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Michael Jackson's Kids: 'Immortals' Tour Trio

Michael Jackson's Kids: 'Immortals' Tour Trio

Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson support their late father Michael Jackson at the premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour held at the Staples Center on Friday (January 27) in Los Angeles.

Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, 9, got the chance to pose with one of the performers from the evening dedicate to Michael!

The day before, the kids honored their dad at a hand and footprint ceremony in LA with a special appearance by Justin Bieber!

“Had such an amazing time today. Creds to @JustinBieber who did a great job (: The fam really appreciates it<3" Paris tweeted about the event.

10+ pictures inside of the Jackson kids at The Immortal World Tour premiere…

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paris prince blanket jackson immortals tour 01
paris prince blanket jackson immortals tour 02
paris prince blanket jackson immortals tour 03
paris prince blanket jackson immortals tour 04
paris prince blanket jackson immortals tour 05
paris prince blanket jackson immortals tour 06
paris prince blanket jackson immortals tour 07
paris prince blanket jackson immortals tour 08
paris prince blanket jackson immortals tour 09
paris prince blanket jackson immortals tour 10

Credit: Mark Davis; Photos: Getty
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  • aangel07

    Paris is such a beautiful young girl.

  • BEAN

    Blanket always looks miserable. Jeez.

  • ck

    In 15 years, I can see Blanket and Suri Cruise getting married, and having loads of pissed-off children.

  • Leo

    Blanket has that really interesting gaze.

  • Tami

    Why doeS the little one always looks like he never wants to be there. Poor thing hasn’t been photographed smiling at any of the events for his father. Maybe it’s still really hard for him. But they are beautiful Children and Paris def has beautiful eyes like her mom

  • James

    Blanket always sours the mood with his pouting. Maybe they should just leave him at home since he seems to hate going to any of these events.

  • Toni

    Poor Blanket has issues. Just hope he doesn’t grow up suffering from depression. Kid also need a haircut.

  • Kat

    ugh those kids are EVERyWHERE
    stop w***ing them out to the media

  • Paulie

    Blanket looks feral. Maybe MJ kept him in Bubbles’ old cage?

  • Lana

    hahahahaha Blanket looks completly OVER IT

  • Sabrina

    Blanket’s just a little boy, who lost his father. So, kind of normal why he often looks sad or angry. It’s really not funny joking about that. In fact, I just want to say poor little boy.

  • bill

    I think Paris really talented and she’s so cute

  • Erica

    Does anyone else think Paris looks like Courtney Cox?

  • lala

    Blanket always looks mad.
    and why goes the other boy always have ear phones in his ears? he can’t take them out for once?

  • The80sRule

    Blanket smiled at the hand and footprint ceremony for those who are ill informed

  • Serene

    Wow, Paris is beautiful.

  • SJP

    You people saying bad things about that kid Blanket is not right. Don’t blame him for not smiling.
    His messed up extended family are pushing this 9 year old out onto red carpets to promote all the crap they put out to make more millions for Joe Jackson and his bunch of free loading sons.

  • Ashley

    Blanket smiles plenty! Heck, at one of the events, he made headlines JUST by smiling. LOL! People just don’t like to post those pictures. He looks like a happy kid, just doesn’t like the cameras.

  • kara

    I’d be p****** off too if I had Blanket as my name

  • deke

    The oldest son is weird looking. Blanket needs to go by his real name.

  • Ouch!

    Paris looks 30, not 13. O_O


    Kinda sad. Michael tried to keep these kids out of the spot light and now that he is gone the family is showing these kids off everywhere.

  • crystal

    @Tami: I think the event is boring for a 9-year-old boy.

  • d

    I bet Michael is rolling over in his grave. He tried so hard to protect the kids from the lime light and by doing so with nannies they could go places and do things out of the spotlight without the paps following them. He tried so hard to protect them against the exploitive childhood he had. And now his parents and family are doing the exact same thing that they did to him–ho-ing out the kids for fame, money and fortune. Shame, shame, shame,

  • Ginger

    Watching some of these clips of his kids since Michael died and Paris looks like she is going to be such a b|tch of a diva…

    Prince looks a lot more responsible…

  • Samson

    The oldest boy is not cute Blanket is cute and shy and sensitive he doesn’t like to be dragged into the spotlight.

  • Maury

    These kids all look like each other, but I see no resemblance to the jackson family, including Michael, at all. Which is weird because all of the Jackson’s have a very similar resemblance.

    Makes me wonder if Michael was really their biological father? They appear to be mixed race, but more like how Michael saw himself after the surgeries and skin bleaching.

  • Be real


    The children do not look alike because they are not biological brothers and sister.
    Micheal Jackson paid Debie Rowe to be an incubational surrogate the the two oldest kids . She was not a gestional surrogate.These children are the from a White European egg donor and European sperm donor.

