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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Gas Station Woes!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Gas Station Woes!

Rachel Bilson and her beau Hayden Christensen pull into a gas station to fill up the car on Sunday (January 29) in Hollywood.

The couple had trouble working the pump to gas up the Audi sports car! Eventually, the duo fixed the issue and went on their way.

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Have you seen Rachel in her rap video for Funny or Die yet? It’s hilarious – check it out!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen filling up their car with gas…

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  • PrincessfromMarioBros

    Don’t know what they’re thinking.
    Trying to rekindle something that was broken need works.
    Will break up like Jude & Sienna.

  • lexy hates bilson

    They can’t work a gas pump??? Other celebs are out enjoying awards season and these 2 can’t work a gas pump!! They belong together!! BTW, I think he wears his pants tighter than she wears hers!!

  • allie

    Hayden and Rachel have been back together well over a year now. I’d say that qualifies as “working” on their relationship. Unlike Jude and Sienna, they weren’t seen going from parner to partner during the couple of months they broke up in 2010

  • Gossipgirl

    Easily the most boring couple in Hollywood.

  • The80sRule


    And they like it that way!

  • ceara

    I love these two soo much

  • Sam

    @PrincessfromMarioBros: Jude and Sienna broke up because Jude had an affair with another women. I don’t think that’s the case with Hayden and Rachel. From what I take she ended their engagement because the long distance was getting to them, but obviously they missed each other enough to get back together only a couple months later.

  • Sam

    @lexy hates bilson: Good insult Lexy. Didn’t you used to be a big Hayden Christensen fan? What a loyal fan you are making fun of him.

  • gail

    Hayden and Rachel make such a cute couple! Hayden is in a poll for a movie based on a book called The Rune Lords. He is doing well against 3 other actors at the moment for one of the characters called Gaborn. It is just a poll for fans about what actor they would like to see play the charactor Gaborn, fans vote for the favorite actor. I wonder if Hayden even knows about the poll?

    Rachel’s Rap video on Funny or Die is really funny. Wilson and Scott washing her car to her rapping is a good way to promote Hart of Dixie.

  • whizbang

    A CONSISTENTLY Zlister coup-let!
    And no SAG nomination for BILPOOO’s (h)acting on her yet again consistelty LOW rating TV show?!

  • call me crazy but…..

    But he can’t act! Sure he looks the part, but seriously his acting is the turds!

  • gail

    @ call me crazy but

    You are entitled to your opinion. I will refer you to Life as a House and Shattered Glass, Hayden does great in those movies. I like most of his movies, including Star Wars. I watch movies based on whether they interest me, not just because an actor is in them I may like. Whoever gets the part in this Rune Lords movie will have to audition I am sure, it is the producers/director making the movie that will decide who is best for the part. They are the ones who put the actors in the poll, so they must think all of them can act.

  • antwacky

    Yah in the midst of those A-B Lister & working actors going to different award events; who really gives a damn w/ these twats who’s being busy pumping up the gas?!
    Gas station woes Jared?!
    I’d say (non) acting job woes would be more accurate

  • tina

    Job woes? You’re kidding right. He’s driving a Audi R8 that probably costs around $175,000.

  • blairite

    @ 1 & 3
    That goes to say Haydeign cant find a creature who had an utmost talent & effort in the most desperate form of famewh0ring as Rashchel is!
    Oh and look at how Haydeign does the ***O.M.G. Dont Look At Me… But (dont just) Look but must Stare At Me***… to perfection – loool!

  • Adriene

    I adore them together. They are such a very low key couple and have kept a long relationship. I hope they decide to marry again.

  • fitzroy

    I’ll BET sure that no matter how many photo-ops would HC do at this (long) period of time; he would go back home anytime to his Canadian cave; still w/ an EMPTY acting job list.
    He badly needs to have a serious talk w/ Josh Warts as he might also gve him some small-time TV show coz just like his in-significant other; HC also came from a axed/cancelled TV show.

  • call me crazy but…..

