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Zac Efron: 'Paperboy' Set with Nicole Kidman!

Zac Efron: 'Paperboy' Set with Nicole Kidman!

Zac Efron shows off his bulging bicep as he leaves the set of his film The Paperboy after a day of work on Saturday (January 28) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actor was joined on the set by his co-star Nicole Kidman, who walked around in costume.

It was just announced that Zac and his Lorax co-star Taylor Swift will be making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote their animated flick!

The pair will be interviewed by Ellen on February 21. Make sure to set your DVRs!

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman on set…

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zac efron paperboy set with nicole kidman 01
zac efron paperboy set with nicole kidman 02
zac efron paperboy set with nicole kidman 03
zac efron paperboy set with nicole kidman 04
zac efron paperboy set with nicole kidman 05
zac efron paperboy set with nicole kidman 06
zac efron paperboy set with nicole kidman 07
zac efron paperboy set with nicole kidman 08
zac efron paperboy set with nicole kidman 09
zac efron paperboy set with nicole kidman 10

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • lauren

    here before all the ” zac is such a douche comments”

    pshh to all the haters

  • tim

    What a real DOUCHE he is!!

  • sam

    zac is gay, he should just come out already. he’s hiding it in until he comes out . my gaydar is pining off the scale, he look too good not to be gay. he’s clean and neat. nothing wrong with begin gay but he’s gay. you can tell by the way he walks and talks he’s a faggot.

  • annii

    he used to be so gorgeous.. what happened to him? not a fan anymore…

  • lauren

    zac is not gay.
    if you got nothing to say then dont say it.
    so screw you.

  • Annie

    dudes Zac Efron is AWESOME!
    He is so hotttt!
    Dont be such a hater!

  • Michelle

    Zac is not gay , your right about nothing wrong with begin gay but you have no proof. So unless you can prove to us that Zac is gay then i think you should shut the hell up.

  • leave zac alone

    Whats wrong with you people, he gets up early to work and you call him names. So from these pics you can see how he walks and talks? There really are some true bigoted idiots , that visit this site. He is one good looking man.

  • lauren

    dont call me ‘sweetheart”
    enless you have proof that zac is ‘gay” then stfu and stop with the hateful comments about someone YOU DONT EVEN KNOW.

  • mel


  • mel

    BTW, guys… IS it true about Rumer Willis? Please, tell me he has better taste…

  • lauren

    rumor is dating one of zac’s friends,
    i dont know which friend of zac’s but its one of his friends

  • mel

    @lauren: Oh, thanks Lauren! You’re always nice here in Zac posts! I always comoe but never write! Can I join the Zac stans family on JJ???

  • lauren

    i could care less what you

    its mostly a bunch of zac haters come on here and say these redic comments or its a war between vanessa and zac fans just yelling at each other.

  • anne

    @lauren: Jesus, you’re not different than the other haters here… @mel was being a sweetheart to you and you were so rude to her.

  • lauren

    i said ” i could care less what you join” how was that rude?

    i could have said much ruder things but i didn’t chill.

  • anne

    @lauren: she was complimenting you and you were rude to her

  • kami

    where are the pix of zac in those shorts showing off his sexy legs? :)

  • Andriana

    @Michelle: You have no proof that he is not gay either so theres no reason to call it in to question or have it up for debate.

  • lauren

    i know she was complimenting me.

  • Viv

    is there a reason why Zac always makes movies that have older blonde women in them?

  • Michelle

    @Andriana: LOOK sister you have ” NO PROOF ” of him begin gay. So it’s he’s word against everybody esle that’s calling him gay. Zac is not gay until he saids he’s gay or there’s PROOF of him begin GAY.

  • Michelle

    Neither Zac or Joe are GAY. So please STFU until they say they are gay or you have PROOF of them begin gay.

  • http://justjared mig345

    He is not gay! if people hate him some much stop posting comments on his go post comments on someone that you like , all u people that call him gay r so jealous, no one has control of what they look like, you guys r just saying all these bad things about him so u can feel better about yourself. And why u people saying stuff about him u don’t even know him. Like what if I were to call all u haters, gay , douche , retard, how would you feel, just leave zac alone.

  • Truth or consequences

    Lots of jealousy going on here. There is not one thing any of you jealous petty people can do. He is great looking-check, he is talented-check,he is rich-check,he is charming and hunble-check, he is private-check. If you simple minded, lonely, pathetic people feel better to call him names then I feel very sorry for you. Get a life because as far as I can see Zac has a life and a VERY happy, sucessful one at that.

  • Kevin

    I’m a big Zak fan. He’s hot and a great actor. I do, however, think he’s gay – that’s not being a “hater;” just an opinion. Actually, just the fact that people associate thinking someone is gay with hate says far more about them than anyone else. It sure shows how you feel about gay people. Quite disgusting. Ladies, just because you have some delusional fantasy about Zak, doesn’t mean that he MUST be straight.

  • Derpina

    His smile melts me, so handsome

  • Michelle

    @Kevin: in that’s your ” opinion” and you have the right to your ” opinion”. I was just saying the people that come up here on Zac post saying that he’s gay with no ”PROOF” what so ever. That’s not fair at all. And most imporant ” IT’S NOBODY’S BUSINESS ANYWAYS”. What Zac ‘s sexual perfence is , is ” NONE OF ARE DAMN BUSINESS IN THE FIRST PLACE ”.

