. Jared and the rest of the sites feature LeAnn and Ediot because they get money from Falcor and they get reactions from readers, I being one of them, but no more.

    Remember this everyone, in Hollywood, lousy publicity is better than none. Falcor needs it because she is nowhere in the business and either is her unemployed moocher boy. And no, he is not attractive in any way. He’s an ageing overweight saggy drinker who doesn’t want to work. But, at least he’s found a puppet who will hang by his strings and move any way he pulls them.

    How pathetic for them both.

    As for Brandi, she is a 39 year old woman…read 40 here… who needs to grow up and act like a respectable woman with two young children who already has a messed up father and step mother in their lives.

    Somebody needs to take common sense control and no one is doing it.

    Sadly, I don’t see much hope for those kids at all.

    Stop reacting to any publicity Falcor sets up for herself, post nothing and Falcor and her unemployed boy whore will go away.

    No publicity means no publicity. Stop paying attention to this mental case and she and her money loving unemployed moocher boy will disappear in no time.

    I mean really, when is the last time you’ve read about Heidi fake tits and face and what’s his name?

    Point made.

  • jack

    well, at least she wasn’t picking her nose,bonus points for that

  • JB

    Carl, are you for real? You compared LeAnn to Mariah Carey who is more than a decade older than LeAnn, and with Whitney Houston who is 2 decades older. If you were to go back and look at both women when they were LeAnn’s age, and tell me she is more attractive, then I would suggest you see a qualified Opthamologist. Both women were stunning earlier in their careers. And you know what else? Even LeAnn started younger than both of them, by the time they were 29, both had many more hit albums and records, than she has amassed since she began her career at 14. As for Adelle, she might have a little more weight on her, but her face is way more beautiful. And even though in her case, she is younger, and her career is just taking off, she already seems to be well on her way, to having more hits and popularity, than LeAnn has in her 15+ year career.

  • Brian

    Leanne’s mental circles: “oh please, pleaaaassse, look at me and tell I’m beautiful, that I’m a star, and that my husband really loves me and not my money…..and if you don’t then I’ll stomp my feet and screech “bullies” and pout like a spoiled brat. Then I’ll get my only 2 friends in the world to harass you… and that’s ok because if you don’t agree with everything I want then you deserve it. Hmpph!” She asks for the public’s opinion and she get it: she’s ugly, gross body, records and concerts stink, acting is even worse, Ed’s only there for the money.

  • Jane

    @Carl R.: Carl, Carl, Carl…you poor thing. You must be living in the same pathetic reality that WEWE is living in. To compare he to voices like Mariah and Whitney (at the height of her career) is sacrilidge. Both women could run circles around that little tart and leave her in the dust. WEWE is never going to down in history for her voice, only for her open sex life, fake boobs and bikinis. Mariah and Whitney have sold over 200 millions albums each to date. Billboard considers them to be in the top 100 voices category. Hmmmm..WEWE doesn;t even come close. ‘Nough said.