    Yeah, I’ve seen them both and Star Wars; The Prequels and a few others and my conclusion is that he can pull off the whiny kid part, but give him serious meat and he fails to fulfill. The guy is 30 years old and going nowhere. Why? Cause he has no depth! Now take a guy only eight years older and watch a few of his films and you’ll see the difference between Christensen’s acting and his. The guy I’m referring to is Leonardo DiCaprio. I’m not a fan of DiCaprio but he is a seriously brilliant actor. Christensen is only good at being the pretty boy and playing whiny characters or cardboard cut outs. There’s no shine there, no depth. He’s a mediocre actor bordering on the damn awful at times. Yeah, he looks OK, OK enough that fanchicks dribble at the sight of him, but he’s an empty vessel. All show and no real talent.

  • call me crazy but…..

    Like they were married before? Dang, they kept that one quiet!

  • call me crazy but…..

    Antwacky has a point. When was the last time Christensen worked? Hmm…let me see now. Would that be Vanishing…the one that vanished off the radar completely? Producers certainly aren’t flinging parts or money at him! I guess he has a nice comfortable cushion from the various odd sh*t he’s done in the past. Namely the Prequels and Jumper. But he’s certainly not earning a fortune now! Let’s hope he’s made some wise investments.

  • blairite

    Very low-key?!?! PlZZZZZ!
    It looks like that there’s some *newbies* here…
    JJ is the official sponsor of their hypemance from/since the beginning .Always have stories, sources and most esp. those exclusive & gazillion of 1st-hand photos. Unfortunately but well-deserved, they didn’t turn out to be like what they obviously hope for – their romance radar just start & ends only gossip blogs that were even feed by their PRs.

  • blairite
  • Adriene

    @call me crazy but…..: I meant go forward towards getting married again. If it’s simpler for you to understand, “I hope they get ENGAGED again”.

  • call me crazy but…..

    So they’re not engaged now? Did she give the ring back? I always assumed that when they got back together it meant the engagement was back on too. Rachel’s cute so’s I don’t see why he’s taking so long to marry her. Commitment shy or what? The guy needs to pull his finger out his butthole or he risks losing her again.

  • call me crazy but…..

    @call me crazy but…..:
    B u t t h o l e is a bad word? Since when, JJ? Jeez, it’s just a darn hole in ya b u t t! OK, then, rectal sphincter…The guy needs to pull his finger out his rectal sphincter and get a move on.

  • retro

    At 24/25 crazy but…. Rachel is the one in interviews that has said she is not ready to get married yet several times. Hayden has said in interviews he can’t wait to marry Rachel, I think it was a Brazil interview. In one of the magazine interviews she did a few months ago, I think it was the Nylon one, it said Rachel was the one that called off their engagement. Until Rachel is ready to get married, I bet they will not get officially engaged again. The way they are now, there is no pressure to make wedding plans, which she never made when they were engaged. They probably are planning to get married, but are just keeping private. Keeps things much simpler.

  • call me crazy but…..

    Uh…I don’t read girly mags! Jeez, I have tattoos and a beard! Can you imagine the looks I would get? Uh…no…just no!

  • Jenna

    Are you seriously dissing someone for having trouble at a gas pump??? Okay, go on then, give me the thumps down cause I experienced the same problem yesterday!!! Jeez…

  • mmm

    nice to see the star of this relationship been driven around this time,

    and nice to see something have not changed paparazzi just happend to be there again?

  • maya

    so happy to see them together, they are so cute, hope they’ll get married soon rachel’s so adorable so talented and hayden too

  • Adriene

    @call me crazy but…..: Well I have no idea, I don’t know them. I guess they could still be engaged and people just don’t know. But it’s always looked like they just stayed dating.
    @retro: You’re right, I got the impression when they were engaged she did want to marry him, but I don’t think it’s something she’s dying to do. Meaning, evening reading interviews back when she was with Adam and they would ask her about marriage, she would always say she’s more ready to have a baby then get married. I take it as getting married isn’t top priority of hers. I did get the impression Hayden really wanted to marry her. I’m sure the engagement was called off due to the long distance and since getting back together they just didn’t want to rush back into it.

  • annie

    OH SO CUTE TOGETHER THROW UP.H.C. make a movie already or just stay a farmer,he used to have ambition,so handsome a nd being wasted as a man slave to smelly bilson.stil has a voice like a 12 yr ols she does.