  • Moh123

    lovely Nicole

  • proudofzacnessa

    Muchas personas acusan de ser “gay” solo porque las odian
    es como los anti Justin Bieber que le dicen: gay, solo porque lo detestan..
    Zac…gay? Oh God!
    él se ve asombroso, actúa bien, luce bien y por eso tiene que ser Gay?
    No soy homofóbica, para nada, pero no digan cosas de las cuales
    no tienen pruebas….
    Whatever….i love him, Zac is amazing, me encantaría conocerlo en persona, soy su fan, lo admiro y
    amo que esté enfocado en su carrera! :D

    And, i wrote all of this in spanish because i have many ideas and words inside my head and, my english isn’t very good
    He is very focused on his career!
    Fu++cking hot too!

  • Sarah

    What i don’t understand is this: If you don’t like a celeb, why do you waste your sweet time commenting on their posts and hating on them? Go do something with your life.

  • Devon

    @lauren: Don’t be a hypocrite. You go on other celeb’s posts and hate on them and call them names when you’ve never even met them.

  • Devon

    I’m a Zac fan by the way:)

  • VanFan

    If you were really a fan, you’d at least know how to spell his name.
    And you can’t have an opinion about whether or not someone is gay. They either are or they are not. Since he has only dated women, and has not said that he is gay, the assumption is that he is straight. People can’t “look” gay or “act” gay or “sound” gay. There is no reason to believe that he is gay.

  • way more relevant…

    He is way more relevant than his HSM co-stars….

  • rach

    Fan girling over Nicole, and loling at Zac’s shorts from earlier. Totes seeing this movie.

  • megansaysthat

    Before everyone start stating that zac is gay, i just wanna know where did this gay rumors came from?

  • Michelle

    @megansaysthat: Ever since ” HIGHSCHOOL MUSICAL”.

  • leave zac alone

    @Lauren you seem to be one of the few with brains here. always like what you say. I hear that Rumer is the girlfriend of oneof Zac’ friends also. In fact the name I keep hearing is Ryan Rottman. They were both out together many times in the last two months.

  • Nicky

    Well, to all the brainiacs here who say Zac is gay … cut the crap. He’s as straight as someone can ever be. If you have nothing better to do, than to call him names, then it would be the best if you leave.

    The fact to be very handsome and straight must be impossible for the small minded people here. Here a little list of very handsome guys who are also straight like Marcus Schenkenberg, Mark Vanderloo, Werner Schreyer. If you shouldn’t know who they are they’re male top models.

    Zac appears in the public and the hate starts again. His life is hard enough without all the jerks here.

    @Viv That has nothing to do with blonde or not. Sofía Vergara was the first choice for the movie, but there problems with her other projects and for this reason they needed another actress for the female leading role and they got Nicole Kidman, not a bad choice, she’s an amazing actress.

  • Anna


  • ho hum

    commenting on someone’s sexuality is a violation of privacy!

    he is a beautiful man, and probably does have many men lusting after him, but that gives no-one the right to conjecture publicly! keep those thoughts to yourself. male dancers in any case move differently to footballers, whatever …. does anyone question Hugh Jackman who is also a dancer? have a sense of decency.


    Zac brings out the vampire in me cos I’d love to sink my teeth into that hard shoulder muscle.

    Can’t wait until the release of this film. I understand a Canadian distributor has picked it up.

  • merlin’s mum

    @WICKED WENCH: LOL!!!! I love him for his acting, yeah he is stunningly beautiful, but if he couldn’t act wouldn’t be any point in watching his films!! Really looking forward to watching this film, the book is great and I wanna see how they interpret it. As for his sexuality, it is his business and it really doesn’t affect his career. It would neither surprise or bother me if he was gay or more likely bi-sexual. He appears to love women far to much to be gay from the way he flirts with his female co-stars all the time!

  • lol

    I’m sorry, but anyone who thinks he’s straight is extremely deluded.

  • merlin’s mum

    @lol: But as I said. What does it matter if he is? Doesn’t affect his performance does it?

  • sjk

    LOL!!! Sounds like a bunch of people on here who either are gay and really, really want this hot guy to be gay too OR those who just can’t handle the fact that Zac Efron is more gorgeous than they ever hope to be.

    Now to the post by Jared……………Zac looks AWESOME!!!!! Whew, like fine wine…. just gets better with age! So happy that he is getting opportunities to learn from directors and actors and get better and better at his craft. YOU GO, ZAC!!!!!

  • muierti


  • muierti

    i pity Nicole for enduring Zac’s horrible acting. He has never improved since HSM. He got popular in the TV Movie because people thought he could sing, too. It wasn’t even his voice. You can’t sustain a career baring your chest or staring blank in the movie screen.

  • merlin’s mum

    @muierti: Please go away. Zac did sing in the further 2 HSM films and Hairspray. He can act too otherwise he wouldn’t be being employed by Oscar winning directors to work with Oscar winning actresses would he? So you don’;t like him? OK we hear you loud and clear, no need to bother us again then, is there?