    These children look othing like Micahel Jackson in smiles, hair testure, complexion, eye shape, nothing. Looks just do not mean skin complexion. All White people do not look alike. All Black people do not look alike. All people of Asian genes do not look alike.
    The kids look nothing like Debbie Rowe. Sorry, but Debbie is not very attractive .
    Paris is a beutiful girl and will be a stunning young woman. She ahs that wow factor.
    Prince is a good looking young teen and when he hits 22, whoa!!!
    Blanket is a cute. He is such a young child and does not want to be there or understands any of this. Debbie Rowe did not incubate surrogate Blanket.
    I wish Prince, Blanket had normal names instead of dog names.

    Google Micheal Jackson and look at his childhood pictures.
    These kids look nothing like him.

    Google Eartha Kitt. she was Black, and her ex husband and only child’s father was White . her daughter, Kitt McDonald looks just like Eartha Kitt except for that Kit looks 100% White from blond straight hair, white complexion, etc. the daighter has her mother’s eye shap, smile, high cheekbones, etc.

    Anyway these are Micheal Jackson’s kids. Anywya you have your family andkids, you do. That is your family.

    I really wish these poor kids, yeah poor even if they all each worth between $150.000 million and up,, would be out of the spotlight. They have become and will become a source of income of all Jackson uncles and cousins too. Very sad.

  • sachet

    The girl is 13, but looks 18. And she looks just like her mother.

  • sachet

    I was trying to be nice, in my first post. But really, the girl looks like she is in her twenties.

  • denise

    I can’t believe how old Paris looks. She is just an average looking girl. Nothing special. But she looks old, like a grown woman, well in her twenties. She has an old mature face.

  • Deborah

    I feel so sorry for little Blanket, being exploited like this. After all Michael did to shield these children from this exposure. The children never seem happy, in these situations. I hope they get plenty of therapy soon. They will need it. They were shielded by Michael, now they have full exposure.
    Shame on Katherine for what she is letting happen to these children. I have lost all respect for her.

  • hun

    Gosh, Paris so pretty. Those eyes are amazing.

  • Stef

    Paris is at that awkward age for a girl where you pack on the eye liner but forget the face up. I’m sorry but Prince, take out those ear buds you look like a d-bag.

  • http://deleted julie

    Why don’t they give this boy a haircut? And spare the paps, he’s never ok in the photos. Paris is very beautiful, looks a lot like her mother. As for Prince Michael, he’s the spit image of Doctor–what’s hisname?–Klein

  • A.

    They look NOTHING like MJ.

  • Kay

    Let’s be real: It is simply not genetically possible that Paris is his daughter. She should have ONE gene that says Jackson. Maybe Blanket. But definitely not Paris. These kids are proof that Michael had very serious self-hating issues despite being really talented. Why didn’t he at least have ONE child that had some African genes. I would excuse one, but all three to make European looking babies? Tragically sad. Anyone who actually believes Paris is his daughter is lying to themselves. Yes, there are plenty of kids who come out white but have black parents but this is extreme. All 3 of them? Come on now Michael. RIP.

  • kate

    @A.: #36

    Everybody knows Michael did not father any of those children. They do not have a drop of Jackson blood in them And that is the truth.

  • omd

    gawd they are not cute

  • Be real

    I don not know why no one agreed with me. Kate, I agree with you.

    They are Micheals” kids because how makes his/her family theirs, but they not biologicaly Micheal Jackson’s or Debbie Rowe’s.

  • Ivana

    Who are actually biological parents of this kids?? Are they adopted or what?? What’s the deal?? I’m just wondering… Michael couldn’t be the real father obviously… It’s not that important though, but I’m curious..

  • sammie


    I couldn’t agree more! It’s a shame how people likes writing nasty comment about a 9 years old boy who suffered the lost of his beloved father!

  • Ashley

    It’s absolutely possible for all three kids to be genetically his. Both boy have dark brown, almost black eyes. Paris has green eyes. If it’s genetically impossible for a greened eyed child to be his, then it’s genetically impossible for him to be at all related to Joe Jackson, who has the same green eyes.

  • Trey

    I am a mj fan but I must say – those are definitely not his biological kids.

  • Trey

    All the mj fans are saying that they are not his real kids. The fans are saying that the people listed below are the biological parents……..

    Prince: Arnold Klein/Debbie Rowe

    Paris: Mark Lester/Debbie Rowe

    Blanket: Riz Bhatti/Pia Bhatti

  • A

    They look nothing like their STEPFATHER.

  • Ashley

    You people are idiots. First of all, Michael was NOT their step father. Prince and Paris were born during the marriage, so he is their FATHER. Regardless of biology, he is all three of those kids’ dad, and it doesn’t matter what anybody says, no DNA test will ever take away from the fact that he is their dad.

    It’s NOT impossible for the kids to be his, and if you think so, you are ignorant. It’s possible.

  • whatever!

    why won’t blanket cut his hair already and purhaps change his name and stop acting like a freak?