  • just me

    IiDRachel still using hayden I see. Everytime hayden about to get any attention there she go following him while he is there. . She doing it to save her shoe. What woman run behind always. He only stay one day and leave. She only do it for attention for her show. Rachel isa fool to keep hanging on to hayden that way. He is her ex still. Jared still mking her look good by saying that her beau. Whe n. He hardly be with her still. She act like he is the only man she can be with. She only come out when he come there. Other times she hiding in her house pretnding she do not go anywhere. She is not going to marry him only use him when. He come there. He only there for one day anyway. She still a trashy woman. Can not do nothing for herself. Still trying to use him to save her show. I am sure hayden could have went to get gas by hiself and did not need her. She still rush into the relationship again cause no other man wanted to be with her or be seem with her. Just like hayden had to put up with her. She always doing something to mess things for him. Hayden suppose to be getting awards not hanging around. Low life. Like rachel. They are not low key only when he is back home. And not with her. It has been three months and he just decide to come out. Hayden just got to la anyway. Also she only did to people to watch her show cause no one watch it. Still using hayden for her show. Hayden need. To stop running around rachel and rachel need to stop around him like a dog. Like she going get something. From him. She do promote her show like she do him. She said that it was. Not private so why she hiding so much. She only come out when he pop up. And that is wrong. Need to stop running behind hayden and let him be. He can do thing without her. She do not need him anymore t follower behind. It make her look like a fool for doing this. So is for hayden. He need to get back to work like other actors are doing. So he do not have to follow around rachel. When he is all know he going back home.rachel still playing games with people about this.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    LMAO at that high-school-like interview of Cringetensen that sounded like Justine Bieber or Taylor Lautner who’s talking about cliche-ish & mushy stuff. I think it’s the very 1st time that I’ve heard him endearingly talking (?!) about his (then) R. Barkson fiancé but then it was translated (and that’s where the “major humor” would immediately sets in). Isn’t it that even English interviews needed to be re-phrase / re-word for a better feedback, how much more if it’s done “not” in a universal language?! Looking for an “accuracy” on that – don’t even bother…

  • call me crazy but…..

    Damn, you’re weird. According to you, she’s running around after him while he’s running around after her. Yet you still think he’s her ex! WTF! They’re together. GET OVER IT. They were together for four years, split up briefly, missed each other and got back together. That’s what people IN LOVE do. Jeez, it isn’t that hard!

  • call me crazy but…..

    Comment 35 is for poster 33, the weird chick who doesn’t make a lick of sense.

  • @just me

    It has not been three months since Hayden and Rachel were together,
    LOL! Did you forget about the fact Hayden picked Rachel up at the airport in Toronto in December, and she spent Christmas and New Years there? You even posted on that thread, too. Why don’t you find another hobby, other than Hayden and Rachel, and you might be much happier. They have been together almost 5 years, you need to get over that fact.

  • jeezzum

    Over & over & over again that an oddball mixed-up of a “has-been & a never-ever-been continually & predictably produced an awful, banal & disastrous “telenovela.

  • kosher

    The dont want to get married yet coz they still aren’t getting enough attention that they long been craving for!!!

  • Nice timing

    Just in time for the return of Hart of Dixie. CW starting airing new episodes of their awful line up, like Gossip Girl, Ringer and Hart of Dixie.
    Cute to see the publicity loving couple manage to be “spotted” together the day before the return of new episodes for HOD. Noooo these two never time things at all for publicity….. NOOOOO NEVER<Insert sarcasm here<<<< Didn't seem to help though, the ratings for Monday night were the worst ever. Gossip Girl even beat it!!!! and GG is lifeless. Apparently CW is going to possibly keep GG for yet another season and will have to get rid of shows like Nikita, Hart of Dixie, and Ringer.

  • nina

    more as usual here

  • Katrina


    Get the word out Hayden fans!

  • Katrina

    Yummy, LOVE Hayden Christensen, that blond hair and those blue eyes and his acting is superb! He got a Golden Globe nod for Life as a House and a Best Actor along with Peter Saarsgard for Shattered Glass so I’d say he’s nowhere as bad as you guys seem to want him to be by your sheer ignorance. Internet haters are known for one thing….their hate and that is not anything to be proud of.

  • Anonymous

    @Katrina: That poll doesn’t even seem legit. I doubt it’s real. More than likely Hayden doesn’t even know about this movie and probably wouldn’t even end up doing it since he’s pretty picky with his movie choices.

  • MMMMMMM,,,,,


    pretty picky with his choice of work?
    he should be so lucky more like he cant get work